Facebook 1.5 Now Officially Available for Download!

Facebook 1.5 Now Available!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Apr 2009 04:56 pm EDT

It's here!!! Head to mobile.blackberry.com on your Berry's browser to download!

* Note to existing Leaked Facebook 1.5 Users: If you previously were running a leaked copy of Facebook 1.5 on your device it sounds like you may need to do a handheld wipe to rid your BlackBerry of the leaked version's database. The official version doesn't seem to recognize the in-between leaked version, so it creates a new duplicate database. Deleting the leaked version and doing a battery pull before installing the official doesn't quite seem to do the trick. However, you can still install and run the new version even if you don't do the wipe... you're just hogging a bit of resources to no benefit. If you were running a leaked version, you can drop your findings on this in the comments. *

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Facebook 1.5 Now Officially Available for Download!


the picture and job updates are awesome. people's stupid facebook poses and such now appear in place of stored photos (can toggle the option on and off). now when someone give you their number you get to see their stupid mug and details right away, creepy and cool at the same time.

And there was much celebrating in the streets. (Mainly because now there won't be as many threads asking "when?")

Nope. I just connected about 50 freind's profiles to their contacts and then found out AFTERWORD that it asks for everyone's phone number. Nice. Thanks for warning me every time Facebook...

*Gets on knees*

Dear Sweet Baby jesus, in your Macintosh/Microsoft best of Both worlds Hybrid manger, sipping on Smart milk from the sims, with your Poop-evaporating diaper and your "BB rules, Iphone drools T-shirt, We that you for letting RIM finally release this!, Baby Jesus, YOU ROCK!!!!!

It wouldn't connect me to my account once i tried signing on, and even this second go-around it is a bit sluggish because of the increase in traffic :) funny that i saw this on facebook as i was about to sign off for the day, and i IMMEDIATELY flicked over to Crackberry.com to confirm the good news! :)

Installed...Uninstalled. I just don't get it I guess. The mobile site still seems better, at least for my lazy needs. Just not worth the 700+kb size to me. *shrugs*

The FB apps for BlackBerry and iPhone really aren't equivalent. The BlackBerry app is all about pushing updates to you, new messages, wall posts, pokes, etc. It doesn't compete with the mobile website, but it does replace Facebook's SMS service. The iPhone app is meant to replace the website, and it allows you to view profiles and so on, but it doesn't have notifications of new messages like the BlackBerry app does (iPhone apps can't run in the background).

On my Storm (Verizon), it seems like in the app store, they haven't finished uploading all of the supporting descriptions like the screenshots and the actual file. (it said that the side was "0 bytes" and the version was "0")

In the application center there was an update to app world, but nothing about the Facebook app. Also, I checked facebook app itself to see if I could grab the update from there. It said that I had the lastest version (I currently have 1.3.0).

However, when going to mobile.blackberry.com, it allowed me to download

I'm loving the updated version!!!
I can actually see the comments on the status messages...I hated having to log into the actual site

Already found one glaring horrible problem. Anybody that you are "friends" with on Facebook, but have blocked seeing anything that they post (status updates, etc), when you go to status updates it show's EVERYONE!

That blows, because if you play any type of application game like "Mob Wars" and you've become "friends" with people so they are on your team, but blocked them so you wouldn't see their stuff, now you get to see it all. If they don't come out with a fix for that I'll end up deleting soon.

Wait, you can delete those people after their apart of your mob and it won't remove them from your mob? Sweet!

Thats not really a joke... they should tell us about it now and get everyone hyped up about it so it will come out on the same time scale as 1.5.

I keep getting a "HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error."
Is that because everyone's trying to download it or it's a problem on my end?

I did install the leaked 1.5 but the other week it stopped getting updates, so I deleted it and installed 1.2 again which I use right now. Will I have problems?

I'm getting that error too. I have been using the original 1.2 FB for as long I remember. I never had the leaked 1.5 FB. What do I do? I WANT FB 1.5!!!

Edit: I turned wifi off, and now able to download 1.5 via EDGE network. Interesting. At least now I'm able to have the updated FB! yayyy

Does anyone know if you can delete the old database using BBFileScout before to reinstalling 1.5? I have the leaked copy and really don't feel like doing a wipe.

Then again, I could just do the wipe and upgrade my os to .266 and then download Facebook 1.5 afterwards.

Come on RIM...Upgrade your servers. You can't have this many customers and have servers fail within minutes of a download like this...

is it supposed to look different from 1.3? on my storm it says it updated but it looks the same...?

i'm uninstalling it all and reinstalling now...just wondering.

Yes, it does look different; particularly the menu options are larger. I uninstalled v1.3 first then installed v.15.
There are some other aesthetic changes also.

1.5 has been great so far; the menu options for the Storm are larger for pressing and I can view the status of more friends and comments.

Just downloaded the app on my storm. found it easier just to go to blackberry.com/facebook and download it from there!

Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v 1.5 has officially launched. Visit mobile.blackberry.com from your BlackBerry Browser or www.blackberry.com/go/facebook from your desktop. Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones will be available on BlackBerry App World beginning tomorrow.

The application now allows users to access and manage their Facebook contacts list and integrate it with their BlackBerry address book. Callers from a users Facebook address book will appear with their profile picture as the caller ID and birthdays and events will also be integrated automatically into users' BlackBerry calendars.

Facebook for BlackBerry 1.5, is now available to a greater number of users thanks to additional support for the following languages: French, Italian German Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Facebook messages and status updates will also be integrated with your BlackBerry device, with conversations appearing as an IM thread in the application and appearing in your BlackBerry message list. Users will also be able to search Facebook contacts and information using the BlackBerry’s onboard search facility.

Just a suggestion for RIM... If you want AppWorld to really be taken seriously, new releases need to appear there FIRST! Releasing this in AppWorld a day after releasing it on the web site is very surprising to me. I like AppWorld and especially how it keeps track of apps I've downloaded, but please make it the "place to go first!"

i kept getting the internal server error untill i pulled the battery and then tried again
i downloaded it and now the berry is re-booting

damn anyone else having problems getting it? i tried blackberry.com/facebook, mobile.blackberry and the app world still has the old 1.002

I'm not impressed either. I'm not on Facebook enough to have this an an application anyway. I ended up deleted in favor of the mobile site.

Holy crackberry batman, RIM released facebook 1.5. And to think all this time we thought the joker, riddler, and cat woman were up to no good and were preventing it from ever seeing the light of day.

you dont have to wipe your device yo load this version if you were using the leaked beta...just delete through your application menu and install the newer version

Error: A problem occurred while trying to render the page. Happens everytime I click on the link. :(

I did the FB 1.5 update, and now the "next two upcoming items" on my calendar no longer show up in my home/theme page (though they are still, thankfully, in the calendar views). This is not good. Does anybody have an idea how I can get my "next two upcoming events" view back on my main/theme screen?

UPDATE: If I create a calendar item (in the calendar app, not Facebook), and assign it to the (new?) Facebook selection for "send using" (instead of my usual default email address), that event DOES show up on the front theme view.

Yes, just now!

Facebook has set its calendar as the default calendar. go into Setups/Options/Advanced Options/Default Services and set the calendar back to your correct default. HTH

I was having the same issue and while i was reading this, I was going through the "fiend request" process that popped up as a message and when it was finished my calendar just came back on its own.? Will it show both facebook calendars and my bb calendar together?

I was ready to mess somebody up over that, but now I wanna know how can you show both calanders, they need to fix that

i like it better but i think they can improve alot more.
i like how you can comment on someones status without having to go to the mobile site

Okay I only upgraded to yesterday and I installed .31 over the top, it works okay, but if it's hogging resources, do I have to delete it all over again and start from scratch?

1) Won't download OTA or on my desktop. Guess I'll have to wait!

2) No chat still??? WTH RIM? At least "Palringo" does a good job with facebook chat. Worth checking out if you like facebook chat and get bored often!

YES. it's driving me crazy. I tried to post my comment about this. I have an AppleBerry theme that displays the calenders events on the main screen, which is totally what I wanted. It had displayed 10 days worth of actual events AND birthdays. Now, all I get are birthdays up to December. What the heck?

So it downloaded just fine. I left the option to update the calendar checked to try it ouw. What a mistake! It duplicated almost all of my calendar entries.

After deleting them then resyncing to google they showed up again even after 2 reboots and changing the option to disable the calendar option.

So I finally delted the entire Facebook app, guess what it doesnt go away! After rebooting the duplicate Facebook entries on the calendar are still there. I can delete them but then my next 3 entries on my home screen are blank. Anyone else have nay ideas?! It also still shows Facebook as a calendar option when I create a new entry.

I am having similar, but not identical problems. I never checked the box to integrate the calendar, but my calendar events do not show up on my home screen. Creating a calendar event and changing "send using" to Facebook makes an entry that will show up on the home screen, but my normal "next items" do not show.

My question is by doing that, does it somehow end up on Facebook and everyone can see what's in your calendar? Just curious.

UPDATE - I went into Setup/Options/Advanced/Default Services and reset my default calendar. Facebook hijacked it to their service. Problem solved. HTH

Solved. go to setup/options/advanced options/default services and switch the default calendar from facebook back to your preferred calendar.

I removed the facebook app, then deleted the facebook service books (under advanced options), then reinstalled and it was fine.

there is a lag issue when i try to see my friends updated status. when i chose friend status it now takes about 3+ minutes to update, never happened in fb 1.2

hopefully its because its still new, i'll do a reboot and see

Still sucks compared to the iPhone's. I guess it doesn't matter for me since I have the Storm as my personal phone and iPhone as the company, but still. I prefer typing on the Storm and at least I can comment on stuff now.

RIM is really starting to fall behind.

Does anyone know how to update the contact integration manually? 1.5 found a good number of my contacts and integrate fine, but there are quite a few that it didn't. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do it that I've found either on my BB's contacts or through the FB App.

You go into your Facebook app and view friends. From there you can pick the friends that didn't integrate, select the menu and click on "Connect to Blackberry Contact" to connect to your Blackberry contact.

Yeah, I figured that out like 30 seconds after I posted. One caveat - any contact you choose to connect with Facebook seems to send out a Phone Number request, regardless if you have a phone number listed for them in your contacts or not.

Be warned - this isn't a particularly great feature IMO.

I downloaded this to my storm and it works great. My only gripe is that we still don't have live news feed...only good thing about iPhone's facebook application...

I think facebook and blackberry needs to get together and write a update for the blackberry facebook application that includes the Chat Feature like on the web site.

You know, like keeping in touch with friends while your on the road and what not.

After downloading it through Appworld, I can't find it any of my folders - but it does appear on my applications list!

So i'm guessing this is not compatible with 5.0... Do you think this means 5.0 is a long way from being officially released since new apps aren't compatible??

IT DOUBLED ALL OF MY CALENDAR EVENTS! WTF?! Now every event I have in my calendar has one in blue (blackberry) and a copy of that event in green (facebook). How do I fix that? So annoying!

Finally got 1.5...There's now a "download" box rather than a simple text link and I was able to download it fine.

If any of you were using the leaked version and have problems, I'd recommend re-installing 1.2 and then installing the final 1.5...I did just that and have no problems whatsoever.

the facebook just found all the girls whose numbers I randomly got at bars.

facebook is like the trapper keeper of 2009

I'd be excited if it automatically linked all the Facebook accounts to my Contacts and synced their data through it. There's a lot of people I have on Facebook but don't have an email directly written down for, not taking the time to manually copy them all. As it is, its a nice solid small step up from the previous version, but really nothing to get excited about.

Just go into Options > Advanced Options > Default Services and change the Calendar from Facebook to whatever your main Calendar is and that should fix it.

I'm so not a super genius. Thank you the calendar thing has been driving me nuts for hours I thought my phone was fried!

Beware, the FB 1.5 client seems to change the default calendar service. I installed the new official FB 1.5 client this afternoon, and it changed my default calendar service to Facebook. I read a posting in the 8830 forum stating this can cause duplicate, triplicate, ... calendar entries on your BB during sync.

i upgraded to the facebook 1.5 on my storm (bell and here are my notes:


* can integrate facebook messages into blackberry message inbox. (i find this to be a little annoying - how many copies of your messages do you really need on your device? this is why i didn't install the twitter clients that use the native inbox -- start following a lot of people and see how cluttered your inbox gets)

* can connect blackberry contacts with facebook friends. when you connect a facebook friend to a contact, you're given the option to connect it to an existing contact, or create a new one. the neat feature is that it uses your friends' facebook profile picture as the new contact's picture. facebook needs to work on this feature though: 1. even if your friends have their numbers listed on their profiles, facebook mobile still sends out requests to these friends (i can see how this is logical for friends who don't list their phone number on their profile, BUT for those that do -- seems rather unnecessary); 2. when creating a new contact, the facebook client doesn't seem to capture all of the friend's contact info (photo, email, phone # or something)

* can connect blackberry calendar with facebook (haven't tried this yet -- if it's anything like synching the contacts...forget about it)

* can comment on a friend's status

* can view friends' phone numbers (if they posted on their profiles), and call directly from facebook mobile

* can send phone number requests to friends


nice additional features...but this release was just all hype, in my opinion. had the new features worked and worked differently...then i'd be excited. when will facebook chat become part of facebook mobile? facebook chat, i'd like you to meet facebook mobile...

Was nice to see how it would work on my 8130. I like ability to check for upgrades of Facebook within the program.

I'm honestly not impressed with it. The iPhone's FB app, and even the MySpace app for BB's blow this out of the water. Most of the functionality still just takes you to the mobile site instead of everything being inside the application, like MySpace is. Oh well. Hopefully the contact synchronization works well.

damn i was all excited for this. Im kinda disappointed though. Especially with the integration of facebook profile pictures with contacts. The pictures are so tiny. I have a nice big storm screen and the images are freakin like 2x2. What the hell is that...

So I admit, I haven't read all of the comments here so I apologize if this has already been answered, but can someone tell me exactly what has been updated with this release? Don't get me wrong, I am happy it has been released because now I don't have to wait for it with anticipation, but I gotta say, I have downloaded and I am not sure exactly what's new about it. Haven't really seen any improvements...Anyone found any?

I don't appreciate all the garbage that it automatically downloads and installs.

I was also hoping that 1.5 would be more like the extremely useful Facebook iPhone app, but it's just 1.2 with those sync options. Oh, wait, sorry, it also has sliding effects. Wooooooooow.

Who wrote this RIM? Facebook? Or 3rd party? I mean if its RIM then let facebook do it? If its facebook then damn hire some 3rd party to do it. Why is it that the iphone version has so much more stuff. Shouldnt we be able to do all that minus touch?

Some of us can touch too!!!

Seriously, I agree. For all the hype they should have added real features not ones that should've been standard. Plus a revamped sleek GUI.
Majorly disappointed

Facebook 1.5 is no different than the previous version. I was very disappointed as I was hoping this would be close to the FB for iPhone app. It has a few features that sync with your device, such as contacts and calender but is very much a useless application.

The new facebook version will conflict with the calender in your today screen. You will not be able to see your appointments listed.
The only solution I've found is to go to the service books and delete the facebook cal book. Good luck

This drove me nutz, too. Go to Options/Advanced options/Default Services and reset the default calendar back.

Even in the new 1.5, Facebook looks like it is coming from the 80s.

I guess BB programmers has different esthetic standards comparing to iPhone ones.

I love the integration with the calender. Except when I had alarms going off left and right. NOT WHAT I WANT. There should be away to tell it what to do with alarms. basically, no alarm, but i like the fact it syncs to the calender. Needs to also be able to sync to the one that is in the default services and not its own so it appears on the today themes

I actually like the integration of FB messages into the native BB inbox. I don't get a ton of e-mails through FB - don't think many people do - so this doesn't pose any clutter or organizational threats.

NOTE - Depending on your current FB mobile settings, you might have text messages set up for when you get an e-mail. Since FB messages are now integrated into the BB inbox, simply uncheck the text message option in your FB mobile options. Otherwise you'll get things twice and use up your message plan if not unlimited.

FB chat would be a definite plus. Fortunately, Palringo takes care of me there...on both my BlackBerry and my laptop.

Lots of hype, little substance, appreciate the effort. Maybe better next time...

First off head the warning and remove the beta before installing the final release.

So what does 1.5 give us that 1.2 didn’t?

• All facebook notifications can be read via your “messages” where you get your email. SMS etc..
• Events get posted to your calendar
• You have the option of merging your facebook contact with your Blackberry contacts.
• Some screen to screen animation

Some features I would have liked to have seen (and still hope to)

• Facebook Chat (though maybe as a separate client)
• Update my profile details
• Write a note (this omission surprises me)
• Send an invites to an event in my Blackberry calendar to facebook friends

So is it worth the upgrade/Installation? I’ll say “yes”; it does make performing certain actions easier, but this version doesn’t do it any better than 1.2. The big selling point is that version 1.5 is now more integrated with your blackberry, but this is more of an evolutionary step. In fairness to RIM, Facebook has been bouncing around with their format of the site – I can’t imagine how difficult this must have made the developers jobs.

What's new on it? I just downloaded it and it seems to be exactly the same as 1.2.* that I had before. =(

Anybody know how to access your own profile with the new 1.5 update? Befor eyou could go to your friends list and find your own name then link to profile. No longer have that option. Any other way to get to your own profile?

i used to be able to click on any update i made, then click on my name... doesnt work now... its a bit frustrating

lets you view everyone else's profile but your own when you click on their picture... why cant i view my own...

the only way i can find to get to my own profile is to click on a fiends profile that I recently posted on their wall, then i can click on my name from there... weak

I am elated to have Facebook 1.5 on my Storm. I have had the 9530 now for about 3 weeks. I loved it on my Bold so the change over of applications were a bit difficult to swallow.

Now if Beejive were to get it together for the storm, I will be a happy camper. I received an email from them previously stating that the Storm version would be out in two weeks. I emailed yesterday for an updated ETA and was informed that it will be another several weeks before the version is available - anticipated ETA....midde of MAY! :o(

After installing facebook 1.5 it wiped out my calendar on the homescreen. The appointments are still in the calendar but do not display on the screen. Unless i set it to "send using facebook" it wont show there as my usual boxes that they are set to. How can i fix this? good job rim! this happened when they upgraded to BIS 2.6 as well

FaceBook 1.5 rocks on my 8900...finally I can have facebook messages in my Messages folder and yeah! I can reply from there itself ...no more going to mobile site for replies :-) eeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Installed/Uninstalled multiple times, sent service books & routing tables with and without it installed (based on some things I've seen in forums).

Have a Pearl 8130 running

I have been running the leaked version of 1.5 for a couple weeks now on my 8900 and it has worked just fine.

Where would I see this database (below article statement)to verify it was duplicated????? I really do not want to perform a wipe.

"The official version doesn't seem to recognize the in-between leaked version, so it creates a new duplicate database."

I have the Storm and downloaded the new Facebook app. I works great. Better than the version that was on the phone initially.

After hitting the download button, i get this: Application "Facebook" already exist. Replace version 1.3.0 eith version Press yes and see this:
"Facebook: Research in Motion Limited" contains a different version of module "net_rim_bb_facebook," which is also used by "Facebook" If you procedd "FAcebook" may cease to function properly. Proceed?
At which point I cancel the download.

Why would you cancel? You're supposed to click "yes" three times. It'll overwrite the old files with the newer files.

Does it really send them a message requesting their number?

That's retarded. I won't be adding any contacts from FB until that "feature" is removed.

I have the 8330 Curve with the OS. It seems that after installing the new Facebook, it seems to conflict with my Today Plus themes. It no longer shows the calendar or message entries. I've tried reinstalling the themes and switching to the BB Dimension Today Plus theme and no dice.

When you install 1.5 it changes your default calendar to the Facebook calendar. Go to options/advanced options/Default services. Then change the default calendar back to your original calendar.

Been seeing a lot of complaints about it not being good, but I'm very happy with the new additions to the Storm. As soon as it was released I hopped right on the download, and spent a few hours figuring out how to best use the new features. Facebook chat would have been nice, but whatever. I'm wondering when we're gonna get the official Crackberry review tho???

I use ACT for my contact management, and CompanionLink through Desktop Manager for syncing my BB Curve 8330. After downloading Facebook, I performed a sync. However, my calendar will not sync. My contacts and memos still sync, but it completely skips over the calendar sync. It worked previously before I installed Facebook. Has anyone else noticed this?

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling two times on my Storm. Still looks exactly the same, even though it says it is 1.5????

Go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications.

Scroll down to Facebook.

If your version is 1.5, then you have the latest version. It doesn't look very different, aesthetically, it just has more functionality. Like you can comment on people's status messages without going to their profile page. You couldn't do this with Facebook 1.3.

If you don't have version 1.5, I don't know what to tell you. But you probably do.

Better than the previous version but still a complete joke. Blackberry is falling into the same old groove palm did. They clearly missed the boat again.

I somewhat agree...I mean the MySpace application is much better. I don't really use MySpace any longer, but love the layout of the BB app.

When i find a friend in my friends lists and sync them with a blackberry contact, its awesome. However, i just noticed it sent a phone number request to all of the people i synced.

Is there any way to stop this?

its a different version. so i just uninstalled the previous 1.5.24 and then downloaded the new 1.5.31 works fine. seems pretty much the same though. awesome....

Does anyone think the facebook downloading profile photos to your berry will be a huge memory issue? They need to be able to store those photos on a media card!

I've been checking my memory before installing FB 1.5 last night and today. I have a 8310 Curve and the memory went down from about 15-16 MB to 8 MB. I've only done a bit of calling, sms, twitterberry, and facebook.

I'm going to wait until later in the day and check. Probably will need to soft reset or do a battery pull.

The new FB app is great. Updated apps are good. For those that can not see any value in that, keep your remarks to yourself. I know this is a blog, but do we as humans always have to spew negative comments to make ourselves feel better. Have a coke and a smile. Life is not that difficult.

This messages had been bought to you by someone that enjoys life and lives his blackberry storm. Thank you.

This isn't "spewing negativity," it's commenting on what is poor/unusable design. One of the tenets of Facebook is to never automatically contact anyone without the user's approval. That this application sends out a MESSAGE requesting everyone's PHONE NUMBER when you try to sync them is ludicrous for many reasons that I don't think even warrants an explanation; the reasons should be obvious. Sure, if you only keep close friends and family members on Facebook, that's one thing, but most people I know have acquaintances that they email frequently, and it would be nice to sync these people into the Storm, which is as much an email and messaging tool as it is a phone. It's not about trying to "make myself feel better," it is pointing out that this upgrade has a serious flaw.

The only person trying to make himself feel better about himself is you, with your self-righteous tone. I enjoy life. I enjoy life more when things perform the function they should.

i uninstalled 1.3 first, did a battery pull, installed 1.5, did a battery pull. when my storm rebooted my calendar was gone from my today theme. went to default services and facebook had set itself as my default calendar. i then changed it back to my default and it still would not come back on my today theme. i had even set facebook not to integrate with my calendar (i dont need everyone knowing my biz schedule!) and it still did this. i uninstalled 1.5 and now my calendar is back to normal. not too sure where to go from here...

Ok I had this problem to Facebook blocking my clanedar in the today or today plus theme. Easy fix: Options> Advanced> Default Services then change Calendar to your choice of calendar not facebook. This was written earlier.

So I have a question, during the setup wizard, which boxes should I uncheck to prevent the app from sending unwanted request messages to my friends? Thanks

I don't understand how the facebook sycing pictures works, my address book pictures have not been updated, and i have that option checked to do it.

From the little I just used it after updating... I'm liking it! Esp the photo comments. when you click on a notif about someones comment. it shows the latest comment no matter whos name you click on, then the preceding comments. That's all i looked at. and when you go to the menu from the blackberry button its a lot more spaced out and a lot easier to navigate.

Are you kidding me.. still having to go to mobile facebook in the browser to see someone's profile.. What good is an app that takes you into the browser?? I was really let down by this.

I installed Facebook 1.5 on my 8900 and I opted to NOT sync my Facebook calendar. It ended up syncing anyway. Worse yet, I have duplicate appointments for everything on my calendar. I changed my default calendar back to my gmail calendar (as instructed in previous comments) and I reran google sync and I still have duplicate appointments. Someone said they had success with their calendar after uninstalling facebook. Is uninstalling my only option? Or do I need to delete every duplicate appointment? Extremely annoying if the latter...

BE CAREFUL!! I just downloaded the new Facebook and I have a little issue. I bought a AppleBerry theme yesterday from Crackberry. I particularly liked the AppleBerry Glass theme because of the calender display on the home screen. Well... I downloaded the new Facebook last night. Not realizing that when I chose to " connect to BlackBerry contact" to use their profile pictures on my Storms contacts list, I inadvertantly have displayed those contacts birthdays. So now instead of seeing the next 10 calender events, like I had prior to the Facebook download, I now see birtdays. Can someone help! I REALLY liked the theme I purchased, now I don't know how to correct this issue.

What about my calendar issues (one post above)? I didn't even want it to sync and it did... and it created duplicates. I've seen one other comment about this and it doesn't seem like anyone has a fix for this.

I am a little nervous about utilizing all the functions of the new app. "...and you acknowledge that access to this data (e.g. by applications) will no longer be subject to your and your facebook friends privacy settings once stored on your blackberry device." What are they trying to say? That EVERY contact, whether they belong to facebook or not, can have their information taken and used by whoever, whenever... and not just by Facebook but by the other 3rd party apps (such as games and whatnot) that has access to your page? I just would like that clarified prior to screwing all 1000+ contacts on my phone.

I'm not going to spam my friends with request for there phone numbers! This is ridiculous. I will just keep the version I have!

I downloaded this and now it doubles all of my appointments on my BB calander. I even went in and disabled the facebook calander function. Don't waste your time with this.

Just realized that when Facebook hijacks your emails (gmail specifically), it does not sync back to your actual inbox. This was one of the great upgrades to BIS lately. Outside of that, the phone number request is really my only real issue.

actually that is a setting you can change, when youre in the facebook application click the menu button and go to options, and then scroll down to the bottom and make sure that the box next to "leave email notification messages on mail server" is unchecked

Facebook updated the pictures of all my contacts, erasing previous pictures that I had for some of my best friends. When I call them, their facebook profile picture now shows up on my blackberry screen with a little blue facebook icon in the lower corner (just so you know who owns those pictures *wink wink). Also, some other contact information was changed in my BB address book and now some of my contacts have their employers listed next to their names. That's stupid. This update takes up considerably more mem than previous versions. Not so great if you're an 88xx or Pearl owner.

You guys are great. I love to read the comments before I download because there are always helpful things that help me to make better decisions.

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We supply many kinds of Shoes, such as Nike Shoes, Jordan 1-23, Air Jordan, AF1, DUNK, Air max series etc. Most of them are in stock and can be supplied surely on time. All these shoes are packed with original-boxes and cards
our price "$33jordan shoes,$15tshirt,15sunglasess, $13cap,$33jean,$35bag "

the beta didn't work on my BBerry Pearl 8100.....but this one does....it works on my BBerry pearl os 4.5 and this is sweet has hell.....so i am soooooo addicted to crackberry that due to this app i'll be addicted to FB as well.....hope i don't get fired XD

i want to uprgrade to os 4.5 or higher
how can i do that i cant find where or how to do it anywhere!!
my device manager says theres no new update ready, but i know there is!!!

I installed the latest version of Facebook and boy was I pissed. It integrated the calendar although I uncheck the calendar options at the set-up wizard. Now I have double entries in my BB calendar and I have to manually delete them. Little did I know it actually added an ICAL to my service book. Absolutely annoying :(

I have a storm and every since I downloaded the new facebook, my memmory can't get above 20MB. Usually it would be at 30ish and now everytime I check it's at 16MB, WTF! I might go back to the old FB.

i do not like this new version
i dont want to see everybody's facebook dp on my contacts list its just creepy
how do i downgrade to the old version?
cant seem to find the link

when i installed the app, it pulled all of my facebook friends that had their phone numbers in their profiles, and then synced all their details with my address book (which i think is really cool). but i still have friends in my address book that are also my friends on facebook, but they don't have their phone numbers on so it doesn't pull their details. when i go in to edit my address book and try to add their "Facebook Name", it won't let me type in this field. does anyone know if there's a way to get those non-phone number using facebookers details to sync, too?

already install facebook v1.5 successful but icon fb have no in application folder. How to resolve. I dont want to register BIS at my service provider due to high amount need to pay monthly. I want to use Wi-Fi to surf Facebook application. Please advise.