FaceBook 1.5 Leaked For 4.6 OS Devices!

By Bla1ze on 14 Mar 2009 07:41 pm EDT
FaceBook 1.5!
Oh my! On top of all the device information flowing today, the forums are also busy with the news Facebook 1.5 has been leaked for devices running 4.6 OS. The news came about from just a lil quiet post in the CrackBerry forums, where DetectiveBerry gave us the Desktop Installer of Facebook 1.5. RIM, the people have spoken loud and clear they want Facebook 1.5 now for all devices. Check it out and remember, only 4.6 OS devices for now.

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FaceBook 1.5 Leaked For 4.6 OS Devices!


Dowloaded and using! I love the new features such as commenting directly from the status link, integrating with existing contacts on your bb and getting their facebook pictures. Easier to navigate. Also, I'm no longer on my own friends list! :-)

I don't like the fact that if I manually assign a contact, it STILL messages people. Makes for a odd convo :)

It takes forever to get 4.5, and now we get totally passed up on the Facebook upgrade!

Chinatown has something for everybody, unless you have 4.5 OS!

I hate Chinatown!

works as it should. only thing i didnt like was that it automatically linked my contacts to facebook and replaced all my contact images with the ones on facebook when i started up the app. it should let you choose before it does it. so i had to go in manually and edit all my contacts and replace the images with mines.

it did for me. if you go to options, you can run the set up wizard and uncheck whatever you dont want connected. ;)

Dea friends,

I've installed it on my 8900 running and works absolutly great and about to install on my Bold 247 and i wanna try also on the 8310 just to see if i can trash it finally!!! I'm in Italy on TIM network with a 256kb sim card...!!! ;-) Would like to thank you all and keep up the great work!!!

When manually linking contacts, does it actually request their phone number or does it just really mean that once it ever becomes available for that contact, it will link it?

Yes. If you do it, you will see under your 'Notifications' tab that it sent a request to that person for them to add their phone number to your facebook phonebook. It is stupid really, seeing as I already have their phone number on my device.

It's worse than stupid, it makes the integration useless for me. In fact, it's kept me from installing this, just in case.

I'm involved in politics, and several people on my "friends" list are people from opposition parties, as well as elected officials. It would be HIGHLY inappropriate for me to request their personal phone number, even if it came from an automated process.

Installed on my bold . Works great however , when u want to view a cintacts pic , it takes ages and then it timeouts

I found this on Crackberry, I did not try it yet:

here is the OTA link for facebook 1.5


Here is the OTA link for facebook 1.5 that i made from the zip file that was recently released in this forum.

Index of /bb/fb

http: // www. bb. comuv. com /bb / fb/
(the above is the web address please delete the spaces)

once you get to that page click on fb.jad and it will start to install but please do remove the previous version of facebook before installing!

im using a free web host service and only have limited bandwith!!!!

ps. it worked on my curve 8900 but have not tested it on any other models!!!

pps. you will need OS 4.6

Installed using OTA link. Thanks for posting that. It works great. I love that comment functionality was added.

I'm removing the previous version..i have checked the link and still active! Nicely done with the OTA link..

Lets just hope it works!

That is seriously messed up and a gigantic flaw.

First off, I have a number of people on Facebook that I will most likely never speak to on the phone, and don't really have any desire to speak to on the phone. However, having them as a contact is convenient so I can add details about them - like their email address and birthday - such as I've been manually doing now.

Also, it pretty much goes in the opposite direction of Facebook's general policy of "never contacting anyone without your approval/knowledge."

I seriously think this is a bad thing, unless I'm misunderstanding how it works. This is the internet age. These are smartphones. Made for emailing. I don't necessarily need everyone's phone number and I certainly don't want my phone automatically asking people for their phone number, either.

I used the OTA link and it shows the application under my applications list, however there is no icon. Did I do something wrong?!

FINALLY! the facebook app is 3 years outdated. Why does blackberry take so long to update things? I keep jealously looking at all the FREE, spiffy programs that the Iphone offers. Not that if RIM changed their business model to accomodate consumers their tiny, itty bitty, teensy weensy on board memory could handle more than 2 apps. I bet the Niagra will have 16MB (not GB) of memory.