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Facebook 1.5
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Mar 2009 09:35 am EDT

After seeing the Facebook 1.5 app get an early review last week and the MySpace app get officially updated to version 1.5, I know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting the release of the Facebook 1.5 app. We've got some positive and negative news on that front...

On the postive side, it seems a little snafu happened yesterday that points to a release being potentially near at hand - it seems RIM published a bunch of Knowledge Base articles about Facebook 1.5 to their Technical Solution Center (details/links below) which they then promptly removed from public access when somebody realized it wasn't yet available (thank you Google Reader for caching the feed and big thanks to Jerry for the tip):

  • Facebook messages do not display correctly -KB17664
  • Link a Facebook friend to an existing contact on the BlackBerry smartphone - KB17090
  • Wall to Wall conversation threading - KB16332
  • Access Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 1.5 using the Search application on the BlackBerry smartphone - KB16338
  • Reply to photo comments in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 1.5 - KB16340
  • Type an email address for a recipient who is not in your friends list in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 1.5 - KB16359
  • How to view or request a friend's phone number in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 1.5 - KB16360
  • Add and update your phone number in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 1.5 - KB16361
  • Send Facebook messages to multiple recipients using Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 1.5 - KB16363
  • Message conversation threading in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 1.5 - KB16364
  • Add Facebook friends to the Contacts application on the BlackBerry smartphone - KB16365
  • Send Facebook messages to a pre-defined Facebook friend distribution list - KB16366
  • Calling friends from Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones - KB16367
  • Integrate Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 1.5 with the Messages application on the BlackBerry smartphone - KB16368
  • Minimum requirements for Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 1.5 - KB16369
  • Add Facebook events to the Calendar application on the BlackBerry smartphone - KB16331

On the potentially bad news side, we've actually had a few reports come in now saying the release of the Facebook 1.5 app is at least a few weeks away still (read: April... potentially even May). We HOPE this isn't the case, but it sounds like there may still be some room for improvement in the app stability department that needs to be addressed before it gets released. We'll keep you updated as we learn more. 

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I hope it comes or gets leaked soon


I know I'm probably blind, but is the Facebook chat going to be integrated into this release?


I'd love to see a standalone Facebook Chat app for the Blackberry!


There is an app you can dowload to add facebook messenger to your BB. Go to download and install it. Once on your phone, add the facebook service and you're set. You'll be texting your life away with all your facebook pals right on your BB.

NOTE: I installed this on my friends javelin last week and it would not add facebook on the phone. So we downloaded palringo on PC and added the services there. Once that was done on PC signed back in on phone and you'll be set!


Well, any improvement to the app is a welcomed change!
My friend has an iPhone and his version can do sooo much more than on my BB...


This is true but look at his phone compared to you yours. Always plugged in, can't send a pic text, just to name a couple of the many.


def needs to be a facebook chat. prolly have to wait for 2.0 though.

it shouldnt be its own app. just add another tab in the regular facebook app.


Somebody just needs to leak this somewhere...


I believe this is being pushed back due to Facebook's new layout being published over the next few days/weeks.


I have only been using the BB FB app a couple of days but it seems to be working well for me.


The original Myspace app came out months after the original Facebook, but yet Facebook 1.5 will be out a good month after the newest Myspace. Makes a lot of sense. ha

BB Bold

I would like to see friends feeds on Facebook for BlackBerry as SocialScope does.(it keep your friend feeds for a long time and it loads automatically)


Just come out already!!

Alpha Omega

How did Myspace beat facebook to 1.5, when facebook been out much longer then Myspace app.


the updates for 1.5 look pretty good. 1.3 definitely needed improving! looking forward to the release, whenever that may be.