Facebook 1.5 for BlackBerry Leaked and Reviewed!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Mar 2009 04:53 pm EST
Facebook 1.5

Back in November I dropped a blog post detailing all of the updates coming your way in Facebook 1.5, which we knew would be coming in early 2009 but were hoping would launch in January. January has obviously come and gone, but the good news is that Facebook 1.5 is just around the corner and the folks over at BGR got their hands on a copy of it to play with and have given it some thorough usage and followed it up with a review. Click the image above to jump on over to read it all the details.

You can't download it just yet, but keep it locked to CrackBerry - we'll give you the heads up as soon as it's available.

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Facebook 1.5 for BlackBerry Leaked and Reviewed!


It's not a stretch to say that it should be pretty easy to improve upon the BB/FB app we got now. Lookin forward to givin'er a test drive...

Definitely a fan of the Contact Integration - such a pain to have to look up people's emails on their Facebooks if I don't have it on my MacBook (or Blackberry by synchronization). Been hoping to find an app that would synchronize them since I got my crackberry. Other stuff looks nice, too, but that's the big one for me.

Hmmm, looks rather lackluster to me.

Glad I don't use facebook...Hopefully they have fixed the bug where it kills off your emails from being deliv. to your device as well.

iphone facebook is soooo much better.
that is ONE app i miss moving from the iphone--that and shazam...

commenting on staus updates is a definite plus. glad to see this. siince this is coming out so late is v 2.0 pushed back as well? i heard facebook chat would be enabled in that version

How safe will the contacts application be given that a copy of your ENTIRE contacts list will be sent to facebook given their recent security issues etc? :/

I was really looking forward to the February 27th release that our BB rep told us of.

I hate so much that the current version doesn't even work right 99% of the time, and am really looking forward to a version that does work. Hopefully that is the main improvement with this update, that it actually works! Otherwise, everything else they added is just a giant waste of time.

This looks great to me. I don't care about a pretty UI, but I love vringo facebook and to not have to go on my laptop to sync is an awesome idea. Syncing contacts and calandars is awesome! (Actually I just hope that it uploads your contacts from Facebook). Combine that with GoogleSync and everything should be done.

I'd much rather Facebook chat be contralled by Beejive. I don't want to be "online" all the time. And I don't want to have to go through five programs to get offline.

Can we get a link pretty please, lol.

well.. I guess it is a slightly shinier turd than the turd we are currently stuck with. After the delays, I was expecting much much more.

Sweet! I was actually checking the developer's corner on FB to see if there was a way to sync contacts from FB onto my BB... but I'd be mildly scared to have FB access to my BB contacts...

Will we finally be able to check our God-damned inbox now? It would only ever send new messages, but not messages that were already part of another thread. This is pretty much exclusively why I immediately uninstalled.

For me the point of Facebook is the ability to contact old classmates and Family, mostly. Seeing where they are now and who's married, etc. Where they work and such.

Facebook = family and old classmates.
Myspace = advertising band gigs, etc.
Linkedin = networking for that next job.

That's how I see it.

I think that this edition will only be slightly better than the previous edition; We need Facebook Chat and to be able to view profiles without connecting to the browser. The Iphone App definitely has this one beat for a couple of versions.

One note that interested me was that the Calendar integration will post FB events in a seperate "Facebook" calendar. I know that OS 4.5 has the ability for multiple calendars - didn't think that was an option prior to 4.5. So, either this means you have to be running 4.5 to use the new FB app, or some features might not be available for anyone running 4.2/4.3.

What I'm really looking for in a FB upgrade is the ability to chat online with friends. That allows me to connect with friends while at work.

So...I don't understand (and this could just be because I currently don't own a Blackberry) but what is the difference between downloading a Facebook application and just going to the Facebook mobile site on your web browser??