Fabian Heuwieser BlackBerry Apps on Sale for 99 cents!

Fabian Heuwieser BlackBerry Apps on Sale for 99 cents until May 31st!
By Bla1ze on 28 May 2009 02:36 pm EDT

Let the sales on awesome applications keep rolling. Fabian Heuwieser (@FabianMH on Twitter) has also posted all of his great apps on sale for just $.99 cents up until May 31st. No coupon code required. There are lots of popular titles here, including VibAndRing, BlinkWhileCall and my personal favorite time waster TyperSpeed! Also, while your perusing the paid applications, Fabian also has some great free apps as well.

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The Consigliere

Checked out the ones offered but couldn't find SwitchDisplayON, it shows it on the previous page but it's not listed on the actual apps page, what's up with that?

-Sweet, 1st comment :-)


if you have your device selected it might work for it. The screen above shows all the apps made by him w/ no device being selected.


Sweet was just going to get VibandRing with some other apps later but might as well get it now that it's on sale :)


I really enjoy Fabian's BB apps. And the 99 cent price is nice!


I just downloaded Callsblocker 1.0.7 and it works great. Sprint doesn't have any privacy blocks available. The guy makes B/A apps. Keep them coming!!!