Here's one for you Formula 1 addicts - F1 Live24 for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 15 Mar 2013 08:59 am EDT

Listen up Formula 1 fans - with the 2013 season kicking off you will be able to keep up to date with all the latest news and results thanks to the F1 Live24 application for BlackBerry 10. When you open the app you are presented with a countdown timer at the top of the display which shows you how long until the next session starts - this will be perfect for you F1 addicts.

There are a whole host of features within the app menu. These include the following and they all rock:

  • News
  • Races
  • Results
  • Drivers
  • Gallery

Thanks to the BlackBerry Hub integration you can share the news with your friends using any of the associated accounts you have set up. I'm not into racing myself but the app is truly excellent and once again goes to show how glorious BlackBerry 10 apps can be. A great job by the developer. And it's free!

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Here's one for you Formula 1 addicts - F1 Live24 for BlackBerry 10


Nice looking app at a glance for those of us who follow F1. Still debating paying the 30 dollars for the official. Just seems extremely steep

This one is free. You're referring to the F1 timing app that is $30

unfortunately the app is no use to us Aussies since it hasn't launched yet :(. but beautiful looking app! looks smooth and fast

thanks for this! Go BlackBerry Benz! I too find the $30 app a little steep, but I could go for this one. Been an F1 fan for years, and cant wait to go back to Montreal for the race again this year.

Very nice.

Now we need a NASCAR and Indy Car app and I will be all set!

I think MLB app is on the way.

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I second the IndyCar app :) tried sideloading the Verizon app onto my PlayBook last year but it wouldn't authenticate because it needs to connect to a Verizon network :(

Great app, the only thing I find irritating about it is when trying to scroll through the drivers list at the bottom, when scrolling back I frequently open the side menu

I've downloaded this app but It doesn't work. Cannot see any news. Doesn't anyone have the same problem?

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Whoot! Just in time for the season!
As for the official app being a steep includes the real time track positions of everyone.

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Must try this out. It would be cool if they had a licensed game to go along with it and you could race as your favorite driver against the other competitors on real tracks with online multiplayer. Then at the end of the season each year have the person who has won the game version take on the actual driver who has won the season. I will be downloading this. Thanks, saves me $30.

Very good app, was looking for something like this. The pricing of the official timing app is just outrageous.

Hope you enjoy the new F1 season peeps, I wish Team Mercedes AMG Petronas powered by Blackberry some great results!!

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I've got the official app. For a free app, it does a pretty good job and provides decent integration with BlackBerry Hub and BBM. That's not available on the official app.

But you do get what you pay for on the 30$ app. Being able to follow a driver live on a 3D track with sector timings, fastest laps and a ton of other information is good for F1 fanatics.

I just followed the Australian test sessions on the official app. Pretty nifty.

The free app is a perfect fit for those looking to follow the sport as a pastime.

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Beautiful app. I don't need the 'official' app. That's what my Sky HD subscription is for. Now if only we could get a Sky Go app. Would be a deal breaker for getting the defectors back.

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Not surprising they have an F1 app considering BB's sponsorship of the Mercedes team. Sounds cool. Just 13 days away from getting my VZW Z10!

Thanks! This is perfect and look and feel is awesome. I do watch F1 but am not enough of a fanatic to pay the $30 for the official app. This app works perfectly!!!!

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I am just waiting for the Z10 release in the U.S. and this will be the first app I download. Perfect timing. Season starts this weekend! I am aching for the phone!

This app is great, but I'm such an F1 nut I also spent big on the 2013 live timing app which is epic. Both together is F1 nirvana

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Does not work on my z10 as well. The loading pic is there all the time, can jump through the menu but no news etc. Are shown. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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Looks awesome. Cant wait to get my z10 on the 28th.
I had an app from Spain for last year, "F1 Lider" but this one looks much more in depth.

Nice app! Just waiting to see if it shows starting grid positions. That is important for my F1pool.

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Lol...turn off the Push notification if you don't want a heart attach...was sitting quietly reading and full volume comes screaming out of my Z...practice result push note lol
Scared the cap out of me! Lol

Great app...has live feed for interviews as well.

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If i were to hazard a guess, you can try turning off application permission for BBM. I think thats how they are able to push alerts despite the app not running.

I didn't realise this app is able to push notification until just now when the qualifying round started. Also when it was delayed, i got a toast notification too, which is nice. The ability to set up a calendar reminder with one button is nice too.

Nice App Downloaded it last week. Only problem is that when they start each stage of quailfing, the App opens in the background and as most of you know, when you start this App it goes Vooommmm. And at % this morning I wasn't happy.

Had to delete it until I can figure out a way to disable push notifications. I usually PVR races so I can't wake up to the app showing me the results!!!

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Its a fantastic app, but have had to delet as I couldn't back my device up, volumes wouldn't mount. Once it was removed I could backup?!

This app is by far the best free F1 related app I've tried. The content & interface makes following the sport a breeze. Please keep this app ongoing forever... so we don't ever need to download a different app for each new season. :)

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Update to this Awesome App, let's you turn Notifications off. No more Vooooommmmm when your not expecting it lol

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