Formula 1: 2014 Bahrain GP recap

By Adam Zeis on 8 Apr 2014 10:54 am EDT

It was the second race in just as many weeks on the Formula 1 circuit, but that didn't stop the BlackBerry-sponsored Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg from strutting their stuff. From practice through qualifying, it was clear that the two were out to continue their epic 2014 run — holding down the 1 and 2 positions for the race start on Sunday.

The Mercedes cars jumped off the line with ease and really never looked back. Hamilton held a commanding lead for most of the race, only put back by the safety car late in the race, dropping his 10-second lead over teammate Nico Rosberg. In the final — and perhaps most exciting laps — Hamilton and Rosberg battled to the finish, placing 1 and 2 with Hamilton taking top honors. Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo was narrowly beaten by Force India's Sergio Perez who took the third spot on the podium for the first time in over 2 years.

Safe to say this season is off to an amazing start for the Mercedes team. Rosberg and Hamilton hold onto the 1 & 2 overall spots for the season so far. The next race takes place in Shanghai in two weeks.

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Formula 1: 2014 Bahrain GP recap


Shame on CrackBerry for celebrating this race in Bahrain where an absolute monarch and his mercenaries from abroad continue to terrorize and brutalize the majority of its citizens, killing its young men, jailing its women, and suppressing all dissent.

Very disappointed with CB's judgment here; it is offensive to all of us around the globe who actually know and care about the plight of the majority of the citizens of Bahrain. At bare minimum Adam could and should have acknowledged that holding this race in Bahrain is a controversial issue; even a small footnote would have shown some appropriate sensitivity. And no, CB's "independence from politics" and similar self-justifying nonsense is not an excuse in the face of such oppression, atrocity, and totalitarianism.

Bahraini history is waaaay too complex to discuss in CB.

Don't just pick on the last couple of years and exclude its history.

The Formula 1 GP was of interest to CB only because of the BlackBerry connection. If the site was to take account of every political issue affecting the world there'd be no room for anything else.

If you want to talk history over the last 200 years, the case is even worst than looking at the last 4 (not two) years. Appeals to "complexity" are just another excuse to bury one's head in the sand and to excuse the perpetrators of injustice. As usual, corporate greed wins and the sheep of the masses shrug as long as they are not immediately affected or their fun is not disturbed.

The answer "Whatever" reflects exactly the attitude oppressors and totalitarians have counted on throughout history. Well, this reader of CB just happens to care enough to speak up. Those who just can't be bothered to have their fun disturbed can go on merrily and not be bothered.

It's not about taking "account of every political issue". If CB *chooses* to highlight the F1 race in Bahrain it should at least acknowledge the dark side of it. Just because the dictators of Bahrain and their sponsors have the money to drown out the cries of their own people does not mean those who know the situation should just ignore it. Everyone has a responsibility to be responsible, including CB.

You have to go back to the 1970's at least to understand the situation on the ground in Bahrain. Ultimately the problem is one of demographics.

The opposition in Bahrain had the chance for progress and chose to demand more. Hence the latest round of violence.

Next week the Formula 1 GP is in China. Will you be complaining about Chinese rights violations, or is it just Bahrain that concerns you?

After that is Spain. Lots of unemployment in Spain. Should Formula 1 really race in Spain when so many people are suffering?

Where does it end?

I urge Crackberry Members not to watch the Montreal Formula 1 Race. Canada is purposely killing people by selling way too much Poutine.

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So what are you doing about it since you care so much, beyond throwing words around on a virtual comment board?

I heard this kind of argument leading up to the Sochi Olympics, people oversimplified a complex issue and felt athletes should boycott and give up their life's dreams to satisfy someone else's conscience on an issue beyond their control. It's easy to demand that others make sacrifices while we sit on the couch paying lip service to our moral outrage.

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Bahrain has been dismal for the last two years, last year was probably the most boring mind-numbing race ever. This year was a pleasant surprise :), all the way down the field there was action and it bodes well for the rest of the season.

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The photos in the media of Lewis Hamilton sponsoring Blackberry is probably the best advertising I have seen from Blackberry - especially here in the UK where Hamilton is very popular.

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Yup. Many, many pairs of eyes were looking at the BlackBerry logo over the weekend. Hamilton and Rossberg's cars were so far ahead you barely saw any cars in the background as they were at the end of the main straight. Domination!

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Crashtor as he is called is menace. He totally missed his braking point and t-boned Esteban Gutierrez though Gutierrez left him room.

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Yeah I know, I watched it live, I'm sad to say he's from my country haha, I'm also a bit surprised they only gave him 5 positions in the grid as penalty.

That's an old photo of Rosberg (yellow helmet) and Schumacher (red helmet). #keepfightingSchumi

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Ya'll have smartphones in dem mount'ns? Might think BlackBerry means a pie or something.

Just joshin mango.

Could be a good move throwing a few flying B's around the Nascar circuit.

This race kept me glued to the screen the whole time. And it's only the second race I've really watched. Don't have much to compare it to but it was phenomenal on its own.

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I hear that!
Even my wife who normally sits on the couch with a degree of contempt at my sporting choices starting getting into it once she understood the magnitude of a 25 second gap between 1st and 3rd and that a typical pit only takes 19-23 seconds entrance to exit.

Was simply a beautiful race to experience.

Race was amazing, watching those two go at it was great. I do believe if they allowed a little more fuel then the field would tighten up. Not enough to kill Mercs lead but it might give redbull a chance

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If they allowed more fuel to ALL cars then would the Mercedes cars be boosted as well. Of course! That argument is a Red Bull red herring. Red Bull wants to do as they will and the FIA is having none of it.

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Best race I've seen in a long time. Really exciting to see that fight for first place the last few laps of the race.

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And not a BlackBerry commercial in sight. Opportunity lost, again!

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.

Would having BlackBerry on the CAR and the driver Uniforms being prominently shown ALL OVER THE WORLD in all media constitute a commercial? A humble question?

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Was the best race for years. However really disappointed that when the Sky TV presenters were conducting interviews in the garage the team members were celebrating and taking pictures of each other with the trophy, and not a BlackBerry phone in sight, all iphones. Does the sponsorship not involve product placement to team members?

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I wonder if anything is set up at these races by BlackBerry?

I can understand why people think this is a waste of money for BlackBerry, but that's just because they're not fans themselves. Formula One is Massive in many countries. BlackBerry could not have picked a better way to get the most for their buck. I do think they should jump on this opportunity while the team is winning though. Things can change in a heart beat in this sport. Here is one on YouTube from a while ago. I have not seen anything since though?

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