F1 2013 Timing App free version now available for BlackBerry 10

F1 Timing App Free
By James Richardson on 3 Apr 2013 06:31 am EDT

We have covered a few Formula 1 applications recently, especially as the 2013 season is now in full swing. The F1 2013 Timing App is probably the premier one but comes with a hefty price tag - currently Thirty bucks.

However, while I was checking through the new releases in BlackBerry World I spotted a free version of the app. Clearly this doesn't give you all the content of the paid version but what it will allow you to do is test out the app and if you like what you see you can use in-app purchases to get your hands on all the good stuff.

Basic pass features include:

  • F1 News throughout the year
  • An event countdown shows the time to the next session and informs when a session is live.
  • New for 2013 customizable F1 Twitter feeds to keep you up to date with what everyone is saying, and let you become be part of the conversation!
  • Easily access a wealth of information with latest drivers and teams stats, race information, standings and latest results.
  • Experience a wealth of information and data available at your fingertips with this short demo. Get familiar with the functionality and see all the timing data, real-time driver positions, tyre data, race control messages and much more, go to the event store and purchase the In-App Championship Pass to unlock these great features.

The full version includes the following features:

  • Real Time Track Positioning - Displayed on our dynamic and interactive map. You can see the position of every F1 driver on the track at the same time. See the gaps and pit stops as never before!
  • Follow Your Favourite Forumla 1 Drivers - Selecting a driver switches the camera to follow that selected driver around the race track. Watch as they battle for position! 
  • Live Timing Data - Timing data is streamed direct from Formula One Management's technical centre at the race track to the palm of your hand. With multiple timing screens including sectors, gaps and speeds. Watch the sessions like the engineers on the pitwall!
  • Live Leaderboards - Combined with live timing data, scrollable leaderboards display a wealth of data.
  • Download Race Packs - Download race packs after the event to watch the sessions again and again. Perfect for tape delayed broadcast! 
  • Live Text Commentary - Lap by lap live text commentary keeps you updated while the action unfolds.
  • Event Counter & Notifications - A new enhanced Infobase with an event countdown that shows the time to the next session and informs when a session is live. Optional notifications alert you when sessions are approaching. 
  • Keep Up To Date - Easily access a wealth of information with latest drivers and teams stats, race information, standings and latest results. 
  • Complete Formula One Access - Experience each and every Formula One Grand Prix session via the live timing & track positioning feed in the palm of your hand.

Seems like a sweet idea from the developers if you ask me. Good job chaps.

More information/Download F1 2013 Timing free edition


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F1 2013 Timing App free version now available for BlackBerry 10


Rather than tell us what the full version has it would have been better to tell us exactly what the free version missed out

I must agree with you, would be more a review of the free version as right now it seems like a review of the paid one

Posted via CB10

Thanks for that, in my opinion it's just a way to get people to buy the paid version (can't blame them for that). I get everything I need from the Formula 1 Live 24 app

This is sweet!! I have been waiting for this to come out. I had it on my iphone 5. For any Formula one fan out there this is a must have!!


i was shocked when i got my z10 and were looking for a f1 app. they got the real hardcore fans for sure with that. for me any app for 30 usd cant do.

i found a week later the F1 Live 24 app in the appworld and i followed malaysia gp with that. i thought it was fanstatically programmed and showed me all the things i wanted to know. just the autoupdate all 10 seconds didnt allow me to scroll down once i missed lets say 15 min of the race. but still great app.


and while i am at it i will write the same bug in the reviews

F1lt dot pl (sorry, can't post links) exports full Live Timing and Commentaries app (free, open source, Windows version available) and has an Android version (old but in the process to being updated according to the dev) that works OK on the Z10... just a bit of sideloading required :-)

$30 no way...

For some of you wont dont know... F1 timing map/ Telemetry can be viewed live on qualifying and race day for FREE!

Go to www.F1.com

You have to create an account however the app is free to use once logged in on the site. You can witness live as the teams do on pit lane.

I usually watch the race on the big screen while my laptop aside of me watching the lap times/telemetry for all teams and drivers during the live race. Fun stuff for F1 fans.

Happy racing! :)