EZ Reregister - the Original Mobile Device Reregisration Request Tool. Win a Free Copy!

EZ ReRegister
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Mar 2008 11:16 am EDT

3 giveaways in 3 days -- first we launched the 100,000 Member Contest , then we opened your chance to win a copy of Leisure Suit Larry in Love for Sail, and now you can win a copy of a must-have app for any hardcore BlackBerry user... EZ Reregister.

Back at the end of January we announced the beta of a program called BARRT, which was a small database program you installed your computer (not your BlackBerry) that allowed you to store the names, registration codes and vendor email addresses of your BlackBerry software applications. With information now in one location, when you swap your BlackBerry device, with just the click of a button, you can generate email messages to all or to selected vendors requesting new registration codes based on your new PIN!

Since then, BARRT has been rebranded to EZ Reregister, and it's now out of beta and ready for use by the CrackBerry-addicted public. It's available in two versions - Full and Lite (currently $12.99 and $6.99, respectively) and a 7 day Free Trial is available. We have 10 Copies of the Full version to giveaway, and not just any copy... the developer is going to custom brand the winners' versions with the CrackBerry logo! Consider it collector's software! Read on for more details and your chance to win!

Why EZ Reregister?

There is a wide variety of software applications available for BlackBerry devices. Often, commercial applications have a unique registration key based on the unique PIN number of the device. This protects the software vendor from piracy, and protects the user’s investment in the software from use by others. Unfortunately, if you need to swap your BlackBerry device, you have to ask the software vendors for another registration code, based on your new PIN number. To do this, you need to have not only a list of the software installed on your device, but the registration numbers, and vendor contact information as well. For most, this is an infrequent task, but a cumbersome one.

Storing all the information needed to request Reregistration and reducing the time this process takes was the catalyst for the creation of EZ Reregister.

EZ Reregister is a small database application that allows a BlackBerry user to store the names, registration codes, and vendor email addresses of all of their software applications. If a user changes their device, at the click of a button they can generate emails requesting Reregistration codes from any or all of the application vendors stored in the database. If you change devices often, this application is a must-have!


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Want something to write about? Tell us either a) how many 3rd party software applications you have installed on your device b) how many times you have had to hunt down emails and vendor addresses to request a new activation code for getting your already purchased software onto a new device or c) tell us both!

Contest thread closes midnight on Friday, CST. Good Luck!! 

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EZ Reregister - the Original Mobile Device Reregisration Request Tool. Win a Free Copy!


I have Cribbage, mobipocket reader, Music ID and MSDictviewer on my Blackberry. I have had to {prior to Blackberry} search for vendors (with windows devices) to get them to change my access code to be able to use them again.


I posted a message a couple of weeks ago asking if there was a program that will do what EZR does! Its great to see that it exists! I "play" a lot with my device adding and removing software andI've had, in more than one occassion, to reinstall the os loosing all my registration codes. I hope I win one of these copies because I haven't learned my lesson and will keep fooling around with my Curve.

Sorry, missed the questions...
Skyscape with 15 medical ebooks
Mobipocket eReader with lots of ebooks
I've had to email the vendors about 5 times since I got my Curve and once ater I switched from my 7100i...

I have about 8 apps with registration information.

I always am having to look up registration information when reformating a hard drive or reinstalling something. It is a hassle. Something like this would be nice for the BB, especially because I will probably be getting a new one. Does the software save the data on my computer, their servers, or both?

Hey, I saw your question and wanted to answer it for you.

The data is stored in a .dbf file on your desktop. The file is encrypted. The key to decode the encrypted data is in the executable file itself. Basically, it means that without the program, no one can read your application data. That's why I suggest using a login name/password!

I don't know if you were one of the winners, but if not, and you're interested, check out this page for a reduced price:


i have just a few 3rd party apps - mostly games. i am constantly having to reactivate bbsmart - not sure why. luckily i keep using the same activation code and saved the original email, so it's not too much of a hassle. thanks for the chance to win!

Wow - This software would have paid for itself many times over. I've changed ISP's and computers enough times over the past few years that trying to hunt down old emails is futile. I usually end up having to repurchase the application. That is if I can even remember who produced it. The cost of this software is less then having to replace just one other app let alone a whole slew of them. In January my Pearl ended up in the Pacific Ocean and I replaced it with a new Curve. I had to spend quite a bit of money to repurchase applications. Sure wish I had had this software 3 months ago.

I've only got BBSmart, Jivetalk and (Many thanks to Crackberry!) GridMagic...

Still - It'd be nice to have an app that keeps all the details in one place (should I change my device!)

I've had to do the "Hunt down" unfortunatly twice now. Did not even know such a tool existed... Very cool stuff!

Dealing with that issue now! Was in a wreck and BB was critically injured. Trying to reconstruct everything on my new BB.

Sounds like a good program. I currently have about 10-12 applications. To many to list, all the usual, Empower, Espn, Viigo, Live Search, Power Express, and so on and so on.

The software is run on the Windows desktop, but I am working on an online version that will be accessible via your Blackberry.

Nothing will be stored on your device itself. If it gets run over by a Mac truck, you can login to the online site, enter your new PIN number, and fire away requests for new registration codes!

Check the News & Updates page of the site for more info. If you want to play around with the online forms you can go to http://zlhonline.exofire.net/test/a.index.html.

You can enter data in the forms, and when you click Submit, you'll get a screen showing the data you've entered.

Once I finish tweaking the guts of the database, I'll post info on all of the major BB forums letting everyone know they can take a "test drive"! Thanks for your interest.

Luckily I haven't had to worry quite yet, but I've only been part of the BB world for a couple of months. Third Party Apps currently installed are:
Golden Tee Golf mobile
Handmark Blackjack
Vegas Pool Sharks
Brain Up

Put me in for free, just listing the games the other day, I found I did not have enough, so I went and bought more.

Well good impulse buys anyway.

Happy Easter

Since I am new to not only Crackberry, I am new to Blackberry and am LOVING them both. This would be a perfect addition to my baby and am looking forward to it!!!

I'd like to win this....or win anything for that matter. I usually don't have that kind of luck.

I have downloaded many 3rd party apps...at least to give them a test drive during their 'trial' period. To save my memory, I just keep it down to the basic few.

On another note: I'm lovin' this site! Crackberry.com is the real deal!!!!

I have about a 10 third party applications on my blackberry (Yeah, I'm an addict). Up to now the way I've solved this issue by creating a Microsoft Outlook Note with the registration info of all my BB software. But software that's specifically designed to store all this information for me would be amazing!

I've only had my Pearl about a month and am addicted already. I don't know how I got by with only a cell... This software looks like a no-brainer for someone who will be getting the lastest and greatest as it comes out! (That would be me.)

I've been wanting to upgrade, but I don't want to lose everything. Winning this would make it easier!

My 8830 WE just developed a power-connector problem - the mini-USB cord won't stay seated. Verizon is sending me a replacement but I was concerned about my apps (did I even keep the reg info!!). This comes just in time. Very cool.

don't know why somebody didn't do this before.
I don't have a great deal of 3rd party software for my BB just BBSmart and JiveTalk and the JiveTalk is a user license so it doesn't really count. I do on the other hand have a boatload of programs for my WM phones and I would use the program to store the info for those programs as well as the programs for my BB.


3rd party apps:
Google Maps
Blackberry Tracker
VZ Navigator (does that count?)

I recently needed to hunt down activation codes after I upgraded the OS last week or the week before.

It's amazing how many give-a-ways there have been lately....might as well take a crack at another! This program sounds great!

I must say that I'm new to the wonderfully, enchanted world of the BlackBerry. Atfer about 3 wonderful weeks of Berry bliss my shiny new 8830 began to act up. Without getting into details my handheld's OS went haywire. Of course, for the last 3 weeks I had gone coo-koo for applications and being that they were all purchased using my @blackberry.net address I had no record of the confirmation/activation codes. I spent about 2 weeks contacting each vendor and have finally resolved the issues and have recieved a new replacement.

Where things get even weirder is when I logged onto CrackBerry.com for the first time and this post is staring me SMACK in the face. Had I know of this application before I would have been back in business much sooner - and even as a new-comer, I realized how life just isn't the same without my berry... ;-)

I've only had my BB a short time, but I know there will be a time when hunting down registrations will be a nightmare. This sounds like a great program!

I have about 10 3rd party software that I use regularly and everytime I switch devices (and I LOVE updating to the latest BB), I hate going thru the process of looking up my original purchase emails to look for email address to inform the makers of the apps to release new registration codes for me.

I have about 10 3rd party apps on my BlackBerry and having to hunt for e-mail addresses is a pain every time you hard reset.

I can't wait to see this!

A special CrackBerry "edition"... That's super cool! Just the idea of showing it to others makes me tingle.

I'm a newbie to the BB, and I used to laugh at my Crackberry friends, but now I am hooked! I've bought a few apps to customize my BB, and this tool would make my life easier when I decide to upgrade someday. Thx for the offer of the designer software! I would wear it well!