Eye Candy: Storm 2 Shows Off WiFi in Photo

Odin with Wifi
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Aug 2009 02:54 pm EDT

A few weeks back when I posted a hands-on video of the Storm 2 (codename odin; model 9550/9520/9900?) in action I made note that the software running on that particular unit was early, early, early stage and that changes would be coming and we shouldn't start making too many judgements based on that video just yet. One point made during the video was that while that unit was not showing the presence of WiFi, that in fact the next-generation Storm would have it (something that's been reported frequently for a long, long time now). In case there were still any doubters, you can click the image above for some more photos posted by benezblog of a Storm 9520 (Vodafone's version) with a newer OS build proudly showing off WiFi. Sweetness.

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Eye Candy: Storm 2 Shows Off WiFi in Photo


If you just look at the photos you see "3G" and not "1XEV" next tot he signal meter. That right there shows you this is not a CDMA phone. Also, it is the 9520 model, which has been said is the GSM version....once again, not CDMA therefore not Verizon.

Sooooo.....in short, yes other networks besides verizon. :)

Vodaphone and Verizon are the same company. Vodaphone is just the international equilavent. So, Verizon is getting this phone and may be the only carrier that gets the new Storm, just like the original one.

yeah but you have to remember that vodafone and verizon wireless are basically international equivalents of each other. it just happens to be that vodafone uses GSM networks over in Germany (or at least that's the network this 9520 is registered to).

verizon is in the process of rolling out its new 4G service which will be running on UMTS. if you haven't noticed, the tour 9630 supports UMTS bands for the US which kind of indicates that the phone will be supporting verizons new network. they decided to go with UMTS rather than UMB for some reason...

Does anyone else think it makes the Storm look so dated? I'm saving already! I dont know how'll i'll get it contract free on release day though ><

This is old info. It was posted a few days ago. If you look at the other pics, it shows it is the vodafone 9520. I just hope it has north american HSPA radios.

Wifi better end up on Verizon's Storm 2 as well.. its absence is the one thing that drives me up a wall about the first iteration which I otherwise love.

is Verizon going to stop screwing its BB customers over by enabling WiFi on the storm 2? The question remains...UNANSWERED. Oh wait, you don't need WiFi on Verizon, right? Their service works evvvverywhere. LMAO!


relax...Verizon did not disable wi-fi on the Storm. It was never there. Go in to verizon and look at any winmo phone. They ALL have active wi-fi. Plus VZ has already stated that every new phone after the tour will have wi-fi.

I'm considering upgrading. Might get rid of my current Storm and get a Storm 2. But I'll wait for 1) all the models to be released and 2) some nice reviews so I can have of a better idea of what's really new on the Storm 2 and if it's worth selling my Storm for.

ooooooooooooooooooooooo....... lets see... Bold... Onyx... Storm 2.... I can see a very... enjoyable BlackBerry life ahead of me.

I love my Storm and would gladly consider the Storm 2 due to the WiFi addition, but not at the expense of:

1. Being a world phone

2. Losing GPS

So was RIM able to cram WiFi in there without losing the CDMA/GSM radios and GPS, or did something have to go away to make space for WiFi?

I just bought my BB Storm and I love it... can't wait to see what BB Storm 2 has in store. Very excited to see Wi-Fi.

It would be smart if one could somehow have instant access to allowing and disallowing wi fi on one's phone. This would cut down on having to go into "Manage Connections" each time one enters or leaves a wi fi hot zone.

i dealt with my blackberry storm, but i have the tour now. i like the keyboard and its gonna take a hell of a lot of convincing to get me to go to the new storm 2 or whatever it might be called.