Extreme Video Chatting on the BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 May 2012 12:44 am EDT

At an event like BlackBerry World we're used to seeing lots of BlackBerry users walking around with their heads down in the CrackBerry prayer position as they type and text away on their keyboards. But at tonight's BB World opening reception party, I just couldn't help but hit record on the 'ole CrackBerry camera when this guy walked past me holding his BlackBerry PlayBook out in front of him as he walked and talked and video chatted with his family back home. Now that's hardcore. Gotta love it!

Oh, and it turned out he was a CrackBerry fan. Watch the video for a chuckle!!

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Extreme Video Chatting on the BlackBerry PlayBook!


Wow thought this was gonna be skype or bbm video chat announced Lmao I need to go to bed and see what tomorrow brings.

Whats funny was, the guy knew who Kevin was. And just smile and didnt even bother taking pictures or authograph.. Dude "its THE KEVIN MICHALUK the founder of Crackberry.com and # 1 fan of Blackberry. If I was him, I would had taken so many pictures like Paparazzi.. Lolz that was a good one though..

Got 4 for the family , Prince George, Vancouver, Edmonton and Hong Kong. The one brother in Toronto is an iPad fan so nobody is talking to him.

...with millions of skype users vs a handful of BB tablet owners, its more likely you than him missing out.

Video isn't available on my 9800, atleast.

Edit: Just watched it from my PC. How bad is your home wifi, if your experience is better through a public open hotspot? lol

Yup. Been there done that as well. ;). Family was more interested in seeing where I was, than seeing me! lol

" Ha Ha, *thumbs up* " Your Hardcore I like it.. " Yah... Your Kevin right? " I'm KEVIN HEY! " Yeah CrackBurry right? " YEAH YEAH! Good to meet you. LOL

BlackBerryIdea 'Your Idea's In Motion' @BlackBerryIdea

what a legend, he jsut became famous in the crackberry world :)

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