An extended demo of the QNX CAR 2 application platform

By James Richardson on 1 Sep 2012 04:39 pm EDT

The above video has been uploaded by QNX to their YouTube account in the last few days and while it isn't technically BlackBerry related it sort of is. Most of you will be aware that QNX is owned by RIM, and the PlayBook OS as well as BlackBerry 10 run on the QNX platform. The video is a demonstration of the latest QNX CAR 2 in car solution from QNX based on HTML5 and although I can't confirm that the dashboard display is a BlackBerry PlayBook it may well be. Either way there are some big similarities and I thought many of you may well find the video interesting.

If you have the patience to watch the whole video (it's 21 minutes long) you will see some familiar icons in the interface. The new QNX car display has the same web browser as the PlayBook, some familiar looking applications and even the same App World icon that we are used to seeing.

The main reason I wanted to share the video with you is just to show the capabilities and customisation available on the platform. With BlackBerry 10 coming to fruition in Q1 2013 it will be interesting to see if the in-car solutions that QNX offer will integrate further with the new BlackBerry operating system. With QNX being part of the BlackBerry family it would make sense and it would be great to see the car OS being an extension of the smartphone. Only time will tell.

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An extended demo of the QNX CAR 2 application platform


yes it is great to see TCS in some core mobile techs. This naviagation solution was a part of acquisition of a company by TCS. and you know that name of the company, it was - "Networks In Motion" :)

A Pandora app installed in that platform... Interesting.


Do you think any of RIM's detractors in the media will finally start taking a closer look at RIM's vision and potential if they see this video. Most probably wouldn't even recognize the similarities with the PB OS, let alone acknowledge that RIM might be onto something with QNX. But I do take a pretty dim view of the Tech media these days; maybe the ones with a little foresight will help guide their myopically gifted brothers and sister towards a more rational appraisal of the hugh potential that is sitting right in front of them. Even if they can't see it, I certainly do. GO RIM GO!!!

Oh, and thanks for posting that video, it was very impressive and inspirational - I needed that.

Interesting vid of a demo. The ideas are there, perhaps brush a bit on the GUI.

Now, RIM has to deliver and sell it to manufacturers.

Exactly! RIM needs to fully integrate QNX and they need to actually get some of the top 10 automakers in the world to sign on and use Car 2. This seems unlikely at this point though as all the majors are far along the path with their own solutions - many based on QNX. If RIM can't get partners in BB 10 and Car 2 that are outside the mobile phone space they will struggle. The ideas are there but the problem as usual is RIM is late to the game. If anyone can get multi-billion dollar deals done though, it's Frank, so hopefully we hear of some deals soon - by the time BB 10 launches to give it that extra push

Exactly! RIM needs to fully integrate QNX and they need to actually get some of the top 10 automakers in the world to sign on and use Car 2. This seems unlikely at this point though as all the majors are far along the path with their own solutions - many based on QNX. If RIM can't get partners in BB 10 and Car 2 that are outside the mobile phone space they will struggle. The ideas are there but the problem as usual is RIM is late to the game. If anyone can get multi-billion dollar deals done though, it's Frank, so hopefully we hear of some deals soon - by the time BB 10 launches to give it that extra push

So, who or what is powering the Hands free voice controls? Doing a natural language query in your car and having it return the info, open the app and present the info in a graphically rich format all without any further prompting, that's a lot of logic processing being done in the cloud. Who's doing it? Or am I missing something easy and obvious?
From my QNX Neutrino powered Blackberry Playbook

"Say a command after the beep" ........... now where have I heard that before.

Looks like the voice commands application is the same one that is being implemented on the new BB10.

I noticed this too! although this video shows off the full potential of what it will be like on BB10.

Can someone explain something to me,QNX is owned by RIM right?then why the hell can the guy can clearly pull out an ipod and say this is an ipod and close to the end of the clip he bridge the car to what he called a "smart phone" and it was clearly a BLACKBERRY!!!!!! RIM needs all the advertisement they can get he should have said BlackBerry 10 that would have been good

Rim doesn't make music players like ipod, so no problem there; and i think it shows that they are confident that couple of years down the road BB is gona be the only device worth calling

From an automotive manufacturers perspective, they want to remain as "phone neutral" as possible with a system such as this. The last thing the manufactures want is for the consumers decision to buy their product to be influenced, or prejudiced by what make of mobile phone they carry, or would like to carry. I'm sure the people at QNX understand this and will do everything they can to insure that the system will interface with as many devices as possible and why they stress the use of HTML5 and CSS.

From an App designers perspective, however, the BB10/QNX platform is probably starting to look pretty lucrative. Which is great for us BlackBerry fans. Do you think Skype would say no to having their program installed in vehicles across the globe?

You know what I want, the bridge capability so that say, when I am bridged in the car and a song is playing i move away from the car and it plays that media on my device and then when I enter my home it prompts e to play it in home after bridging it there....Same idea with all bridge capabilities would make a perfect ecosystem. e.g I am reading an email or watching a youtube video or doing whatever of sorts on my device, I enter my car the same email is read to me, and when I enter home same info is pushed to the tv or computer or whatever RIM comes up with so that I always stay in my flow...but of course i don't want half baked solution...therefore I will be willing to wait another couple of years for such ecosystem...IMO they can really make use of this bridge thing...Its hard waiting for BB10...

I am totally impressed and this is still not an official one! I can't wait to get a car with this system. Simply amazing!

This is awesome and why RIM is still on the same track because those in the know are aware of the potential of what RIM is doing here.

The big name App developers are gonna Sit up and take notice, if they haven't already

Can't Wait to get my BB10 superphone and BB10 supercar!

Alright, i got a good chuckle when i saw the Tunnel Tilt game icon at 16:57 ! It just says Tunnel? Do you use it to navigate long tunnels while driving? hahahaha!

lol you beat me to it.....Though if any car could be used to play tunnel it would be a Jeep. That game must be for the real hardcore back-roaders :P

So when are we going to see this for consumer to enjoy on their future vehicle purchase??? The QNX does everything, wheres the autopilot!!?? Hehe

This video says ALOT about one main branch of RIM's app strategy for BB10. They are providing all the tools (best HTML browser, car 2 extensive use of HTML) the major apps need to write HTML apps in time for BB10. They are showing the high performance available for HTML 5 apps and the potential brand new market (the car) for these apps. They are bridging the gap between automakers who want to use a platform agnostic framework and app makers who want write one app for all platforms (ios, Android blackberry windows,mac,and now cars/qnx). They are hoping that the net effect is a whole bunch of big name apps written in HTML5 for BB10 launch. HTML5 has been gaining a ton of developer mindshare this last year but has not gone mainstream yet. Maybe this will push it forward.

The beauty of the whole thing done in HTML5 is that if it connected to the cloud with LTE (think LTE playbook), than all of that info can be easily seen in realtime on any phone,tablet or laptop that supports HTML5. That is what automakers want, for consumers to connect with their car with any device through the browser.

Wow. Please RIM why can't I buy the media player in this video? Why can't I plug my USB sticks into my PB? Get these products to market PEOPLE will buy them!

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Ford should be working with QNX to remedy their horrible system, but they've dropped too much money into it to back away now (the argument of a failing company)

And I have it in my truck. If Ford is still using Microsoft when I buy my next car, I am not buying a Ford. I don't care if they fix all the crap that is wrong with it by then. They lost a future customer.

sadly, I am only one of millions so they care less about me.

Yeah, SYNC and MyFordTouch are built using the Windows Embedded Platform (a major competitor for QNX) so not likely going to see Ford Make the switch. But, That's a Jeep he's sitting in, so chances are they are in talks with Chrysler and Fiat for future versions of U-Connect. So maybe you'll have to look at a RAM truck for your next purchase.

Yeah, and consumers know it because Automakers who partner with Microsoft for Windows Embedded are made to put a Microsoft logo on their center consoles. I would like to see RIM grow a bigger pair, and make automakers using QNX based systems put a RIM logo on the dashboard. This is also why I think it's a good idea for RIM to stay RIM. Automakers would be a little reluctant to put a BlackBerry logo on their dash because BlackBerry phones aren't selling well at the moment. RIM however can be like Microsoft in that it is primarily representing the services and software side of the business. I think they should kill off the QNX name though and fully integrate the company and just make everything RIM. Build consumer awareness around RIM not QNX. That way they can still convince automakers that they are platform agnostic, and yet still be more beneficial to BlackBerry because more people know that RIM makes BlackBerrys then know RIM owns QNX or for that matter, who QNX is.

Wow! That system rocks. Though I guess it's just not ready yet. As he spoke of items that they are still working on. This is a promotional video of a nearly finished product. I imagine that some deals are done but this system may not come out until the 2014 model year or 2013.5 sadly! I can't wait to hear about customers for this product. Am I wrong to believe that once BB10 is complete QNX car2 will be completed as well?

I'd pay about $50 for an app that works as a good "front-end" in a car.

I'm getting more frustrated by the Carputer route and the available front-end applications.Only requirement is offline maps, no cloud stuff at all.

Aren't you just the busiest boy these days?
Another great feature!
Thanks for this!
Some good insight into QNX, and BB X.
Keep up the good work!
And, of course, up yours!

That is a ton of connectivity. Sure would like to know what it is and can a stock PB inter-connect like that other than the LTE data plan that is required. Head unit to music player, to two other tablet devices, to the vehicle systems and he did say vehicle hard drive....oh yeah and a radio too!

I agree with the above, give us USB host please.

If you have programming or coding skills and have developed stuff, why don't you make an app or a program or driver that CAN provide USB Host Support?

This looks fantastic to me. My gps was a $3500 upgrade and is now where near this.

There seems to be great ideas coming from qnx, and yet automakers seem slow to adopt this. I haven't experience some of the more recent infotainment offerings out there, but this seems to cover all the bases. What is going on? Why haven't deals been signed?

Going a little further, why isn't the playbook capable of paring with ipods, usb and other smart phones? Just rip the thing out of the dashboard and sell it on its own.

Look for "some" of this to debut in the 2014 MY Jaguar Land Rover range of cars/trucks. Possibly the new F-Type first in mid-2013, then the refreshed XJ. Range Rover and XJ already use QNX tech for their virtual guages and the first couple Car2 demos were with Jaguars (prior to the Porsche demo).

Aside from the fact that the system is beyond amazing, the one thing that stood out to me that desperately would need to be fixed is the fact that when he was playing music and it seemed too loud, he had to enter two menus to change the volume control. That would be incredibly annoying while you're driving and with all this creativity and crazy technology, why the heck can't they display a volume control with the media player while it's playing the music or movie??? That's actually one of the things that bothers me about my playbook is the fact that when I'm watching a movie and want quick access to the volume control, I have to go into Options > Sounds and Notifications. It is much quicker than using the physical volume key. It kind of reminds of the fact that the BBM app very creative and well thought out, but yet they couldn't seem to do that for a lot of other native apps. Really makes me wonder sometimes what's going on there.

Also, I saw an interview with RIM's CMO on the BGR show and I must say that I'm not terribly impressed with this guy. He seems to rub me the wrong way, but I'm hoping he proves me and us crackberry addicts wrong with some seriously good marketing tactics, but I'm just not impressed. On a side note, I found it extremely odd and funny that Geller on the BGR show seemed to be extremely unbiased during the interview, but is beyond biased as a pro-Apple, RIM-bashing jerk off when he's writing articles on his Seems typical of douche bags that are all bark and no bite when confronted in person, face to face. What a loser!!!!

Love QNX. It has to be by far the best mobile OS in the market. Just not the most popular but obviously the best.

I want to know if the car hooks into the smart phone to get broadband or if they intend to package a wireless service into Car 2. Quite frankly, I will not pay a penny directly or indirectly for a dedicated LTE connection to my car. I already pay for one in my smart phone. Sue it.

The demo looked great but what I'm really curious to know is how long does the system take to start up when you turn on the car? Anyone know?

I think looking into QNX a little deeper really shows the potential for where RIM can go and if you just use your imagination then the "cloud" is the limit...hehehe.

After watching the video my only thought was how will they be able to integrate a complete handsfree experience while driving. After watching the 3 videos from the QNX keynote at the APMA Annual Conference & Exhibition,

it's clear that this is a major concern and one that I'm sure will be addressed. The QNX Car 2 video was to show the features of that system. Someone mentioned volume control and having to go into 2 menus to adjust the volume, well I'm sure that will be done via the steering wheel.

Anyway, while watching Part 2 video around the 6:00 mark, it starts talking about connectivity to the cloud. But the picture they display shows a blackberry in the foreground. Is that a bold or maybe a BB10 with Qwerty keyboard?

Very interesting stuff...

Exactly, if Apple patented the "Cover Flow" QNX is in for a world of pain. After all that was Apple's idea from the begining and the US courts say so too. (irony)

The media player on your BB does this. If anything were going to happen it would have been done years ago. Apple doesn't own CoverFlow or its patent. They lost that patent war years ago. Apple, like every other company that uses CoverFlow, pays to use it.