Express Yourself With The Awesome Ego Theme!

By Bla1ze on 2 Feb 2009 07:35 am EST

Man! Theme developers are really stretching the limits of the Plazmic Content Developer's Kit these days. We have seen a ton of new themes just flowing in on a daily basis, with each of these latest themes bringing something new to the table. This time around John from JC Designs unleashes EGO to the world. Built with the user's own expression in mind, this theme hides away all the stuff that would obstruct your view of the wallpaper you have chosen for your background, but at the same time offers quick access to your most used apps. EGO accomplishes this by giving you not one, but two hidden docks (one on the bottom and one on the side). The docks and today sections only appear when hovered over and the icons set in this theme stand out stunningly as they are large and rounded and allow for 9 in total just on the main screen alone.

Plazmic had better hurry up and launch their new CDK to support the Storm and the 8900 and it better come with lots of updates to the original... cause if theme developers keep this up there will be nothing left to achieve in the current CDK! EGO supports the 81XX, 83XX, 87XX, 88XX and 9000, but be aware different models may vary in the options available. Be sure to check the options when viewing.

*UPDATE* - John has updated the theme due to popular requests to use original Bold Icons as an optional choice, check out EGO Precision.

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Express Yourself With The Awesome Ego Theme!


I bought this theme, but, I was not happy with the small size of the fonts. Also, there are not two hiding docks only one (vertical dock on the side) hides. That is why the author of the theme said not all options are available for all types. The version for the Bold looks really nice, but, I did not feel that the fonts were clearly visible on the Curve version. Therefore, I don't think this version will be as "wallpaper" friendly as the overview of the product states. Overall, I was not as pleased as I thought it would be with this theme. The Curve version could use some enhancements (if the they are possible to do on the Curve version of the theme). But, I must say the author did a very nice job on the Bold version. Just letting Curve users know my impression. If you are seeking something as slick as the Bold version, this is not it.

Bold owner-Just purchased and downloaded. Love the concept. Disappointed the 9 popup icons have no color(shades of grey) and when you highlight them they are not identified by name. Hard to determine what they represent (i,e., DOWNLOADS icon and APPLICATIONS icons are identical folders)

Can color and name be added to these 9 icons?

I been thinking of downloading this theme as it looks crazy cool!!!!! but yes ..from Jerry5k review...i can see the grey shades and no color..but then again..if u were to change to any other would blend very nicely..b/c sometimes icons with color does make a huge difference...maybe this author can come up with a color version sometimes in the future...

I have a BOLD and may be purchasing it today..just because i love changing themes every 2 weeks or so :)

This is a really nice and simple theme, i love how it can go with any type of wallpaper, because i know some themes dont really support the today calendar and makes it look odd. Really sweet, gotta pick this on up

This is a really nice and simple theme, i love how it can go with any type of wallpaper, because i know some themes dont really support the today calendar and makes it look odd. Really sweet, gotta pick this on up

Ok so I got this theme on my Bold. For some reason I couldn't exit the Calender after I edited one of my re-occuring entries. I had to to edit it because it was a yearly entry and it displayed like 10 times when the Cakender was highlighted. It's probably because I dont have that many entries in there.

Also I don't know if my eyes were playing tricks on me or what but when I first installed the theme, I could have swore if I highlighted the SMS inbox, it would show a few previews of the messages. I've been reseting/ battery pulling and switching back and forth between themes but i can't get it to do that again. I could be completely wrong though.

Someone said something about not being able to tell the differences in the folders, and I agree, but I also agree with another person who said that they shouldn't be color coded. I think they should have different icons.

Other than that, its a great them for the Bold

1,800 emails? somebody needs to setup some filters or turn off recieving an email everytime somebody posts a comment on his website

I just got this theme and I actually do agree with the author as I watched JC's video on his take. I will give a more in-depth review below on each point taken.

The Icons - Unique and actually works for me and others I think since people usually write about bad stuff on the net and not the good.
The icons are actually not just white, it has a nice blue outline on it with a gradient shades of white or offwhite fill which I think contrast really well with most wallpapers that I tried so far. I am not sure if color icons would work because then it might clash with wallpapers so I actually thinks the icons are perfect for this theme. I was slightly confused in the beginning on the icons though but I am now really comfortable with it, I guess I just wasn't used to the cool fat icons.

The Feature of the Docks - Really Cool!!
The dual hidden dock is a major plus and I really like that cool little BB icon that lights up on the right ahaha.. This dock is actually really cool where you can put all your 3rd party apps below and it will still showup really well!! And the added bonus has to be the vertical dock on the right, it adds a really nice touch to it I think with bonus buttons!

As for the folders that other mentioned above, I just use different color folders on mine and it flows really well.

Overall I really like the simplicity of this theme and I love the way everything was thought out. And like Bla1ze said Plazmic to hurry up so my wife can get this on her Storm or else she will want to take my BOLD!!

You state-As for the folders that other mentioned above, I just use different color folders on mine and it flows really well

How do you color the 9 popup icons on this theme??

I dont think you can unless you are JC himself. I meant for the folder, you can change the color of your Folders on the BOLD so your folders dont all look the same. Just highlight the Folder on your appscreen and then click the app button. then Edit folder, then scroll to Icon: and select your color and click Save afterwards!

I followed your instructions and added a red star to my DOWNLOADS icon and a green tab to my APPLICATIONS icon.
Now when I call up the horizonal popups the red star and green tab appears on my screen for the approiate folder.

Now if I could get info on how to have the name of the icon appear when I highlight it I would rate this Theme as the best ever.

Thanks for the clue.

The 83XX version of this theme does NOT have two hidden docks (only the side dock is hidden) and its not a "Today" version like in the video. I would've NEVER bought this theme if I would have known this before I paid for it. I want a refund.

indigoblu mentioned above (3rd comment) that the Curve version only has one hidden dock...and Bla1ze also mentions that "different models may vary in the options available"...

I didn't read the reviews prior to purchasing this theme. I watched the video with no sound (speakers need to be replaced on my PC). I didn't notice any way of checking the option variations for different models, nor did I think that the options would vary so drastically from model to model either. There's only two reasons why I bought this theme:

1.) I was under the impression that it was a "Today" style theme from what I saw in the video.

2.) I was also under the impression that it had two hidden docks (only 1 dock is hidden).

What I got didn't have either of these features, so yeah...I'm not really happy with my purchase, but It's only $7, so I don't even know if its worth my time to try emailing people to get my $ back.

Email John, his email can be found on the same page where the theme is sold under "Have a support question", although..he is probably still crashed atm, due to timezones but he will get back to you ASAP.

And in all fairness to the theme creator, it was mentioned to check the versions as they do vary.


And yes thanks Bla1ze!! I appologize for the mis-understanding of not having 2 hidden docks and Today icons on the Curve versions. I am trying to offer a similar product for everyone as many of my Curve supporters was upset when I stopped making themes for the Curve 3 months ago in favor of the BOLD. You have to realize that there are limitations on the Curve vs the BOLD.. so not everything can be exactly the same. I do however if you dont like the purchase, you can goto my site and see if there are other themes that you might like from me and I will offer that to you in place of the EGO. I have tons of themes for the Curve there that I am sure you be happy with in exchanging. So if you like to take me up on this offer, just email me at and I will get you setup.


JC Designs -

I guess it does list the device options on the purchase page under "Features", so technically I can't say the option info wasn't there. I tell you what though, I'm going to a lot more cautious in the future when it comes to purchasing things off of this site.

Wow!! Sorry for the late response and yeah Bla1ze was right.. I crashed after spending an entire week deprived of sleep for this Ego Series. I just want to make it clear to everyone also .. the Curve/8800/8700 and Pearls versions does NOT have 2 hidden docks but only 1 hidden vertical dock on the right. The reason this is so is due to the limitations on the Device's OS, simply it couldnt handle it when I do export it with 2 docks and today Icons. I wish I was able to do it but it simply will NOT export and this is as close as it gets. I also have videos on the Curve and Pearl Egos for your viewing pleasure as well.

Curve EGO Youtube Video:

Pearl EGO Youtube Video:

I appreciate everyone's comments so far and thank you for all the emails of approvals as well!!


JC Designs -

Above you say that the Curve/8800/8700 and Pearls versions does NOT have 2 hidden docks but only 1 hidden vertical dock on the right. Soooooooo why does the YouTube video of the Peral show both docks???? I want to buy this for my 8830 for the fact that it will have both docks. Please confirm.


It does have 2 docks just not both are hidden like the video on the BOLD. Some people on here are complaining that the video was misleading since the Curve or Pearl version doesnt have 2 dock that hides but one. So I just wanted to be clear to those people that only 1 dock is hidden on the Curve and Pearl Versions but there is 2 docks on all models.


JC Designs -

I agree with bold9000expert-I really like the icons, they fit this theme perfect-if they didn't have the slight blue outline it would be pretty boring. I have the 8120 and I was upset to find that the bottom dock doesn't hide, but I love the idea of at least a hidden side dock, also I only have a problem with the name not showing up on the home screen, which is not a problem at all, as long as I know which ones I set on the bottom and side dock then it doesn't matter if the name shows up. The other thing that bothers me but isn't so much of a big deal is the text color on the home screen is too light, it doesn't work well with some wallpapers (one which happens to be my favorite wallpaper) I can barely read the time or see what my coverage is, (guess it's time to redecorate) I think it was worth $7 although I'd like to see a couple updates in the future with this theme. I definitely will check out the rest of the themes he has available as well.

Nice theme
i have been using it for two days now.

- awesome chunky icons
- Operator logo is tiny
- Scrolling bars are really really nice

- Calendar displays ALL ENTRIES not just entries for 'today'
- Top left mail icon produces a thin grey line across the screen when selected, should unread mails appear here? BUG?
- takes a while to get used to the scrolling bars.


Winner - Download it.