Express your love for food with the latest BBM Sticker pack Nummies

Express your love for food with the latest BBM Sticker pack Nummies
By DJ Reyes on 30 May 2014 06:24 am EDT

The BBM Sticker shop is slowly increasing the number of packs available and a new one has just been added. This one is for the food lover. The sticker pack is called Nummies and comes from Canadian illustrator, Andre Jolicoeur. The Nummies sticker pack includes food such as tacos, pizzas, hotdogs, sushi and more.

I'm enjoying these stickers a lot, using them more and more. While I like stickers like these, I still want to see more branded ones, such as the previously released Toy Story one and as many people suggest in the comments, lets see some sports team stickers. With that said, keep them coming BlackBerry!

Are you still using BBM Stickers? Have you bought all the packs? Have you bought any? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Express your love for food with the latest BBM Sticker pack Nummies


In all honesty, I struggle to see the point in any of them...particularly since you can't include text along side.
Not losing sleep over it though. Hey, if BlackBerry can make money.....kudos to them!

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Well this is what people expect from a sticker. In Facebook, Viber, BBM, the sticker is standalone.
Otherwise it would simply be a big smiley. Which it is not.

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Installed the free pack but haven't bought any of the others. Personally I feel £1:50 per pack is way too expensive for a sticker that is limited in its usage - can't add txt, can't use in a conversation.

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You must not get outside too often lol. Stickers are a waste. Maybe if my 9 year old kid had a BlackBerry it would be useful. Average adult doesn't bother with "stickers"

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Your comment hurts my brain.

You buy free stuff? You pay far too much but won't pay 2 bucks to support the best company ever?

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Ever heard of reports staying that free apps gain more users than paid apps. Same analogy here here. BlackBerry needs to have more free (or corporate sponsored) stickers to get people to even using start using stickers on a regular basis. When there are more people using stickers then people will be willing to buy stickers.

And $2 per sticker pack?! You can get games cheaper than that and you will play those games more often than using the stickers.

Don't get me wrong. I love the idea but the marketing isn't there to promote me and other users to start using stickers on a regular basis.

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He means if it's free you don't have to buy, it's free so your original comment doesn't make sense

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I use them every once in awhile I bought 1 pack

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Is there a BBM Sticker Pack List?
So far, these are the 19 that I know:
• BBM Stickers
• The Punakawan
• Nusantara's Kid
• Toy Story
• CosCat
• Coca-Cola Indonesia
• Gilbert's Tale
• SkeletonGirl
• Lil' Shellton
• Work
• Lil' Frenchie
• Bubble Bot
• Shaun the Sheep
• Ladies
• Gentlemen
• Lionel The Whale
• South Park
• Nummies
• Wrestling (forgot the name, not available in Indonesia but I got it from someone in the USA)

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I have the WWE, Toy Story and South Park. Everyone loves the South Park stickers and I find they are the ones you can truly express yourself and get a laugh. The Toy Story have some words expressed beside many of the characters so they do have their uses. WWE are awesome. I grew up watching some of these characters and my son is growing up watching the rest of them.

They do make chat more interesting and unique.

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Agree about the Toy Story ones...more packs should have words, or at least a clear indication of what is being expressed.

Freeeeee? Not paying $2 for something I'll probably use or twice. Everyone can say "oh support your favorite company" but you're smoking crack if you think I'm just gonna hand money away...

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You can make your own, but BlackBerry screens their quality. Check the website and find the form to submit your sticker pack.

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Then it would not be a sticker anymore, it would be a big emoticon.

Just because you are new to stickers does not mean you can bend the reality :)

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Yeah all the sticker packs should be free, this will really encourage other developers to create sticker packs. Who needs compensation for work anyways?

We should all go ask our bosses if we can work for free, we aren't worth what we're getting paid anyways. Other people would do it for less so this must be true.

This one-time $2 fee is ridiculous. You think about that while I sip on my $5 lattee.... yum!

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Haven't bought any, using the BBM ones, and the WWE that were free once.

Considering Toy Story.

I'd pay five or ten bux for The MASK cartoon stickers. Stanley Ipkiss the loser and his alter ego.

The faces!!! Irreplaceable....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Would think about buying some, but only got seven people to sign up after I dropped What's App and only two or three are always online. The i phone people are having a lot of problems. The android people don't like the always active icon on at the top so they kill the program :(

They should drop the price a bit.

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For the two regular BBM contacts I have, yes. Plus I find it to much for something that can be infinitely copied with out maintenance like a program.

Triple D's 4G on BB! 

I have and use:
- Toy Story
- South Park
- Gentlemen
- Nummies

I wish I could view the stickers either full or half size as I am trying to select one. I can't see the facial expressions on the small preview sizes. Or a text over description. Something.

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I got several of the paid packs for free, plus I've bought a couple. But I haven't been able to use any of them once. My husband's phone is an older BlackBerry and none of my friends have BlackBerrys or want to use cross platform BBM (they all prefer plain SMS). Great idea, if you actually have contacts.

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When you become a member of the beta zone programme, you may be elected to test beta versions of BBM. And sometimes there are smiley packs that come along, and when they are publicly released that are premium packs, but you already have them so you don't pay in the end.

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I won't spend 2$ for stickers nice to have but not worth to buy especially since I can only use in BBM and I chat more so in what's app/sms/facebook

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Wonder why no sports stickers yet. I assumed most clubs would issue a license to almost anyone who could pay the fee.

At $1.99 per sticker pack, it seems that (while BlackBerry would perhaps get a much smaller margin than on other packs), they would have more than enough money to pay.

Maybe some of the clubs require some insane upfront free in addition to a per-stickerpack-sold percentage?

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Bought zero. I don't want to adhere to the stupid fun and frolicky troll-like culture iPhone created.

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Stickers were not created or even made popular by Apple.

It all started in Asia with LINE, and then came to your country with Facebook Chat and then Viber.

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None of the stickers are animated and at the current price quite costly. WeChat has lovely stickers! Animated!Colourful! Humorous. Why cannot BBM come up with such stickers?

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