Contest: Express Unlock Code - 100 Free Unlock Codes!

By Adam Zeis on 25 Aug 2009 12:38 pm EDT
Express Unlock

The good folks at Express Unlock Code have been generous enough to give us another 100 free unlock codes for CrackBerry members. Only customers of AT&T, T-mobile USA, Rogers, Verizon, Cincinnati Bell, Suncom, Centennial and Cellular One will be able to receive a free code. Standard services for Express Unlock Code regularly start at $9.99. If you missed out on the many chances for an unlock code before, why not give it another go? Just leave a comment on this post to enter for your chance to win! Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - additional entries won't count.

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Contest: Express Unlock Code - 100 Free Unlock Codes!



I had my first bold unlocked and it was sick to be able to travel and not pay intl rates. then it took a plunge. and att wont give me a code for my new bold . . So hopefully lady luck is watcin over my shoulder as i type this!!

Currently my storm is discriminant against other phone companies, pleeeaassseee show him the way!! It's for the good of America!

I unlocked my storm and traveled Europe, beats paying VZW a ton of money for intl texts, throw in my local French number and I'm good. Unlock many phones, no, permission needed.

Pleased to learn that I can unlock my new Tour. Wish there was also a magic way to add WiFi.

Of all the competitions (thanks Crackberry) this one is the only one that seems practical. Only on I play actually. So if I could get an unlock code for an ATT 8900 that sure would be sweet.

Winter is a commin soon and i needs help gitin my crops in. Sure would like to unlock my little buddy Tour soas he culd help me. Ahhh like thank you all, and ummm. I'll buy youall a beer next time i sees ya.

Just out pure ignorance and curiosity, why would I want to unlock my phone? I'm sure it's a good thing but I'd like to know why.

hope i get picked this time... never get picked... maybe this time i hope... really really want my phone unlocked... would be nice

I would love to win this unlock code for my Verizon BlackBerry Storm, I want to go to another wireless carrier.

I don't know why I do this, I never win anything, just like the lottery. but here it goes anyway.

I'd really appreciate this since I'm getting rid of my Curve. I'd also like to win one of these contests

My Bold fried after I made the grave mistake of putting it in my sports bra while I rode my bike. Please, please share an unlock code so that I can be bold again.

Its a Mexican Javelin with Telcel Carrier, Im living in mexico currently, but Im going to Study the next WHOLE year in China, hope i can unlock this phone for free!


This contest is back..and I'm leaving in 7 days for a 6 day vacation to the US..winning couldn't come at a better time... ; )

My niece got a red pearl for her b-day and fell in love with it. Then a few months later some idiot pushed into a pool with her phone in hand. She was so broken hearted and upset. As her uncle I went and bought a 8110 red pearl and want to unlock it for her. she doesn't even know I got her one yet. Please help me unlock it for her so she can use it for T-Mobile.

Thank you,

Good Uncle

Hey! I just got a BBcurve 8900 and love it. I have to switch carriers cuz my gf and I broke up. We were on a family plan. Please help!!BB and the ExpressUnlock Company r awesome!!!


I'm glad I'm back on the site, recently traded my iphone for a bold, wouldn't mind unlocking it!


Thanks Crackberry and Express Unlock Code for another chance to win a free unlock for my berry.

I'll be out of the U.S for a few months, and I'd love to take my Bold with me =D prepaid sim cards here I come! Woot!!