Export your secret information from BlackBerry Password Keeper to Enpass version 4.0.0

By James Richardson on 1 May 2014 03:54 am EDT

Enpass has been my password keeper of choice since September 2013 when we first took a look at the app on video. Sure, we have a Password Keeper too from BlackBerry but Enpass takes things to a whole new level. 

The BlackBerry 10 application has been updated to version 4.0.0 and one of the big additions is that you can now move your information from BlackBerry Password Keeper to Enpass easily. You may be thinking why would I want to do that and that's a valid question but there's a bunch of reasons as you'll see below. 

New in version 4.0.0: 

  • Import from BB password keeper without leaving Enpass.
  • Sync with Box added.
  • Support for custom fields.
  • Improved autofill of login details.
  • FREE desktop version for MAC and Windows can import from 18 password managers with Import later feature.

Full features include: 

  • MILITARY GRADE ENCRYPTION- Enpass uses AES-256 encryption to ensure highest level of security. All protection mechanism is done locally (offline) at your device.
  • CROSS PLATFORM AVAILABILITY- Native application for all major desktop and smartphone platforms. 
  • NO ONLINE SIGN-UP REQUIRED- Instead of our servers, your data is secured in your device.
  • CLOUD SYNC- Changes are automatically reflected across your other devices through Dropbox and Box very securely.
  • AUTOFILL- No need to copy/paste username & password on any webpage. Enpass built-in browser will automatically fill the details while surfing.
  • IMPORT FROM OTHER FORMATS- Desktop version lets you import your data from mSecure, Datavault, Keeper, 1Password, LastPass, RoboForm, Keepass, KeepassX, Password safe, eWallet, SPB Wallet, Moxier, SplashID, SafeWallet, Handy Safe, OneSafe, BB Password Keeper and custom CSV.
  • SECURES EVERYTHING- Vast range of selected templates to store every kind of information.
  • AUTO CLEAR CLIPBOARD- Clears clip board automatically (Optional).

How to move your stuff from BlackBerry Password Keeper to Enpass: 

If that hasn't sold it to you I don't know what will. Give it a try? It's available for al BB10 devices and is a free download. 

More information/Download Enpass (free) for BlackBerry 10

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Export your secret information from BlackBerry Password Keeper to Enpass version 4.0.0


They can both suck a toe! I keed I keed! Nice first!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

Me a sad follower?Get a grip!I just get annoyed by the 'FIRST' comment.It dilutes and reduces the importance of the topic.

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

How does it dilute and reduce the importance of the topic? Its one word... don't understand how it could even remotely affect the topic or the story at all. If YOU let it do that, well then that is your problem and yours alone.

Be prepared though.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

This is awesome. I wanted to switch to enpass, but didn't want to enter all my data over again.

Posting on the great Z30

Off hand. Providing all of your passwords to a 3rd party company you know nothing about. Trusting said company to keep the information safe. And now some users are going to have 2 apps on their device with this data including a potential exported copy.

I have seen companies in Other countries create great mobile apps that go cross platform. They sit dormant for years and then become active malware.

You know, general stuff more risky than just remembering passwords.

Posted via CB from my LE

I really wish Dashlane would come to BB10. The sync and automated login in browsers (desktop) is a massive time saving. Plus they will alert you when it is suspected that your details have been exposed.

I have wanted this since day 1.

Why is it free? That in itself makes me suspicious - when it wants to look after my passwords for me.

It is free cause it is limited to 10 items, the paid version is the money maker with unlimited versions. As for the desktop client, yes that is totally free, but most people use their mobiles when out and about, hence the paid upgraded versions.

This is one of my favorite apps. I was a little worried about putting that much information in one spot but it is supposed to be pretty secure.

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This post needs to be updated with the real price: $4.99

And that is $4.99 for each device brand. Android, BlackBerry, WP(I think). They each have to be paid seperately. The android version may be able to be side loaded, but they are separate.

Free for your first 10 (if I remember right) password entries. Well worth the money to purchase the full app and then you get unlimited entries.

It's not secure if sync to box, because of security BlackBerry keeper don't have sync to box or other....

Posted via CB10

I keep all my passwords in my head. I do have password keeper but i hardly have a need to open it. I think i just used it once to try it out. All those passwords are old by now...you can't beat the human brain when when it comes to storage,....unless you give it a few shots of tequila.

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Haha! Agree.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

I'm sticking with password keeping from blackberry. It gets the job done and is free unlike this one. Go for it if you want those extra feature but I'm good with the blackberry app.

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It’s not just about helping to memorise your passwords, but also about using more difficult ones, as well as different ones for each website or application. I have about 150 passwords stored in 1Password and they’re all unique and impossible to remember (sometimes at least 40 characters long!). The whole security benefit of password managers comes from the idea that your individual passwords are not only more secure in themselves, as you’re not using some kind of logic when creating them, but are also completely useless for other websites. Moreover, 1Password automatically enters your credentials with the press of a button, making it more secure against key loggers.

Of course, you have to be careful as well. Make constant backups, create a difficult master password and make sure you never forget it!

BlackBerry's Password Keeper is fine for me. If I can't remember a login ID or password, I just open up Password Keeper and look it up. I don't have the need to auto fill my login info. And now that Password Keeper has an alphabet index on the side, it's easier to navigate to the login info you want. I don't really trust cloud services for storage yet, especially when they can link all of your devices. There is a reason why RIM designed it to be stored only on the phone itself, not in a remote storage server.

1Password solved that problem by adding WiFi sync to its OS X and iOS versions, no cloud server involved whatsoever. Unfortunately, their Android version does not have it yet.

Thanks for the info. I was looking for a password manager app for iOS, (not for me), but they all seemed to store the info in a remote server. So if 1Password doesn't use a cloud server, then that's what I've been looking for.

Enpass just not only store passwords, but all kind of your personal information that you might need anytime. It has well defined templates for everything from Bank details, Credit cards, Logins, Passport, Visa, Security ID, Property ID to Car, Cloth size....... So in short it has all in it.
Moreover you will also get the FULL FEATURED DESKTOP version for FREE. Worth a try..

I use the "notes" section of Password Keeper to store any personal info I need to remember and protect. Like bank account and routing numbers, PINs for everything that requires or I have added one, My car info including the VIN doesn't need to be protected so I used MemoPad for on my Torch, but it is now in Remember along with anything else that isn't private because I don't need a password to protect access to it. As I stated, I don't yet trust cloud services for storage of private info, so until I do, Password Keeper works for me, and even then it still may be all I need or want.

I do the same, I use password keeper and don't trust 3rd party apps to store my personal information specially the ones that use cloud services. I use the notes field to store passport nbr. Birth certificate nbr. ,etc, etc

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But what if BlackBerry introduced their own cloud storage to use with Password Keeper?

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!™

If BlackBerry did introduce their own cloud storage, I'm sure it would be as secure as everything else they offer, but as long as I could continue to use Password Keeper without having to utilize the cloud storage, I would still use it. If it's only on my phone, no one can gain access to it but me.

I've been using Enpass since Feb when I got my Z30. Didn't know you could export data from Password Keeper. Should

My bitchin' Z30 BlackBerry

You can encrypt your passwords from password keeper and then move that file to box for syncing off of your device in encrypted form. And it's still free. I tried Enpass, not enough there for me to warrant the cost. Especially when I have a built in app on my Z.

Posted via CB10

Should I be more concern about security? I really like the format and the app in general but it is scary having all that info in one spot. Beginning to rethink having any password keeper app at all ...

My bitchin' Z30 BlackBerry

I'm personally really thankful for password keepers. I've been using the BlackBerry keeper since the old days and think it's a god-send.

Before, there was really only 2 viable solutions:

1. Remember all my passwords. This is bad for two reasons: First, the human memory is unreliable. We create memories out of nothing and forget things over time. The only way to remember something like passwords properly is through constant repetition. Which brings the second reason: if I want to remember, I have to use the same password for multiple sites. Which, of course, means less security. If one site is not secure, they're all potentially not.

2. Write everything down. No. Horrible idea. I either need it in easy reach which is totally unsecure, or I need it secured in a safe which is completely inconvenient.

Password keepers are great. They are safe because they all pretty much have lots of encryption, convenient since they're easily accessed on your mobile device, and remember everything better than your mind can. Even backups, provided the backups are encrypted, are secure. The only thing you have to remember is the password to get in! That's better than remembering 200 unique passwords. :)

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

I got the Paid Version of ENPASS. I like the fact that the master password is immediately wiped from the program memory being fed to the encryption process of gene rating a secure 256 bit AES. For key devastation from master password ENPASS uses PBKDF2.

ENPASS does not store the master password anywhere.

It is the safest password manager imaho.

Z10 Red Limited Dev Edition #00167

Good point. I wish password keeper was as visually appealing as enpass. I would continue using it.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

But the keeper doesn't allow you to store all the details you need in daily life and don't you really miss that information while working on PC. I request devs to give us the gift of Firefox plugins too.

I tried looking. I have been using Ascendo Datavault. Does this app support import/conversion of that data? And thanks above, for posting the REAL PRICE. I looked around their site and could not find that. And, yes, it immediately wanted my BBWorld id/password before informing me of the price. It might have stopped before purchase but a price up front would be much more friendly!

Enpass is really great piece of software. I just imported my data from SplashID file. They support importing from 17 different formats to import from and Datavault is one of them. Good news for you.

I really appreciate the devs for supporting BB platform with such nice apps. The UI is really very cool and awesome.
They have mentioned the price of 4.99$ on their website below the App store icons. I purchased the App for 4.99$ and my payment details are saved with BB. AFAIK the payments are handled by BB itself and not by developers, so it seems to be a standard process. Once you link your credit card with BB you don't need to give details again next time when you purchase any product from App store.

I was using BlackBerry password keeper but enpass is so pretty. The colors duke!!! The colors!!!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!


1. Original icon back (was much cleaner before)
2. Nestable folders (for those with thousands of entries)
3. Adjustable fonts (WTF with the extra large fonts)
4. Support for Linux on the desktop. Really.

SQN100-1 | STA100-3

BlackBerry PWK ONLY why give your info to some unknown company that may be a front for terrorist or hackers or even the real devil Google/Obama/NBC/CBS/ABC/PBS/Liberals

I have different passwords for every login I have, which is alot, and I keep them on an Excel spreadsheet that is password protected. I don't know if BB Password Keeper has better encryption, but I like the ease of editing the spreadsheet and it is on my memory card and not in the cloud.

A protected spreadsheet is not secure at all, just google how to unlock, hack or crack a password protected spreadsheet and you will even find videos how to do it.

Posted via CB10

This depends the version of the spreadsheet XLSX is AES128 encrypted, can be cracked with brute force (== SLOWWWW).
There are some alternatives than an encrypted spreadsheet, that I use from time to time:

1. (windows only) Steganos LockNote
2. (java) Encrypted Notepad (on sourceforge)
3. (on web browser) TiddlyWiki5 with password (AES128 IIRC)
4. (on web browser) Woas (wiki-on-a-stick fork comes from Tiddlywiki) (AES256) (on sourceforge)

Of course, this update is released a few days after I manually transferred my passwords from Password Keeper to Enpass, all 150+ passwords lol

Interesting app, but there is no Linux support....
So far I am using the KeepassDroid on Q5, in fact I have the half of my passwords (just web sites/forums) on the LastPass (premium, secured with Yubikey) and the rest on KeePass.

Great App, mich better than Datavault which is unable to fluently synchronise between bb10, ipad and a PC. Imported all my 300 passwords and deleted my 10$ Datavault app. No regret. PC app is free.

Posted via CB10

Lastpass for me please.
It encrypts on local platform (phone, computer) and uploads it to their cloud.

When you want to view the passwords, it downloads the encrypted data... decrypts it and then shows it to you.

Lastpass can have my data all night long! And it's cheaper than this Enpass app + free apps with membership.

Posted via CB10

Sorry! No way. I don't want to sync my data with third party apps. With Enpass atleast my data stays with me always. I have even option to disable sync (which I will not).
Sorry for being blunt, but I really afraid..

Moreover I found that if I use it for BB10 and Windows PC, it costs me 5$ only through lifetime. Please correct me if I am wrong..