Experience the Top Gear TV show on your BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook

TopGear for BlackBerry
By Zach Gilbert on 10 May 2012 09:37 am EDT

BBC Worldwide has developed an application for the hit show Top Gear and it's now available on the BlackBerry platform. Top Gear – News is available on the BlackBerry PlayBook as well as BlackBerry smartphones. The application has been designed to allow fans to keep connected when they missed an episode and between episodes. The application features latest news updates, Top Gear opinions, videos, and a whole lot more.


  • All the latest news, rants and opinions from Top Gear
  • Videos and photo galleries
  • Behind the scenes exclusives from the team
  • Your favorite clips from the Top Gear show
  • Previews of upcoming Top Gear stuff
  • The latest cars driven and reviewed

From within the application you are able to read the latest articles and share them with your BBM contacts. Of course if they do not have the app they will be prompted to download it to read the post. Along with BBM integration you can also share via FaceBook, Twitter, and email.

Of course, the Playbook doesn’t have BBM connected capabilities, but its version still offers a lot of the same features you would find on the phones. The benefit to using Top Gear on the PlayBook is that you will have a larger screen to watch the video clips. Top Gear on your smartphone is perfect for portability, it isn’t the best for viewing video. If you have both a BlackBerry smartphone and tablet I would highly recommend downloading the application on both. With the app on both you’ll never be out of date on the newest from Audi, BMW, or Porsche.

If you have not watched Top Gear and have a thing for cars I suggest you download the app, and check your local listings for availability.

Download Top Gear for the BlackBerry PlayBook
Download Top Gear for BlackBerry smartphones

Reader comments

Experience the Top Gear TV show on your BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook


Why the Top Gear USA hate? I would rather watch Tanner than almost anything on ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX!

Granted Top Gear USA pales in comparison to the original Top Gear. But until May, Clarkson and Hammond make 365 shows a year I tune into Top Gear USA and Top Gear Australia whenever new episodes are available ...

And to keep this on topic ... I've had the Top Gear app on my Playbook and 9900 since almost the day it was release and am LOVING IT!!!

Top Gear USA is so artificial... We (Americans) couldn't come up with our own idea, but we love MONEY, so decided to copy the UK idea just to make money. Probably would have worked if they got better announcers than those useless 3. They have NO chemistry, they look so uncomfortable when together and you can see they have a script to follow, it's pathetic. Top Gear UK rules!!

Not that great of an app, IMHO. Hangs, stutters, even on WiFi. You'd think BBC could finance a decent app.... "I mean, how hard can it be"

BB seems to be getting more app support from the UK than the US these days. Too bad these shows cover so many cars not available here. Still worth a watch I guess.

i found this on the app world main screen and instantly downloaded it its not the fastest but it works ok enough for me to browse and use it

So happy! Althought there is no close option on the app or an exit. But that's not a big deal. So happy to have this app.

Love the app. Can't wait for the version that allows you to watch full episodes. I can see myself paying for that.