Experience March Madness on Viigo!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Mar 2009 10:19 am EDT

Calling all BlackBerry-using Basketball fans! Our friends at Viigo just sent us a note and a video that you won't want to miss...

The "Madness" of March is here and with it comes Viigo's first ever pool. Join today and make your picks, every game from each of the regions, and see if you can come out on top and earn the title of Viigo's NCAA basketball champ!

Playing is easy, with version 8 or higher of Viigo, add March Madness from within the sports service. You will then simply choose the teams you think are going to advance then follow along to see if you were right. Viigo will let you monitor the success of your teams and track the progress of the pool.

It's free and it's fun but you have to get in at least one hour before the first tip off on Tuesday, March 17.

Do you have the game it takes to achieve glory?

If you haven't tried Viigo on your BlackBerry yet, you can pick it up for free by visiting CrackBerryViigo.com on your BlackBerry's web browser.

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Reader comments

Experience March Madness on Viigo!


Viigo was hoping to have prizes for the top 3 but unfortunately, given the nature of the event, there were a few too many legal snags. The best we could do for this one is to give the person with the most points 15 minutes of fame (as they say).

Got my brackets set!! Wish there was a prize...even just a case for my beloved Bold would be cool. Still, for a free app this is great! Never had 15 minutes of fame...so bring it!!

It appears you ONLY get to pick the first round. After that they get points based on how far they make it. No need to pick future winners, whoever gets the first round the most correct will end up being the winning. Expect a massive tie if I had to guess.