Expensify now available for BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Michelle Haag on 23 Feb 2013 03:15 pm EST
Expensify has been around for awhile now, and while the app was available for previous BlackBerry OS', they had all but dropped support for the platform and when I inquired in September had no plans for bringing the app to BlackBerry 10. Sometime between then and now that all changed, and I was happy to see that Expensify is now available for not only BlackBerry 10, but the PlayBook as well.

If you're not familiar with Expensify, it makes it super easy to get those pesky expense reports under control. You can log expenses and scan paper receipts on the go, and then sign in to Expensify.com to create, submit, and reimburse full expense reports online. Expensify works well with Quickbooks too, so you can export all of your reports as per your company's policies. The Expensify app for BlackBerry is free, and there are both free and paid options for the service itself online. I haven't met a person yet that actually enjoys doing expense reports, so anything that can be done to make the process a bit smoother and less tedious is always welcome.

More information/download Expensify
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Expensify now available for BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry PlayBook


Not yet viewable in app world in the UK. Same situation as 8Tracks: should appear within the next two or three days. Keep checking!

I wish these articles would specify if its a BB app or Android port, that little tidbit of info is a deal breaker for quite a few people

While that information might be interesting to some, the vast majority of us just want to know if it works well, as that is the bottom line. Why did I repeat something that has been said so many times already? ?:S

That's kind of my thought on the whole thing. It's a free app, it works just fine. If you use Expensify or are looking for an expense reporting service, give it a try. Not sure why it's a "deal breaker". 

And really, for them (or any developer) to go from no plans at all to at least testing waters or offering SOME kind of solution for BB10 is pretty big thing.

People complain there are no apps, then when we get apps, they complain they weren't made right. 

My exact sentiments also! For example, Tune In app, may or may not be native, it streams the radio stations I want, period, what else is it supposed to do if it's native? Keep up the great work Michelle!

It would be nice if it could be determined if an app you are interested in is native BB or an Android port. I don't want to create problems for myself using Android stuff. As of yet, I have seen no comments indicating that this is being done in BB World, so no way to tell if an app is written for BB?

I have this message on my BB PlayBook in France :-( "Cet élément n'est pas pris en charge par le profil de ce terminal."

Let me testify to how awesome Expensify is as a service, in addition to having a great app that is EXCELLENT on my 9900. I/we (small company) have been using them since mid last year.

This app on my 9900 is so well done: automatically invokes numbers only when entering data into numeric fields, taking photos of receipts for auto-scan into the system (I think 10 free per month then a .10 or .20 per auto-scan for additional - you can always just enter your data manually after taking the picture, too), just the general layout and appearance is excellent. The website design and user experience is second to none. Their founder/CEO does an excellent job of communicating to the users via blog/email updates, etc. This is a service and app experience that sets the standard for professional quality development in my opinion. I am glad I found them!

P.S. Check out their website! it seems like a fun place to work on top of everything else. Now - if they would just get into the CRM business . . . .

I reckon you should assume that ALL Apps that come to BB10 are Android ports - unless explicitly stated otherwise. If they were Native Apps, they would shout that from the rooftops. :)

I'm not sure why there's concern if these Apps are android or native? Alot of people are going to a lot of effort by sideloading Android apps and my God, there's even a Forums section all about it. :)

We wanted apps we got apps, its better than nothing , until BlackBerry is a force again then beggars can't be choosers, what happens when all the Devs read crackberry and see ya'll bitching and they gonna be like well fuck you too then , aint nobody got time for that

I'm not sure why people like complaining, it's a free app?
People complain for just the sake of complaining I guess?!

I typed in the BlackBerry world URL in the link in the article in the Playbook browser. It opened up app world and told me "This item is not supported by your current device profile." Anyone know what's going on?

While I would prefer a native app over an Android port for speed and security reasons, I cannot use a website. Requiring internet access is a deal breaker for me. I do not have a 3g playbook, and I do not have good cell networks out here using the BB bridge.

I don't mind if it has to check in from time to time, but if I need to be online to launch the app, well, that's not going to happen often.