The exhaustive list of everything that’s new in BlackBerry 10.2

By Simon Sage on 16 Oct 2013 11:08 am EDT

Though the BlackBerry Z30 has a lot of cool stuff going for it, like stereo speakers and new antenna tech, what's most exciting for early BB10 adopters is the OS 10.2 update the Z30 brings in tow. We've touched on most of the new features in our extensive review, but let's dive a little bit deeper into the features that Z10, Q10, and Q5 owners will also be getting to enjoy later this month. 

Though you're likely familiar with the broad strokes of 10.2, I've found more than a few surprises when digging into the update.

Lock screen notification previews

BlackBerry 10.2 lock screen

One of the most visible updates in BlackBerry 10.2 are lock screen notification previews. In 10.1, you could see the notification count on a per-app basis, but now you can tap each of those icons for a sneak peek at what exactly those notifications are. Though this is most handy for e-mail, you’ll also get previews from other Hub-enabled apps, like Twitter and Google Talk. It’s worth noting that if you’re on a corporate server and using Balance to separate personal and work info, your work correspondence won’t show up here unless the work side is unlocked. Lock screen notification previews are a really sensible way to see what’s happening at a glance without having to unlock your device.

Priority Hub

BlackBerry 10.2 priority hub

Priority Hub is the next biggest addition to BlackBerry 10.2. Not only is this a new section of the Hub, but it also adds visibility to other notifications throughout the Hub with a little red stripe. (You can get another little stripe on the left side to color code your different e-mail accounts, too.) By default, conversations you start, messages sent from people with the same last name as you, and e-mails flagged as high importance show up in the Priority Hub, but you can also manually designate contacts and conversations to show up. If there are messages being marked as priority that aren’t, you can also unflag them to set future filtering. This is a solid way to quickly see what’s important without having to dig through a long list of unread messages.

Attachment view

BlackBerry 10.2 Attachment view

Attachment view is an updated section of the Hub which lets you view all of the files sent your way recently, filtered and organized by sender, date, file name, or type. View can be toggled to a large finger-friendly tile view or a more compact list view. There’s a search bar here too in order to find exactly what you’re looking for and download it without having to crack open any individual messages. If you sling a lot of documents back and forth over e-mail, you’re bound to end up using the attachment view a bunch.

Instant preview and reply

BlackBerry Z30 instant reply

Instant previews and replies are an awesome addition to BlackBerry 10. These toast notifications pop up at the top of the screen as banners no matter which app you have open. You can either tap the banner to launch into the notification, or the little X to dismiss. These can be toggled on a per-app basis, including e-mail accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Of course, you don’t necessarily want a banner for every new e-mail, so the option is there for only priority contacts and messages to pop up. SMS and BBM notifications are a little more awesome in that they also have a reply button, so you can shoot back messages without having to launch into the respective app.

I Will be Late

BlackBerry 10.2 Calendar

The native calendar app has a new option for upcoming meetings. When your appointment reminder pops up, you’ll have the option to send out an I Will be Late message to all meeting attendees - just tap the icon, move the slider depending on how late you’re going to be, and hit send. Everyone will get an e-mail letting them know what’s up. I’d really like to have the option to send location at the same time so folks can see exactly how far away you are from getting to the meeting location, but maybe in the next patch. Aside from that, the calendar also lets you subscribe to web iCal calendars now, and the UI for creating new meetings has been simplified dramatically. That new UI include a great new time picker which shows a short view of your schedule’s timeline.

Reply Now

BlackBerry 10.2 priority calling

Sometimes you have to ignore a call from a friend, but that’s no reason to leave them high and dry. The new Reply Now feature lets you send an automated SMS or BBM message when you decline or ignore a call from them. There are three messages already filled out for you to use, but you can change them to whatever you like. I’ll be honest - I haven’t been able to get this to work so far, but the feature’s apparently in there, tucked away in the settings.

New copy/paste buttons

Copy and paste was a little bit of a hassle on BlackBerry 10.1, but they’ve significantly improved it. Now instead of having to double-tap selected text and chose your action from a side menu, buttons now appear in-line with text so you’ve got cut, copy, and paste actions ready to go immediately. If you're wondering what they each do, you can always hold down a press on the button to get a label to pop up, just like other menu items throughout BB10. This paradigm extends beyond that too - you can also share selected text to any app that plugs into the system-wide menu, and in the browser, you can launch directly into web searches for a selected term thanks to a dedicated in-line icon. Tack this on top of the refined cursor selector in 10.1, and handling text in any way has become a lot easier. 

New typing audio feedback

So long as we’re talking about text, the typing experience on BlackBerry 10.2 has added fresh audio feedback. Though this amounts to little more than a couple of new sound effects when you use shift, symbols, or backspace (which has a new animation for the swipe gesture, by the way), it adds a significant amount of confidence when typing on a touchscreen.

Stand-alone Evernote

BlackBerry 10.2 Evernote

Evernote was baked directly into the native Remember app since launch, but a new stand-alone Evernote app has been preloaded with BlackBerry 10.2. It includes a lot of important features for those that rely on the web notetaking service regularly. For example, there’s rich text editing, complete with interactive checkboxes now. There’s also tag support, so you don’t have to rely exclusively on notebooks to organize your notes. (Oh, speaking of Remember, you can now include due dates to items, which will show up on the calendar.)

Adaptive Sharing

BlackBerry 10.2 adaptive sharing

Adaptive Sharing is an update on the native sharing menu so that it doesn’t just show a list of outgoing sources to use. BlackBerry 10.2 monitors your sharing habits and suggests the most common destinations (either which channels or which contacts) you share to most regularly at the top. This can save two or three taps, and is super-handy for getting files and articles out to people you share to all the time.

Natural Sound

BlackBerry is describing Natural Sound as a higher-quality audio experience that will blow HD voice calls and even voice over LTE out of the water by including an extremely broad range of the audio spectrum. Of course, these high-quality calls are only available through BBM calls for now. Though this is facilitated on the BlackBerry Z30 by way of additional microphones and speakers, many of these audio improvements will find their way to older devices by way of the update to 10.2, as additional codecs help the hardware handle audio a little bit better.

Miracast and Wi-Fi Direct

BlackBerry 10.2 includes Miracast support, which allows wirelessly shunting the image on your device to another, bigger screen. This is done over Wi-Fi Direct, which basically connects two devices by one starting up its own little hotspot and the other connecting to it. Wi-Fi Direct support has a wide range of uses, including file transfers and syncing. Though mirroring is going to be the main use case, Wi-Fi Direct shows up in the Share menu alongside Bluetooth and everything else. It’s worth noting that the BlackBerry Z10 won’t be getting Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct support. Combined with DLNA support, BB10 now has a strong arsenal of wireless media sharing capabilities.

USB Host

BlackBerry 10.2 USB host

USB host introduces a whole new range of accessories to BlackBerry 10, though even out of the box there are a lot of useful things you can do with it. With the help of a micro USB to USB adapter, you can plug flash drives into your BlackBerry, for example. Thumb drives are common enough when slinging files around an office, but USB host works fine for mouse and keyboard too. Bluetooth support for the two interfaces has been around for awhile, but my Z30 recognized the wireless USB receiver for my Microsoft mouse and keyboard without any hassle. Now, this feature won't be getting rolled out to previous devices, but we can count on it being in new BlackBerry devices from here on in. 

Android Jelly Bean Runtime

BlackBerry 10.2 includes a new runtime for Android 4.2.2 apps. Though there aren’t any major feature additions here, it does enable hardware acceleration, which significantly improves the performance of Android ports. I’ve had a few hiccups when sideloading, though. For one, it’s tough getting rid of the back navigation bar now, since swiping from the top summons the Android menu, not the BlackBerry 10 one. Also, some sideloads which worked fine on the unlocked runtime I’ve got running on my Z10 won’t play nice on the stock runtime with Android 10.2 - namely Temple Run 2 and Candy Crush Saga.  Adam and James say they’ve been sideloading fine though, so your mileage may vary.

Headless apps

Headless apps are another way of referring to background apps - software that runs in the background without you having to purposefully turn it on. Technically, these won’t be available until 10.2.1, but they’re worth highlighting here. Third-party developers will be able to plug right into the Hub so their background notifications will bubble up - but this is something we’ve already seen here and there with select partners. This is a big step in the OS maturing, and once developers start getting involved in the Hub and running in the background, I think we’re going to see some awesome stuff in BlackBerry World.

Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy is included in BlackBerry 10.2, which opens a whole host of new connections. Consistent, low-demand connections are a big part of this iteration of Bluetooth, and as we’ve seen in some Jam Asia demos, this is perfect for biometric devices like heart rate monitors. One nice inclusion on the Bluetooth front is automotive integration, which optimizes audio settings and set-up for your particular make of car, shows the vehicle logo when the device is locked and car is in motion, and provides a dedicated BlackBerry World section for apps approved by the auto maker. Part of that integration includes the rSAP profile, which allows other devices (like cars) to use your SIM credentials to connect to the cellular network.

Camera updates

BlackBerry 10.2 photo sharing

Though the Z10 and Z30 use the same camera module, you 10.2 does introduce grid line options, so you can line up your shots with the rule of thirds and keep your pictures level. We were also told that the autofocus logic was changed so that the shot would happen only once a focus lock was made. In the old version, it opted for a faster shot-to-shot time, which would inevitably lead to fuzzier pictures. A particularly nice addition is that now when you peek at the thumbnail of the picture you just took by dragging the image, there are options right away to share or delete - no needing to launch into the pictures app, or even tap anything. Just drag and release. There’s also apparently new face detection in there so you can set the focus on one or multiple faces that are in the frame, but I haven’t been able to get it to work just yet.  For those working in video, Story Maker now includes a Share button in the menu, and you can shut down the app more quickly, without having to wait for your final creation to be processed - it’ll handle that in the background, and leave a notification in the Hub when it's done. Oh, and the camera shutter is muted if your profile is set to silent now. There's also a new focus lock which is enabled when you long-press the focus point; this makes sure the camera isn't constantly auto-focusing before your shot in order to save time, but you'll also have to make sure the target stays within focus yourself.

More Smart Tag options

BlackBerry 10.2 Smart Tags

The native NFC tag app has been expanded a whole bunch in 10.2. In addition to the old triggers you could write to a tag, like opening a web page, sending a text message, or starting a phone call, now you’ve got several new categories: Smart Triggers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Contact, Event, and Geo Location. Smart Triggers is the really fun one. You can toggle network options, change notification modes, switch alarms, launch apps, or even change your wallpaper. This is pretty awesome overall, and might actually get me using NFC tags more often around the house.

Browser improvements

BlackBerry 10.2 browser

There are a few small tweaks to browser in BlackBerry 10.2. One that I found out by sheer fluke the other night was by holding down the back button, you actually get a condensed view of your web history, so you can quickly hop back to a page that was a couple of visits ago. Reader mode also has the option to invert colors, which is great. I always found I read better with light text on a dark background anyway.

New Device Monitor

 BlackBerry 10.2 now lets you dig into a Device Monitor utility to see which apps are eating up CPU cycles and memory. 

Multiple Alarms

10.2 now lets you set more than one alarm! Simple, but a deal-breaker for many. Just tap the big plus icon in the top-right of the clock app.

Group SMS

A new checkbox that pops up when adding multiple people to a new SMS that enables group conversations. A pop up warns you that the messages will count as MMS and you'll be billed accordingly.

Dark and light themes

Specific apps let you switch between dark and light UI themes, including calendar and contacts. 

Keypress speed dial

Within phone options for devices with a hardware keyboard (like the Q10 and Q5), you can assign keys to speed dial. It doesn't work quite like it used to, in that you have to launch the phone app before holding down the key you assign to a contact, but it's still fairly convenient if you're running low on space with the software-based quick dial shortcuts. 

These are the most features we’ve been able to identify, but there are no doubt many of smaller changes that have flown under the radar. Have any of you guys spotted some particularly welcome updates in 10.2 so far?

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The exhaustive list of everything that’s new in BlackBerry 10.2



I realize I sound like a broke record - but, had 10.2 been what the first release looked like on bb10, I think bbry would be in a somewhat different boat. Crazy.

They still can succeed. They needed to get to this point before they spend. Big advertising dollars. The BB10 OS platform is just starting to show us what they meant by mobile computing. BlackBerry is showing great promise on the technology front. Can't wait to get my z30.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Yeah, the multiple times they have said that they're focusing on the enterprise and the prosumer market, that they're going to cut 50% of the expenses is just jibber jabber, what they really meant is "we're going to spend big money on advertising for consumers!".

I thought the Z10 was getting wifi-direct but wouldn't support Miracst. This is too sad... not very future proof at all.

Posted via CB10

From what I heard, STL-1 does not have a hardware capability to support miracast but other STL models do. May be BlackBerry decided to simply not support Miracast for all Z10 models to avoid confusion. Not sure if this is true, ya not so great.

I believe I read somewhere that the wifi chip used specifically on the Z10 could in theory handle it, but not at sufficiently high video quality bandwidths... so the user experience would suffer.

The way I see it, you can't be leaving the consumer market and still committed to cross platform BBM for the masses

Posted via CB10

Yes you can, they'll stop having phones in the stores, they'll stop advertising, it'll be like when BlackBerry started.

BlackBerry s advertising is through word of mouth. All the money they spent on marketing has been ineffective and a waste of money.

BlackBerry should market new commercials showing off the new features in 10.2. The features not ppl moving in it!

no phones in stores, no advertising....hmmm...sounds like a winning plan to me to grow your business!

Are you saying that consumer market is the only market? Of course. Lol

2 DABs, a black Q10 and Red Z10(LE) :)

How can BlackBerry compete with samsung in terms of advertising? They must have paid top dollar to have lionel messi on their Note 3 advs! Can BlackBerry afford that, or do they wanna spend that type of money?

3 BBs in 3 years. 9000 > 9900 > Q10. send from Q10

Don't worry...those who bash BlackBerry have no idea what Simon was talking about, not to mention using at least some of those features.

Here's a short list of what's not new:

I'm still waiting for it!

I'm praying BlackBerry's worldwide plea for patience and understanding, will be quickly followed by the release of this update for all.

Adaptive sharing feature I like a lot as I tend to share a lot of pics, links and etc. I always wished there was a list for the most frequently contacts I shared with and now that will be possible in the 10.2 update.

The coolest part of adaptive sharing is that it suggests differently based on Channels. my browser share suggestions is different from my pics share suggestions and so on. Across the entire OS it learns which medium items are typically shared with and suggests those.

Posted via CB10

10.2 is awesome. Been using it for months now and can't say enough good things about it. I think combined with the unlocked Android run time is a magical combination.

Posted via CB10

An unlocked Android runtime is used in lieu of a debug token when sideloading certain if not most Android apps. If you don't plan on sideloading apps and just stick with what's in BB World then you don't need it. So far, most of the 10.2 leaks have a locked runtime and I'm only assuming the official 10.2 release will be locked as well.

I have got 10.2 & set up reply now as well but it seems not working on my z10

I would be thankful if could provide some tips or help

Posted via CB10

To send a Reply Now message, the incoming caller has to be a contact, and the number is a mobile number or the contact is a BBM friend. After you decline the call, the reply now message dialog will pop up.

Yah, I can't freakin' believe that. WTF is wrong with BlackBerry? It's like, hey, let's take the most convenient thing about having a physical keyboard and just get rid of it... Yay!

Agreed. Unfortunately, I haven't found options anywhere for toggling themes. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. 

It is in the settings of the individual apps. For contacts, calendar as well as BBM. for text messages you will find that toggle inside hub management in the text message menu.

Posted via CB10

So, the light and dark themes aren't in the version of 10.2 that has launched on the Z30. Maybe light and dark themes will come along with the broader release of 10.2, or maybe we won't see it until 10.2.1, or maybe pushed back even further. Whatever the case, I don't want to have anything on this list until it's super-duper official and available. 

These new features need to be well publicized. It's one thing for Crackberry users to know what's available, but the general public and casual BB10 users also need to see what the update has to offer. Come on BlackBerry, get the word out when this is pushed out.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely amazing!
As updates come in like this, the OS will be something to envy.

Stay strong BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

The sharing from camera function was available in 10.0 but they inexplicably took it away in 10.1

Posted via CB10

"Coming Soon®"....Sorry, an ongoing joke in these forums. Apparently this month is the rumour but no 'official' date has been announced. As to when you're carrier will release it to your device? That's another story.

ok, ok, I refrained from taking any of the leaked versions because I couldn't afford to take the chance of messing up my phone.
release 10.2 busting

Incessant torture. Z30 is too big for me so can I pay to get 10.2 on the Q10 and Z10 sooner? What will it take to get this realased?

Posted via CB10

Go to the Leaked threads in the forum and load the latest, it's actually officially released in Germany. Its a very stable OS many have been running it for a while, it won't break your phone and is easy to install if you follow the guides here in the forum:)

Posted by the Zed of rockivy

I was on the BlackBerry Canada website yesterday and there was a link to download 10.2 onto your phone. Didn't check it out further than that but you might want.

Posted via CB10

Those contacts that are shown in contact app but not shown in phone app is because these contacts doesn't have phone number to make calls. Those having phone number are shown in my phone app.

Via CB on 10

Forgot multiple alarms...

Posted via CB10 from my seksi Z10 (STL100-3 | OS -. 811 radio)

I just hope rollout is fast, I can't afford to screw up my phone with a leak, it is the key to my business, I am thinking about getting a second z10 for testing purposes, but that is expensive, time or money lol, please please I know stuff is going on but talk to carriers and get the updates pushed

Via CB10

I am really looking forward to this update..... I can sent a text message to my wife everytime I ignore her phone call!! Genuis.

10.2 is so much more than what 10.0 was. It really is. I wasn't aware that USB host worked though. Thought it was a Z30 hardware thing but since it's in 10.2 I need an adapter asap for my Z10 and Q10!

Posted via CB10

It looks like you added the two omissions I saw. Thanks again! Now when will that annoying SMS notification problem (lacking individual contact customization) be addressed?

Settings has been re-written using C++/QML (it is written in Adobe Air on pre-10.2, which isn't hardware accelerated resulting in terribly jerky and stuttery scrolling, which damages the end-user experience).

Now if only BlackBerry would assign the resources to re-write the browser using NDK instead of HTML5 :( Native will always trump Web apps. The difference would be mind blowing.

Can't wait to get my Z30 :)

Posted via CB10

Get the app called "Podcasts". It does that for you. I use it all the time. Cheers!

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

The best option in love about 10.2 is the toast notifications and being able to respond with opening the app. It's such a huge feature.

Posted Via my Z-30

Also forgot the Device Monitor. That's a great tool.

Posted via CB10 from my seksi Z10 (STL100-3 | OS -. 811 radio)

Very exhaustive ! Maybe BlackBerry should print this on all the newspapers as open letter rather than the one Continue to count on us.

Posted via CB10

The reply now implementation looks like total crap compared to iOS. Everything else looks and has been great on Z10 with 10.2.0.

Headless apps are available in 10.2.0 just with a very minimal set of event triggers available to developers to start with.

Posted via CB10

Have you tried it yet? I don't care how it looks it's an amazing feature to have and makes for quick responses without leaving what you were doing. I thought iOS just gave a notification that takes you to the app. Have they changed that with iOS7?

No it hasn't changed in iOs7. it still only notifies you. Apple make things pretty with nice transitions, BlackBerry makes things time efficient and functional.

Posted via CB10


any chance for testing its video recording quality, particularly in noisy environment? As I heard PB used to have pretty good auto-leveling/gain feature then Z10 lost it - I'm wondering if Z30 got its mojo back, making it into my next ideal concert-going phone?

Wait, does this mean that the Z10 on 10.2 will be able to recognize a flash drive?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 running 10.2 on AT&T

Unfortunately Z10 is hardware limited on this particular feature. Can't be implemented with a software update.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

"A particularly nice addition is that now when you peek at the thumbnail of the picture you just took by dragging the image". This is in 10.1.

Maybe you should finish reading the sentence. They are talking about the inclusion of share options when you swipe the pictures up.

Posted via CB10


Great... now I'm never going to convince my girlfriend to update her BlackBerry to 10.2...

Posted via CB10

Perhaps it's time for some tough decisions. If that's the deal breaker, is it it really the phone that needs an upgrade? Hmmm?

Another browser improvement I've noticed is better font sizing on certain web pages that previously would have required pinching and zooming or reader mode.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell via CB10

Yeah missing the system monitor, dark/light theme toggles for contacts calendar and bbm. Probably a few other minor things I'm missing.

CB10 - Z10 -

I have yet to see any hopes of a Docs To Go update such as inserting photos and tables into a word document. These tools are very fundamental in the business world. The Bold 9900 Docs To Go functioned almost flawlessly but I hope to see BB10 to be much improved and the sooner the better. Good thing I have NFC tag on my Q10 and the Bold 9900.

Posted via CB10

I too am hoping for more from Docs to Go. I embed pics and links in all my notes at school. Would make life way better if I could do that on my couch with my phone while watching TV at night! Or With Miracast and a Bluetooth keyboard or even a USB one I can throw it up on the big screen TV acting as the monitor rather than dragging out my old dinosaur Win 7 laptop. It's time for mobile computing so I could do it on the phone or put it up on a bigger screen using the phone as a cpu!

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

You can put your screen onto the TV if you use an HDMI lead that reaches your couch. Not wireless but pretty cool anyway. Also allows you to play vids, music, etc on the tv.

Oh yeah new weather app with swipe gestures to toggle between cities and slider between hours.

CB10 - Z10 -

How about group emails and texts? Will it become available, as in the legacy BBs?

Posted via CB10

There is indeed a new checkbox that pops up when adding multiple people to a new SMS that enables group conversations. A pop up warns you that the messages will count as MMS and you'll be billed accordingly.  

thanks Simon, this MMS feature is neat. But I think Decebal was referring to a feature available in BBOS, which consists of creating groups for contacts, and then :
1) be able to add that group to the recipient of an email (the list of recipients appears explicitly in the email that is sent to the email server).
2) be able to send multiple SMS (= one SMS per phone number in that group, as opposed to an MMS message)

the groups were part of the Contacts datamodel in BBOS, but are not in OS10.0 and OS10.1.

no groups, I think it is because Microsoft is also shifting away from contacts groups.

In the meantime, you can create mailing lists on server side.

From what I was told from a BlackBerry customer service representative yesterday that all the carriers have 10.2. So we are waiting on phone carriers.

Posted via CB10

It should be an incredible improvement over

One thing that I believe really needs a tweak is the current inability or difficulty in differentiating between contacts. To me and to make life so much easier when going through my contacts is to have the header of Ea contact to be in BOLD Type and possibly in Caps as well.?

Lets us hope that this mainstream app item is included in a future update beyond base 10.2.

Another issue is when I am typing out a response...such as this, many times I will scroll up to edit my post. I find that the round blue circle will not popup when your text to edit is either near the top or bottom of ones have to first get said circle in the middle of the screen and then move to where you wish to edit.

Minor things! But stuff that will help to make BB10 the only OS worth using.

Rgds from CNRL Kirby Lake In-Situ oil sands project where i'm a QA/QC inspector that uses his Q10 all day long.

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

With the copy/paste options, does it allow the user to share with any of the communication apps (Call, Contacts, Text, Email, Twitter, FB) for quick use? For example, if I find a phone number which was not recognized by the device as a phone number but I know it's a phone number, would I be able to copy and share it to make a Call or save it to my Contacts?

No mention at all concerning the relationship with BlackBerry Protect Service and our ability to retrieve backups as in BBOS. This was supposed to be available in 10.2, so is there any status to that as the Protect service, which used to be a powerful element for my company, offers very little until these backups OTA or through the website are made available...

There is a new Restore button under Protect. It reads "This one-time feature allows you to quickly and easily transfer your previous BlackBerry Protect backup from a previous device."

I've seen this option before 10.1 as an early adopter in a different area in 10.0. However, at one time through the forums early on in the infancy days of the Z10 this year, I had asked around about BB Protect to secure the retrieval of a BB 10 backup, NOT a backup from a "previous device", which implies the backup from BBOS, not BB 10. What is the status in your testing methodologies of 10.2 with any of the Z's? In other words, need BB 10 backups to be retrieved from BB Protect website either OTA or from the website, not from a previous device, which, in this case, implies from the BBOS, and not BB 10.

Wish the attachment view in the hub included pics and attachments from text messages.

-aBBuser on hybrid .1791 STL3

Has anybody noticed that when playing any music file on the z10 with the volume up,there is a stop/ start kind of audible click before every music track. And it's even happening on my play books native player as well. I noticed this today whilst recording some backing tracks from my z10 into my Sony md player. Yet when my mate plugged in an ipod nano, it was silent,its sounds like an electrical blip about a second before each music track I wanted to record. It became more apparent through a mixer deck with the volume up. anyone Else experiencing this with there devices. Thanks any help appreciated.

Posted via CB10

Never noticed that at all on my Z10 and I frequently use it as an Audio player in my car and the volume is turned up very loud. I hardly use the native media player, mostly use Neutron MP, neither of them have any pops or clicks. This applies whether I'm using HDMI, an analog line out jack, headphones or the phone's speaker. I also use the volume up/down/mute buttons to change tracks or the touchscreen controls same result either way - pristine audio quality. One thing I have noticed though is the Z10 starts "behaving badly" when the device memory is full or close to full so you might want to have at least 1GB free.

Posted via CB10

I'm still waiting the hub to get bbm group photo/comments notifications.

And it doesn't say, but will the instant preview/reply be available for bbm groups too? They mention bbm but they could've meant just for bbm contacts

Posted via CB10

Wow... I thought that the OS10.1 was already quite complete, handy and powerfull ....but I did not expect that so many new cool and useful features to come in OS10.2.
...Just can't wait to see the update trigger on my Z10.

To my knowledge, I do not think any other plateform offers more capacity and functionality then BB OS10.2.

Yes of course they do, and they have quad processors, better hardware, batteries etc. They also have a better hang out place, so why don't you go find it! back to reality. Android is bloated and clunky at best. It's amazing how so many people bought android devices off of hype and great advertising but really wish they were independently smart enough and had a BlackBerry device.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

For someone whose username is Playbook007 I don't think you have the moral authority to be talking about buying into the hype, lol.

I've owned every BlackBerry since RIM's beginning on all 4 major US carriers (Sprint, Verizon, TMo, ATT. Hell, I've had BBRYs that were on Cingulair before they were ATT!) with the exception of a Z10 (my GF's Z10 convinced me NOT to buy one)...

I assure you, I am not trolling. Read my comments below and see what I mean.

Ok...Maybe partially. But I mean including all the other features, not only the new stuff and/or considering third party workaround apps that might be required under Android.

Email account:
Any kind of services (work account, Active Sync, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Imap POP, CalDav, CardDav..) and not intrusive to your content. All them accessible thru a single place ...the hub

Integrated and unified contact list. Allowing you to link your contact from your various account (personal contact, professional, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype...). So if you have a contact information somewhere, it will be show all at one place. No need to remember from which account
All your notes/task are centralized at one place ...including your notes from Evernote

File manager:
Direct access (including copy/cut/paste) from/to any of your file manager system: local, SD card, DropBox, Box, ....and your computer even if not at home/office ....Not real need for any VPN, VNC... it's there, native. (Yes, that's definitively taking iOS out of that race on that aspect)

Integrated apps:
Majority of the usefull apps are all deeply integrated within the OS. i.e. not only running over the OS aside of other, but with feature allowing you to fluidly access other feature/apps within the apps:
- Jumps directly to maps from your contact address ...and just drive to him.
- Reply to your Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter message directly from the Hub need to jumps in the apps to do so.
- Change the status of your various Facebook/LinkedIn... directly from the Hub ...again no need to jump into the third party apps for that.
- See who in your next meeting and directly access to the latest discussions with him, or view its latest social updates
- Send a request to connect to your Facebook/LinkedIn.... directly form your contact list when match found according to contact information you already own.
- From you contact apps: Directly Call, SMS, BBM, Voice or Video Call, Skype Call or jump to your contact Facebook/LinkedIn page. all directly from your integrated contact apps.

TimeShift. Reworked any picture right there. Post it where ever you wanted... Sync with your music from Window media player, or ITunes. ...
Play them directly to your HDMI TV, or Miracast compatible device . Not only mirored to them but separatly play on it.

BlackBerry is presently offering the best physical and virtual keyboard experience, period. It allow you to type in a language an switch to a second within the same sentence pain. Its the native keyboard, free with the device.

Obvioulsy could run all BlackBerry World Apps, but also most of your loved Android Apps

Who offer more secured OS ?? BlackBerry or Android.

....And there is still a lot more to considered

...So what's left behind that Andoid could do and BlackBerry can't ?

My LG G Pro does all of that, with the exception of providing a good physical keyboard, which I believe the Q10 is still the best. The virtual keyboard is a hit or miss for me. I guess its personal preference, but I love Swype type keyboards for touchscreens. Of course, the Q10 and 9900 (in that order) are my go-to keyboards.

Have you ever owned a Jelly Bean Android phone or used one extensively? The features you listed (with the exception of the keyboard of course) are available in Android...

Yes, even TimeShift, Android has that. It doesn't have a "Hub", however unified inboxes aren't specific to BBRY.

I'm not saying BB10 is a bad platform. My point being is that a lot of CBers think that certain features that make BBRY so good are only found on BBRY, which isn't true.

Oh and about secured OS. What do you mean by secured? Unless a BBRY is running BES, then your BB phone is just as secure as iOS/Android or any other smartphone. BES is what gives a BBRY it's legendary security, but if you're not paying for that service then your BBRY doesn't have that famed BBRY security; it's just as vulnerable as anything else.

It really has become a bit irritating how BBRY users are touting "superior security" yet not running BES. *facepalm* Just like how BBRY users would tout how BIS would cut back on their data usage when watching YouTube videos...


There are a TON of things Android can do that BBRY can't. I'm only responding to this because you asked, then again, your question could be rhetorical.

For me specifically, BlackBerry Z10/Z30/Q10/Q5's can NOT do:

- Run GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar (which you would think an enterprise focused phone would be able to run)

- Quicken and QuickBooks (again, you would think they would find a way to get this app ported over by now)

- Extended batteries... My LG G Pro is running a ZeroLemon 9,300mAh battery that lasts over 3 days of use without a charge. Considering that the G Pro is an uncommon Android phone (only sold in the US, and only on AT&T), this phone still has a ZeroLemmon battery.

- Dual camera picture taking and recording. Being able to record and take pictures w/ both the front and rear cameras at the same time.

- Timestamp for Facebook messages. Something so simple, yet a Z10 can't do it.

- Can't customize home screen layouts nor use themes. Funny how CBers criticized iPhone users for all being sheep and having the same looking device and having no control over the look of the OS, yet that's exactly the case with BB10...

- No widgets

- Always On/Listening voice command. Moto X has this natively, but several apps can provide this functionality on Android. No more having to push/hold a button while driving to initiate "hands free" commands!

- Better Sound Profiles/Customizations. Sad that BB10 ruined how detailed you can make notifications and sound profiles that legacy BBOS offered. Android has beaten BB10 at its own game; I can customize my G Pro's notifications (which also has LED notification as well) just like I was able to on legacy BBOS. BB10 still can't do this...

I could keep going on, but I think you get the point.

Oh and no, BB10 can NOT run "most of your loved Android apps". Just because it has Android runtime support, this does not mean it can run any Android app. The devs of these Android apps still have to port them over, and many, many of them are still not ported over after all this time. I don't have to name them...

And yet none of those features you mentioned are must haves.

Timestamps on fb Who cares? Honestly who gives a flying...

The sound profiles are probably the only good differentiation you made and it was one thing BlackBerry legacy os was actually good at too.

At least android doesn't suffer the 3rd party syndrome of adding apps to improve the experience unlike ios. Bb10 bakes a lot of things in.

LOL GoToMeeting for Enterprise - seriously? Ever heard something about WebEx? Thats Enterprise! And guess what? Yes, it's been on BB10 for quite a while!

Posted via CB10

I've owned every BlackBerry since RIM's beginning on all 4 major US carriers (Sprint, Verizon, TMo, ATT. Hell, I've had BBRYs that were on Cingulair before they were ATT!) with the exception of a Z10 (my GF's Z10 convinced me NOT to buy one)...

I assure you, I am not trolling. Please see my above post as to why I have the opinion I have.

Well, have some time in the forum; and don't listen your GF so much...

True that some apps are not here, even with side load; but the OS is so ergonomic, logic, and easy to use; multitasking and valuable...

You say that a lot of things that 10.2 gives are already on Droid, with apps for some; it's the same in the opposite way; notifications, Color led and so on are in BBWorld...

Just give a try, and then we'll speak again ;)

I spent 10 days non stop (fiddling with it into the wee hours) with the Z10 and finally couldn't take it anymore. I stopped using it and popped my sim back into an old 9900 laying around. On the last day of my trial period I bit the bullet on the $30 something restocking fee and exchanged the phone for a LG G Pro. Money well spent...

My GF still has her Z10 but only because she works for corporate AT&T and they gave it to her for free. She would trade it in for a different phone but has to use it for a certain period of time before she can swap work phones. We both are utterly irritated with the Z10 and most, not all, of BB10 as a platform in general. It kinda hurts to say that considering I've always talked others into buying Curves and Bolds over the past few years, but I honestly can't recommend a Z10 to 99% of people. If anything, I can only recommend a Q10 wholeheartedly and that's for the very few who are still keyboard focused, which is very very few these days...

Spend some time in the forums? I have over a 1,000 posts on CB, I think I spend too much time in the forums, lol.

Comments about the OS being "ergonomic, logic, and easy to use; multitasking and valuable" are all subjective.

The points I listed in my comment above are OBJECTIVE things that a BB10 phone can NOT do, at least not yet.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that 10.2 brings very, very important features that don't make BB10 "leapfrog" the competition as BBRY/RIM management said. However, 10.2 was a long, very long wait, and the features it provides only helps BB10 keep up with the competition, not leapfrog it, nor give any substantial differentiation in utility from other modern smartphones. If anything, it still falls short, at least for me, in terms of productivity/utility.

So, 10.2 is a very important update (a little late in my opinion) for BB10. I was just trying to show DstLuis that the 10.2 features were already available elsewhere for sometime and his question of "What can an iOS/Android do that a BlackBerry can't do?" made him seem like he has been sheltered by the alternatives out there.

I mean, when someone touts BlackBerry's great security and how much more secure it is compared to Android, yet doesn't give any mention of the phone having BES, nor acknowledges the fact that a BBRY phone w/out BES is just a "regular" smartphone, it usually means they're just a tad bit misinformed/uninformed...


I love how I always write essays and people's response is just a line or two.

I told you I spend too much time on CB, haha.

Lol, that's true :)

I'm not fluent in english, so it's not easy to answer with a full page review^^

But basically, I'm agree with your "essay" and I understand your needs are different than mines concerning a smartphone.

It's a pleasure to read your text; so no, you're not spending to much time here ;)

there are apps that can take pictures silently, but I would not go as far as saying that they do that well.
You cannot use the options that exist in the stock camera app (like Timeshift or change the ratio or HDR for example).

if this silent mode is indeed in OS10.2, it will be a welcome addition (during last BlackBerry Innovation Forum, I took pictures during the sessions and it was so awkward because it made so much sound every time.

What kind of devices will be supported by the USB host feature? Will it be only devices like mouses or USB drives, or will 10.2 support audio over USB /midi over USB? Also will USB drives have to be formated in FAT in order to work?

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I've seen most of these in the .1767 leak I'm using, just my priority hub doesn't work, as in I can't select what to prioritize.

Preview is a great feature, but I wish there was an option to reply instantly from the lock screen.

Come out already, official update for q10! Been waiting for ages

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I thought USB hosting was only available for the Z30? Would be so amazing if it was for the Z10 too!! I love my leaked version of 10.2 can't wait for the real thing!!!

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Is the notification on the lock screen active?
I mean if I tap on the notification detail, will the system get me right to the message/event?

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That all sounds amazing! And with the great quality of my BlackBerry 10 experience so far, it looks like it is just going to get better and better.
From IPhone to BB10 with no regrets.

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Bring it on, willing and waiting for it.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

Simon...just tested the "Reply now" and it works great for me. I have a Z10 with What I don't see is the USB Host. What s'up with that?

USB host will only be available on the Z30. The Z10 and Q10 don't provide any power through their microUSB ports.

Even if the phones don't provide power through their ports there are USB OTG adapters which also have a female micro USB port which can connect to a charger with the sole purpose of providing power to the connected USB device, not to charge or power the phone by the way. So why won't those work? Just search amazon or Google for "Powered USB OTG adapter" or "USB OTG with power". Lastly it would be cool if the enthusiast community can start to work on a project to make it work via some hack or find a way to make our own adapter. I don't want to believe that it's completely impossible. Seems more like planned obsolescence than a lack of forward thinking to me.

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Thanks Simon. You did a great job laying everything out. Can't wait for the update now. Have a great day!

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Been a Blackberry user since 2008, I stuck with my 9650 and now my 9930 through these rough times and now I'm planning on buying 2 phones running OS 10, one for the Missus.. So many people are hating on bbry, can't wait to get my hands on this phone :D

TIL you can double tap to select and action text in 10.1 instead of long pressing it...

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Lots of additions there, mainly for heavy duty messagers and it's nice to see USB host but overall it will do nothing to change BB10s fortunes.

I'm surprised about the camera hardware specs not being different from Z10. I just took the same low light indoor shot with my brand new Z30 and again on my trusty Z10 and there is certainly an improvement in the Z30's image. White balance is way better, image is sharper and coloring is spot on. Very very pleased with the results. : )

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the difference you are experiencing is just 10.2.
Once your Z10 gets it, it will be on par with your Z30 (except the lines feature).

The Remember app let's you set a precise time to be reminded for a task unlike 10.1 where the option was only a specific date.

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I noticed this the other day, and wasn't sure if it was new or important. Looks heavily linked to cars? What kinds of scenarios would you use this profile?

many cars that can connect a Bluetooth phone, do that through rSAP ( ).
SAP stands for "BlueTooth, SIM access profile"

rSAP was available on most BBOS phones, but not on BB10 or iOS. So many people who bought a BB10 device or an iOS device all of a sudden could not access their addressbook from their car. And since they consider the phone to be a car accessory (and not the car a BB10 accessory), it led to many returns.

it is good to see rSAP back on OS10.2, thanks Simon for the confirmation.

(and no, I do not know the difference between SAP and rSAP).

Those are tremendous new additions and improvements. Very feature rich. Looking forward to when this version becomes available!

Also when I Connected my Z10 to my NIssan Via Bluetooth the phone knew I was connected to a Nissan and it showed the Nissan logo on the the lock screen, it gave me a preview of the features available from the Phone-car connection, like Music share phone book share and voice control.

Looking at that first image of the lock screen... someone really needs to go through their emails... :)

In this new os, can you get dark theme bbm on the Z10. And apparently it uninstalls bbm channels? I really want to delete it but can't find a way, so I hope it does, is it true?

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I can't speak for everyone but I've had no issues whatsoever running leaks. I have a z10, 100-1 currently running leak. Impressed is the only word.

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Since I updated right away, I didn't realize what I was missing from 10.1. 10.2 is awesome!

Posted with my Q10!

No offense to the great folks at Crackberry, but BlackBerry should be offering these to users. How will most folks find many of these awesome tricks and hidden features unless you tell them about it? There is a lot of great work done by engineers at BlackBerry but no one knows about it. That is where marketing should step in to sell it - why haven't they? Kudos to you, Crackberry (and Simon!), for offering us these insights into 10.2.

There's plenty here to wet the appetite,and I've been enjoying the Lock screen notifications ever since I installed the 10.2 leaks but was hoping that they would be more functional. For example if you tap once to peek then why not enable tapping twice to directly reply or fully read.Also if you could assign Nfc permissions for dedicated apps eg Lastpass and the Yubikey Neo that would be a step in the right direction in productivity.Keep up the good work.

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sooooo nothing on smime over activesync eh? *sigh* come on blackberry i cant switch from my android to my q10 as a daily driver until this works.

The sad thing is that even on Android you need a 3rd party app for S/MIME, but iOS has it! :(

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Forgot the new way that you add in a calendar appointment, the music library's updated UI and that you could select a song to"play next"!
Otherwise amazing article and can't wait to update my Q10!!

Posted from my bangin Q10