Executive Series Themes For Bold!

By Bla1ze on 5 Feb 2009 09:06 am EST
Executive Series Themes For Bold!

We cover a LOT of themes here at CrackBerry. Theme developers are always coming up with new ways to impress everyone using Plazmic theme maker and sometimes, some of the themes that do get overlooked are the ones that are really designed for business users, simply because some of the time people are interested more in the eyecandy of a theme rather than the functions of the theme itself.

Not this time! The Executive series of themes accomplishes both of those things, they look amazing and offers up great functionality. The Executive themes are designed with productivity and efficiency in mind, but are a pleasure to the eyes as well.

With tons of access to applications right from the main screen and all notifiication icons being allowed to display in the top banner, you will never miss a message. Also, where the theme utilizes default OS icons, they are lightweight and will not "lag" your device in any sort of way. These things are just the start of what makes the Executive Series a nice addition to any user's theme collection, especially if you need a direct and to the point theme for business use. You can grab it for $7.

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Executive Series Themes For Bold!


Thats a lotta notifications... perhaps the owner of this phone should check his device more often. a true crackberry addict never has any notifications because hes on top of things

Hi lazyyboy00, actually, the only purpose of showing this many notification was to show that the theme can handle displaying that many at once. If someone is going to invest in a theme and stick with it for a long time, it's valuable to have this capability because more and more apps will utilize that area to notify you. Twitter, PageOnce, your brokerage application, etc. After some time, it may not be so easy to stay 'on top of things', and during the day, you may not want when you are running a business or having a busy day.

I do agree with you though that that many notifications being on regularly would be a funny thing.

DO any of these themes work with users on a BES (most corporate users) and IT policy?
If not , are there such products available or am I missing something?

They should be able to work fine with BES. If you have any other issues after you purchase the theme, we can support you and help you through installation.

I wish it would display the title of the icon on the main screen. I have 3 BIS email accounts and I have to put them in an order to know what they are. Or defeat the purpose of the theme and go back to the main full icon screen.

Anyone else experience an issue with this theme ? The second icon from the left is blank on my BOLD. Rebooting and/or re-installing doesn't correct the issue. LOVE the theme...but it looks like I'm missing a tooth !! Frustrating...