Exclusive: Video Recordings Captured with the BlackBerry Curve thanks to the Soon to be Released OS v4.3!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Nov 2007 02:17 am EDT

Here it is! Videos taken with an AT&T BlackBerry 8300 Curve (and uploaded immediately to youtube) thanks to the soon to be released OS v4.3!! If you own a Curve and update to v4.3 when it comes out, you too will be capturing your own vids!! The first video of Bruno is with the bedroom lights on. In the second video, the bedroom lights are turned off (the room is dark) and the Curve's flash is kept running throughout the recording (what a nice feature for RIM to include!). Good Boy Bruno, Good Boy!

More info and screenshots of v4.3 here, and lots of info still to come! Stay Tuned!

Bruno the Dog!
In the Dark with the Curve's Light Feature Turned On

Reader comments

Exclusive: Video Recordings Captured with the BlackBerry Curve thanks to the Soon to be Released OS v4.3!!


i'll be in heaven when this feature is avail on my curve, many thnxs have to go out to RIM for this, rather then having to make all the people who just bought the "newest" device have to buy a Pearl 8130, they had the smarts to make it available for the curve as well, shame it seems they left it off of the old pearl, but I can understand that, cause the pearl is NOT exactly a new device, maybe the right components are not in the older pearls.

all blackberry starting from 8700 - 8300series are supposedly will be upgradeable to OS 4.3 but video apps are only available for the one with camera.

tested the beta the other week, still kinda buggy but its a good ... i mean very good upgrade.

I need the video camera urgent, where ca i get the download os 4.3.1 for my bb 8300 curve

how much can be recorded ? im still excited about the update and cant wait for it to be released. is this going to be a update on rim's site ?

How do I git videos to play on my BB8830.I would like to see youtube videos and vids from my wife of are new baby doy can someone help me plz.

I would exchange video recording for macro mode photos in a second. Blackberrys are a lot more about business than entertainment. I really could use a portable "scanner" and fax setup.

when will this video recorder be available to download? and when its ready, do i have to update something? im a newbie so i have no clue but it mentioned something about if you had updated to v4.3. No clue what that is, the only thing i download to my curve was the opera mini.