Exclusive Video: RIM's New CEO Thorsten Heins talks his coolest BlackBerry moment!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jan 2012 11:33 pm EST

With RIM having a new CEO in Thorsten Heins, it's time to get to know the man. If you have 7 minutes, be sure to check out this indepth interview introducing Thorsten Heins where he talks a lot of BlackBerry. But if you have only 30 seconds, be sure to check out the video above we obtained exclusively where Thorsten talks about his coolest BlackBerry moment. Exciting times!!!

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Exclusive Video: RIM's New CEO Thorsten Heins talks his coolest BlackBerry moment!


Hahahah you noticed.... I edited the second one to avoid the double post.... But my guess is that I wasn't fast enough.... Hahaha

Good one!

- Jaime G.

Yes. I believe BlackBerry is about synergy, about WE communicating in a million different ways, instead of iSomething or gadgets for geeks. I believe this should be our philosophy. This is why I support RIM, in the forums, with their products, and in the stock market.

I do hope he drives RIM and the BlackBerry brand to even greater heights. I'm pretty sure, as with any leadership changes in organizations, that he may well introduce changes in the near future. As he sets new directions for RIM, I hope that he doesn't lose sight of significant plans laid out by his predecessors (e.g. Playbook OS 2, BB10, etc). And I also hope that he takes an aggressive stance in ensuring Profitability and Market Dominance, while continuing to deliver great value to customers.

Congratulations to the new RIM CEO! We wish you well, and we look forward to even greater things to come!

nice goofy picture of buddy haha. looks he just smoked a massive cannon and now's describing the abysmal rim app situation lol.

RIM and Crackberry.com will vanish by 2014.

You gotta LoL at the we have 1.5 billion cash in hand comment.

Pocket change.

RIM lost.

They are prepping the company's eventual sale. This is step 1.

I hope this guy does not do the Keynotes.. If they had a brain they would ask CrackBerry Kevin to deliver all their keynotes.

Yes, I must say that BBM Groups is one of the coolest BB features!

Lazerus, tell your boss at Google just what you told us all: RIM will vanish and so will CrackBerry. Skip the fact that RIM is bouncing back and this will be one of their best years yet in terms of new products.

You shouldn't count anyone out until they're losing money. RIM isn't losing money.