Leaked: Verizon BlackBerry Storm Pre-Launch Details!

Marketing Details Regarding the Lauch of the Verizon BlackBerry Storm
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Sep 2008 11:08 am EDT

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Following up on the Verizon BlackBerry Storm craziness of the past two days, we have a little more crazy to throw your way. This document, just received, outlines Verizon's Pre-Launch plans for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm.

Looking at the document, I don't think "Launch Date" means Device Launch Date, though I'm sure we'd all be pretty excited to hold a Storm in our hands as early as next week. Rather, September 22nd is the day marketing will begin to Verizon business customers and October 1st is the day marketing will begin to consumers. Verizon's Storm site at www.verizonwireless.com/storm is now back up and running, so I guess that fits the bill for the Direct Marketing this doc says will begin on the 17th (today!!).

Notice under the "Target Customer" heading the date of "by November 1st" is listed repeatedly for upgrade elgibility discounts? Seems like further confirmation to me that November 1st is still the device launch date Verizon is targeting to take the world by Storm! Whether that date pans out or not only time will tell, but at least we have some further insight into what's going on.

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Leaked: Verizon BlackBerry Storm Pre-Launch Details!


Now I don't know what to do! Want to buy my first BB in the next couple of weeks (8330); but now I'm thinking I might hold off until the Storm. Oh the decisions!

As many of you know, just because your contrat date is 11/1/08 you are able to upgrade a few monts early sort of like a pull ahead. So if this is the case it could be earlier, just a thought

Annual upgrade is Verizon's term for early upgrading. So it would not be available before November 1st regardless.

I've never followed phones and their release dates before this one, so I'm not sure how they work. I'm used to everything coming out on Tuesdays, new dvds/games/music etc. November 1st is a Saturday, would they launch this on a Saturday?

In the launch date section it says DM 9/17/08. I'm guessing DM means direct marketing so should we be seeing something more today?


If you go through the steps of setting up a new plan, you have the option to get the 29.99 BIS plan. This option doesn't include BES though.

Sprint and T-Mobile has it cheaper. T-Mobile has it at $19.99/m and Sprint is at $30/m, but includes Unlimited Text and Nav.

- VDubb

I was all hyped up about the Storm, now I'm deflated. Can't get it through VZW because it REQUIRES the web/e-mail plan(s) according to the paper above. Won't be able to use it as just a phone......BUMMER!

you really thought you could get this blackberry w/out a data plan? if you want "just a phone" then why not look over at a regular flip or bar phone. just about any pda style phone requires one due to the fact that just about anything you do on the phone will require data.

Why in the world would you want to use a Blackberry as just a phone and not have a data plan? That makes zero sense.

Got 2 Pearls now with no data plans, (AT&T). They work excellent as JUST phones....
Why would we NOT want a Blackberry even without a data plan. That argument makes no sense to me if they don't cost any more than a regular bar phone or other some such touchscreen.

Good work as usual Kevin...are you getting any word on the Canadian carrier(s)...will launch/target dates are roughly the same?!?!?!?

I use Sprint BB as laptop modem sometimes and its FREE part of unlimited data plan, if i switch over to verizon can i do that too for free? or do i have to pay extra to use phone as modem???

it will cost you 60 bucks no matter what. if you go with the $45 data package, they will charge you $15 to use your phone as a modem. if you go with the $30 package, they will charge you $30 to use your phone as a modem. you dont get a discounted rate if you get an air card.

It looks like the page from yesterday is back up and running. It is still the same as yesterday with nothing new.

The page on Verizon's site for the storm is back up and running. There is nothing new other then what most of us were able to see yesterday

If this is all true you can kiss AT&T goodbye for me. I am ready for this phone if it performs at all well. Anyone know why no WiFi?

this is a global phone so it has a cdma and gsm chip. not only would wifi take up addition room but it wouldnt let them control your usage. if they only allow 3g, then when you tether it as a modem, they have a limit of usage and can charge for heavy users. its a money maker thats all. plus when a phone is being made special for them, they can request no wifi.

I always tell myself to wait until second gen before getting new gadgets. But maybe this time I will take the upgrade plunge.

I just talked (via email) with a friend of mine who works for VZW and figured i would share what was said to me.

"Ironically, I just rec'd the latest update on this device, right before your email.

It won't be available until it's in our inventory. So far, it appears we're looking at 10/01/08 as the launch date. I can't promise this date will be set in stone since over the years, I've seen launch dates get pushed for multiple device issues."

Figured the populace at large would like to see what is being said

The site IS back up and running. doesnt look like any changes have been made.....

still haven't recieved any emails from verizon since i signed up.. anyone know when we're expecting to get an email from them?

Am I screwed here or what???? I got Verizon with my wife August 14th, Now I want this phone, but I cant take my phone back after 30 days because I dont like it can I? Does anyone on here work for Verizon, what can I do to get this phone without paying a ton for it.

Did you get insurance on your phone? If so break it before the launch of this and use that credit to get this one... You'll probably still have to pay a bit but not the full retail price...

Your insurance is for a replacement of your existing handset. You have a $50 deductible to pay to get a replacement. The claim is filed through the insurance company (Assurion) and Verizon has nothing to do with it.

If you don't like your phone, start a new line and find someone to take over your line. Have a kid? There's your person. Give your line to your mom. Drop the price plan down to the 700 minute share plan and start up a stand alone plan for yourself and your new Storm. Or, add a line onto your existing share plan for $9.99 and add the Storm to your plan (again, finding someone else to take over your line). Doing an ESN change is simple so you can keep your same number, and the new line would get the new number and your existing phone.

its only a couple of days over take it back to the store and tell them u want to save your credit for the storm most likely they will do it. You just have to have a replacement phone handy.

Crystall09 thats totally incorrect. No insurance works that way, not even auto insurance. The best thing you could do is open a new line of service, on a family share plan its only 9.99/ month. Afterwards, swap the phones and give the older phone to a family member that you can trust(i.e grandma, brother ect.),and voila you have the phone of your dreams.

It depends on the person you get when you go to the store. See those people work on comission as well as base pay. So they get credit towards their commission when you "buy" a new phone... I should have said this when I typed that in the original message. The first girl I got was awesome and did it for me.

My line is far from being eligible for upgrade but there are 2 lines on the family plan that are well overdue and they don't want new phones. I know in the past I have used other lines on the plan to upgrade my line but will this still work with Blackberrys? Because a data plan is needed would they only put it on the line that can be upgraded or could i buy the phone under one line and put the Blackberry plan on another? THANKS

I perform "Buddy Upgrades" every day for Verizon Wireless customers. My company operates as an indirect agent this type of upgrade is our bread and butter. If you are interested in performing this type of upgrade please reach out and I'll do what I can. I'd be happy to help. TY

This is a process where one line on an account can borrow (or more appropriately, "steal") the upgrade from another line on the same account. Example: Line A needs new phone but is not eligible. Line B is eligible for upgrade, but is happy with the phone they have and don't want a new one.

The upgrade is "performed" on Line B, extending the contract on Line B for the one or two years, then the handset/ESN is simply swapped over to Line A.

The end result is that Line Ahas the new phone, but Line B did the contract renewal.

The questions I haven't heard asked/answered yet: Is this thing going to have a Rev A. chipset?

It would be a terrible shame if a device like this was launched and the knock-off LG Dare had a faster internet connection....

That's really sad. I hate apple and I wanted this phone right up until "data plan required"

I don't know what's so hard about making a phone with web browsing, Wifi built in, media playback, a removeable battery and an SD card slot. Why is this so difficult?

I'm not near a hotspot and need net tops twice a month, and none of those times are critical. That's not worth $20, let alone $30 a month

With what you said, you've just taken yourself out of the blackberry loop. There's no need to purchase a blackberry if you do not need email on the go wherever you go. Wifi is the devil, it's like being an avid customer at the kissing booth. You'll end up with a cold, or worse a cold sore (YUCK). Any two bit hacker with a laptop can steal your info on said net connection. If you complain about $30/ month or even $20, simply wait until you get home, then use your home pc.. because you're not even a candidate for a laptop.

You know there is a new invention called a firewall? and not only that earthlings even have something called antivirus software!

Ever heard of something called IT security? As long as you take the necessary precautions wifi is not security risk.

There is no price yet, however I speculate that the phone will be about $299.99 with a mail in rebate of $50. The maximum i see this device costing is $349.99 and $299.99 after rebate. As I stated before though, this is mere speculation. Lastly, seeing as how this phone will be coming out around x-mas time, there may be some kind of special if purchased around that time. Usually pricing is a bit aggressive in the last quarter. Point being.. DONT WAIT!

Ok I need this phone. It's not a want anymore, it goes so far beyond a want, it's a very real need. I look on my pearl which i had viewed before as an extension of my hand with disdain now. The only thing I need right now is some idea of the price after upgrade. THEY HAVE TO GIVE US SOME IDEA OF THE PRICE!

Any one else notice that it says you will be able to back up your contacts to MyVerizon? Because the last time I checked, that service was not for the Blackberrys, it would be great if they were going to change that.

The $29.99 web and email plan is a feature addition to whatever calling plan you add it onto. So, if you're the 2nd line on a share plan, it would be $9.99 for your line, plus the $29.99 web and email.

I had heard that the Storm will have a smaller Pearl style keyboard when vertical and the full qwerty when sideways. We have seen shots of the full keyboard, but have there been any shots of the Pearl style and will it have multitap capability or will it be only suretype. I really can't stand suretype.

Yes it will roll into your family plan, I have two BB Pearls on my family plan right now. We also recieve a 20% discount thanks to my father inlaws work discount :) So my wife and I are only paying 24 a month for each of our phones.

Since when has 10/01/2008 meant Nov 1, 2008 and not October 1, 2008. Do I need to go back to remedial math?? Just Curious . . . . :-)

10/01 is when the email goes out to customers. 11/01 is when the phone hits stores. at least that's what it looks like to me.

Just talked to a Verizon rep for a company I work for and they confirmed that November is the current release date unless their are other circumstances pushing it back.

I'm afraid to ask what you guys think the full price of the phone would be. I just got a curve a few months ago and am obviously not eligible for an upgrade yet. I'm hoping it's $499 or less. Thoughts?

At work we have many, many lines from Verizon and I just got an email from Verizon advertising the Storm. Here is what it said:

"The world's first touch screen BlackBerry. What will it feel like?

Coming this fall, the BlackBerry Storm, exclusively from America's largest 3G network - Verizon Wireless. Packed with options like global voice and email capabilities, it's perfect for business"

It had a nice picture too along with the ability to sign up for email updates.