Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Announcement Video!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Sep 2008 08:01 pm EDT
Verizon's BlackBerry Storm


Update 3: Oh Verizon. We know you'll soon launch the BlackBerry Storm's info site at, but in the meantime it would have been nice of you to let us keep up the announcement video we posted. After all, it seemed your whole goal with Monday's Minute with Mike announcement was to capitalize on the blogosphere hype. Why spend so much time and effort producing a snazyy video that you don't want leaked out everywhere?! Big Red, we were helping you out. Ahh well...all good things must come to an door closes, another opens and all that jazz. Read On for BlackBerry Storm info and lots of comments.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth even more, we'll do the opposite and just quickly summarize the key info regarding Verizon's upcoming BlackBerry Storm touchscreen smartphone that was relayed by Mike Lanman, Chief Marketing Officer of Verizon Wireless, in the Monday, September 15th Special Edition episode of A Minute with Mike.

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Quick Facts

  • The Storm is Research in Motion's first touchscreen smartphone
  • The Storm features a "click" touchscreen, making it easy to input text precisely
  • The resolution on the Storm will be the highest ever produced by RIM
  • The BlackBerry Storm features a 3.2 megapixel camera
  • The Storm is a global device with quad band architecture, good in 195 countries
  • The Storm features full HTML web browsing, visual voicemail and will be VZ Navigator capable (with audible turn by turn capabilities for directions)
  • And the BlackBerry Storm will only be available on Verizon

Pricing and availability of Verizon's BlackBerry Storm have not been disclosed yet, but the company will be launching a site in the near future at where you can sign up for updates and news surrounding the release of the BlackBerry Storm. We'll let you know when Verizon launches the new site.

Take a read through the comments below for reactions to the now-pulled video. Thanks for tuning in...and stay tuned for more!

Update 2: Well, it appears the powers-that-be weren't to fond of that video, it's been yanked from YouTube. Actually, I find it a little odd that it was taken down. If you check out the "Talking Points" .pdf after the jump the whole document is geared towards the hype surrounding the Storm in the Blogosphere. Well, We're going to continue to talk up the Storm, guys, pulling the video from YouTube only serves as confirmation. Here's that video, one more time, with feeling!

Update: We now have the actual .pdf files that went out to VZW employees. Check them out after the jump. In addition to the Talking Points document (widely seen already), there's also a Q&A .pdf. Not much new here, but it does have a table comparing the Storm to the iPhone 3G. I guess we know where Verizon is aiming their sights. **

Here it is BlackBerry Nation! You've been waiting all day for it. BIG THANKS to the crew who got us a video capture of the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 announcement video that went out to VZW employees this morning on the Minute with Mike show. The sound quality isn't great, but it features captions so its all good. Don't forget where you saw it first!

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Reader comments

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Announcement Video!!


Does anyone know how long it will be a Verizon Exclusive? Sure other CDMA carriers will be able to rock this after about 90 days or so.

In the US, Verizon will have a lifetime exclusive on this device. That means NO OTHER US carrier gets the Storm EVER, as long as VZW makes sales targets.

Verizon does not have a lifetime exclusive on the Blackberry Thunder when have you RIM limited themselves to one carrier? there success comes from reaching out and providing to all carriers, this is why Apple will never catch RIM they limit themselves to one carrier and it happens to have a sucky carrier backing them up.

Wrong. In a VZW/RIM meeting, a RIM representative confirmed that there will be lifetime exclusivity in the US for VZW. Also, after the current generation, all subsequent RIM new releases will be releasing to VZW first. Well, that's what he said!

it should be out on Oct. 8. But it might be more later. I cant wait either since my contract ends in november.

Well Done Crackberry team. I'll be holding out judgment on the phone till I can play with one in the store though.

If you look at about 53 seconds you see a finger scrolling with ease. Doesn't look like the screen "button" was / has to be pressed to scroll. That was one of the issues I was concerned about. I want to see feel the screen button thing before I jump in.

That is my biggest concern after seeing the video of it in action a few weeks back. I definitely will need to see how the screen functions (especially typing) before I throw my NE2 into the ring.


Outstanding job Crackberry!! Kevin, you and your staff rocked out from day one on the Storm/Thunder coverage. The Boy hasn't even posted the vid images, let alone the actual video. Hands down to you and your team. You are truly the leading inside, non bias source to upcoming technology.
Thanks for existing.

gosh i cant wait til the CDMA version comes out for Sprint....whichever phone that will be! (Bold, Javelin, Niagara?, Storm, Pearl 8220)

Awesome video!!

why do so many people have problems with Verizon exclusivity?? iPhone isnt bad... the problem is ATT!!! the voice service is far from good, and in the northeast... WORTHLESS!!!

I've had Nextel, Sprint, and Nextel while owned by sprint (which btw made it worse). Verizon is defintely the network if u want to be able to make calls with your phone!

No worries there. I've got the original. It won't be going anywhere. :) seems Verizon's strategy here (look at the print announcement on it) is to tap into the blogosphere hype. Pulling this video would be counter productive to their goal.

Verizon may have the exclusive on the 9530 Storm.... but there are many rumors floating around that there will be a 9500 device that will launch in Canada and Europe and be able to be used on AT&T and T-Mobile once unlocked.

There is a Blackberry Storm 9500 that is GSM. You have to go on Ebay and purchase it. It will already be unlocked and sells for over $450.00. So it AT&T users want the storm, they just have to go on EBay and get it. No phone is ever exclusive to any one company if it is sold globally. Majority of the world is GSM!!

I guess when it comes to Blackberries, you have shown the difference between a Man and a Boy. Really appreciate your unbiased observations! I really like what is being shown and cannot wait to see the real thing.

So, will this be a conceptual exclusive whereby no other carriers would be able to sell touch screen BBs? Or is this a model-specific exclusive, whereas Sprint (then maybe later, other carriers) could sell a tweaked version? I mean, I just can't imagine it hitting sales targets over and over forever, unless it starts to create wine from water through that touchscreen...

Im so excited about this yay!! Is spoke to someone at telus today in Yorkdale mall the asst manager and he told me by October. i know I know before everyone jumps that's just what he said but it was nice to be in a store where they had an idea of what the phone was lol!! anyway, thanks for the video how great is that? I love it. oh yeah he also told me not guarentee but the price looks like a 8-900 dollar mark? wow!

so since this will be exclusive to the US does that mean if i were to buy an (UNLOCKED) one on ebay and ship it to australia it wont work?

i want to know will it just be exclusively sold in the US
or will it exclusively only work in the US?

thanks for anyone who answers my question

no.. it will work in 195 countries (rewatch the video for details) Exclusive IN the US ON Verizon.. the rest of the world (except Canada) will get it from Vodophone

These exclusives that go beyond 90 - 180 days are just foolish in my opinion. There are plenty of folks out there like me who will never, ever switch to Verizon (insert some other carrier here if you like) no matter what kind of exclusive they have on a particular device. I simply hate the way they disable features on their handsets and then make you pay extra to have the stuff enabled again. See VZ navigator, etc. here... I even have a friend who has made himself quite comfy operating exclusive Verizon stores in a region of the country, and I still won't friggin switch.

No thanks!

And there are plenty of people who will switch to Verizon for a device. Maybe they did their research and found that there are enough people who will switch that would warrant an exclusivity that will benefit both Verizon and RIM. The only feature they disabled and made people pay to use was VZNav...that I can think of. Even though it may cost a little extra and I have to pay to use VZNav, the reception coverage compared to Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mo (yes, I have been through them all) is worth the lost of not having VZNav for me. Since I don't mind actually taking 30 secs to find where I'm at using GoogleMaps, not being able to use VZNav for free doesnt not bother me when I know I'm not sacrificing coverage just to have a free app.

AND I KNOW that everyone has different experiences and coverage issues with all carriers depending on where you are but coverage is the primary factor that determines which carrier I'm with. It just so happens that Verizon has the best in my area and I have no complaints or resentment toward them. Especially since I'll be able to get a Storm when it is released. :)

"I simply hate the way they disable features on their handsets and then make you pay extra to have the stuff enabled again."

Do you think Verizon is the only service that charges for GPS service on their phones? AT&T Navigator, Sprint Navigation, and Alltel Navigation all cost the same price as VZ Navigator, $9.99/mo or $2.99/day. T-mob doesn't even have it. Obviously the other carriers do the same thing because it is a premium service.

The next thing you'll probably throw in is Visual Voicemail, arguing that "all the other carriers offer it for free on their phones..." Fact is its only available on 3 phones right now, the Voyager, iPhone, and Instinct. With the iPhone you are paying for a $30 data package and they bundle it there, so you really can't make the arguement that its free. Sprint offers it for free out of desperation. Why do people expect Verizon to give away services?

"Do you think Verizon is the only service that charges for GPS service on their phones? AT&T Navigator, Sprint Navigation, and Alltel Navigation all cost the same price as VZ Navigator, $9.99/mo or $2.99/day. T-mob doesn't even have it. Obviously the other carriers do the same thing because it is a premium service. "

The difference is that Verizon locks out the GPS completely unless you use VZ Navigator. Yes, the others charge for their navigation system, but the GPS chip is still active so you can use a third party solution if you prefer. Verizon customers don't have that option. Its VZ Navigator or nothing.

"These exclusives that go beyond 90 - 180 days are just foolish in my opinion. There are plenty of folks out there like me who will never, ever switch to Verizon (insert some other carrier here if you like) no matter what kind of exclusive they have on a particular device."

I couldn't agree more. I wouldn't switch to AT&T for an iPhone even it it was as good as people want it to be. AT&T coverage in my area sucks. Its a large city and yet there are AT&T dead spots all over that I dont get on Verizon. Put that together with the 3G iPhone dropping calls in good areas and it makes me really glad I didn't switch to AT&T.

I understand but all the carriers do that. The navigation on T-Mobile is locked unless you purchase the plan. Every carrier have their own thing. I was with T-Mobile for 5 years and switched the VZW. There was always some extra charges on my phone bill will T-Mobile. I got sick of it and switched and could not be happier.

Also I heard the verizon website is going to be up in a couple of days!!

Someone within VZW is getting fired! lol, I use to work for VZW and it's very obvious that this person broke a serious VZW Law. Especially when your monitor has a very specific message about reminding customers how to check their Balance "BAL" lol. Won't be long before VZW finds the culprit. I wonder if it was really worth it.

If only that were true... unfortunately the $49.99 phone at 11 seconds appears to be some sort of flip phone.

Groundbreaking? I just read that the iphone app store is on track to sell a billion apps within 2009. This might be a sweet piece of software with limited applications. Its said but true.

I'm not sure what you are seeing, but I didn't see anything on the touchscreen that we haven't seen before. One touch scrolling, haptics, large screen and good reselution - seen them all. Let's see how smooth and user friendly it is before we annoint it the saviour; most of the other full touchscreen have crashed and burned in my opinion.

How many apps were available for the iphone when it was first released? Apps sprout of the woodwork for innovation like this!

lets make sure this new touch screen design can keep up with the quick typing that blackberry users are accustomed to.

makes me glad AT&T has delayed the Bold.

Will I get the Bold or the Storm? I don't know. I'm on AT&T now, but my contract is up and I can switch over.

If it's $199, I can get it for $99 since I work for the government and we get discounts so that may play into what I'll be getting.

Verizon is doing the switcher credit, however it ENDS on the 31st of OCT, so you should take advantage of that and do your 30 day exchange on the device, praying the storm comes out between oct 31st and dec 1st!

All the people wanting to know about it being exclusive to VZW, I am sure in the future other carriers will come out with some kind of touchscreen BB. The Storm is exclusive to VZW. Another variation of the Storm will come to the other carriers. It's just common business sense for RIM to do that.

I'm not sure if that's true or not. I mean, look at the iPhone. It's not coming to different carriers for awhile since AT&T paid a premium to keep the exclusivity.

Will another version of the iPhone come out for Verizon? I doubt it.

I understand there are a lot of different Curves for different carriers, but I don't think the Storm will be coming out for any other carrier except Verizon in the US....that is....if Verizon hits their sales targets.

Maybe that's what AT&T keeps delaying the Bold....they want to hit their sales targets with the iPhone to keep their exclusivity.

Actually there are other "versions" of the iPhone out. Its a chinese version. You can see it on eBay. Its called the "Xphone" and the "HiPhone" LOFL...

This should be pretty interesting to see where it goes. I mean its not groundbreaking for Verizon but it definatly is for RIM. I would be very surprised to see them fail to meet their quotas in the first month of the release. With all the hype going with it. After the first week I forsee lines at the Verizon store down the street from me.

WOW !!...What a great way to start the morning watching the video. Fantastic stuff Kevin & all your team & contacts ;)
It looks amazing ! The scrolling looked so smooth none of the clicking & keeping your finger on as that ninja dude said...he probably didn't even know how to use the device ;)

Even though I just bought a Bold I'm seriously looking forward to this in UK :)

Of course this gets announced after I buy the iPhone. The only thing the iPhone really lacks to me is background processing and true push mail.

Anyone notice how it says Turn by Turn navigation. I'm sure you can only use VZ Nav which is another 10 bucks. This is one reason I switched over to AT&T they don't block out the GPS and don't try to get more money out of you.

I won't lie though. I would buy this device if I didn't just get the iPhone.

Like many here, I was offended by Vzw locking out GPS on the 8830. Instead, I switched to AT&T and got an 8310 for the GPS. However, I quickly realized that without voice navigation, using Google Maps with GPS isn't really more superior than Google Maps with cell-based nav.

So, now I'm paying $10/month for Telenav (sure I can get AmAze or Nav4all free, but it's not as integrated), and I have shoddy coverage and customer service, all because I wanted to save $120 over the life of my one-year contract. Next time, I'm going for one of the carriers that serves my area best.

It isn't just that I can't use GoogleMaps with navigation, I also like to use SpotJots, Blackberry 411 and other location intelligent apps.

So, I'll sit out the Storm, wait out my Verizon 8830 contract, then switch to a vendor that doesn't cripple my phone by disabling my GPS.

It's a shame too, because I would love a Storm, this is much nicer than the iPhone. I just can't justify buying a broken phone.

I was just commenting on how much smaller, lighter and overall easier to handle the 8330 curve is over the 8830WE which I have both. Does anybody have dimensions, size comparisons, etc between the storm and curve?

I would really like to know how much bulkier and what the weight is.

The curve is so dam hard to put down because of its size and functionality. I would hate to give that up simply to have a touch screen. And I realize they are totally different devices but in the end form and functionality do go hand in hand. Anxiously awaiting the storm to come...

Shut up idiot...If you don't want to read the news then move on, don't say you wish he gets caught...and The Boy does a good job as well on getting information out. If I remember correctly he was the first to announce the 'clicky' touchscreen as well as the fact that they would be announcing more details on monday. He just covers a lot more gadgets than just blackberries, hence the delays.

I just hate his bias against VZW and his love for the Iphone/AT&T but other than that The Boy does his thing.

This Blackberry just ensures that Verizon Wireless is the leader in the wireless industry. Blackberry said a "STORM" was coming, just hope other carriers boarded their windows!!

So this is going to be a VZW exclusive in the STATES...but what about Canada? Bell, Telus? I can't see Rogers being pleased about not having something like a touchscreen BB...I heard somewhere that the GSM version is going to be called the Thunder?

Did anyone else notice in the comparision chart that this baby has Picture Messaging?

If this is true than we can all start to get excited about it coming to the other devices soon. Maybe. Hopefully. Or is this feature also another exclusive to Verizon.

Hey Guys, the video got pulled. I read somewhere that someone had made a copy. Can you guys please repost the video? Thanks!

Sorry if I missed it or am just being dense, but does this device have Wifi capabilities? I'm a Verizon user and like them just fine, but when I upgrade my BB I want it to have Wifi.

Sorry no WiFi on the Storm. You will have to wait for the Javelin or get the Bold. so far no Touch screen BB w/ WiFi.

how bout you man up and pay for the evdo network. seriously!!! dont be another pathetic iphone/itouch wifi spot hopper that cant use the internet with out jacking someone elses or bumming it on someones free(open) wifi line.

evdo on the verizon network is just as fast as wifi for a handheld device.. so the wifi is pointless if you plan on having a data plan.

or i guess you could wait for the Javelin... no wait, scratch that, GO OVER TO AT&T and get an IPHONE, and leave the BlackBerrying to the really men.....hahahah :) jp

evdo is great, if you're in an evdo coverage area. I work in rural areas, and would rather take advantage of wifi at my hotel than use 1x.

Thank you for bringing that video back Kevin!!!
you'll have to let us know how many threatening emails you get telling you to take it down :)

fight the good fight and keep it up as long as possible!!

I think the major factor in determining the success of this device will lay in the transition from mechanical keys to a touchscreen keyboard. Blackberry was one of, if not the first, to bring about the full keyboard on a device and the idea of typing, so transitioning now to a touchscreen in a smooth manner is what I think the real key is here.

Someone capture this video so we can keep posting and embedding it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm glad I didn't slide over to AT&T just yet for the Bold. Maybe it's been a good thing the Bold delayed so long. Otherwise, I'd never get the chance to check out the Storm. So thanks a lot, RIM! Also, great job as always Kevin and team!

I know many of you have biases about Verizon and AT&T and which one is the better choice, but for me AT&T works best for my needs, Ive never had a single problem with their network, my question is in regards to the Storm being global and with a SIM card?? Would that mean others carriers could use it as well if "unlocked"? I would love the Storm but I'm not willing to transfer over yet simply for this phone,...............could anyone give me some feedback please. Thanks a bunch!

VZ navigator capable means the GPS is disabled to work only when you pay verizon just like older blackberries. I wish verizon didn't suck so bad.

With all the excitement from Verizon's Storm, What has happened to Verizon's BOLD excitement? Can anyone advise if the BOLD is EVER coming out thru Verizon?

If this thing will sync with my mac I won't have to break my Verizon contract and get an iPhone. Anyone know?

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For all of you waiting for the release of the Storm you really ought to read the experiences of UK owners via - it is littered with issues and faults. Takes a while to read all the comments but you should take the time to do so before parting with money. Basically, it has very poor reception and the battery will only last ~12 hours (as long as you do NOTHING with the unit, e.g. make calls etc). I, for one, am sending mine back.