Exclusive: BBX (BlackBerry/QNX) Platform name outted in QNX Auto Summit Japan presentation!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Oct 2011 02:26 pm EDT

A new blog post on the QNX blog just outted the new BBX (BlackBerry) Platform name that I exclusively reported on earlier this week. Check out the slide above which is talking about the QNX Car 2. BBX, iOS and Android support?

Looking REAL good now that BBX is the new name of the QNX-based BlackBerry Platform that'll be used on the PlayBook and upcoming QNX-BlackBerry SuperPhones. I like the BBX name. Good stuff.

We're looking forward to learning more about this one at DevCon, where it should be officially announced!

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Exclusive: BBX (BlackBerry/QNX) Platform name outted in QNX Auto Summit Japan presentation!


Bring me QNX phones DAMN IT. Im so sick of wating DAMN IT. I hate my IPHONE 3gs DAMN IT. Bought a SSGS S2,3 months ago.. what a shity phone DAMN IT. I want QNX DAMN IT. Bring me fast a QNX Phone DAMN IT. What the fuck is this RIM DAMN IT.You have it already testing DAMN IT, I know you can bring it out DAMN IT. All the competitors bringing new phones DAMN IT. BOLD 9900 is good but not good enough DAMN IT. QNX DAMN IT

That's awesome! Sound super epic! Black Berry X! And, new phones coming soon! *three cheers for RIM*

Can't wait for these new phones! Seems like I'm just gonna wait for Blackberry X baby!!!!! My torchie can still handle a a few more months!!!

Why do I get a feeling it'll be more than you can handle in terms of patience? Not a hater here, I'm a BB user but based on my own observations, RIM is good with announcing their next generations of phones way too ahead of the release time. Sometimes, to a point of reaching nearly a year (or what seems like a year) but definitely not 3 or 4 months way longer than that.

Im really happy i decided not to go for the Torch 9850 as sexy as it was. I can wait a few more months longer for this :D

The biggest news coming out of QNX is the next generation of QNX --- QNX Neutrino 8.0. QNX has a new OS every 10 years. My GUESS is that it will follow vxworks to make QNX a 64 bit RTOS (which doesn't affect RIM because it will be years before smartphones move to 64 bit chips).

1980's --- QNX 2
1990's --- QNX 4
2000's --- QNX 6
2010's --- QNX 8

Google the phrase in quotation marks --- "neutrino 8.0". There is one entry in the QNX website (which has since been removed by QNX). But you can still see it in googlecache.


But it has just the phrase "neutrino 8.0" without any explanation. However, it is the only official QNX acknowledgement that QNX 8.0 actually exists.

Read the googlecache version --- DLNA/UPnP is under investigation with zero time frame. So we ain't getting that for Playbook 2.0.

Who knows....at the rate smartphones are catching up to desktops, it could be just a few years before we see the first 64bit tablet (bet it will be an android)Followed by 64bit phones the next year

And is already 64bit. It cannot scale to more than 4gb of memore and multi processors (multi core CPU or not ) without it.

BBX is not the name of the os. It's the "x" being just a place holder for rim to finalize if bb8/9/8.2/10 will be used. Seeing BBX in a slide is not official.

QNX only works on one 64 bit CPU so far (Freescale e5500 IBM Power Architecture). And it's really just the kernel only. So if you make a huge telecom router that doesn't even have a GUI --- then you are ok.

Only a very limited portion of QNX can support 4GB of RAM.


Multi-core has nothing to do with multi-processor --- which in turn has nothing with do with whether or not QNX is 64 bits.

I don't think so, but just picked up CrackBerryX.com to be safe... so if you really feel the need to visit crackberryx you can just type in crackberryx.com and land back here :)



I just tried it for the hell of it. Felt like jumping into the future for a moment lol.

Sent from my flippin' CrackBerry Style, without "X" or "XXX" content :p

It's something American Investors wouldn't understand... But if I can read it... It clearly states BBX is going to blow IOS and Android out of the water! Just stating their Death!

This just hit me. Could the "X" in "BBX" mean a variable? such as BB6, BB7, etc.? BBX would be a good name though.

It could mean BlackBerry Xperiment... Kinda like THX stands for Thomas Holmes Xperiment... We all know cool THX is!

Who care what the new OS is called???

I have been a huge supporter of Blackberry and RIM for years, been through many of their devices as well. I must say I think RIM is in a make or break mode here in the US. I am very excited about DevCon as I believe this will tell the tale for the next year of what we can expect (which is about all the patience I have left).

You can call the new OS whatever you want, but if RIM doesn't get moving quick it will be the OS formerly known as QNX.

I think we will all know in the next few weeks when OS version 2 arrives for the Playbook. It shoud give a pretty good look at the way things are going to happen or what is going to happen through the next year especially with the QNX, sorry BBX, devices coming out. I hope RIM has been listening to everyone and it all turns out like I hope it will.

So who cares what they call the new OS, it just has to do what we all want it to do. Or on the other hand maybe I just need to quit complaining about it and go for a platform that does what I think it should do. But I think the market share speaks for itself and I am not the only one who feels this way.

My thoughts exactly, it could be named whatever - it needs to be released on time and not suffer from RIM and their usual utter ineptitude in terms of releasing anything on time.

RIM is at a cross-roads; it needs to demonstrate to investors and the public that it is a serious company - one that has moved with the times and understands the needs of today's consumers.

And that means you release a product on time and FINISHED. No more half-a** jobs, pseudo promises, and half truths regarding the potential of the product. If they can not do that, it only adds fuel to the fire that RIM is obsolete, antiquated, and archaic, being no longer capable of competing in 2011 and onwards.

the slide said

QNX car 2 overview:

Speed of technology innovation is increasing, while time investment into each development is decreasing

Compatibility with internal car operating system:
BBX, iOS, Android...

Mobile phones to be activated upon use of the car (meaning pairing your phone to the car i guess), and links data to the system structually.

The use of the latest encripted wireless technology...

Tesla PR people are saying that they are using linux, but Tesla showed up in one of the QNX slide decks.

I don't care much about the name as long as it's a great OS that makes Playbook and future RIM phones amazing.

Anybody understands japanese? Please translate just to get a glimpse of what that conference was about.