Exclusive: Praise the BlackBerry Lord - OS 6.1 allows me to manage homescreen panes!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jan 2011 10:36 am EST
BlackBerry 6.1 - Manage Panes

Thank you RIM! This BlackBerry 6.1 screen capture above shows off a new feature in the upcoming OS update that so many of us BlackBerry 6 users, including myself, have been longing for... the ability to manage homescreen panes.

In the default BlackBerry homescreen experience the All, Favorites, Media, Downloads, and Frequent panes are always present, which on a device like the BlackBerry Bold 9780 (that is fast and lacks a touchscreen) can make for a lot of accidental scrolling between panes. With BlackBerry 6.1, the new Manage Panes option will make that annoyance a thing of the past as you will be able to choose which panes to show on the homescreen. Great news. Now we just need to see this baby get released!

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Exclusive: Praise the BlackBerry Lord - OS 6.1 allows me to manage homescreen panes!!


It would be nice if you could press the menu key and they had an option for "Add New Pane". I'd love to be able to add a "Games" pane or "News" or something else along those lines.

On Torch the scrolling issue is not bad, but I'd like to be able to creat my own pane. E.g., News folder pane. Yes I can just create a folder but it would be better to just swipe to the right and have the links rather than scroll down and open the folder to get them.

Still nice feature, I'll probably just go for all and media.

Any hint on if we get 6.1 before all the new harware comes out? I'll probably upgrade to Torch 2 anyway but would be good if we get this now.

In a way you can do this. I save all of my browser links to a bookmarks folder and also mark them as favorite. So when I scroll to my favorite pan all that is there are browser links. just a suggestion.

Absolutely! Isn't this a no-brainer? I write software for a living and something like this wouldn't have made it to release without a visibility toggle, change order and 'create new' function.

We NEED to be able to make our own panes!!!

Also, whay does the red button (end call) take you back to the 'All' pane?

How about the next release having the option to choose which pane is the default - then that's the one that gets selected when the red button is pressed?


I just installed OS6 on my 9700 and I love it, but I absolutely hate accidentally scrolling to another pane.

just press the end call button. I too hated it when i first upgraded my 9700 but like 2 weeks in i realized what the end call button did. Sends you back to the all screen.

on my torch however, I dont really have the scrolling problem, but I cant wait to be able to only select the all. I hate having all those other windows...Im sure that will cut back usage on the cpu as well.

OMGoooooshhhhh!!! Cant wait for the new OS to be released for my Torch!!! Its being sooooo long since the last time I saw an update :(...!!! Thank you CB dudes for the info!!! Saludos!

What bothers me the most about this? Why the heck wasn't this included in 6.0? Seems like a no brainer with the current being absolutely redundant: Who's designing this stuff?!? Is it possible that they hold off on things like this simply to have a "new and improved" version here and there? If they would do it and do it right the first time, my respect for BB's would grow in miles.

SAAA-WEEETTT!!! In 7 days I'll be upgrading from my 8530 to a 9650. I see no reason for the 9650 to NOT get 6.1 (IMHO). This is GREAT.

Don't own a 6.0 device, so not sure how this works - if you uncheck everything except 'All', do the other options still exist as folders that you can access? So the only difference is that they are no longer swipeable panes on the homescreen?

"All" already contains everything that you see on other panes, think of the other panes as being shortcuts to apps of certain kinds (like "media"- has music and video, which are in a media folder in the "all" pane too). its kind of redundant which is why people want to be able to remove some panes.

No. That's the correct side it shows up on when charging and in any of the "options" pages. There are only a few of the pages where it doesn't show up at all, but is on the right side in most of them.

Great news. I just use my all and have my own sub folders..just the way I roll. It was a bit annoying on the 9780....and I agree with the column view comment, I miss it dearly.

This is great news for sure. But I need something a little more like column view for my 9650 so I can see what the hell I am doing. I have all but stopped using the device for the browser because i can't see shit.

This is very nice, but it doesn't show whether we'll be allowed to create new home screen panes. So far this screen shot only indicates that we can disable the ones we don't want (like Favorites, which always resets itself after a reboot, even with the latest OS update), and Downloads. What really needs to be included is the ability to rename and/or create new panes at will.

The other question is how long it will take for 6.1 upgrades to be rolled out to existing users, or whether it will be available as an upgrade at all. I hope my Torch won't be obsolete by the time 6.1 is available for it.

Nice feature. Looking forward to updates for the Torch. Kind of reminds me when WinMo 6 came out and then shortly thereafter came 6.1. I figure the same holds true here. The Torch is the present flagship and so I am sure we will be able to upgrade to 6.1 (IMHPO - in my humble prophetic opinion) .

I only use the "all" pane and have ended up on other panes by accident so this will be a welcome change. What I'm really hoping for is if I erase every pane but "all", I hope that it doesn't show a pane at all and it acts like OS5 in that if I scroll to that area then it shows all apps as opposed to selecting the "bar" that says "all" then me still having to scroll again to actually get to the app icons. I also wish I didn't have to hit the BB key twice to pull up the app list, but I'm already used to it. If it wasn't for selecting an unused pane by accident, I honestly don't think I would even care about this as universal search has all but eliminated me looking for apps anyway! Others have mentioned wanting column view and I agree the text wrapping and zooming definitely needs improvement, but Opera Mini has saved me from having to deal with that... Except I wish I could set Opera as default so when using universal search it opens Opera instead of the stock browser.

Good point about just having the ALL pane.

I also would like more homescreen R/E for my wallpaper. I like being able to see most of it as I did in OS 5.

uhh... stop clicking all or double clicking the BlackBerry button just do a fast swipe down and it opens the all tray.. Like Kevin already talked about this buddy hope you read this and start saving yourself the extra keystrokes.

The OS is 6.1 with a .1 update you expect a full rewrite?

My biggest complaint with OS6 has just been addressed, I do hope OS6 devices get OS6.1 upgrade

Well... Duh.

It's only 6.1. Up from 6.0. We aren't talking about stepping up to 7 yet.

Besides, this is only one feature. We don't yet know what other changes are in store.

And I see deRusett beat me to the response.:)

I wish there was a way to clear the missed calls all at once in the notifcations section of the home screen. The only way to do it is to click on every single missed call individually to clear it one by one. Kind of annoying.

Hold down the "Shift" button and swipe the trackpad until the missed calls are all selected. You just have to select "Mark Opened" from the menu after that.

hey people....IS IT JUST ME OR DID ANYBODY ELSE REALIZE......................THAT THERE IS NO OFFICIAL 6.0 FOR VERIZON AND OTHER CARRIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...SO WHY ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS....CMONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im tired of these games


That may just be the most annoying post I have ever seen.

And go bitch to Verizon if you want an official release. They decide what becomes official for their devices.

Hooray. Although I've been able to master not accidentally scrolling to the other panes. But this will be great.

meh, I hate stock themes being able to create and use custom themes has always been one of my clinchers for buying blackberry, RIM's theme's are just boring and plain, I like plain but not boring lol, plus i prefer to have all my app folders on the homescreen. The stock theme on the torch caused me to constantly disconnect from the network as the connections manager was too easy to open, the theme i have now has the connections on the homescreen but it is smaller out of the way and you have to do a stormish double tap to open the connections.

Ha ha! #2 annoyance on the list is dealt with - thank you RIM! Now, let theme building beging so I can get a TODAY THEME for the 9780!!!!

What's funny is you have all this BlackBerry hating but yet many of you keep buying and still use your BlackBerry you hate so much LOL!!! If I don't like something I have options. Easy, I would just go to another phone. Like WOMEN... You all love just love the drama LOL. Nobody is making you stay ;)

Remember.. BlackBerry crossed over on it's own to a lot of people (like me) who thought it was cool to have a BB. At least RIM is making changes now for the regular phone consumer. I learned that my BOLD 9650 with the GREAT OS6 does everything I need it to do PLUS SOME.

2 years with BB and counting!! \m/

...and the ability to add, delete and edit the panes? 1/2 way there! Don't go down the same road as the other platforms and clutter everything up and spread everything out. Simple and Organized please.

Yea RIM!!!! Thanks for listening or testing which ever made you decide. Great choice. Since most of us already make folders to organize these I really hate this in the OS6. Now I can't wait for this to leak. Bravo RIM!!!

Long overdue - bring it on! Any ETA on this? This is one thing I really hated after upgrading to OS6 on my 9700.

I'll mention another annoying thing while the momentum is here: the inability to click on the profile picture of a BBM contact to see an enlarged full-screen version. Many people tend to put profile pictures to share it with friends - not much use if you can't see the detail...

This sounds awesome! On the down side I just got BB6.0 on my bold 9650 so Idon't know how long i'll get this. Hopefully sooner then later.

I'm not sure if the BB6.0 on the Curve 9330 is giving this option yet or not, but I'd really like to find out how to get to it soon! These scrolling menus are a pain!