Exclusive Nicki Minaj concert in Manila drew 12,000 BlackBerry subscribers

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By Michelle Haag on 21 Jul 2012 05:40 pm EDT

Over 12,000 people in the Philippines were recently treated to an exclusive Nicki Minaj concert in Manila. The concert was free for Globe subscribers that picked up the new BlackBerry Curve 9220 or Curve 9320 on the new Globe My Super Plan. As the only leg of the Pink Friday Tour to stop in Southeast Asia, international songwriter and rap superstar Nicki's performance was the biggest and most exclusive concert to ever hit the country! To be eligible for the show, subscribers who purchased a new BlackBerry Curve 9220 were entitled to one free ticket, while those who purchased a new BlackBerry Curve 9320 got two free tickets. Existing subscribers outside their lock-up could opt to re-contract their account subscription and get the BlackBerry Curve 9220 or the BlackBerry Curve 9320 for the free tickets, while those within lock-up could get a new postpaid line or purchase a prepaid phone kit.

The BlackBerry Curve 9220 is still available for free at My Super Plan 499 plus a P99 unlimited BlackBerry Chat subscription which comes with a P499 monthly consumable amount for calls and texts, unlimited access to BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) and 2 freebies for as low as P598 a month. The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is available for free at My Super Plan BlackBerry Unli Surf Combo Plan 999 with unlimited mobile surfing, P400 monthly consumable for calls and texts, and 1 freebie for only P999 a month. The new BlackBerry Curve smartphones are now also available in teal blue.

A few more pictures are below. Let us know if you got to go to the show!  

Nicki Minaj (L - R) Winston Llamas (concert producer Wilbros Live), Chee Loo Fun (Senior Advisor for Consumer Marketing, Globe Telecom), Nicki Minaj, and Cameron Vernest (Director for the Philippines, Research In Motion)
Nicki Minaj in concert in Manila
Nicki Minaj on stage
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Exclusive Nicki Minaj concert in Manila drew 12,000 BlackBerry subscribers


That's quite the observation. I think its pretty cool that 12000 people got to see a concert compliments of BB. I would like to see BB offer that type of incentive when BB10 launched.

It's baffling that Nikki Minaj did a concert for BlackBerry when only a year ago she did one in Times Square for Nokia to promote the release of the Lumia 900. What a sellout.

Yes, very condescending. You should be thankful to these emerging countries because if it was only up to so called developed countries, RIM would be in big deep hole and chances of seeing BB10 would be very remote. Having said that, I think RIM is doing amazing job in the developing countries and it's very important, because that's where the future is. I hope they can also penetrate Chinese market with BB10.
I hope they also do similar promotions here in Canada for BB10.

you think USA dont have many people every year more and more needs such devices too??? I dont think blackberry are cheap devices. Sorry

Yeah broke and still has the biggest military in the world. So if worse comes to worse I guess the U.S will do what they always do when they "need " something, just go and take it. Not bad for a borderline 3rd world country. :)

JD are you satisfied with the replies to your post? I don't see any come back comments from you. I guess worms like you can only leave a trace and can't defend themselves. Let us know when you're done trolling. The peanut gallery misses you.

im from the philippines, and i can tell you that those who watched niki minaj concert are not poor. the cost of tickets are 300 dollars!!!!

Seems you aren't normal but you sure fit low life.

I am happy for those people.

Oh, and BTW JD914 what "developed" country claims you as a citizen?

You are an assumtions have been made that BlackBerrys are low end devices. Perhaps there are the device that people who are not bloated with (perceived) luxury enjoy using. They work and they are cost effective.

I originated from east Malaysia and came to Canada in the early 70's. I know first hand what's like to grow up poor. When you only making 200cad monthly, these devices become luxury items. It's the 'norm' but they become an all in one tool. They help the poor communicate, tech and help villages slowly integrate into the 21 century. Try being poor for awhile and see how you like it.


+1. Most who post on these sites will never have a clue. I've lived through enough of 3rd world bs first hand. I love my adopted country of Canada. I know it's somewhat of a business decision, but RIM should be applauded for helping to bridge the gap between 3rd world and 1st world technologies.

Apple for the doctors etc.... Rim for the world...thats great rim ...go your not done ....we love your style

So what if they are low budget devices, these customers will buy BB10 later on, building the relation and customer and most of all # of subscriber growth. valuaation is all about # of subscribers and BBMers.
do not forget monthly service fee that comes to RIM
it like selling printer for $20 and cables and ink for $50

I wanna see this sort of promo and BB exclusive events in the US and Canada.

#BeBold 9900 + PlayBook #BlackBerryByChoice

Nice to see RIM and Nicki Minaj doing this. "Cheap" or not, even the 9220 and 9320 are quality products. I would use one. Even with buying my BB I didn't get Nicki. Oh well, I'll still buy a BB. 12,000 people are true winners!

Btw the girl in the green does look good. Lol

Hi! I am from the Philippines and see just how BlackBerry is touching the lives of my people. Maybe we are not the richest country in the world, but what we lack in economic resources, we make up for them with the richness of our sense of community. We are heavy SMS, Facebook, and Twitter users primarily because we love connecting to our loved ones, especially to our family members who are overseas. I am so thankful BBM is now more accessible here - somehow, it makes the days being apart from them more bearable. At least I know they are just a BBM away.

Oh, and I was there at the concert. Have to admit I wasn't a Nicki Minaj fan - until that very moment. It was the biggest dance floor I have ever been in. :-)

BlackBerry is <3

some of you guys/gals kill me, have any of you been to a third world country? LOL We are all awaiting BB10.....but still good that RIM is getting OS 7 into the hands of ppl

This shows how popular BB here in the Philippines. 12,0000 people attended this event not even a major representation of BB users based all thru out the Philippines since its only In Manila not to mention any other major cities ( I'm sure this same minimum number of people are also waiting for BB10 release. Mind you BB 9320 & 9220 is no cheap here, it is even more expensive than some of those known android brand phones.

@JD, it maybe low end but its still a blackberry and it get things done! Enough of your arrogance itroll!

Whoa! That's rude! Anyway, enough of that nonsense guy. Am happy that 12k BB loyalist were able to watch the free concert. These guys are the ones who's going to wait for the BB10. And they are also the one who's going to spread what BB10 can & will do. Btw, am proud to say that am a Filipino! Woohoo..!

I think Filipinos are the # 1 beneficiary of the superb and awesome keyboard of bb coz we are the # 1 texters of d world. I am blackberry by choice!

Outside of the troll house and also, he is being Just a Dick. Lol


Go RIM!! :)