Exclusive: New pre-release BlackBerry 10 OS images surface - homescreen widgets make their BB debut!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Feb 2012 07:15 pm EST

POW! Following up the first-look image of a BlackBerry 10 phone we posted two weeks ago, today the good ol' CrackBerry tip line received a pretty *interesting* email, to which was attached a 14-page .pdf file full of Cracktastic goodness. The document was clearly prepared by one of RIM's external ad agency partners as a BB10 briefing document, providing background information on BlackBerry 10 and outlining some of the OS features and ideas for how to position BlackBerry 10 in future advertising campaigns. BlackBerry 10 Phones may be months away still, but judging by the document it appears the behind-the-scenes work to begin marketing the next-generation of BlackBerry phones is already well under way.

Of course, the best part of the document wasn't what was written, but rather what was shown -- including some juicy OS imagery pointing to some of the things we can potentially expect to see in BlackBerry 10.

I pulled the images in this post from that document, and while the the hardware pictured throughout the .pdf was of BlackBerry 7 phones (Torch 9860s and 9810s), the OS imagery on the displays of those phones was made out to be of BlackBerry 10. There are some exciting takeaways here. Back in November when we saw the first photo of a BBX phone dummy model, the homescreen user interface on that device looked much more like a scaled-down version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. We've known that BlackBerry 10 will build on the PlayBook OS and feature some UI changes to better suit the phone experience, and these screen caps illustrate some of these changes.

One rumor I've actually been hearing of for a while now but had yet to see evidence of was that with BlackBerry 10 Research In Motion will finally introduce their own version of "widgets" to the homescreen experience. The image above seems to confirm that notion, drawing inspiration from Android's widgets and Windows Phone's Live Tiles to bring useful mini-app experiences to the homescreen.

On the image below you can see also see the updated icon tray, which features new artwork and icons that are much smarter than those of BlackBerry 7. Note that the Folder icon shows the icons of applications inside, and the Pictures icon shows a photo from the album within. The clock icon even shows the time of the next set alarm. Heck, Cut the Rope, which was recently released for the BlackBerry PlayBook, also made the icon tray (the date of this document is very new, by the way).  

The next image shows off the Universal Inbox, which we've already seen in action on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. Perhaps the biggest thing to point out here are the names of the people within the email app. For example, a quick Google search for Erica Josefsson will bring you to her Linked in Profile which shows she's part of RIM's User Experience Team based out of Malmo, Sweden. Cleary the design work of The Astonishing Tribe is at work here.

The final image shows off a super sexy caller display screen. And note the icon for video chat? Safe to say the front facing camera on BlackBerry 10 phones will be put to use easily.

Put these few images together and things are looking really promising for BlackBerry 10. That of course assumes all of these features pan out to be part of BlackBerry 10 on phones. Looking at the document, I have no doubt that the the OS screencaps were supplied by Research In Motion to the ad company, but looking at the fact it is "partner" material with the final document produced by the partner it's always possible that changes were made and that what RIM provides as working materials could be different than what RIM will ultimately launch with.

That said, I like what I see, so definitely hope this is a good hint of what we'll see when BlackBerry 10 phones hit the market later this year. 

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Exclusive: New pre-release BlackBerry 10 OS images surface - homescreen widgets make their BB debut!



Looks nice, but its way late. I love my blackberry and will continue to use them. But this OS should be out NOW! Looking at the features from the screen shots it has stuff that other phones already have. By the time this get released it will again be behind on the tech. All of this is what OS7 should have been.

This all software-based, and more importantly, UI-related, for the most part. How does that suggest behind in tech? Nevermind that Kevin mentioned that the pdf was 14 pages and marketing related; the information presented here could be but a small fraction of what RIM is planning or even what Kevin knows (and I'm sure he knows a lot more than he's letting on!)

Not only is it not going to be on par with this year's next gen phones, from the screenshots, it look like it isn't even competitive with the current generation oses. The widgets have too many labels. Isn't the point of widget to provide information at a glance, only being able to fit 4 because there are multiple level of labels is quite counter-intuitive.

I agree they [past ceos] really screwed that one up. seriously they had so much time to get to this point. i hope will pull through though. i like my 9810 and i do not want to have iphone or android

They can't release an unsecure device and they don't have the LTE chips needed yet. If they released it would be a playbook half-ass story as the media will splurg on that line.

come on, who would fall for that LTE chip story

Motorola already launched the Droid RAZR MAXX, a LTE phone with 16 hours of battery life...so if RIM is still thinking that they are developing innovative technology when they launch this near September, then they are REALLY behind

Maybe this is the best move they can make given the current situation, but really, everything is so far behind and they are sacrificing more and more of their identity to catch up other phones without any innovations that their future is pretty much doomed.

16 Hours of Battery Life? Most people I know with Droids carry an AC adapter. While Motorola may profess 16 hours, that is probably with the brightness at ZERO, with No Apps and No incoming communications.

I can easily get a day on my BB. That's a big feature if you ask me. A phone that only last 4-8 hours really isn't that useful without being tethered to a power source.

All sites that tested the Droid RAZR MAXX got above 12 hours of heavy usage. RIM is behind on battery life too now...you'll just have to accept it,

Oh Man ! 12 whole hours ? After 3 or 4 years of development , and only now to have 12 hrs of heavy usage ? What about the Droid RAZR ? The only reason you're riding the RAZR MAXX to the bank is because they added a battery big enough to kill someone ! BlackBerrys have had 1day minimum , 2day charges for 10 yrs with regular size batteries . How are they behind when they don't require such heavy batteries ? . . you'll just have to accept it , . .

Way late? You're never too late to switch. Quite whining. If you value BBM, then it is NEVER too late to switch.

not really, people do not value BBM, people value IM on a mobile device. If there is no other users using BBM, then BBM has no value. They need to turn around quick, because if the entire world uses iMessage, being a BBM user and not contacting any of your friend and co-workers ever after would be one of the most stupid thing to do.

Clearly you do not understand what a data and battery hogging piece of garbage iMessage is compared to BBM. RIM shrinks data and uses minimal battery life which is why it is so popular saving people on their phone bills. It is far superior in every way (which is why apple even bothered to come up with an inferior imitation).

This is also the reason that iMessage has gained so little traction among iphone users...you may as well text because your data bill is probably sky high already due to the fact that they can't shrink data.

I hate to agree with JackKennedy on BBM but, unless you have friends and contacts using BlackBerry and BBM then BBM has no value. I know one person who uses a BlackBerry and he doesn't use BBM.

However, to all the people saying that RIM is behind the times based on the screenshots, those are preliminary screenshots and nothing can truly be determined by just a few screenshots. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes.

It should be out when ready. They will not be behind. Will continue to get better, yes. But if they can produce at least the same features and a bit better, with terrific battery life, people will come back in droves. I'm already saving my money to buy one on launch day.


Wow, stirred up the hornets nest with that comment. All I'm saying is that rim had all the time in the world to release this already. I'll defiantly get a BBX device when it arrives but i'm a bit sad that its taken so long. I bet we don't see any BBX device until Q3 '12(and that's hopeful). If you cant accept a complaint about RIM, than your no different from the apple fan boy who guards apple against all negatives. My 9700 is still kicking ass but I don't plant to pay $600 for a 9900 thats not all that different. I wouldn't consider myself a power user but I expected better from RIM by now.

I really hope this is NOTT BB 10. It looks nothing like the beautiful QNX software. Instead, the home screen looks like IOS, call screen looks like Windows Phone 7 and message list looks like Android... This will ruin them... (even more)...

I agree with you on all points! C'mon TAT, where's the spunk in the UI like the clips on your site? I'm feeling like they are pinching from the 3 OS's on the market! We want to see more originality.

What's wrong with taking the best of the three competing operating systems? Automobile companies do it all the time.

Considering this is Research in Motion, these samples look very original and refreshing. :)

Yes, and they are not taking the best of the 3 oses, they are doing quite a bad job at copying them, and what's worse is that they abandon their own functions and identity to ensure an extremely late release of half-baked imitation. I don't want to pay extra monthly fee to use an inferior iphone/android/wp imitate. To be brutally honest, neither is there anything original or refreshing about any of the images unless you have been in a coma for the last 3 years.

Dude . . . Calm down . It's a fantasy , a rendering , a Photoshop . These are just images of ideas . Don't get all your all panties in a bunch . Nothing has been set in stone . Nothing is going to be released anytime soon , half-baked . . .

oh what a delightful surprise...the same user spreading another negative comment on this board. You have no idea what the BB10 OS will look like. Everyone is here excitedly anticipating what the original smartphone innovator will come out with next. Why waste your time being negative here. Every company has its strengths (BB has many) and weaknesses. Read today's news and you'll see that iPhone has been slammed for massive holes in keeping private the information of its users. An ongoing problem with them. Blackberry is lightyears ahead in these matters.

P.S. Classy touch with the coma line...

From someone who uses Photoshop on a daily basis... I can tell you that the whole damn picture is photoshopped! This whole thing is probably a fake. Look how clear the guys hands are and how shitty the phone is..

+1 on photoshop
Why on a BB phone with a standard button for the phone function and for the camera, they need to utilize precious screen area for additional softbuttons that do the same? Even in the "Martina Schultz" photo there is an additional end-call softbutton.

These softbuttons never existed in any previous touch-UI BB, and for a reason!

Also, the right top corner under the statusbar and the phone softbutton in the bottom are mis-aligned in the "rows of icons" photo. Not even a good photoshop job.

i agree... look at the upper right corner of the phone, above the topmost finger. Notice the reflected chrome edge? yeah, its gone where they cropped in the phone.

they may be real screens... but the images are "pieced" together.

i hope the images are real of the screens. BB needs to take a bit of this and a bit of that from the 2 companies that are dominating the market. Why? they must be doing something right.

You are correct. Those images are an obvious photoshop job. Now whether this was done as a fake to mislead or as a concept for marketing is the real question.

Yeah, looks really nice, and it looks like they've added font scalability like in the old bbos's 5,6,7. At least I hope so. Wonder what kind of hardware that's going to require? I couldn't see my old 8530 running that lol.


It looks great. It looks very similar to other operating systems but none the less great!
Exciting times in the BB world

That's what I thought when I saw it too. Then I saw the other picture of the rows of apps and thought about Apple will sue them.

Correct me if I'm wrong but those "rows of apps" were there since BB OS 4.5 at least. The first Pearl was released with them when iPhone didn't even exist.

OMG THANK YOU! Apple loves to take other concepts and apparently 'Revolutionise' pretty much everything apple has in their products never belong to them and they didn't invent it.


the row of apps go back as far to the blackberry charm days and i remember nokia phones having row of apps earlier than 2007

Looks awesome, great to see the improvements! Looks good for people wanting a full touch screen phone. I'm a Bold fan, can't wait to see what the do with that form factor!

I think that the full touch devices will maximize the benefits of the BB10 OS but I am just as eager to see what they do with it.

All looks great. I wish I could buy today!

Interesting the familiar 4 buttons and pointer are still there.

Too bad it wasn't really running on a BB7 device. Possible upgrade from BB7 to BB10 would be great for those who bought BB7 devices. I'm still running a 9700 so I want to see the real device.

If you look at the second image (the one with rows of apps) and look at the upper right hand corner it looks like someone pasted that ui ontop of the phone running a different ui. You can see where the black status bar doesn't match up.

So the "widgets" are like the Windows Panes more than Android Widgets right?

I would REALLY like to see an Excel Preview in a widget or 2 or 3 or 4 omg I'm getting to excited thinking about that..

Anyway, this is great if we get widgets, and that screen isn't RIM showing off their PlayBook style multi tasking

I agree, after a second look. Not sure this is a widget screen, looks similiar to multitasking as we've seen on PB, unless it said something in the PDF widget specific. I like it, and just a general comment (not based towards you deRussett) Put the QNX kernal into a design that works for many other OS's is not a bad idea, I'm sure RIM will have QNX items in there that will make it a true BB experience. I'm in Canada and bought my last phone so I didn't have to play with contracts in anticipation of a new QNX phone release, can't wait.

I don't think this leak is helping RIM at all Kevin. I understand you have to get traffic to the site but these images are clearly just mock ups and hopefully are not representative of what BB 10 will actually look like. If it is in any way representative RIM should ask for their money back from TAT cause the investment isn't paying off.

Why would they switch randomly from see through panes and colourful icons to dull black panes and white icons. Speaking of icons, why mess with them? I mean that BBM icon looks much worse then the current one, same with the browser icon. If they are spending all their time fixing what ain't broken (changing icons for the fun of it) and not working on the actual cohesive UI design language - that looks like a hodgepodge of every OS on the market with no soul of it's own - then they need to call it quits.

I hate Windows Phone, but it has a design language. I love Swipe UI, its so refined from a design point of view that apple wishes on their best day they could come up with something half as good. WebOS, it was the bastard stepchild of OS'es but the whole OS has a singular language through out. That's what makes an impression. This says, we are as schizophrenic as ever.

Really? Such positive feedback.

I'm really not loving that static bar at the bottom.

And with the multitasking panes on the homescreen, it seems like adding widgets is genna make things very busy.

We'll see if they can pull it off, but I wouldn't say that RIM has a particularly good track record on the SW side of things.


I like the idea of the static bar,
and Really RIM has done some good software with the PlayBook it really was the Storm that RIM crapped the bed with software, it was not touch friendly on a touch device. so I have a little faith, they do learn, just slowly.

as for making things busy, I agree with you, which is why I think that might not be a widget screen, but a app switching screen like a pass between the PlayBook style, and the current BBOS style multi tasking screen,

I want widgets, but am skeptical from these 3 images that we are getting them

Agreed, I suspect that "widget" screen might be some form of a multi-tasking screen... but we shall see.

Though I will disagree that RIM has done some good software with the PlayBook. Given the amount of time they developed the PB OS, then yes they did a good job, but compared to the iPad, the refinement just isn't even close to being there. And neither does it feel like their own OS. Instead it has a mostly iOS feel, with scattered items from other OSs thrown in. I think it's a great idea to steal what's good from other OSs, but I just wish the feel of the OS was unique and had a lot of BlackBerry character. Having said that, BB10 will likely/hopefully have much more unique personality.

Also, I fail to see the advantage of the static bar as shown in these images over the static row of icons as seen in PBOS2 or on the screens of the BBX dummy units that have appeared. The purpose of the 2 is essentially the same, except this static bar looks much worse and isn't customizable.

I'm really doubting that BB10 will look exactly like this.

Woah widgets? It is like with every release RIM is telling me "don't worry, you won't be missing anything of importance when you replace your android with a BB10"

Really looking forward to seeing what they do (and hope they bring it all to playbook. Seriously, if RIM starts giving their phones the 2-3 year update period they deserve that is another major reason to not go droid)

pinch of salt....... these kind of images are easy to photoshop so i wont believe anything till i see it on a real device.... also looks nothing like pb2.0 more like an android.....

Agreed...It's really like a cheap photoshop stuff that looks almost identical with Symbian Belle...The bottom bar..all the style.Even more ugly..the I don't believe this. TAT can make UI way better than the simplistic screenshot shown above. I will not believe until the real BBX phone come out.

Keep in mind that these pics are from a pdf that a RIM partner leaked and it doesn't necessarily mean the end product with look as such. Obviously the fist two images looked photoshoped, that's because they are. Its just displaying what the homescreen would look like on a device.

The more I look at the images, the more I can't help but think that there's really nothing about them that makes me excited. They look like a mix between iOS and Android and WP7. Seriously, why can't RIM get their own character with this new OS?

I've been a RIM supporter for too long, and I'm finally growing tired of thinking "oh, they'll get it right next time. They'll come out with some crazy innovation that they've been working on behind-the-scenes". But instead, they just keep messing up at every possible opportunity. I really hope the new CEO will turn things around, and I suspect he will, but I fear it'll be too little too late.

Instead of taking this opportunity to complain that RIM messes up at every possible turn, why don't you take a second and recognize that RIM has done NOTHING right now. These pictures could be real, yes, but they could also be absolutely 100% NOT what we see at launch. Why don't you let RIM actually implement BB10 before you bash anything.

I'm not bashing RIM based on these pictures. They didn't even come from RIM.

I'm saying that up until this point, RIM has essentially failed to deliver with all of it's product releases since the iPhone came out. Besides a great physical keyboard, there hasn't been a single thing they've come out with since ~2007 that has better the competition. And if I'm wrong, please do correct me. And because of this, I'm not getting my hopes up for BB10. Even if these pictures looked really awesome, there's so little from RIM in the past 5 years that shows they know how to pay attention to the details enough that would indicate that they had the ability to execute well.

Youve hit the nail on the head. By the time this device rolls out i'll have waited nearly a full year for it i dont want to see the same old tiles or widgets used on every other device i want something different and thats what i thought this blackberry 10 was going to bring

not bad at all RIM, keep up the good workk. We need to push back hard if were gonna get everyone that have left BB to come back. This is your moment to shinee!!

Why does that image say "widgets" to anyone instead of merely "minimized apps"? We can already do that on the PlayBook, aside from the 2x2 arrangement (which clearly suits a phone well) and, presumably, the ability to rearrange them (which is something we've asked for... no reason to think they can't add it in BB10).

Minimized apps would have an X to close them.  Also, these seem to be clearly designed with minimized "info" being displayed.  Like the phone app showing "minutes left".

But it's possible.. maybe minimized apps take on a "widget like" appearance.

Though as I said in the post, I've heard that widgets/tiles were coming.. so this looks to be it. Could be they're a optimized view into a full app experience.

They looked kind of large for me to initially label them as widgets. I also thought that they looked like minimized apps. I think this layout looks better on a phone anyway, as opposed to the PlayBook-style multi-tasking. Also, because they look more like minimized apps, then maybe they're not directly derived from Microsoft's Metro UI.

I'm pretty sure the pdf Kevin received is a fake. I've looked at the images pretty closely now and there are a few things I can't get past.

Image 1:
1. The solid bar at the bottom. In PlayBook OS this has been translucent so far. It appears you can see the grass through just a little bit at the top of the solid bar, but this isn't remotely similar to whats in play on PlayBook OS 1, or 2. (Yes I know its different but still....)

2. If we look at the widgets, each has a name along the bottom with an Icon. The music icon, the maps icon, and the phone icon don't match anything seen in the other images. It would seem strange to me to make a different icon for the same app.

Image 2:
1. The information given in the top bar is less than what is currently given on the PlayBook or OS7.x devices. If we're to believe this will be more like the PlayBook I would think the Date would be displayed under the time, and the Alarm Clock neatly beside the time and above the date. The type of network the phone is connected to should be displayed H+, HSPA, EDGE, etc. Also higher resolution icons would make more sense, even just adding in the colour coding from the PlayBook for the Wi-Fi connectivity and Battery Meter would make sense.

2. The bottom left corner of the screen looks rather screwed up compared to the first image, this could be due to 'glare' on that side of the phone but it looks wrong. Also the bleed in of the background into the solid bar at the bottom, that might be present in the first image, isn't present whatsoever in the second.

3. On the right hand side of the phone, above the top finger, the part of the phone that is receiving glare is suddenly edited out. This seems like a pretty basic mistake for an advertiser to make. I'm not sure why they erased part of the phone.

4. Some of the icons look worse than what is currently on the PlayBook, the calculator, BBM, and even the Browser icon doesn't look as good.

5. Why is there a phone app if there a dedicated phone button at the bottom? You could argue the same for the current generation of phones, but at least those phones have a physical button vs a software button. Why make two software buttons to bring you to the same place?

6. One last thing, why are all the Icons in the Folder present on the main screen as well?

Image 3:
1. This doesn't look remotely as good as whats coming to the PlayBook in OS2.0. This is so basic its painful. The Universal Mailbox in this image does not show LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook integration, which RIM has been shouting about as of late for OS 2.0.

2. The two dimensional icons seems like a step back from whats even on OS7.x devices. I know its simple, and sometimes simple is better, but I don't think the acquisition of The Astonishing Tribe was to create two dimensional basic icons.

3. Having the Date and the Mailbox title on the same line does not fit with what RIM has done in its Phone OS previously, and not with what they're showing for OS2.0 either.

Image 4:
1. Suddenly the information bar at the top is showing us on AT&T's network. It's also completely flipped from whats showing in the other images. Network and Signal strength have changed sides with the battery indicator, and the PM is now the same font size as the time.

2. Marina's name and Number appear on a translucent bar, which actually fits to what should be, but deviates from how the home screen appears with a solid bar.
3. The red hang up button. Why colour now? Everything else has been painfully white, why put colour here? It doesn't fit. The call button wasn't green.

I can't for one minute consider this to be real. If RIM was going to have someone put together an advert for BlackBerry 10 it would be far more polished than this. It would use the hardware that showed up in the last leak, and not old slides Photoshopped with a new UI. Software screenshots would also be provided and not just pieced together like this. This is a blatant fake...

wow you went through all that, & you didn't mention that the date on the mailbox is dated APRIL 2012? lol

Remember these are mockups sent from RIM to add agency so they have an idea what the product is going to look like & can start coming up with marketing ideas

I am of the opinion that April 2012 will occur lol.

I don't really think these were sent from RIM. If RIM were to send something they would have sent actual screenshots, in which case the indicator bars at the top would all be the same, and would also show up above the message app if it shows up above the phone app.

Also in the second image its not just the top right thats cut off, the phone above the fingers on both sides and along the top is edited away rather awkwardly. If this is to show off their marketing ideas, its done very poorly.

I'm not saying these are necessarily fake (I'm sure Kevn has made sure of it, plus we've seen similar reports from RIM employees), but I think it's interesting that whoever made these images decided to list AT&T as the carrier. I would think that RIM (or assuming the ad agency is Canadian) would use Bell, Rogers, Telus, Wind, or another Canadian carrier in an ad before an American carrier.

The mailbox says April 22.

I hope the bar at the top of the screen is a notifications bar or something we can click on (like a messages preview similar to PB or an options or power menu).

All in all, it looks different than what we're used to. But this makes me very excited!

The 2nd photo seems to be photoshop, but that could be a rendering of what RIM wants it to look like. I have mixed feelings about the look, but I mostly like it.

That's the current Torch 9860/50 hardware with images that are supposed to represent what BB10 will look like... not an actual device in the field or even an actually piece of BB10 hardware. No trackpads in the BlackBerry future, sorry.

The pictures are rendered/ photoshopped onto existing os7 devices. If you look you can see its the 9860/50/ and 10 as well. Also mentioned in the article

Can't wait till it rolls out! Just wondering if BB10 is coming to the Torches because I see video chat feature and I'm pretty sure the current Torches don't have a front facing camera unless I'm seeing things.

Is it April 1st? As that certainly doesnt seem like the RIM I've come to know. LOL But sarcasm aside, not bad RIM, not bad at all.

I've always wanted a Windows Phone just to play with because of the Live Tiles interface (then I remember that I'd rather have a BlackBerry for real-world use). If they're drawing inspiration from that, it is definitely a win in my books.

That looks sweet! Except I have a hunch that those widgets on the first image is actually a different view of the open apps like the playbook does in the carosel view maybe?

Please don't Kevin!!! This is just mis-information. At most this is just an extremely early working-version of the UX being shown here. You're only going to make RIM supporters already on the edge jump ship sooner.

Damn....that is smoking hot.

But obviously the phone is not next gen...I think putting next-gen UI screenshots on a current gen phone is not a good idea...

Why... Is there a Trackpad?

Why is this a 9860?

Why is this first on Carrier, then on AT&T in the last picture?


This looks nothing like the BB10 Device leak photos. I hope that they go with the images in the BB10 Device leaked 2 weeks ago vs these.

Sorry but these are just random pictures sent by anyone displayed on a Torch 9860... How is it confirmed that it is the new BB 10 software exactly?

At this rate of how RIM copy WP/iPhone, why don't I just go out there and buy a Windows Phone anyway? Nice job for getting rid of Innovation from RIM.

This is a copy of Windows Phone and WP tile system on home screen. How low you can go in software engineering? Ask from losers work at RIM.

I love physical keyboards so I will stick with RIM's keyboard version. But I am disappointed in engineers at RIM who are busy copping others. In University, this is called plagiarism and I get in to trouble. I know Apple copy stuff too... but RIM is the one who need to get cutting edge to win this game, not Apple.

Hmm, was hoping they would get rid of the buttons on the bottom and make use of the bezel like on PB. Oh well. still looks nice

That's not the actual new BlackBerry 10 phone. It's just a screenshot picture on a Torch 9860 current OS 7 phone...

You could read the article too you know.

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Im amazed at how many people are posting replies (some HUGE replies) & yet didn't bother to read the article

I hope you're not referring to my huge reply. The only issue I had with the hardware was that it was poorly photoshopped, as part of it is actually erased around the top of the phone. Other than that all of my issues were with things that seem wrong with the software.

I don't know if you were referring to me or not, but you replied to a rather large comment I made on page 2. I assure you that I read the article in full. If you didn't mean my reply to issues with this leak, then my apologies and carry on. I know there are many comments purely about the physical buttons being there etc.

Absolutely HATE the homescreen icons, they're like an old version of an Android skin. Love the fact that we're starting to see some images of BB10 thou.

This looks awesome, I hope it does well for Blackberry! They need something good! I dont want my fav company to close!

I like it and I cain't wait for my next BB10 phone ; ) I just used my upgrade for my BB 9850,I guess I'm gonna use the kids upgrade for my next phone this year!!!!!!!

Agree with others, looking like WP7.
I told my wife that if BB10 is a bomb I'll get WP7 before i get anything else. I'm really excited by what RIM is showing with BB10 . Just hope they execute the launch...RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK!

In the universal inbox picture, why does the subject line from the message from Don Davies title "BBX Home Screen" ? Didn't RIM have to change the name of the OS to BB10? So if this is an official marketing thing, those mistakes should not be there?

The images looked photoshopped. Those widgets look like they came off a Windows 7 Mango and placed on a Torch 9850/60. But I could be wrong...

I left blackberry a few months ago for Android. I would love to come back.
I do NOT want another slab phone.... so RIM will need to give us the old qwerty type setup. Something like this, with the security of BB, will certainly bring me back.

I gotta think TAT can do better. Their stuff is cool, this is flat flat flat. Not real at all is my guess.

It isn't bad but it's nothing new. It's even less new that the Playbook OS.

Looks at windows phone for a real departure from the traditional icons approach.

As I said I think TAT has more flare than this.

Looks similar to an iPhone to me! Yep iPhone oh wait this will have random reboots and lots of battery pulls! So not the iPhone!

Owww look its a phone with a screen and icons...iPhone!

Were you born yesterday? We've had phones like this for years before Apple made phones. Goto imore.com for this garbage.

No battery pulls on iPhone, just hold down button until full shut off and restart - now there's an innovation!

Had an iPhone and I can tell you playbook is way better interms of OS stability.

soooo bosox2978 go F yourself..

Sure thatsvwhy 95 % of people on here are using multiple os system started with bb than had to go to a back up for a more stable platform!! What dose a pos playbook tablet have to do with a smart phone? Didn't stores start taking 100 bucks off these awesome tablets after 6months of their release?

Learn QNX. It has everything to do with the next generation of mobile computing. PB is excellent and BB10 is the PB by and large.

This looks promising as far as the UI goes. I hope it comes to fruition. I also hope that we hear and see more of the concept prior to what is inevitably going to be a "big show" rollout of iOS 6.

I dont feel like reading through the comments but, I want a keyboard. Touch screen devices are okay but an amazing Qwerty Keyboard is what I want. I hope RIM does not forget about those who have fell in love with their keyboard

I was thinking that also. 4 Pictures on a 14 Page PDF. Hmmmm...

I wonder if Kevin has to run these posts by his buddy Thorstein before posting them?


Minimized to widget would be awesome. That also would explain one reason why the PB moved to bigger, more easily viewed minimized panels.

Looks like weak evidence. These are mock ups at best. How do we swipe? This is even on old handsets. Looks nothing like Tablet OS as we know it currently.

Also it means nothing to me until I see Thor using it to control a PlayBook.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

I'm just going to go on a rant here;

I've been looking at the same pre-loaded wallpapers on BlackBerry since my 8700C. I mean, how hard is it to slap together some really nice looking wallpapers on every new device or at at least every OS revision. From OS 5 to 6 to now 7 - they are still the same. And seeing the green grass on the possible OS10 just boils my blood.

I know this isnt the finished product. I know the OS snaps might not even be real (I hope they are not cause something to release in late 2012 looking like this is not even remotely revolutionary).

And there better be none of those old wallpapers.

Now, I understand no one cares about wallpapers, almost everyone gets one from the web or uses their own pictures, but this isnt about wallpapers... its about not putting lipstick on a pig. In short... everything about OS10 better be new (visually). Just like buying a luxury car that was a lease return after 2 years, is not the same experience as buying a luxury car that has only factory miles on it. Does that analogy make sense? It needs to be a new experience from the second you put in that battery.

Come on RIM, we love you. YOU CAN DO THIS DAMMIT ! ! !

So if the images are of BlackBerry 7 phones (Torch 9860s and 9810s) with BBX. Does this mean current hardware may support BBX? I know this was a NO before, but if you take the images for what they are - you could interpret as such – no?

Looks great, I'm hoping the hardware is killer with great specs. It needs a great processor with plenty on board memory, plus ram, killer camera and just great looks. There are so many great looking phones out there so for Blackberry to pull people away from there current OS to go to Blackberry it needs to have that wow factor. Please Rim give it the wow factor and you will have plenty of customers.

Widgets, shucks, you had me at TrackPad.

It is interesting to note that the 4 buttons are not raised in the first picture like the 9800 and 9900 but the are in each subsequent picture.

I never had doubts the OS would look nice with the talent they've acquired. It looks like a webOS/iOS/Android hybrid, and that's a good thing.

The problem has always been with the ecosystem, it's almost non-existent. If they want to succeed they need to use the 6-8 months until this phone launches to pay developers (in any way they can) to create a shitstorm of QUALITY apps. Quality being the key word. When it comes to apps it's quantity and quality that are both equally important. The ecosystem will make or break this device, and OS.

Well that and marketing, but lol, rim + marketing.

I totally agree with you. What RIM is lacking is quality apps. Regardless of the powerful processors of the BB7 device, there is no app on the App World that will fully utilize it. People are addicted to apps such as on iOS. Their apps are amazing, this attracted their own market. No wonder how expensive is the iPhone and iPads, they still have their own market and fans. What a BB need is this. Fully utilize the processor and the on board GPU. Develop games such as Angry Birds or so.

Sweet, nice icons & widgets/tiles, too bad current BB 7 devices won't get these cool features.

Can't wait, Xmas will arrive early this year! :)

Why are the fonts so HUGE?

Why aren't they using the icon set from the PlayBook?

One + The big pic of the caller the call screen (COOL!!!)

Looks incomplete...but I know this is months away from Final.

I hope that this BB 10 OS will also support the Blackberry Torch 9810 Bold 9900 and Torch 9850/60 because as what I see at the OS and the specs of the current phone, it is surely more powerful than some Android phones out there. Even cheap android phones with 800MHz of processors can still give out fluid animations. It all depends on the programmer and developer of the graphics part. Even Apple's iPhone 4 is only equipped with a 800MHz processor but can play games which I think is better than mobile console such as PSP. The 1.2 GHz processor, 768 MB of RAM and 8 GB internal memory is what a good smart phone should be. I just hope that they will release it for the BB 7 device as how they release OS 6 for some OS 5. They just have to optimize them. I'm sure the new generation of BB will better performance that Android's because we have higher specs than those common Android's out there.

Looks cool. See games. Look simple, nice, and user friendly. Seems like to have a good UI. A clean fresh new start for BlackBerry. Hopefully the real one looks similar or even better. Can't wait!!!!!!!

The iphone 5 is going to be released on June 2012 maybe with 5.5 IOS. At that time RIM is not going to be any close to releasing OS 10 or any other phone, they are too late in the OS wars. Android is trying to have a better OS than IOS but it is also very far.

Looks like I will be switching to iphone in June. I'd like to stay with BB, but can't wait all year. I really need to upgrade my Curve. Assuming Apple gets their act together (4G, security, battery life, etc.), is there any reason why I should wait?

Help us understand what your need is to upgrade now, rather than wait. If you waited, what is the consequence of doing so?

Consequences of waiting - I'll be a lot grumpier in the meantime. The Curve 3G is too slow, locks up and the screen is too small, but I don't want to carry a tablet around with me. Next phone will be 4G, but definitely not an android.

Also, I use internet-based software in my business that has an app only for iphone. Would be nice if apps were unnecessary with the BB10 browser.

I've never been an Apple fan (no macs, ipods or itunes in my house), and can’t believe I’m actually considering it. Wasn't that long ago we didn't have cell phones at all. Patience has never been one of my virtues.

How do you know those are widgits and not just a view of the new multi-tasking power of the BB10. Similar to the playbook except instead of a horizontal line of applications running there showing 4 apps in a square. With one swipe it will show 4 more. If that was customizable thay would be sweet. Each user gets to chose how many apps are visible through each swipe, 1 2 4 or 6

I have been away from forums for awhile(have android phone) but if BB can get my paid android apps working on BB10 and have a phone that looks like the torch I may just find my way back.

I left BB after I got the storm. Went to iOS and eventually Android. I have to say, if this is what BB10 is going to look like, I'm impressed. One thing consumers seem to want, and trends seem to indicate, is a powerful phone with a great touch screen, powerful system that has adequate memory, and great battery life. If this can deliver, RIM could very much get back in the game with the consumer market, and I'm all for it. I'm interested to see where this goes, and it's great seeing an effort like this being put forth. Looks like this is where RIM digs its heels in and pushes hard.

just make my 9900 have a bigger screen and run the playbook os.... i think its cool how you can see all the apps that are open and can shuffle through them and close by swiping..... stick to what yeah got.... trying to look like the other guys???? weak!!!

No way in hell they release a BB10 device by then, even though that is the date shown in the PIM app, unless they came to their senses and put out an HSPA+ device then and the LTE chipset is true for carriers who demand an LTE offering. Being on T-Mobile, an HSPA+ 42Mbps, BB10 device would be preferable to me, and probably just as fast as any LTE network available right now. I'll wait for LTE, and LTE chipsets to mature before I expect a carrier to push it out.

I have mixed feelings about the photos but am happy to see some progress. I personally believe BB10 will be different and more polished then this. Not to say I don't like it but, everytime I see BB10 leaks I have to step back and tell myself that it is not a finished product and I will fall in love with it like my Bold 9700 and my Playbook. I am more interested in the experience, the UI comes after. All i ask is that they keep the UI simple like the Playbook, it just works so good. Also i want the settings button on the top bar :-( but i dont see it.

give me more short cuts on my keyboard too.... some app keys??? alot of buttons on that key board that are not being used

Can't believe the posts on Android Central and some of the ones here. Does Apple own the "app grid" or something? I'm pretty sure BB had that long before Apple, and Android uses it too. They certainly couldn't have patented that (they didn't even invent it), but I guess if they feel threatened, they'll sue any competitor.

Looks a little bit like android and windows but I'm super excited to see what the final setup will be like. I'm hoping for a bb10 phone w the bold 9900 keyboard and a taller screen and auto focus for the camera but please keep the solid build.

So, just to humor the naysayers. Lets just say that the UI is no better than the iPhone or android devices. Then BlackBerry wins.
Why? Because it is still the most secure device out there. People want easy, fine. Movies, music, videos, games, etc. However, building a security infrastructure is just not that simple.
iPhone and the droid army have cool stuff but they fall short on either messaging ALL e-mails in real time or security.


Lots of people trolling on these photos and not just here at Crackberry. All I have read is how RIM is ripping off the competition. Well for 1 there are no devices out so before everyone freaks out just chill and be patient, we will see the Official release soon enough and for 2 didn't everyone steal from RIM? All I hear is that RIM doesn't innovate, well where did Apple innovate? Where did Android innovate? RIM created Smartphones and is now creating the first Superphone (in my opinion of course). I just can't stand all this negativity towards RIM, they obviously can't please everyone but give them a chance to atleast make an official announcement before you go and make such nasty comments and bash RIM further.

I like to follow Kevin's lead and be optimistic and patient. Just be excited and happy, if you're going to whine about something that isn't even official then atleast do it tastefully and don't harp on the developers and the people responsible. You wouldn't like it if you had people criticizing everything you do. Be constructive.

End rant.

Great pictures and look forward to more posts

Also just to clear things up I am not say Android and Apple are not good I am just saying that RIM made a huge contribution to the Smartphone industry by inventing it and Android and Apple just haven't done anything I can say Wow that changed my life.

I wouldn't say good. One pic shows an iPhone status bar at the top. The software buttons are obviously photo-chopped in (the first pic is blatantly obvious with the phone software button). I'd instead say it's a "really poor photoshop edit".

The hardware is not certainly what will come with QNX. it just 9830 or that full screen BB with newer beta os or photoshop job. The hardware is not same as what we have seen earlier.

the edge of the wallpaper by videos and along the right side of calendar...its a bit choppy. and the square call button...looks larger and grey.

I'm a little skeptic about this BB OS10 screen as:
- why is there a search button at the bottom of the widget when now even on OS 6 you already have an all around search capability on the right of the screen?Why not keepi this widget as is?
- Why duplicate the phone button when you already have one physical on the bottom left (if i remember,android phones do not have a physical button,then they use one on the screen or widget)
- Why a camera button ,when you already have it today on the other BB OSes as an application?why not a kind of Media widget where the cam button is included into?

Sorry here,but for the BB OS 10 which is critical for RIM (and for us BTW), no official anouncement?no marketing? curious... Anyway, i still believe...ok going back to the corner! ;-)

I hope this is just a fans mockup. I mean srsly? This isn't anything like BlackBerry imho, get back to the drawing board!

I have been waiting for this! Complete POS. I will double my short today. RIM failed. Bankrupt for EOY. You heard it here first.
Mr. Heins, apply for Apple junior sales manager while it's not too late!
UI is WP 7.0 beta - Copyright Microsoft 2005

Yeah it has something of WP 7.0 beta indeed.. it also has something of android.. I don't see why combining the best UI elements of mobile OS's is a bad thing to do..

Widets suck - first thing that comes to mind is Samsung and their widgets - and that poxy OVI thing they used to claim you could access.

Steer clear of widets imo.

Oh my god becky look at that O.S... BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!! LOL I want blackberry 10 so bad and I want it now, I wanna see the new phones also, I don't think that's the finish version RIM will fix it up.
And kevin there must be more photos than that...

Kevin, you better be setting us up for one hell of an april fool's prank, you're over a month early.

This screams fake, I hope you take a closer look at the document and rethink its reliability.

So RIM will launch this 2005 Microsoft UI somewhere between 2014 and 2017... Good luck with that. Hello, it's 2012 already? What's for BB OS 11 - Windows 3.1 interface? Pathetic.

cant believe all the hate here on valentines day. haha. as mentioned, its probably just a concept or pre-release version. anything could still be possible. and enough with the accusation of copying. most of what we have today comes from copying. one comapny copies another and make it better, another company does the same too. if no one was allow to adopt and improve upon a good idea, imagine what would phones today be like today. apple copying RIM, RIM copying apple. does it really matter as long as we have brilliant phones to choose from?

This looks good but one of only reason why I am still w/ Blackberry is the full keyboard as I do almost all my work from my BB. If I wanted a full touchscreen phone I would have jumped ship long time ago...... I have a feeling that the 9700 series and 9900 owners are not gonna run out and buy a full touchscreen but maybe some of the people who jumped ship for iFUN would come back. What I want is a 1cm or 2cm longer version of the 9900 with the keyboard all the way at the bottom and screen going all the way to the top.

looks good but i want keyboard. the reason why i use blackberry is because it is great communication tool

Remember folks; this is an unfinished product right now and we are looking at only a portion of it. In fact, this may be a complete facade and the real OS UI looks nothing like this. Without the rest of the document, we can't put the pictures into context. TAT is very good at producing concepts, so the finished product will perhaps be something different.

Also, have you noticed that negative comments about BlackBerry have moved from being behind, to "Hey, stop copying me!". This is a VERY good sign. RIM is working on building a better mousetrap. If Google and Apple didn't take RIM acquisitions like QNX, TAT, Ripple etc... seriously; they made a serious mistake.

For those that want a keyboard. It will come too.

By some of the comments here and on this site (and I wish not to offend my visionary Crackberry brethren) it is clear to see that many are stuck in the past or just as bad the present!

The past is over RIM made mistakes and as you are reading this the present is now, and in the now RIM are behind so what do RIM and us have left the future of course that blank canvas that all great visionaries create on, take a look at it 3 years from now.

Will it be Blackberry ,the other fruit or will something shock us all, nobody knows for sure but RIM are being brave and setting out there stool and on it is QNK and seamlessly integrated mobile computing ,code named Blackberry 10.

So there you have it simple, the only real question is are you coming along for the ride?

I am also going to be brave and set my stool out and say YES!, and my opinion based on what I see RIM's timing on this one is superb if they gather some good intelligence on there competitors and develop a fierce marketing machine RIM, Blackberry, Playbook and QNX will perform a classic leap frog back into the limelight.

The other fruit will still be a force along with droid etc. but Rim's QNK Blackberry mobile computing solution will be a force to be reckoned with.

So when it happens 3 years from now will your your name be on the canvas?

Mine will!

White 9900

I'm sooo sorry but I'm still not impressed. Call me old fashion but I still don't see anything that is going to pry the 9930 out of my hands. This new bold will need to be a beast.

OKAY am loving the new phone,Rim needs to up a notch on BBM ,give us bbm video chat !!!!!!!!Take bbm to the next level ,Dont make it die like microsoft messenger ,and yahoo messenger .Work on what you know why people still love your products.

The most frustrating part about blackberry is that they offer so many cool things, but i cant get anybody else to start using a blackberry.

I hope i dont have to switch to android soon to take advantage of a lot of apps and stuff out there now.

-Bold 9700 (waiting on 9790 for tmobile, if that ever happens)

I wonder if those really are widgets or if this is how BB10 is evolving from the PlayBooks multitasking.

On a phone of those dimensions having 4 panes as shown in the top picture makes far much more sense for that. Smaller screen real-estate means being able to show more of what's running is a priority no? Also the boxes for these 'widgets' look like similar to windows for multitasking is PlayBook OS 2.0.

Just a musing!

I think the most important thing is underlying it is powered by QNX OS... on top of that, RIM can do whatever design, tweaks, tricks. But better be Bold...execute seamlessly to deliver killer features, UX and apps. I'm on it!


Research In Motion is releasing Apple's iOS on the next generation BlackBerry smartphones. Or os you would think after looking at those "leaked photographs" from "marketing materials" emailed to loosing all credibly Kevin Michaluk. CrackBerry is to be a wonderful place for news and information about all things BlackBerry. Of late the moderators have become troll enablers while punishing long-time members of the community. If this all all we have to look forward to with BB10 the writing for Research n Motion is on the wall: R.I.P.

Widgets are overused and overdone. Perhaps on the locked screen, they make sense, but otherwise, I think they're clutter. RIM should be looking at new ways to advance the user's experience without just copying what Apple and Android has done.

These screens look promising, but I hope they still retain that unique BlackBerry user experience. I don't like the 9860 screen with just the icons -- too iPhonish. Yesterday's GUI. Blah! Even BB7 is way better than that specific screen. Others are more interesting.

BTW, if RIM sent CrackBerry 14 pages, why are we only seeing a small bit of that? KEVIN!? Please share the goodies!!!

Is it just me, or do these pictures look more photoshoped then demos? I mean some of the layout doesn't cover the full screen of the phone, or some of the images come out of the phone screen!?

As much as this looks utterly sweet, and I'm pretty desperate, what's the betting that like BB7 not being available for BB6 devices, BB10 won't be available for the 9900, 9860 so on and so forth...
Somewhat of a fail on RIMs part.
I have 2 legacy Android handsets, an HTC Sensation and an HTC Desire.
Neither are ever going to get a real full update to Android 4.0, but both of mine are running custom ROMs of ICS 4.0.3
If this ability existed for BB, I for one would be absolutely ecstatic.
I'm aware there are many different hybrids out for most BB devices (props to Driphter for their work and contributers) but it's not the same as being able to load a full version of the whole OS.

This seems like a very basic concept image to me (as was mentioned). Very much Ice Cream Sandwich and Windows Phone 7 (as was previously posted, this is probably just cropped off one phone and onto the bb). I would bet high that BB10 will look a good deal different, especially the ICS messaging and fonts. That being said, I like the contacts application, it is better than any I have seen. Soft keys are fine, I prefer hard keys, especially for "Talk" and "End" and of course the "Berry Button". Having Universal search, phone, escape, and menu (berry) softkeys would suit me.
I want to see the BB app dock come back (frequent, favourite, messaging, etc.). BB's are all about communication and efficiency, so we need to see more of that in BB10

switched from a 9900 to galaxy nexus n lets just say all my stress is relieved !!
Ive been missing so much while under the illusion that my shitty freezing slow boring bb was awsome.....i was so dumb

i REALLY hope this isn't a true indication of BB10. to get back into the game, Blackberry needs to offer something TOTALLY NEW and EXCITING. to keep us current users as well as draw folks back from android and iPhone. this isn't it -- it's simply a "been there, seen that" hybrid of android and iPhone and windows. i'm holding out hope that we'll see something more exciting than this. and yes, the main reason i use my blackberry is the physical keyboard. if i wanted a totally touch screen device, i'd buy an iPhone today.

"It should be out now!"
-Well it's not, but just be happy your favorite device isn't going to ways of Nokia and adapting to someone else's OS. They've taken a stand and hopefully, they're delaying because they're taking the time to refine, learning from the disastrous Playbook release.

"It's too late"
-Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. It's all up in the air speculation at this point as no one can know for sure. So why not drop words of encouragement, so we have one more OS to play with as consumers, rather than shoot down the few competitors willing to make an effort.