Exclusive: New Live BlackBerry Niagara 9630 Photos!

BlackBerry Niagara 9630
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Mar 2009 08:26 am EDT

BlackBerry Niagara 9630

* Update: One more picture posted by Matt_25 in the forums. Thanks Matt!! *

w00t! Good way to start the weekend. Following up on the first real photos of the BlackBerry Niagara 9630 we recently dropped in the blogs, we've got MORE live photos for you, these ones a little bigger and also showing off the back of the device. Just click the image above to see the BlackBerry "Niagara" 9630 up close and personal. What do you think of the battery door on the Niagara? Kinda cool.. sort of slim compared to current BlackBerry models (protective wrap still on top of course in this photo which gives off a carbon fiber-esque look.. probably just be black underneath. A metal door would be sweet!). Big thanks to Matt_25 and andruko for dropping these in the forums for us!

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Exclusive: New Live BlackBerry Niagara 9630 Photos!


Pretty sweet look. Unfortunately, even by zooming in and looking at the fine print, I couldn't quite divine when to expect this lovely device at my neighbourhood Verizon store! Thanks, Kevin (and andruko).

Sorry, I don't think there is any way possible that this will be available within the next thirty days. If your current phone is a Blackberry though, you're probably in pretty good shape.

So awesome... i can't wait. Well, i guess i'm going to HAVE to wait, since this is pretty much what i've been waiting for to upgrade to on vzw. Thanks for the pics!!

I hate to be a fan boy, but...

Ohhh pretty. I'm still wondering if the blackberry and the back button are connected (like the bold), but in the picture, it looks like they are. Oh well. :P

I so can't wait till it is released
I do hope they take there time and no quick release like the storm
now kev can you get us a release date ... :)

this is such a beauty, its very unique wit performance and style.. can this pls be released on Sprint? i know its far fetched but damn we need some new BB love from Sprint, forget the 8350i

I wonder if this is a early prototype, that battery door is very slim and looks like only the middle is removable which is unlike previous RIM devices. The trackball looks white as well. I wonder if the 8900 is the same but this device has the same lame gaps around the screen like the Storm. If this is how all Storm-esque devices are going to be made with the gap I won't be in RIM's corner for much longer.

Definitely Pre-Release.

I think the battery door won't change from this sort of "narrow" look. That's definitely part of this device's design. As for the trackball, I think it is black. Just looks a little whitish in the photo due to the white ring around it and lighting. But definitely a black trackball when it goes to market and like the Bold, will have the chrome ring around the trackball.

I agree. I feel like this device has encompassed all the ugliness of the Bold and Curve 8900 and put them together in one ultra-ugly device. It has the tacky, cheap chrome framing of the 8900 and the crappy Bold keyboard... I don't even talk about that battery door. Lol

it has a different battery door and the camera is in a different place and thats it!!
other than that its the same old same old look from RIM
some of you seriously need to stop with the faux emotions

B.F.D. Now show me a Blackberry that has an operating system working properly the day it is released.

Looks cheap as hell! It's carbon-fiber-esque... Like throwing CF vinyls on a civic, it's cheesy and un-functional. If only it was REAL CF then that would be nice, or stay with the brushed aluminum look and keep it classy.

The front looks okay, lame and almost the same as the other ones in this line... but okay. The back, apart from the already pointed out cheesy cheapness of the fake CF, it looks almost razor2-ish with the somewhat shiny black/blue trim.

I hope this is an old pre-production piece that has changed significantly...and I really hope they don't take it too far with the "catering-to-the-masses" theme they've got going on... derive too far from the long time customers and try to get all the new kids my be their downfall.

Don't compromise quality with quantity.

RIM is no longer the same company they were earlier in the decade, consumer sales are their focus instead of business (government) since that is the bigger market then the one they were in before which is why they are releasing all camera phones and no non-camera versions to date. It may be their downfall since their OS is still business-centric and not glitzy like other phones on the market so they lose out on the consumer market b/c they put out nice looking devices but a not so nice looking OS.

The whole back looks awful. That said, it could look worse then this and I wouldnt care as long as it hits Sprint by June! :)

Is this going to be for tmobile or verizon??? looks sweet but ni Wifi??? what is i dont have reception and i want to use wifi?? No good...i really hope is for tmobile we need a 3g blackberry soon...

I like the fact that it's a 3G phone but I don't find the phone very attractive. It doesn't appeal to me as a consumer. Maybe it's because of the back.

hi all,

it says cmda on the back, so i guess it's for n.america.
does anyone know the model number and release time of a euro gsm 3G version?

Damn. I want this so bad I'm going to need to pay full price. Oh well, sounds like I'll be selling some stuff -.-

Looks great though! Same processor as the Storm, 3G, I want it bad.

Yeah, I don't think that "carbon fiber" look is how it's supposed to be. Looking at the pictures, it looks like it has the protective films all over the place - ever consider it just being the one that is on the battery door?

And is this a touchscreen? It would make sense because it will be running an OS 4.7 or higher (maybe 5.0 according to some sites pending release date). I think if it is a combo touch/keyboard, they are going to sell them like hotcakes.

Another thing - if this phone is released with a somewhat "Buggy" OS, hey... congrats, it's a new device! they were successful! Those that expect perfection on newly released technologies are unrealistic. The dev teams do not have enough hands on to full identify and work out all the bugs. In time, and through thousands of peoples use, they develop a more efficient, less buggy system. The storm is going very well IMO.


The pictures you see here are from the GSM / CDMA phone. This phone is unlocked and unbranded. Straight from the RIM Factory. Think of the way the GSM Carrier Vodafone has the Storm. And how you can unlock the GSM part, but still use it for Verizon. Same idea here. You are able to toggle between CDMA and GSM at your pleasure. The phone uses micro-usb ports.

This might be a pre-production photo, as some were saying the trackball should be black.

All I know is, those pictures were emailed to me, because I was going to buy it. The price: $800, for just the phone and battery. Seller was a jerk, so I can;t even get it and ship it to any of you.

So contrary to popular belief, it is me who has the pictures, not Andruko. Only was he has them is I forwarded the email to him, because we're friends, haha.

I think overall it is a potentially great phone, I hope that the little blue circles on the battery cover are part of the protective plastic because that looks retarded. AS for the possibility of touchscreen, seeing the 99xx pics just posted where it is def. touchscreen, it doesn't have a trackball. since the niagara has a trackball it probably doesnt have a touchscreen. and thank god for that. this will be my new phone as long as it has a trackball.








Thanks for the pic's, now i have something to daydream to.

I'm disappointed...I was hoping the CDMA version of the BOLD would have more of the BOLD-styling available as it is on the GSM-model.

I can't believe more people arent disappointed by this phone's styling.

I too am disappointed in this phone's styling and it's build quality. Light leakage and screen gap is not a good look for RIM. The 87xx was the last of RIM's good efforts..lol.

for everything my curve is...this is my precious

also...plz plz plz have wi-fi...pretty plz?

I can definitely see updating my 8830 with this baby. I like the battery door. It looks like it will have some tecture to it as well.

I remember looking at the prototype photos from a year ago and they didn't show a flash with the camera. It's nice to see that there will be a flash.

Since AT&T has exclusivity on the Bold, it makes sense that the Niagara wouldn't look like a Bold. It is definitely a step up from the 8800 series, though. :-)

Well, it does look a little cheaper than the Bold but I gotta say I like the look if it overall. I was hoping for some new information on this device sometime soon! I think I might just wait it out to have this instead of the Storm.

wait, my sprint curve 8330 has the same qualcomm 3g cdma thing on the back. does that mean my 8330 is 3g too? it might sound stupid, but i had no idea.

Yes, your Curve is "3G" too. Don't pay attention to the marketing guru's at At&T and Apple...they want you to think that 3G is an exclusively GSM (and AT&T) technology because Verizon and Sprint never branded their high-speed networks as such even though they were up and running far before any iPhone 3g came to be.

3G is simply a blanket term for 3rd Generation (3G...get it?) cellular technology. Verizon's VCAST service, Sprint's PowerVision and AT&T's CV are all enabled by 3G networks.

So yes, your Curve is 3G also.

I love my Curve to death ............ but I would divorce her for one of these !!!

I personally think it looks sweet all over.
Bring it to Bell please