Breaksclusive: Introducing the BlackBerry KickStand!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Oct 2011 08:32 pm EDT

Ok, Ok. For ALL the times I've yelled at Adam Zeis over the years for being lazy and not doing enough creative blogging, I take it all back. Adam knocked it out of the park today with his discovery, no... invention, of the BlackBerry KickStand.

While I was sitting down giving an interview to some nice folks from CBC for a piece they're working on for The National, Adam was sitting bored... twiddling around with his BlackBerry Bold 9930. The eureka moment struck. Turns out if you pull the battery door only halfway off your Bold 9930/9900 and prop it up, it turns into a perfect BlackBerry KickStand. Great for desktop use. Awesome for watching videos. Check out the video above to discover how to set the BlackBerry KickStand up for yourself on your own Bold 9930/9900. Great job Adam!!!

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Breaksclusive: Introducing the BlackBerry KickStand!


This is the best DISCOVERY/INVENTION, for a BB, eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Great Job Adam, you are not as worthless as Kevin makes you out to be! :-)

Well, that's 99** owners freebie from RIM for the outage. They wont allow free premium app downloads on 99** now. Thanks Crackberry.

Seems to me it will take 2 mins for a fool, or a cat or an accidental moment to lean on it with to much weight to break the clips at the top. It will no longer be a battery cover or a stand. I'm just saying.

That's the first thing I did after I took the battery door for first time. I should have posted it here :(

Edit: well that's not entirely true. The first thing I did was put the battery in :)

One question though, will this work with my Playbook?

Oh, and Kevin or Adam, if you're reading this, how about making a contest (like someone before me mentioned) about it?

"DIY Blackberry Accessory Contest"??? Could be fun eh?

Trolls use LOL all the time when they mock, I was referring to you saying rim is falling apart

After a studing the video very carefully and making learned analasys I believe there is BEER involved!!

is this what's become of the BB? that we need to make up "features" of this awesome phone as selling points??

unless of course this video was purely done out of humor, then i feel like a fool for not picking up on it, haha.

I am sure that this was actually going to be announced at the keynote speech...thanks for spilling the beans guys....

second best accessory is the hard case. people ask me "what phone is that?" and "oh theres a case on it?" when that white one comes out, i'll have my "white 9930"

Has anyone broken their battery door prongs yet? I have had that problem on my tour 9630 and bold 9650 and had to use cases to keep on the battery door, not to mention after the fact if I set my phone down to hard the battery jossles loose and the phone restarts. Thankfully the restart time on the 9930 is amazing, but I do not want to break this kick ass battery door. And don't want to have to buy multiple replacements. Anyone had a breakage yet?

They have a much better (easier) one for the 9700.
Take the case that comes with the 9700 and lay it on a flat hard surface with the clip down and flap up. Then tilt one of the side down so it leans. Then set you phone on it with the side of you phone touching the bottom of the outside flap.
I use this all the time to watch video.


Now I know my device has a failer - or Adam has adamatium finger nails ;)

My battery door is so hard to open that when I do not have a paper clip (plastic/no metal ;) ) or a credit card - I can't open it. When I try it with my thumb I will hurt my self.

Nice, works on the Bold 9000 too.
Looks like something was passed down.
I guess the 9700/80 didn't get that gene.

that's sick actually. but you're not going to watch videos on keyboard BB's. If it's possible on a touchscreen BB that would be perfect.