Hands-On With RIM's New OS 4.3.1 for the BlackBerry Curve & BlackBerry Pearl 8100

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Nov 2007 01:51 pm EDT

BlackBerry OS 4.3 With the BlackBerry 8130 now shipping with OS v4.3, we knew it wouldn't be too long before this updated operating system became available for other members in the BlackBerry family as well. From what I've seen today, the Curve and Pearl 8100 won't have to wait much longer to enjoy 4.3's full benefits.

Back in August we ran some leaked screenshots of a BlackBerry Curve running OS v4.3. Today we'll take it a step further and give some hands on feedback with v4.3. But first...some pictures!

Hands On BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3.1 Video

Just incase you're skeptical that the Camera in your BlackBerry Curve will be able to record video... the following video provides the proof and also takes a quick look around some of the easily noticeable improvements to OS v4.3.1.

BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3.1 Images

Installation Images:

BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3

BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3

 BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3


 BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3
the previous screenshot we saw in August was v.

BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3
Like the 8130, the Dimension L theme comes standard

BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3
Your Curve will soon be able to record video!
Can't record while plugged into the USB, hence this message

BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3
DataViz's Word to Go

BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3
We knew this would be there

BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3
Media Player shows improvements

BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3
Much smoother web browsing

 BlackBerry Curve OS 4.3
Freshened Up Address Book

More Video Captures Taken from the 8300 Curve:

Here it is! Videos taken with an AT&T BlackBerry 8300 Curve (and uploaded immediately to youtube) thanks to the soon to be released OS v4.3!! If you own a Curve and update to v4.3 when it comes out, you too will be capturing your own vids!! The first video of Bruno is with the bedroom lights on. In the second video, the bedroom lights are turned off (the room is dark) and the Curve's flash is kept running throughout the recording (what a nice feature for RIM to include!). Good Boy Bruno, Good Boy!

Bruno the Dog!
In the Dark with the Curve's Light Feature Turned On

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 OS 4.3.1 Images

BlackBerry Pearl OS 4.3
v4.3 for the Pearl 8100

BlackBerry Pearl OS 4.3
Pearl Gets the Voice Recorder,
No Video Recorder

BlackBerry Pearl OS 4.3
DataViz Documents to Go Included?

BlackBerry Pearl OS 4.3

BlackBerry Pearl OS 4.3

BlackBery Pearl OS  4.3


More To Come: In-Depth Video Walk Through Still to Come. Ran into a little installation hiccup on my Curve that needs to get resolved first (she went into a vicious power on/power off cycle when I was 90% of the way through the install. Pretty sure I had wayyy too many apps loaded up on the device/no free memory when I tried to do the update). Do it have installed successfully on another Curve & Pearl (where the screenshots & vids above came from), but no video recording capabilities at the location where those devices reside. Working on it though. In terms of release date, before the end of the year is the plan. 4.3 will be available to all devices from the 8700 and up. The Curve gets Video Recording and Voice Recording, the 8100 Pearl just gets Voice Recording (no video recording from what I can tell at this point), and I'm guessing that will be the case with the 8700/8800 too since they don't have cameras! Lots of exciting little refinements! Stay Tuned for more...

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Hands-On With RIM's New OS 4.3.1 for the BlackBerry Curve & BlackBerry Pearl 8100


as far as I know, mac users WONT able to install the updates on their mac. Only on pc. Sorry to break the bad news to you all mac folks...

After 4.3... all updates will be OTA.. so the mac/pc bit won't matter for SW updates..

Kevin - any idea when this will be available for the 8320? Just got mine a few days ago, and I'm psyched for it.

So RIM is planning a new OS and focusing on the consumer models only? You would think the 88xx series would get some attention.

i cant wait untill the software is out and we can enjoy it. any word if the video option will work on the 8300 ? thats going to be the major thing for me since i record a lot of vid from my grandaughter.

This news is better than se.....no....no it isn't. But, if only I had the WiFi Curve, this would complete the package. Great news!

will we be able to save our sms, mms, email messages on our media card? i am tired of having to erase my important texts, and having the warning message, sim card is almost full, crap.

i wonder when at&t will release this, i miss being able to video record on my phone

ya know if verizon werent secretive idiots, i wouldnt have canceled my account cuz i was sick of waiting for a year for them to release the pearl, if they told their reps a few months ago about releasing the pearl 2 i wouldve waited more -.-

i want the pearl 2 but im not paying 400 bucks for it, but im wondering when at&t will release it now

anyone know when at&t will be releasing 4.3 and the pearl 2???

Does this conclusively work with microSD cards in the 6GB+ range? I know 8GB cards are dropping soon and I would like to know if the 6GB is read properly.

Can anyone shed some light on that?


I'm already using a 6GB card on my Curve ( with no trouble...upon installation, free memory was 5.6GB, and I was able to use the adapter to transfer files between my 2GB card and the 6GB card with no trouble...I've had it for about a week now, and not one problem (yet!)...

I bought a 6g media card, and everything was good until I tried putting about 3g's of stuff on there. Some music and video files wouldn't even be recognized. After inserting the card and turning the phone on, I'd get a message saying that there is a problem with the card and I need to check it for bug s(or something like that), and the phone wouldn't read ANYTHING on the card...

So now I'm back to a 2g card... and I just use my 6g to shuttle files from work to home.

Please tell me from where I can download the 4.3 Device software. Awaiting for your reply and link anxiously...


I'm probably about to downgrade to the 4.3 OS from 4.5 because I'm getting the reboot sequence loop. I've tried all but that.

Is there somewhere we can get this now?

Will I be able to use my new video capability as a caller id option? This was great feature on my old sprint phone!!

They've added support for the 8300 family for the following formats in MMS (carrier-dependent, I believe, but the actual MMS client support is there).




i didn't fall for it. almost did, but looked at the last word and was like "hmm. that looks like moron spelled backwards...oh wait! it IS!"


good one though!

so I followed the ATT link to the blackberry site and got the 4.3 Os... but how do I install it? My computer cant open it its called this right "430_b025_multilanguage.exe.part"

so I followed the ATT link to the blackberry site and got the 4.3 Os... but how do I install it? My computer cant open it its called this right "430_b025_multilanguage.exe.part"

so I followed the ATT link to the blackberry site and got the 4.3 Os... but how do I install it? My computer cant open it its called this right "430_b025_multilanguage.exe.part"

It's never gonna come out anyways. There's been leaked screenies and broken beta versions about for the last 4-5 months or so.

But will they ever release it ? Noooo.. Cuz they're trying to put too much new shit in it. It's full of bugs and memory leaks, and will never work, nor will it ever come out.

I've had a curve for quite some time now, and i gotta admit that i'm starting to really hate this p.o.s. phone/whatever.

I'm switching to a HTC. Screw Blackberry, RIM, and all the retarded software they support.

Thank you

is there any way to upgrade the os ota? unfortunately, the port on my phone is broken and i really want to upgrade my os for the new features. theres got to be a way can anyone help?

looks nice but im really looking forward to html mail then i would be almost completely satsified that is til the CDMA Bolds come out hopefully in 3 years after my contract with my 8330 curve expires :)