Exclusive: First Real Photos of the BlackBerry 9630!

BlackBerry Niagara 9630
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2009 08:48 am EST

FINALLY!!!!! What you're looking at above are the first real photos of the BlackBerry "Niagara" 9630. As you can see, this CDMA full-QWERTY BlackBerry is looking sweet and very much has the appearance of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Bold morphed into one. In the photo on your right, the 9630 is the one in the middle. I know these pictures are small and a bit of a tease...but don't worry, we'll bring you more soon! Excited much??

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Who is going to be the primary carrier for it? Do we know yet?


In the US it will be Verizon...possibly sprint I suppose as well...but its a CDMA device, hence the xx30.

In the great white north, probably looking at a bell/telus deal.


sprint needs a new berry

B-RaD of the KgB

I am not a fan of the african-american berry. If anything I would buy the new sprint palm treo PRO (the sister to the palm pre) b/c it has a similar setup to BLackBerry, but with a touch screen, I would like to see a BLACKBERRY with a design like the CURVE or BOLD keep the qwerty keyboard, and keep the screen the same size but have it touchable. I really havent used the STORM but from playing with my friends I personally didnt enjoy the moving screen, when you touch the screen it sinks down, I imagine many problems with that, they should have excluded the sinking AKA clickable screen on the storm MY OPINION and LIKE ASSHOLES everyone has one, so dont hate on me!!1

B-RaD of the KgB

I am not a fan of the african-american berry. If anything I would buy the new sprint palm treo PRO (the sister to the palm pre) b/c it has a similar setup to BLackBerry, but with a touch screen, I would like to see a BLACKBERRY with a design like the CURVE or BOLD keep the qwerty keyboard, and keep the screen the same size but have it touchable. I really havent used the STORM but from playing with my friends I personally didnt enjoy the moving screen, when you touch the screen it sinks down, I imagine many problems with that, they should have excluded the sinking AKA clickable screen on the storm MY OPINION and LIKE ASSHOLES everyone has one, so dont hate on me!!1


yeah it does take the best features from both and morph them into one device...



I couldn't agree more, my friend! I love the Bold keyboard, and while I love the design of the Curve 8900, it needed chrome instead of that painted silver stuff, thus, the chromed-out Niagara, just like the Bold. And if I am looking at the pictures correctly, the trackball is black. That is one of the Curve 8900's best design features, and it is nice to see it carried over to the Niagara.

The Niagara just totally came in and gave Verizon their OTHER AT&T/Tmo/Sprint BlackBerry killing BlackBerry!

Read that last sentence out loud, then it might make sense.


It's like an avalanche of awesome!!!!


when can i buy this baby... I neeeddd it...


Hello you lil bastered child !


if only i didn't have a storm...


Looks good. But let's wait and see if it catches fire or has the same issues as the Orange issued Bold.


Finally a CDMA BB that matters! This looks AMAZING. Love the size.


Its coming to to verizon yay!!! I WILL be getting it!glad I didn't get that thunder or something like that?!


I REALLY like the bigger screen, and the way they stuck with chrome trim


I WANT IT!! Good bye Storm hello Niagara.


It's a good look so far. My only question is if they have addressed the on-board memory issue as associated with the bold. I personally don't have an issue w/ the bold form factor as much as i do with the lack of massively large apps(see the iphone) for it. Don't listen to your girlfriend, size does matter. Being a prior 8800 user the bold is a step up, so don't get me wrong. I just look for profection. On the glass is half full side, at least I have something to look forward too. It should be interesting...

Captain BenJAMIN

PLEASE COME TO SPRINT!! I have had this 8830 for over 2 years now!!!


i'll keep my Jav... that looks a little big for me... plus i hate Sprint, and strongly dislike VZW so i'm not switching to them.....


Isn't this the one that has no Wifi? When will a CDMA phone come out that offers Wifi?


Wi-fi is overrated. I have a 8330 and I get pretty good connection speeds plus, I am not tethered to a hot-spot and the cities I roam force you register or make you buy into their savings program in order for you to use wi-fi.

Mr. AngelFood

Wi-Fi is most certainly NOT overrated... especially when done properly for web browsing.

Kaston of the KGB

I know the HTC TOUCH PRO has wifi OR are you meaning a blackberry on CDMA with WiFi?? I am not a fan of the african-american berry. If anything I would buy the new sprint palm treo PRO (the sister to the palm pre) b/c it has a similar setup to BLackBerry, but with a touch screen, I would like to see a BLACKBERRY with a design like the CURVE or BOLD keep the qwerty keyboard, and keep the screen the same size but have it touchable. I really havent used the STORM but from playing with my friends I personally didnt enjoy the moving screen, when you touch the screen it sinks down, I imagine many problems with that, they should have excluded the sinking AKA clickable screen on the storm MY OPINION and LIKE ASSHOLES everyone has one, so dont hate on me!!1


The Storm was fun while it lasted. Going into early retirement.


Couldn't have said it better myself.

Dark Cobra

I was fortunate to unload my POS Storm two weeks ago. Just plain got tired of being RIM's Beta Bitch. It will be nice to finally have a real grown up BB without having to play "Simon says try this" with constant beta attempts to make a device right.


It looks real nice. But I think the Curve is sexier then the Bold and it has more of a bold outline to it. Aw well, cant have it all. Excited to see more clear shots :)


What a beautiful thing to wake up to in the morning! Got the Storm at release, maybe it will be time for an upgrade upon release of this little piece of equipment...


While late to the starting line, Blackberry has been piling on the high quality smart phones one after another. Where's Apple at??

I would be surprised if this didn't have Wifi. Seems like standard issue stuff at this point.


I want one now. I will be standing in line on whatever day this bad boy comes out.


FINALLY! I am very impressed with the device. Looks very slick and small!


Come to AT&T. Get rid of the stupid iPhone. I must have this phone NOW. Is the Curve 8900 in anyway capable of being transcontinental?


wow! this thing looks amazing!! CAN'T WAIT!


i. want. this. right. now. thanks. :).

the brother

will it run v4.7.x.xxx??


either 4.7.1 or 5.xx depending on release date


This looks great! I want it! I might leave my Storm for this!!!


Kevin do you have more pictures coming in soon?


With everyone on here all hyped up about this upcoming phone, I was really expecting something that was sort of outside the box with design and appearence. Looks like just another BB Curve to me.

I'll stick with my STORM.




Screw Verizon, they already have the Storm, give me the Niagara on Sprint!


I think this is the one I've been waiting for. Little worried about keyboard size because I love the Bold keyboard.


Seems from all of the "OOOOHHHH's & AAAAAHHHHH's" comments on here that you people would buy anything that said it was the latest and greatest no matter what it looked like.

That is clearly evident by the threads about a STORM 2 as well.

I am under the impression that I could take any of the BB's, polish it up, put a new name on it, tell you it was newer technology and you all would eat them up like a school kid at a candy store.


My thoughts exactly. I was thinking to myself how spoiled our nation is. It's all about the "I need this now" mentality.


Okay, so I take it that neither of you are victims of this so-called "I need this now" mentality, and are happily emailing away on your 7290s? Or maybe the 7130? Frankly, it shouldn't matter to you guys whether or not others are excited about a new device. If this "oh you guys are so spoiled" mindset bothers you so much, go out and work for a not-for-profit organization for the rest of your life. Please show us the proper way.


Pleeeeeeease! With sugar on top! :o)


Push To Talk????!!!????

Please I pray there is. I want it


It's great to finally see some shots of the 9630. Ive been patiently waiting to get a peep just like everyone else. I really hope that it stays the same with the final build. Next thing is hearing a firm release date for sprint. Great job so far RIM!!


...I'm ready to trade my Storm, just tired of the clicking screen.


we were told at work to wait to upgrade if you are a Sprint user.


May can't come fast enough on VZW !


After all our waiting, we get some pix! Keep 'em coming!!




what's the difference between that and the 8900 and 9000


In my opinion from what i can see its got the size and screen of the 8900, the styling of the 9000, the angle of the keys from the 8900 but a keypad similar to the 9000.

I'm now wondering if it's got an external Micro SD card slot.

Raj uk

Would this phone be released in the UK? Think they would include the wifi for a UK version?


Where storm sits ready
Waiting, warm, lifeline, tether
Pocket lint be damned




Which will likely have WiFi as well as aGPS and NA3G UMTS bands.


I agree with Lucidot. This phone looks like the other non touchscreen BBs already out. Unless it has other features that the Storm doesn't have (other than the actual keyboard), I'll pass on this.


They all look the same!


I would love for this to have all features combined...WiFi,gps,3mp camera...but history has shown that RIM will cut something out to avoid cannibalizing its other devices. We shall see.


Man, SPRINT better pick this up... which works perfect for me, let me share why:

I've been living with the 7100i for the past 2.5 years and just recently bought an Curve 8330 from eBay, thus not affecting my current contract...SO when ("if") SPrint picks up this BOLD it should be right in time for my contract renewal...

man i can't wait... SPRINT better pick this up, or else i'm gone!

VZW / ATT here i'll come!!!


In my perfect world, this device would have two more things:

1. WiFi... obviously. (eff you, Verizon!)

2. An UNcrippled GPS (as in any app you want can utilize it)


3. A TOUCHSCREEN! Think about how cool that would be! Would make scrolling around webpages so much easier, and add a whole new dimension of functionality.

(if I was really being greedy, I'd say a accelerometer... but really I just want that for games.)

Another thing I think is bound to start happening soon (especially with companies like Garmin starting to make phones) is phones are going to need to start coming with a built in compass. A GPS is barely worth it's weight in salt without a compass to tell you which way you're pointing, IMO.


I think I am going to just sit here and stare at the picture until the day it is released. Wish you could zoom in on the picture more, but I'm sure as soon as there are more pictures they will be posted right here - can't wait!


Now this is what Ive been waiting for!!!!! Yeah, the Storm was okay, but Im hooked on the trackball. Cannot wait for its release.

Wifi would be a cool feature, but its not the end all be all. Very much looking forward to this device


OMG!!!!!!!!!!! *batting Eyes*

FedUp $!@#$@!

I think I am the only one that is really thinking that the 9630 is one of the worst plans in history as far as 'keeping repeat customers happy' in the world of Verizon. It's unbelievable to me that with all the issues that still exist with the .075 release of the Storm's firmware, that RIM or VZW would consider bringing a 'newer/faster/better supported' device to the market already!

It was just 3 months ago that we all waited in the dark together to get a piece of hardware that we couldn't use... And now, 'something better' is already out.

Now don't get me wrong, I know new stuff hits daily in today's market, but is it too much to ask to make some of the handsets you have already - WORK PROPERLY - before we send the new one out to users? I am keeping in mind that .120 something should be out in a few weeks and that will save the Storm, but seriously - can we get one done before we announce and leak the new one that makes the malfunctioning one obsolete?

Course, with that being said, I have my early upgrade coming in 8 short months - that should give them time to get the OS right on this one... :)


Gimme one - I'd buy one :o) !!


OOOMMMGGG!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to upgrade from my 8330 to this one. Bring on the Falls!!!!!


Why change what works? Sure, update the styling a bit, but a BlackBerry is, at its core, a messaging machine, and the brick-shaped front-facing QWERTY form factor is the best for messaging. If you don't like it, BUY SOMETHING ELSE.


I am loving the look of the new Niagara. It definitely look slike a good update to the 8830. I will definitely be getting one of these bad boys when it hits the market.

Now that we see some pics of the new device, any better word on the actual specs?????


Wow that was fast ... so whats the different inside?
i just got the Bold 2 months ago .. and that's not old enough ...


Don't know what all the hype is about. The true "next" blackberry will be in a curve form factor but will also feature a touch screen.


I wanted a Bold, is that too much to ask? It looks like the new Curve with the Bold keyboard. I'll wait to see how it looks in person when Telus gets it. I like the bigger screen of the Bold, not sure why RIM had to make a new model design. No thanks.


....i have a boner right now


Totally weird dude...settle down.


I've been following the rumours on this for awhile. So glad to see a picture of it. Looks great. My Pearl has been a good and faithful Blackberry but it's time for an upgrade. Can't wait.


The day Sprint gets it...its MINE!!!!!!!


Ok, so its a Bold, with the top round like the Storm. Its beautiful! Now for a street date leak.


I keep looking at the Bold but AT&T signal consistency generally sucks in my neck of the woods so I'm planning on sticking with VZW. I love my Curve but its downside for me is, likely being one of the taller addicts here on CB with big hands, Curve key spacing feels cramped to me. I was hoping for a little more "real estate" on the Niagara keyboard- similar to the Bold. These shots suggest the key size/spacing to be more Curve-like than Bold-like. Sigh... We'll see!


Do you think it will come to Telus by summer?


hopefully it will come to telus by the summer time
i really need an upgrade and was going to buy the 8330
but this post is giving me hope that i can get a BOLD-like CURVE
ahhhh can't wait


Looks perfect! Come on VZW, get'r done!



As far as looks and size, all I can say is Excellent.


I dont want my storm anymore hahaha


Honestly, Im going to find a repair shop to clean and reseal my storm's screen and I'm sticking with it unless this comes out with some crazy good specs. I've grown to the Storm's keyboard, screen size is a huge bonus.


thanks for the pic ive been dying to see this thing! its like they cut them both in half bottom of the bold top of the curve. i just hope it mimics the curve performance wise

Robert Hallock

It's a shame that, as a CDMA device, it will almost assuredly be robbed of an 802.11 radio.


DAM NICE!!! the wife wants one of these but Im gonna stick with my storm :)


You guys are incredible! Thanks for the tease. I'm really anxious to get my hands on the Niagara 9630. Hopefully Verizon doesn't stretch the release date out on this one. Any takers on a BlackBerry Storm for a BlackBerry Niagara 9630 swap?


Everyone these days is so quick to jump ship. My storm is great and it is finally getting rid of the bugs, I am not going to jump ship and hop on a phone that will have bugs just because of some hype. Not to mention the screen on the storm is beautiful and big! Storm live on!


I hope spring get the Niagara!! I love my curve but this would be sooo awesome!!


The styling might not be completely new, but this being an update to the 8830WE, it is a welcome update. I think the two things I wish my 8830 had is more memory and a built in camera. I believe those two things are accomplished with the 9630, and any possible upgrades to that are gravy.


I told ya it looked awesome and the pics until now did not do it justice. :)


Nothing that is getting me too excited here. I'll stick to my Bold and at&t thank you very much.


Is the Keyboard more like the Bold or the Curve2? Cause I can't tell from the pictures.


The keyboard is like the Bolds, only smaller.


And I jizzed in my pants


Yayyy when is this baby coming to Verizon!! Can't wait to upgrade!


CDMA...what the crap? we need GSm phones...Why are we still sitting in ancient 18th century with crap like CDMA phones...???

I own a 8900 Javelin and truly love it...oh yes its a GSM. And just for the info I don't care if it doesn't have 3G. I will buy the next 4G whenever it releases in future...


not a fan of the red AND blue on the keyboard
but maybe im just being picky :)


I don't think it's red and blue, I think that's just the lighting. If you look at the left picture of the phone by itself, there doesn't appear to be blue. Personally, I'm not a fan on the red they put on the 8900 and the 9000, but that's just me :-D



Where, Blackberry, Where
waits on side of person is
not on crackberry

Jack D

Why is aGPS listed as a feature when we all know it's going to be useless anyways because Verizon will disable it?


GPS is no longer crippled by VZW, at least the STORM isn't. Google maps doesn't work with it yet, but that's on googles end. They haven't coded their app to use the GPS yet. BB maps works perfectly.


The latest version of Google Maps actually does work on the Storm...and very well, I might add.


Always in my hand
Carpal Tunnel setting in
Need WHERE to find Doc

Vlad M.

This is what I would have gotten instead of my Storm :)

Im waiting for the 9600 as well isaacleese, need a GSM version.


Ill wait 2 see it in person....I really like the look of the 8900 - so this shd b even better!


So nice...I had to look twice!
I cannot accurately express in words how excited I am at the pictures above.
That’s my baby! I mean seriously…think about it…
Seeing this picture is like going to the doctor to see that first Sonogram of the baby…where you can make out the baby and get your first glimpse. And it’s like the closer you get to the due date…every time you get to sneak a peek the baby is more developed and you start to see more of its characteristics.
LOL…okay so maybe it’s just me…but I am ready to know when I can get one of these!
This will be my first Blackberry! Can’t wait!


I cant wait for this, I returned my storm before the 30 days was up when I heard this was coming out, now I now it wont be for nothing lol Woot Woot!


I'll be getting rid of my Storm and picking this one up. Can't wait until it comes out.


Now THAT is what I call a Berry!


OMG, looks great! I hope that means it may be out before May!


God this phone looks sweet!! I hope it comes to telus!! I know they're getting the pearl flip but I hate suretype.


now if we could just see the pluto.


It incorporates the ugliness of both devices: the lousy keyboard of the Bold and the cheap, tacky "chrome" frame of the Curve 8900... harumph


Cool looking phone looks a little larger then the Curve 8900 like that built it off the dimenisonal specs of the Storm. But still a cool looking phone and if i was looking for a CDMA BB I would wait for that then buy the bold or storm.


to me it looks just like the 8900! theres not really a diff in size as there is in the bold! I mean if I would prefer a bigger screen if it was me and getting something that was supposed to be a substitute


What's all the hype about? Seriously?! Am I missing something here? It looks like a Bold/Curve morph like most users said, so what's new?

And what's up with RIM pushing new phones with no real value added?



Will this have a camera like the Curve/ Pearl on VZW or will it be more like the 8830... which I currently have? (The 8830 only sucks because it has NO CAMERA & I love taking pictures!)


Come on Kevin, where are some good pictures? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have any picture (makes it seem like it might actually appear someday), but we crave good crack, not just any old crack ;-)



dear big guy in the sky,
please please please let sprint get the niagra soon.
its the only thing i want to buy this year. berry nice talking to you!
sincerely yours,


if it comes to verizon you get no wifi!! its better suited if it goes to sprint!! also for the sake of the customer i hope it gets the same if not a faster processor then the bold (being the fastest right now i think). if your stuck with just vcast with verizon its going to be just another storm with out the touch screen... :)


Yeah, better suited for Sprint because it will fit in well with Sprint's other wi-fi capable Blackberrys?


also, with verizon...you cant use vcast as your data feature if you dont want the bb feature!! unlike with AT&T you can trick the system and add media net and drop the bb plan and still use your apps and also use the wifi..


Oh well, I was holding out for a Bold, but now its just a new Curve. My old Curve is just fine thanks. No sale.


Will it be called the Bold or the Curve? Hmmm :)


The more I think about it, the more I don't see a need for Verizon or Sprint to release a Curve. I know we've heard a lot of conflicting reports about this, but really, it makes sense. What would the point be when this is the best of both worlds?

The Curve 'Javelin' lacks 3G so it makes sense to have it be a separate product line on GSM providers.




It aahhmm....looks like an late model Palm device to me. But I want one!



I will totally get this to repalace the 8330 Curve I have now, which replaced the Storm, if RIM comes out with a Desktop Manager for Apple soon. Otherwise I am off to the iPhone, PocketMac doesn't sync right and I won't pay $40 for Missing Sync. But this look like the best of all worlds, nice screen and a QWERTY keyboard, come on DM I want this one.


what about the curve 8900 for at&t!? im sick of hearing about verizon!


Does anyone know exactly how the 9630 compares to the 9000 besides the size? Will it really be the CDMA version of a Bold?


that's a really nice looking phone...is that going to be available through AT&T?


It looks too close to the size of the Curve 8900 to me, which is a little too small for my liking. Its really tough for me to text on a Curve 8330 keyboard, so i'm sure i'd have the same problem with this device. Still lookin forward to it coming to a Verizon store and checkin it out tho.

Rockin with my Blackberry Storm and happy with it!


Is it me or is that thing really ugly? I'd rather it look like the Bold than that bastard child.


that is a NICE marble counter.


Umm.. why did I get the storm again? someone remind me.


I returned that piece of garbage Verizon called the Storm praying they would release there version of the Bold.


Anyone know a street release date for this thing?


Sorry, do not understand the hype....there's nothing particularly special about the design, nor about any features being added....seems like just another curve.

At least the Storm and the Bold were quite different from any Blackberry before them.


tht looks cool. So i guess ima just wait until this phone comes out nd i wont upgrade to the storm. In the meantime I'll just stick with my curve 8330...


Ooooh time to tell my Storm that its time for a menage trois

This is definitely going to be my second phone.


I keep clicking on this CrackBerry post every 20 minutes to stare at these photos some more. I have been awaiting Verizon's new BlackBerry (w/ tactile QWERTY) for what seems like an eternity, and this looks like the perfect device! In between the Bold and 8900 size wise is ideal, and the design may be similar to those other two but they are also gorgeous!!

Cannot wait for more pictures... rather, cannot wait to own one of these!!


It's a nice looking berry, but not the sexiest. Kind of boring in a way. It will most likely not have WiFi. It will be worth an upgrade from the storm, if it has the same processor as the Bold.


waiting on a GSM...lol
just kidding


AT&T got the Bold. Verizon got the Storm. T-mobile got the 8900. Sprint freakin' better be the next provider to get this one!


it's even more bootiful than i thought. good job. i can't wait until my contract ends this summer!!!


its like a dream come true for now lts see how it turns out


Hurry up and bring this thing to market. I need a new phone and this one is exactly what I had in mind.

BlackBerry Fiend

just when I was considering getting the 8900 here come's this beauty! I really hope Sprint gets it so I don't have to switch carriers. Hope it doesnt cost an arm and a leg tho!

BlackBerry Fiend

just when I was considering getting the 8900 here come's this beauty! I really hope Sprint gets it so I don't have to switch carriers. Hope it doesnt cost an arm and a leg tho!

BlackBerry Fiend

just when I was considering getting the 8900 here come's this beauty! I really hope Sprint gets it so I don't have to switch carriers. Hope it doesnt cost an arm and a leg tho!


looks cool. but the keyboard is inferior to the 8900. I know ppl wanted that but won't get it :)





Please, please, please come to Sprint. This thing is beautiful. Yes, yes I know it is going to Verizon, I am just saying make your way to Sprint.


Finally I got a reason to ditch the lame service that calls it self T-mobile.I love my curve 8320 but why switch and end up with my phone again, this gives me a real reason to leave since seriously yea the Storm is kool but not the koolest blackberry,

all I gotta say is Niagra fall into my hands ASAP!


As someone who is using a bold and a storm simultaneously, I can see the appeal in switching the "Niagara" to a more storm-like form factor... So excellent work by RIM on that front. The 9630 looks like it will be the most attractive BB yet.

I do have a number of gripes though...

1) I know it's been said but with Canadian data plans, wifi is HUGE

2) One of the best parts of the Bold's keyboard is the extra width over that of the 8900... On the 9630 it looks like they crammed the Bold keyboard into a thinner device, possibly making it smaller in the process... I THINK this would reduce my typing speed.

3) Based on the form factor I would assume that they chose the same single speaker in the 8900/95XX over the infinitely superior dual speaker set up in the Bold. I NEVER listen to music on my Storm as it sounds so much worse than my Bold.

4) The screen may be lower res but the wide format of the Bold is much nicer for reading and watching movies


oh gosh the niagra is the real deal.


i think this is going to be the new version of the 8800 series.


I'll be sold on it if it has:

-EV-DO Rev. A
-Full HTML Rendering (instead of the same old obsolete Blackberry browser)
-Maybe some WiFi thrown in there. Is that too much to ask from a VZW phone??

Any possible release dates yet?


I hope it comes to sprint with wifi, fingers crossed.


To be honest, it looks like a great phone. But, I still like the fact that my storm is touch screen and there isn't this huge keyboard and not to mention a trackball that gets crap built up in it.

I guess it depends on who you are and what you like. Personally, I think my 9530 is a great phone. It has everything I could ever want in a phone, GPS, Video playback, BBMessenger, Internet w/browser. I don't really have the need for Wi-Fi (unlimited data anyway) and the EDGE network may not be the fastest, but hey, I can still watch videos OTA and surf virtually without any flaws.

To me, I think touchscreens are where it is and to have anything but is like going to the past. Great phone, but not for me.

John Yester

Mid May or June time frame is what i am hearing.

BlackBerry Fiend

BB is also coming out with another model called 'the magnum'. with both a touch screen and a qwerty keyboard [I just realised that QWERTY is typed in a full line =] yeah but I got the information right here!



Oh baby, come on Sprint. Bring it! This should be #1 priority for Sprint by leaps, bounds, cash and resource invested by Sprint FAR more than that dud called the Palm.

$1 says we won't have this at Sprint until Sept 09.


I can't wait for this phone! Currently have the 8830 world edition and i'm looking to FINALLY upgrade. I was going to get the curve 8330, but i think this might be worth the wait. i was just at verizon yesterday and the guy told me that it won't be out for 6 months to a year. but i keep hearing may so we'll just have to wait and see.


This is even sexier than the 8900 =) I can't wait for it to come out... hopefully TELUS gets this (and sooner rather than later)... I will upgrade for sure!


Can't wait til' it's released!


I have been waiting for the news re: this phone for a long, long time! The 8330 is not the workhorse today that it was during its launch date and Verizon needs this phone to give the 8703, 8830, and 8330 models a current alternative to the Storm.

I do not like the Storm and based on many of the comments above, my feelings are shared by many. Thank you Verizon for bringing a viable alternative to the fans of the 'traditional' Blackberry functionality! Please release this to us as soon as possible!!!

Casper TFG

I live in a poor reception area so I absolutely need a WiFi / UMA device

Thoughts of a 8900 owner:

The 8900 keyboard is as small as you can possibly go so slightly a bigger one = GOOD (Bold is too much of a monster...IMHO)

The 8900 keyboard and its dim back light is is AWFUL to work on in low light - so any improvement there would be great!

The stereo sound of the Bold is very cool and the mono 8900 much less so - if they could fit stereo on this new one that would = amazing (but I doubt its possible)

Louder ringer & stronger vibrations = would be better

If it had 3G and WiFi - and all the above I would swap it for my 8900 in a New York minute, mid contract, full price - whatever..

Give it to me baby! ah ha! - ah ha!


Seriously, how hard is it to just allow WiFi? It's just about as easy as it is for me to switch to a network that doesn't cripple its phones. If VZW doesn't have a decent WiFi-enabled phone by the end of the year, it's time for me to switch. Who's with me? Maybe VZW will finally take the hint!

Andrew Stewart

Since the appearance of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Bold are morphed into one, does any knows if Verizon will still offer the Blackberry Curve 8930?

Andrew Stewart

Since the appearance of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Bold are morphed into one, does any knows if Verizon will still offer the Blackberry Curve 8930?


Since the appearance of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Bold are morphed into one, does any knows if Verizon will still offer the Blackberry Curve 8930?

Brenden Don

This phone looks amazing. I literaly CANNOT WAIT TO GET THIS DEVICE ON BELL. I really hope it hits bell before the end of the year


Bell Canada is saying June 2009 release date


Am I the only one let down here? I was hoping for a Bold to come for Verizon. I just think the Bold is one beautiful piece of machinery and this Niagara is just "meh". I'm talking about looks, not necessarily about the features. I have Verizon and was hoping for a Bold, not a Curve look-alike. I think I may switch to AT&T and get the Bold


Does anyone know when this device will drop for Verizon?


Anyone know if the Niagara (Tour) will be global?????