Exclusive: First Look at the BlackBerry Storm 2!!

BlackBerry Storm2 Review
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2009 07:33 pm EDT

Update - October 15th, 2009. You can now check out our full review of the Storm2! Click below.

* Original Leaked Photos Removed at RIM's Request - Click Image Above for OFFICIAL CrackBerry Storm2 Review *

* Update: MORE PHOTOS ADDED! Sooo much Storm 2 goodness it's ridiculous. *

BOOM. Here it is CrackBerry Nation, your FIRST look at the BlackBerry Storm TWO. I'm not even sure what to say here... other than a super trusty source sent us in these pictures of RIM's next generation of BlackBerry touchscreen. Looking at the photos, you can see it shares its physical appearance with both the original BlackBerry Storm and the yet unreleased BlackBerry Onyx/Driftwood. More photos below. And more info is sure to come. Let the comments begin!

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Exclusive: First Look at the BlackBerry Storm 2!!





doesn't even make me feel bad that it's replacing my original storm

pure touchscreen with a similar OS? PHAIL!

I'm moving on. I can thank the Storm for showing me:
1) I want a touch screen. There's no easier way to navigate
2) But I also want a hardware keyboard. I want the speed and accuracy

I'm willing to compromise on the overall form factor of the phone as I know that points 1 and 2 will reduce sleekness and probably result in a slider mechanism

The Touch Pro for instance. Although the Pre and hopefully the new G2 will build on the "sex appeal"

as a first day storm owner, i can remember when the only buttons that worked were the real buttons on the bottom...talk, bb, back, and end...fix storm 1 b4 moving on...

hell fuckin yeah. they said they not doin the surepress with this one, so only time will tell. but im exdcited. im glad it doesnt look totally different, cuz i like da Storms look. but dis iz slimmer. seems kind of longer too

I am willing to bet that the screen only moves a fraction of what it does now and probably plays a clicking sound through the speaker rather than actually making any noise and I bet it is fixed to a number of buttons so the screen no longer moves side to side.

It comes to show how RIM cares about their customers, like lets say about apple when they came out with the iphone it sucked so much they came out with the 3g version, is practically leaving people out in the dark to deal with there issues, now RIM is doing the exact same thing, they have not even come out with a real software up date, now this POS!!!

Thank goodness I returned my storm.
Also it is VZW fault for choosing such a crappy device.

Way to go Verizon Wireless
We never stop screwing you over.......

it would have been nice if they finished the first one before developing a new one now wouldn't it? maybe not RIM's fault, but certainly VZW

Kevin do you have any idea what type of processor will be sported in the Storm 2. Please no crappy Qcom, Marvell is the best.

ive got a storm still on .75 and it still works for me.... just looks like the same phone just a little more sleeker .. plus who is to say they wont have the same type of OS system on it, its not gonna make me run out and grab another one.... I like the one i have. the people how think your going to get a kick back from VZW to get a new one... dream on !!!!! I dont see that happening !!!!

verizon has defiantly put us original storm users on the backburner and are working hard on this.....which sucks for us...but hopefully the storm2 will be one heck of a phone.

PS we need something more then just pics! we need specs and stuff....i really wanna know....will it have wifi?!

i am so excited about the new storm..hopefully the camera will be better than 3.2,but either way i cant wait..i will NEVER own anything other than a bb again...love these devices

I love Storm 1...It's heafty and has some thickness to it! This Strorm 2 is like a waffer that will be lickable to women not men!

Still not satisfied that the Storm 2 will be any better then the Storm 1. Just because of the Wifi does not make it a better unit. The OS better be phenominal or its just another piece of junk

I hope this is the actual model to come....Answers alot of my prayers..Looks half as thick, sleeker design...Hope the screen is more reliable!

It seems like everybody wants to point the finger at VZW for them not liking the storm.....nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to buy the storm, and guess what you had 30 days to exchange it if you didnt like it, and you didnt.....so if you dont like it buy another phone.....if not shut up and let it be.....you dont have to run the stock .75 if you dont wanna, so please stop complaining all the time about how its not this or it doesn't do that, bc at the end of the day, you will never be satisfied bc you guys hold such high standards for things that you never know wont be reached...bc what you forget is Verizon just sells the phone, RIM made it, so it not their fault it wasnt up to par

If you are happy to cower and accept mediocrity, just take what's given to you, even though you payed for something better, then crawl back into your little hole and let the men duke it out FOR you. Because you know damn well that if all of the "complainers" actually manage to get all of us storm users some sort of discount when the S2 hit's your weak ass will be right there in line to get yours. And screw you and your pious attitude about the thirty day refund. None of us could imagine that six months later, we'd still be waiting for a fix, and had NO reason to think that we'd still be using a flaccid device. People like YOU make ME sick. Worm!

Why do stupid people like to come on here and say "No one put a gun to your head"....

It's pretty obvious we all purchased this thing on our own will. It's also pretty obvious that we all got screwed! the complaints on here (for the most part) are very legit! Those of you who are "Sick and tired of ...", then go somewhere else. You have no business reading our complaints if it bothers you that much! No Sh*t we can run a leak, but even as much as those leaks improve the OS, they still are not stable nor supported! Leaving us to troubleshoot and deal with issues ourselves OR use 3rd party apps to Fix issues that should be no brainers on the damn OS to begin with!

No support from the company we signed TWO YEAR deals with. So YES VERIZON is very much responsible because THEY are getting our money! You idiots who don't like the rants, GTF outta here and move on! STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE COMPLAINING!!!

Thank you, come again...

First off I never said that your complaints are not legit, what I said is bitchin about it all the time like you got screwed over aint gonna do sh*t......you signed a 2-year contract to use VErizon's services, not to use the storm, thats what you paid 199 or however much you paid for it.....you idiots who complain and rant all the time can just stfu, buy another phone, and be happy.....and I have ever fuking right to say something, and if you dont like it, you FTF outta here!!!!If you dumb people want the perfect phone, go fck urselves cuz youll never find it cuz its never been made

Only a complete and total idiot would buy this while RIM & VERIZON leave the original Storm owners stranded! The sad thing is the world is filled with complete and total idiots so it will sell.

fuck off, i just bought my storm and they are already bringing out a new one

i am going to punch someone in the head at RIM, they have the time to come up with a new one instead of fixing the problems with their current version of the phone


Looks sexy. Seems to me like a longer screen. Yet I'm a sad skeptical of the buttons on the botton, previous touch screen buttons stop working after a while. But over all looks good and I hope that we storm 1 users can have some kind of deal to get this phone without paying extra.

You better believe RIM will be able to figure out who this trusted person was that released these images simply by remembering who wore these types of jeans today and also look at the distinct pattern on his automobiles seat, along with the button for the window on that silver colored dash on his left indicating he was the passenger. If I were this person I would look for a new job, other than that, great pictures.... I hope RIM will have better luck when it is rolled out!

I would first like to say, I hope its better than the last one. I think it sucks that they hyped up the first storm and never put out an updated OS which is driving people to go and buy other phones. Blackberry you really owe the Storm buyers this time....

All of us 1st gen owners were (are) just a bunch of monkey's testing the device out for Rim and Verizon anyway.

I do think that when you buy something with an innovative attribute (in this case the touch screen) you better get ready for a new and improved version in the not too distant future. The funny thing is that while us Storm Junkies are sitting on these boards just praying for another release that will fix the pathetic bugs in our phones, Rim is like "F*ck it......lets just make another one"

whatever happens, whether the storm 2 is terrible or awesome, I'm waiting for some solid reviews from both critics and general consumers before I upgrade. I rushed out to get the storm 1 disregarding the reviews and it was a huge letdown. Won't happen again, doesnt matter how sexy the phone looks.

Wow. There are 2 types of people here. Negative ones who see the glass half empty + positive ones who see it as half full. For a 1st attempt I think rim did allright. Looking 4ward to next gen of os + device. Prob get flamed 4 this but whatever. If I was unhappy I would've switched. Just remember the greatest successes were @ 1 time "failures".
P.S. still rockin .75 + no probs

Now that's how you express your opinion without crapping on someone who may feel differently than you. Take notes people. Cheers man!

You guys want to make a ripple? I can see that like myself, there are a HUGE amount of people posting all over the net on these forums, that are flat out pissed off about the situation with the storm. We feel like this display of the storm 2 is a blatant slap in the face of everyone who spent their hard earned money on the still not fixed or addressed Storm.
So here's what you all need to do. It's the ONLY way anything is going to happen. CONTACT YOUR STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL AND FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST VERIZON AND RIM.

I Guarantee you, if enough of us make a noise, we can get some sort of satisfaction when the new storm launches.

Also, post this everywhere. NUMBERS is the key. Complaining on these boards is a temporary vent, but will get not get the attention that we need.

Well damn, they could have went for a different color atleast. But I just hope this screen does not click because I went and another iphone to text because I hated texting on the storm. I just hope us first gen storm users get a huge discount if not a free phone for the trash that we got last year.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get it in my hands! I just hope that the operating system works better than the original storm.

OR at least, I hope that the click is an option. I'd consider buying one if the phone could be made click-agnostic.

In my hand now is a storm 9500 and the new one look absolutelly sexy and awesome but if all the functions like the first one I rather grab a 7290 ....honestly
and RIM should bargain the new one for who owned the first one with half price because the first one is a nightmare , a defected product .....just my thoughts ...
OK ! just wait for it and see how they correct their fouls...and if they done well their homeworks form the first storm I am going to buy it ...
anyways BB is my addicted ....
and anyone here agree with me ! ...good luck all your guys

Kevin, if you have the phone in hand, then you must be preparing a video. Please do that ASAP and let us know how you like it.


damn savages...so much for civilized conversation, and since when is it commonplace to hate someone for having a differing opinion...?

this phone looks sweet...I'm sure they'll get it right the second time around, hell even Apple isn't perfect...

but a trade in program would be nice...hint* hint*

and obvisously, the screen clicks, or else there would be no gap between screen and frame...

I'm sure, though, they'd have to integrate some kind of click/touch toggle feature...would be nice sometimes when you're too lazy to click lol...

I was extremely excited about the storm many months before it launched. Was promised the first legitimate rival to the iphone. The phone launched, and it didn't even work. It still doesn't work and Verizon won't allow any software releases because they're waiting on the "perfect" update that will never come.
The Storm 2 LOOKS good, but if it has one freaking flaw in it, I'm out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am EXTREMELY over this damn phone. If it's not up to par, I'm waiting on the iphone to launch with the 4g CDMA and I'm bringing as many people with me as possible just out of spite. ... PISSED!!!!!


i kinda like having the buttons on the bottom, they feel more reliable than a faulty touch screen. As long as VZW has a nice upgrade plan to storm I users i wont be mad. but this kinda reminds me of the dare.


i kinda like having the buttons on the bottom, they feel more reliable than a faulty touch screen. As long as VZW has a nice upgrade plan to storm I users i wont be mad. but this kinda reminds me of the dare. and please upgrade the CAMERA! and improve the reboot time!

I don't what's ya'll problem but I LOVVVVE MY STORM, I LOOOOVVVE THE FACT MY SCREEN CLICKS, I know Iphone users who wished their screen clicks....anyway this looks cool tho but until the specs and features are revealed there is really nuthin to be excited or upset about...Be Easy people lol

First I like the way it looks. But I am not going to touch it with a 10 foot stick UNTIL they get the software right.

I have a Storm(1) and I like it when it is working right. When it is locked up or (thinking as I call it) just playing dead. It sucks. I hate to say that the storm is my first BB. I will be giving them another change. So RIM you better make sure this thing work right straight out of the gate. No F**k ups this time!!!!!

Now all they need to do is bring it to T-Mo and make sure it's got 3G and we're in business. I love my Storm on the T-Mo network, just wish it had working 3G.

so that's what they've been up to. instead of working on a new OS they've spent all of their time on this bad boy.

RIM BETTER give existing Storm users a free storm 2 or a BIG discount. Its BULLSH** that so many people got a device that was prematurely entered into the marked with such insufficient software. Especially when it looks like they are not continuing the advancement/support of the original storm

Looks like the screen is clickable, which really sucks, the current clicking screen is horrible. Phone shape looks nice though.

Some of you guys really ought to chillax already.

I still love my first gen Storm. Messing around with it and tweaking it have given me good feelings about myself and our relationship.

lols, not really, but I dig it.

People play favorites way too much on here. I dont ever see the kind of animosity that BB people have towards the iPhone being spewed toward BB users on iPhone forums. Makes me think BB fans have insecurity issues about their devices. If you like the Storm, cool. But props must also go to the Jesusphone. If it wasnt for it, the Storm wouldnt even exist...

It's been just about 7 months since launch and 6 months since we've had a update... man are we getting reemed. first word they've stopped dev on 4.7, VZW doesn't pass .141 which like has been stated before means that how the hell did the launch OS pass?!?!

The phone look great regardless and I want the Storm 2. It really does blow balls that there's leaked photo's of the NEW one before the OLD one works worth a Sh*t since launch without Leaked OS's. My Family's been with VZW for over 5yrs now and they do have good coverage and service but to do this to us sucks. I'm gonna be on my 3rd Storm since Dec for one issue or another.

Buisness is buisness but you should always take care of your current customer's first. I'm Not asking for a Free one as nice as that would be. I bought a Blackberry that should have worked correctly since day one. 6 months of problems. a New Customer price would be just fine for me or a Upgrade price. That's all I want.

For all you guys who say they need a big discount or the storm one is garbage....and for all the people who compare it to the iPhone, i've had enough of your bs. People need to realize that if they are comparing to the iPhone the 2.5g was terrible, yes it sold a lot but it was a crap phone. iPhone 3.0 came out and made a ton of improvements.... look at the new curve...first one was ok and now the new one is amazing. if RIM does what they always do this will be even better with all the improvements needed and some. i'm in on this phone and will be an early adopter just like i was on the first one. i am by no means rich but i like my tech and have no problems spending a few bucks for things i like. so all you naysayers suck it up and get a new phone if you don't like what you got... otherwise shut the f*** up.

Another brilliant human-being...I myself am tired of the comparisons of the the storm and the iphone (i personally think apple is one big hype that everyone so happened to fall into). I've been a proud storm owner since it launched (Telus). I figured it was gonna have it's problems...then again, nothing is perfect...you cant please everyone. I'm possibly gonna upgrade to this once it comes out...i dont think they'd make the same mistake with the OS twice...so in the words my like-minded friend..."suck it up and get a new phone if you don't like what you got... otherwise shut the f*** up."


No update for the original storm and already a Storm 2 on the way... I'm going to Verizon and demanding a Refund and to receive one of these when it's out. This is Complete BS!

....offer some sort of special upgrade offer for early adopters of the current storm, then I'm bouncing for Android!! So is this why they haven't came out with a viable update for the verizon 9530?? They've been too busy working on this?? WTF!!!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm so pissed off......

Yours truly,

A Burned, "Soon-To-Be-Ex" BlackBerry Customer

They're making a Storm 2 but they can't even freaking update the OS for the Storm 1. Nice. I feel like I was royally screwed over. I'm not making that mistake again. I'm buying the Tour when it comes out.

I see all this stuff about the new Storm 2 and I think the Storm 1 is fine..., it just needs the firmware for it to be sorted...

Wouldn't it be a better idea to put time in to sorting this rather than going down the road of re-developing a complete new phone...

Unless you get this right it's pointless bringing out another phone that will have the same problems...

Wow, very nice. I am still looking for the Storm 2 with a slider-keyboard. Wonder who took this photo? He's sitting in a car, we can see that.

That's all I want to know. If there are already pictures out, and they're already testing the software, then it must be close to be coming out. Yes? Wasn't there word that it could be out in the July-September range? Bring it on. Tell me the price (though $100 or so off would be nice) and tell me the release date and I'm there.

I feel like Blackberry is the next Apple. I'll pass on any more blackberry until they build some quality stuff. If I have to give up my Storm... another Blackberry will not be one of the choices.

having no physical qwerty is a huge con for me... I'll pass. Idk what ppl like about touchscreens. is it that you have more screen real-estate? is it because touch-screens are the latest fad?

Looks just like the old one, how does this "new" design make me want to get it? Please use your creativity to produce something that will make blackberry users say WOW! I see the iphone laughing at the same design basically.

The Storm2 looks to be yet another disappointment. They should really add a trackball/glide-track, and at least make the camera 5MP.

At least the screen's outer edge gaps look nonexistent as compared to the original.

I guess when it comes down to it, only time will tell if this puppy is worth it.

ya well i cannot wait for those touch buttons on the bottom to be laggy as fuck like the NORMAL buttons on the first gen storm. fuck that i will never buy another storm

I hope T-Mobile have to ball and and get this phone. I don't know what this company thinks when it comes to phone. I like this phone tho. Slim and well build, but no way it's going to be better than my BB BOLD.

I work for VZW as a sale rep and I've heard all this before, every day I work. Some feedback is good, some is bad and some is downright ignorant. I will admit right up front that Verizon dropped the ball allowing RIM to release the Storm in the condition they did. If you think it sucks to get a DOA, imagine what it's like to deal with idiots who bought it for the wrong reasons and can do nothing but find fault with a device that's working fine. I've since updated my software and been quietly recommending that others do the same at the risk of losing my job if caught. I caution people to back up carefully and know how to return it to it's original version should they have a problem so their warranty isn't voided though. People who are obviously technically challenged never get this advice.
As for the new version, I for one am glad to see those cheesy buttons become part of the screen rather than separate keys. I've seen far too many come in with buttons ripped off and the owner claiming that they "just fell right off through no fault of mine". I always recommend only cases that cover and protect those buttons while explaining why. I have the storm, love it and respect that it's not perfected but I have no silly expectation that Verizon is going to be handing out free replacements of the new one for those who bought the first one. My advice would be that people start choosing their cellular devices for the right reason and stick to Dares and Versas if all they want is a touch screen phone...

And so the official Verizon party line goes. Blame the comsumer for buying the product... How is it the fault of the consumer that they bought a POS device based on Verison's advertising (showing an amazingly flawless working model that displays none of the problems we, in the real world, have had to deal with) and the PUBLISHED features that tout things like: SurePress™ touch screen with portrait and landscape views; and 3.2 Megapixel Camera w/Flash, auto–focus and Video Capture, NEITHER of which work as advertised in many cases. The Storm even fails to be a good phone, with many of the people I call complaining about my voice being very hard to understand (in fact, at the last family get together, my sister had us all play a game that entailed trying to figure out what I said on the message I left on her voice mail! No one got it right.) I am also tired of having to be oh so careful not to accidentally pull off the badly GLUED ON buttons and minimizing the exposure to anything that might end up under the screen to join the growing collection of dust and even hair! I DON'T keep it in a pocket, I do keep it in a Blackberry case I bought from Verizon!

AS for the admonition that we have chosen this for the wrong reasons and should stick to Dares and Versas, I wanted and needed a Blackberry device for the reason that it is a Blackberry device, with all the functionality that that is supposed to bring to a working professional. I like the CONCEPT on the Storm, but this device I was sold is, in my opinion as an IT professonal, a beta version and we have all been paying to be testers.

Sexy time!!!

I hope it will fix the issues with the 9500/9530... I suspect Verizon in the US wont release another OS until the S2 comes out, I hope they do for all Us current storm users on a different OS other than .75. I will raise my beer to the S2!!! May you be the phone the S1 should have been

Drama for your Mama! Everyone is so excited like "you shut up", "no you shut up". Everyone needs to hug it out I think. There's probably an app for us to do that.

First of all they should have uped the pixel on the storm II. 3.2 again! (iPhone move)
Sec if it's 3G not 4G, then it mind as well been 2G cause 3G runs the same as 2G
Wifi nice
Third Click screen is such a hassle(it sucks), but I understand its not an iPhone so that's a plus on BB's behalf, business wise
Fourth I hope the OS is flawless cause that's what really matter
Last BB would make so much money giving iPhone a run for there money, if they would cut that BS Verizon exclusive contract and open services with other cell companies

Kinda looks the way I expected except for the missing hard keys (That was stupid!). Well if the bugs are gone and it has WiFi then I'm for it.

that looks pretty phreak n cool

I wonder about the touch screen capabilities
is it, gona be click or real touch.

3.2 mp? it should be atleast 5 by now.

hopefully the processor is a lot faster than the current storm

This can't be the final version, where is the speaker for the speakerphone? On the current version it's on the back. Maybe they integrated it into the one on the front? In my opinion they have made the actual useable screen area smaller...

It's the beginning of the end!! Well... Let me take my .131 OS, and get the hell out of here...CURSE YOU VERIZON!!!!!!!!

seriously only 3.2 MP camera and a screen that doesnt seem to be larger at all and doesnt even extend all the way to the newly desinged buttons. . which btw seems to be the only obviuos good thing RIM has implemented. . .getting rid of the space in between the buttons and the screens where so much dust get caught it seems pushing down on my storm screen gets harder by the minute . . .

By the looks of it, the screen no longer has the click feature!!! OH NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Ok reading these comments I agree and disagree that current customers shouldnt get a discount on the new storm when its made available, however they will deserve a discount for 1 or 2 reasons.

Those reasons are if Verizon scraps the storm one and doesnt release an update for its software at all. Essentially what verizon has done is released a product that was buggy and not rushed out the door, I have kept mine thinking they will release an update and will feel misled if they scrap it all together. Now if they release a software update between now and the new storms launch they dont owe anyone anything but if they dont they def need to offer a discount for the new storm. Not sure when its going to be released but 9 months after the orginal storm is released is a little absurd just goes to show they put out a lemon and have been working on perfecting it while getting money on a test drive.

For those who say it can't challenge the Iphone. The original version already had a higher resolution camera with more options than the Iphone, had much more usable features than the Iphone, and had better corporate email, and you could get insurance on it. The negative thing was the software sucked, and it didn't have wifi. If they change both of those, give it a good new touch screen, and it easily competes with the Iphone, oh yeah, the Iphone will still have more apps......."Do you like to read the newspaper, while you use the toliet?" "Well, there's an app for that......"-Apple. I could care less about all of those extra apps that I would have to pay for that I will never use. Sure, having options is not a bad thing, but, I've got plenty of apps that I use and don't use with my Storm and Bold already.

Well, you would think they could increase the resolution of the camera while they were at it. I am not going to hold my breath on the Storm2 until it is out and I get to play with it in store. I am one of those that is on my 4th storm for numerous reasons (camera, reboots, screen clicking issues) and now the 4th is beginning to have issues. The screen click is getting less responsive, I think the "spring" or whatever it has under it wears out easily.

This is the Storm 2 story..not the Storm 1. The Storm 2 looks sleeker, a few things look somewhat modified. Only time will tell how good or bad it is, however, if you want to comment on Storm 1, you are off point for this story and perhaps need to move onto the 9530 forums to post your anger/dislike and any other point on the Storm 1. As far as the comments on the get a new one for free, thats not something I am interested in...I will take the responsibility for my choices. However, the the financial shape of this country is not do to bailouts as previously posted..perhaps it due to the corporate greed supported and promoted by the prior administration of this country. Even thought that comment isn't about Storm 2, it isn't flaming or complaining about Storm 1 either. It simply addresses a prior post.

I interpret this as "Hey Storm owners, FU!" That is what RIM is telling us. If they took the effort they put into developing a storm II, into developing an OS that actually works, we would be a lot better off.

Thanks RIM! Keep it up and I will make sure my employees never use your products again.

Just amazing, how blind people are. First off the screen does NOT look as if it has surepress, notice how the buttons are integrated into the display and how its one solid piece of glass top to bottom. Second the friggin iPhone 2.0 was no great upgrade over iphone 1.0 yet all hailed that as a monumental achievement. Apple is the master of giving only small upgrades and keeps you strung along. I own multiple macs, ipods etc, but I sold my MACBook for a new VAIO that had ALL of the tech I needed and more than my MACbook had.

People if you're upset about a 3.2 camera remember this is a phone first!!! Buy a real camera if you put that up as a prioity.

Every Hardcore BB Storm "1" owner who laid out their hard earned cash last year expecting another great product from RIM, and is still sitting with a shitty phone with a shitty OS and a shitty 2 year contract Should be mailed one of these for free.

Then maybe I would rejoice but for now I feel betrayed...

At very least, Verizon should make some upgrade concession due to obvious lack of upgrades/support for the current version. That would steer me even more towards this device.

while the look is similar, it pretty much covers every annoyance i had with design of the current storm. As for the click screen, i would want to experience that first hand before making a judgment. Supposidly it's different this time around, but i'm just not sure how. Not to say the current click screen is bad in my mind, but it could be improved. Personally, i think it would be awesome if there was a lock mechanism for the screen that gave the user the option of pure touch or the push/click touch.

As well, regardless of the not entirely revamped style, it's really what's under the hood that'll get me. Fast Processor? Wi-Fi? Better Camera? Better battery life? More memory? I'd definitely consider it if so.

i think it is a possibility for verizon to give a discount to upgrade from old storm, they are more likely to make more money out of the people who already own the storm 1. otherwise the 1.5 million people that own it have no reason to spend money on this.

Quit bitching, you bought it, updated with a unoffical version, cant use it, dont like how the screen clicks, and or want a free one since there is a updated version. Get real people nothing is for free and since the first one was the proto type and you tested it for them for a small fee to you the consumer. I have one unlocked working fine on att with not a single propblem. The user interface is fine and for the clicking screen you get used to it. You dont like the phone go get a crap samsung something or other and move on. Thanks for reading.

My wife is due for an upgrade so I bought her a Pearl off of Craigslist. When this thing comes out im getting it and she is getting my Storm. I love it like a fat kid loves cake.

Hey I can understand all the fuss and pisstivity;
but VZW will probably give us some love if
we decide to go with Storm 2. Also I got this
phone in Nov/Dec. So if I decide to go with
Storm 2 I will be able to get this one anyway
being a VIP.

I wish RIM would have made a 4" screen.
Question; does it appear to be a tad wider though?
It awight. Also the buttons being a part of the screen
makes it a whole lot better.
Here is a thought; they didn't hire that
ex Apple guy for nothing......

First off, you can pretty much write off Verizon giving Storm 1 owners a discount on the Storm 2 outside of normal business practices. As with all first-generation electronic devices, it's caveat emptor.

Secondly, although it looks like the hardware is finalized, as we've all seen it's the software that makes or breaks a product. I would expect a longer lead time on this to avoid the problems with the Storm 1. Also, given the impending release of the 9630 Tour and 8230 Flip, you might be waiting well into the fall or even next year for this one. It'll definitely be a post-OS 5.0 device though, since RIM is moving to a unified platform instead of the scattershot releases we're seeing now.

I don't care about the camera, nor the click or NO-click screen, but hopefully it's got a MUCH faster processor.

The thing I watch most on my storm is the spinning clock.

I've tried EVERY OS out there, and the thing is just SLOW. LAGGY, and completely p*sses me off ...

The OS is also showing its age, and needs a complete overhaul... (not that it doesn't have some excellent features, like the push services). But having limited APP memory which gets eaten up quickly by memory leaks, and forcing a daily reboot, is just so 1980s.....

The Storm 1 may be the first and last blackberry I ever own.

Looks essentially the same.. A bit more slim, which is a cool thing!
I love my Storm! But I sure look up for Storm II and its fixes (like, the sudden reboots!)

so who cares... This is probably just another piece of junk. There so fast to deploy a "next generation Storm" when they still cant even get there first up and working good. Not impressed at all.

And we should all take someone seriously who can't differentiate between "there" and "they're" ya 'tard.

I noticed that after I posted...right up their, by they're bad grammar, in there forums.

umm..."There so fast to deploy a "next generation Storm" when they still cant even get there first up and working good."

Everything gets upgraded...if you wanna look at apple...Iphone...then came the Iphone 3G...

sounds like you were one of those "expecting-an-iphone-in-a-blackberry" ppl

either the people putting this one together had a few beers, or rims been pushing them real late into the night, cos the call key`s upside down!!! and im sorry but all black?? doesnt do it for me, apart from that im likin it

We all fell in love with the first pictures of the storm 1 when they first came out, I had friends open accounts with VZN just so they could get one and cancel them after a few months. The Phone is great, the OS Sucks. The Storm 2 body comforms with the new specs being released an all the Blackberries and we all will fall in love with these new pics but are we getting the same OS? if so then then we still have the same problem. We don't want that again RIM, gives us something good to work with.

Looks like the Storm. I'm not impressed. Great to know RIM is working on STORM 2 while STORM rots.... update? Carriage before the horse here folks.

Maybe the Storm 2 will be the fix to the Storms problems because other than the "touchscreen" bottom buttons I don't see a change... same megapixels on the camera... doesn't like any thinner... another device that'll be sub-par. I was at first upset with the idea of Storm 2 being announced before Storm even has a stable OS but I'm not that cranky anymore. Just frustrating to know that time and manpower are being spent on Storm 2 when Storm isn't even near complete. Oh well. Thanks for the pics!!!

gosh why so catty? if you wanna fight go to a forum and duke it out. This is just about the storm 2. if you dont like it then sell it that's what I did and am not getting another storm it's just not for me. waiting on the 9630, baby!!

...all of the comments about Verizon were sent TO Verizon instead of posting them here, we may have an impact. Just a thought.

how bout fixing the one for the loyal fools that bought the original?! or should we just go to the CDMA iPhone when it comes out?!

I will be all over this phone if Verizon gives gen 1 storm owners a discount. If not im not sure what ill do to be honest with you. I mean the first storm was pretty nice and i love it but there are major issues like dust under screen the click never being the same on ever storm i touch. There are inconsistencies with every storm that they produced and i love RIM as a company but if i need to pay full price for the gen 2 for there to be potentially the same problems im iffy. Maybe after like 3-4 months of it being out ill troll the storm 2 forums and see what everyone has to say if there is no love for gen 1 from Verizon. Well we can all just pray and cross our fingers that a discount is in place.

Looks cool but looks aren't everything. Til BBs go telepathic for their owners I'm sticking to something with a keyboard. Touchscreen is cool but it's really not that functional for business use...maybe for toy use. I just don't have that kind of patience/attention span to click on things that don't work consistently.

Another minor annoyance of touchscreen is simply the "touch" factor. I know I can't be the only BB user in CrackBerry land who doesn't like smudges on their BB!! I can only imagine that the ongoing smudge-factor would be exacerbated on a touch-only handset. Talk about an ongoing annoyance! Yuck.

theres still pics up on phonearena.com! check it out.. i dont see the speaker port anywhere.. so im guessing its on the top left side panel like the other new blackberry phones

I knew these wouldn't be posted for too long. Well, hopefully with the BS2 things will be resolved. Luckily, as a loyal CB user, I was able to view these pics.

It caught RIM's attention....and now they'll push for a 9530 update for Verizon.... I will be glad to wait for more info on the second generation device if they would just get my first generation device to work.... I'm technically on number 5 all of which had software problems, only the last four had hardware problems along with the software.... Verizon, RIM, please save the first gen device...

wow....what a shady company! they release CRAP so we all pay their bills. then instead of fixing their own mess that we deal with everyday they decide to fleece us again. ill definitely be selling my current storm and definitely NOT buying another blackberry. im not sure abut you all but i feel ripped off and taken for a ride. and yes my storm works as well as it gets which still isnt even close to up to par.

So, why does Crackberry take their pics down when no one else has?

I mean, the cat's out of the bag already here -- and this sort of censorship does more harm than good.

I'm sure RIM is aware of all the issues concerning the release of the Storm 2 in regards to the current state of affairs with the original Storm.

The heavy-handed actions by the RIM staff only serve to make me question my association with the company and the product they sell.

Wow Apple does the same thing, iPhone 1.0 was launched with Edge, no BLUETOOTH & no GPS & no 3G. Wait iPhone 2.0 came out with 3G, Bluetooth (but not activated until Steve I am control freak Jobs says so in 3.0 software) and GPS.

So if you don't like the Storm don't buy one, if you did then sell it on eBay and quick complaining about a phone that is functional and very much so for other users. Yes the OS needs to be addressed but that is a fact but that is Verion's issue since we are approaching 6 months with no new update. No unless you have never owned a car the general rule is you never buy the first model year or two until the bugs are worked out.

I bought my storm in January (dropped AT&T but loved the Bold) and I have the same phone but I run OS Hybrid from Lycidrical - No willing to go hybrid, then upgrade to its better than

Thouroughly unimpressed. I'll probably sell my current Storm on Ebay and buy the Tour, and then get the iphone if it ever comes to Verizon. The Storm 1 took everything that was great about Blackberrys' and got rid of it. It's not fast, it's not intuitive, and it's difficult to type on quickly. BB just wanted something to compete directly with the iphone and while it was a decent try, they focused on gimmicks like surepress instead of things that matter like processor speed and memory. The Storm 2 doesn't look much different, but unless they update the hardware specs, they're going to have another failure on their hands. They should just forget about the touchscreen market IMO and stick to what they do best.

it's sad for CB that it has bowed to RIM's "demand" to remove the pics -- especially considering the pics are all over the Net already. Just Google "Storm 2 pics" and there ya go.

RIM should know all this hype and drama is good for the company, anyway.

RIM's demand.....man this just got serious. They really should go after engadget and phone arena too if they are going to go after crackberry.

So RIM has decided that they don't want us to know that they don't care about the current storm users by trying to block the existence of what there actually working on. Very interesting.... Gotta love the fact that without leaked OS's on crackberry this phone wouldn't be useable.

Cannot believe RIM would make you take down the pictures of the Storm 2.
I am glad I got to see them before you did.
You would think they would want to generate interest way before it comes out.
Sort of seeing clips of a movie 6 months before it is released.

I was wondering when RIM would swoop in and snatch up the pics. But I totally anticipated this and saved them to share them in my own circles. I like the small changes they've made to the design, but it will be what's under the hood that will make it or break it. Wifi sounds great, a much faster processor is a must.

I actually really love my Storm. It's true that its a high maintenance device, and wasn't great out of the box. But if you update your OS and know how to maintain it, it doesn't take much to keep it running fairly smooth. While it't not as flashy as an iPhone, its capable of a lot more.

For the whiners... seriously, Man up (or um, wo-man up?) and roll with the punches. If I didn't know any better Id say you were all about 5 and someone stole your juice box. Most of you went out and bought the thing after playing with it for 5 minutes. Don't like the typing? Don't like the speed? Don't freakin buy it. Be educated about what you're spending your money on. A Storm or an iPhone or any other device isn't for everyone.


I agree completely I would dare say that this post and comment section caught their eye and thats why they wanted their images removed. They have seen just how pissed the Crackberry Nation is over the release of info on the Storm 2 while leaving the Storm 1 owners to sink or swim. The more I think about this the madder it makes me and I don't even own a Storm. I think I'll ride the BB train until my contract is up then go the way if the Iphone.

RIM is fixing the problems with the Storm. It's called the Storm 2! See, problem solved. There probably will not be a new offical OS for the Storm until after the Storm 2 drops. RIM knows original Storm owners will dump their Storm for the Storm 2 so why would they release a new OS that would cause competion with the Storm 2. Think about it, it's all about the money.

Do ppl not realize that if a company is working on a new device that they are still working on the old one there are set teams and div. that set forth there goals . JUST BECAUSE AN NEW TEAM IT WORKING ON STORM 2 DOESN'T MEANT THAT THE OLD TEAM STOPPED PPL = STUPID this is what is wrong with todays world sell you F ing phone if ya don't like it and YES THE IPHONE WENT THROUGH THE SAME DAMN THING. Head over to the old iphone blogs and you will see the same shit.............

Wow, pictures so GOOD, RIM, demands there removal from Crackberry site. Why is there not a twitter update on this subject? lol

Thanks guys and gals for your hard work,


Normally I'd stay out of this, but seeing as my video is taking forever to render, thus making me work-less for another 10 minutes, I figured I'd leave my two cents on this one.

First off, Congrats to RIM for being on top of things with the Storm.... 2? (if that is indeed the Storm 2)- they didn't waste any time on it and that's a GOOD THING. Just because they're working on the second version DOES NOT mean they gave up on the 9500 and 9530's hardware/OS issues.

It really sucks that the Verizon customers haven't had any OFFICIAL update in half a year but here's the thing...
I see a lot of you Verizon'ers on Crackberry.com, complaining your life away on forums "No updates!! *cries*".
Although you might not be smart enough to spell check your posts, you were smart enough to register for an account (see 4th grade Reading and Comprehension). That being said, is it that much harder to read a post on how to install a leaked OS?
"Ohhh no! I have to READ!?! *slits wrist*"

Oh and as a few people have already said, what we saw earlier this morning was and is probably the GSM Storm... which will most likely ship with a newer official OS that will also be made available for the 9500 and 9530...
Anyone ever thought that maybe they want to put that new OS.. what is it.. 5? in the storm and get it to be backwards compatible? Also, wasn't the storm 2 supposed to have a secondary text input method?(slide-out qwerty?) Too early to tell, no point in assumptions.

Oh and one last thing to everyone who ISN'T happy with their Blackberry Storm. Don't buy a phone you haven't had the chance to try out; because no matter how many times you'll call a company dumb for manufacturing such a phone, you're ultimately the "dumber" one for buying it blindly.

Wow reading some of the crappy comments in here makes me laugh...some of you guys or most of you guys in here bitch like little girls.

So heres the deal right...apple...yes apple they release the first iphone which had **** all in features other than being a touchscreen phone...then what did they do?? oh they went and released an iphone 3G which had the 3G enabled..and now they are going to release a better iphone with some basic features that have been missing from day one.

Now i have to ask did the apple fanbois get on their soapbox and start to bitch and scream about how unfair it was that Apple made a better iphone???...hmmm not that i can remember to be honest.

So i ask why the **** are some of you little girls in here bitching about RIM releasing a storm 2???...seriously it makes me laugh...what do u want?? RIM to keep stale in this sort of business??..of course they are going to develop a new Storm 2...thats the natural progression of things...any company that sits on their ass and doesnt go forward...soon finds out that they go bust!!!.

So all you little girls and boys...stop the bitching and be bloody thankful that they are working on a Storm 2 which hopefully will be a better device than the original storm. I do understand that some are pissed because they have the original Storm...well sell it when the new storm comes out...geez is it that ****ing hard to comprehend??.

Personally speaking im looking forward to seeing what the Storm 2 has to offer..

** Images Removed at RIM's Demand **

Ain't that a !@#$%

Why don't they go after the person that leaked them!!

I was one those that said “wow.. this is going to be so cool”, a Blackberry with all the functionality of the Apple I phone but it only took a few minutes in a real try out for me to say ..”wow.. did they miss the boat.” I honestly can not figure out why anybody that uses their Blackberry for work would ever purchase the Storm after giving it a demo for more than five minutes. You all have to realize this is simply a place holder while they come up with something even close to an Apple I phone. I am forced to use a black berry, as our server won't interface with anything else, ( security and support). But the sales numbers for this LOC just shows us what lemmings we are.

If you own one, I suggest you just take it back. If 100,000 Storms all showed up at once, it would really send a message.

Let’s see if the Storm II is any better, but they are really going to have to prove to me it’s worth the hassle and cost.

It looks fairly similar to the blackberry storm 1. I mean besides the call and end keys, a quick glance and you wouldn't tell the difference.

People who bought a storm is not bitching why RIM made another storm. What people are saying is why make another one when the first one needs to be taken cared of? That's all. Besides it's NOT RIM that denied the OS updates, its the carrier. Verizon sucks and they want people to get the storm 2 because it will be better than storm 1. That way verizon can make more money from dumbasses like me who bought the storm right away and didnt wait for reviews. So i suffer the consequences, or not, i will just continue on to call CR from verizon and have my bb storm replaced every 2 months for things that wont work. Let's see who loses money in the end. I am on my 6th storm. And for every single thing that is wrong i will call CR from verizon and have the phone replaced. At the end of my 2 years lets see how many storms they have lost to me.
So that's where i get them back for trying to suck me off my money.

Well to be fair to RIM and Verizon. My Storm makes and receives calls just fine. The bluetooth works great while playing through my in-dash system in my car. My Storm plays music and movies very nicely. And the browser isn't the fastest but it does function good enough for me. The camera could be better but I already have a digital camera so its not a big deal in my book. And I'm still running version .075 I guess I really don't have a lot to complain about being that I bought the first day it came out and I have not had to return it or trade it for a new one.

I think people are missing an important point here: RIM can have their Storm 1 team working on updates, and have a completely different team working on the Storm 2. I think when talking about a specific company, it's easy to forget just how huge that company can be. Not saying that they indeed have more than one team working on firmware, but that's what makes the most sense if you have the manpower.

people dont seem to understand that a company like RIM is not small, and more than likely the team working on the storm 1's OS is completely seperate from the team working on the storm 2

they dont want us storm 1 owners to get mad cuz they finally got the phone right lol. were guinea pigs but i like my phone

dont get me wrong Blackberry phones are great and they live up to the hype but....

how are you going to release a new version of the storm 2 when the first one shouldn't even have been released because of so many bugs that it had.

Here is an idea... why don't you fix your first piece of shit and then eventually after a couple years think about releasing another one. ( i own a storm and have yet to see an update after .75)

Both Bell and Telus have release updates for the Storm.. in the UK, updates for the 9500 have been released..Updates are out there.. Verizon is just not approving them for release

Get over it..

Mostly everyone on here has the finger pointed at the wrong person. RIM has released updates to the Storm, most carriers (other than Verizon) have official OS updates > .075

It's Verizon who is screwing their loyal customers by focusing on releasing the Storm 2 instead of working with RIM to get an official carrier approved OS for the storm 1.


It amazes me that 90% of the posts in here are pissed that the images got taken down. Who the f--- cares!!! If you worked for RIM and were working on something like this, you wouldn't want them released either.

I am sure Crackberry could have said no freakin way am I taking them down, but they did the right thing. If they didn't, I am sure RIM wouldn't give Crackberry the time of day for anything.

Tough decision I am sure but good move Crackberry.

imagine when it hangs!!!! battery pull is the only solution... what the heck is RIM thinking to put 4 buttons touch screen???

For all you people posting that VZ customers should stop bitching and upgrade their OS's, I'd like to say stfu. Although I choose to upgrade my own, there is no valid argument that the average person should be forced to upgrade an OS(invalidating VZ support) in order for it to function as it should've out of the box.

That is absolutely unexcusable and if the cellular markets weren't run by oligopolies(As in EU), we wouldn't have these problems. POS devices with POS support and POS companies wouldn't stand a chance.

I see a Palm Pre in my future.

I moved to BB because it was SUPPOSED to be better HA!
Back to Palm, bubuye RIM!

Looking at the pictures, I did not see a rear speaker initially, but if you look closely at the pictures of the back of storm2, right above the camera section near the top, where the letters 3.2MP appear, it looks like there is an indentation there that is possibly where the rear speaker was moved. Any comments?

yeah, take down the images RIM

your original storm was lame and the storm 2 only builds on it

the iphone OS, palm's new OS, Google's Android platform all outshine the dated, miserable OS seen on the Storm. Doubtful the Storm 2 improves on that garbage. And even if it does, it just validates all the critics who maintain the original Storm used Verizon customers as guinea pigs

shame on you

i'm done with this company and moving on, your products STINK

No way do I plan on buying the Storm 2 as long as Verizon has their hands in it. Had the first one and Verizon only releasing one OS update in over 6 months is uncalled for. People shouldn't blame RIM at all cause they gave Verizon the updates and Verizon was the one that wouldn't release them to the customer.

Awww rim made them remove the pics.;; sucks... Did anyone save the pics... I didnt get to see them...

Why does CB have to pull the pics yet they are sitting pretty over at Engadgetmobile?? That doesn't make a bit of sense RIM. If you're going to pull them (and I really don't see why at this point Jim Balsillie has already confirmed it's presence) pull them all.


I know this won't make many friends, but to those complaining about the Storm....You never buy the first anything. Don't buy the first storm, don't buy the first chocolate, don't buy the first ipod, don't buy the first xbox 360...the list goes on and on. Wait for the second one where they hopefully have a lot of the hardware bugs worked out or hopefully vastly improved. I didn't buy the first Storm...wanted to, but controlled my impulse and I will most likely pick up 2 when it comes out.

I work for verizon wireless. The only 2 new devices coming out are the 8230 and the Tour. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE STORM 2 OR THE BLACKBERRY THUNDER. THEY DO NOT EXIST. WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE COMING INTO OUR STORES ASKING FOR THESE DEVICES AND WHEN THEY ARE COMING OUT. GO ONTO BLACKBERRY.COM AND YOU WILL SEE FOR YOURSELF. I am sorry for sounding ignorant but this has got to stop about this storm 2 and thunder bull crap. We have had enough with hearing about these non existent devices. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but its just the way it is.

you worked for Verizon depending in the capacity you work would have no idea if this is really coming out or not. I highly doubt that these photos are showing up clearly showing the difference between the first and second storm and it will not show up at verizon. There is plenty of evidence floating around especially from RIM that this in fact coming out, its just a matter of when.

Oh man I love it! I came here to see pics of the new Storm (luckily I have the 8900 while RIM figures out what went wrong) and instead, I get to read comments from disgruntled VZW sales people. I've never seen such a whiny group in my life! " THEY DO NOT EXIST. WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE COMING INTO OUR STORES..." Boo hoo. Do you really think that because you push goods for a company that you would know these insider tips? Please.

Just spoke with my Verizon Wireless business rep....no wifi on Storm2....no wifi on ANY Verizon Blackberry until LTE (G4) is rolled out.

Odd comment was about the Storm 2 having a "soft" screen. No clue what that really means.

I hope that RIM has fixed all the issues that they had in the original storm - I am on my 3rd storm and the newest replacement is acting up (they keep sending refurbished phones) - 10 months ago i paid $300 and now they are just about giving these away - they should simply send the BBS 2 to everyone that bought the original and say "Sorry"

Its fake...


That's the review. I have the tour that I am completely happy with and was checking out the storm 2 for my friend. The new touch screen technology sounds a lot more managable than the first, but at the same timewould think its really delicate. Everyone needs to stop this BS bickering n wait for it to come out n THEN have their opinions. YES I think the BB storm was wack, but they quite possibly could be making up for it with the storm 2. This is LIFE, its about trial and error. Its really not that serious. People actin like their world is ending lmao.. Come on now.

I would love my BlackBerry if it would stop locking up when i'm on Pandora, FaceBook, Making a phone call etc......I just got mine on August 14th and then I see reports of the Storm II with Wii Fi....WTF!!!!!! Why didn't they tell me this at Verizon, I would have waited. I want a fair trade for putting up with this sub-par phone, its awesome when its working and a pain in the arse when its not. I hope it doesn't lock up when or if I have to dial 911......