Exclusive: First Look at the BlackBerry Storm 2!!

BlackBerry Storm2 Review
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2009 07:33 pm EDT

Update - October 15th, 2009. You can now check out our full review of the Storm2! Click below.

* Original Leaked Photos Removed at RIM's Request - Click Image Above for OFFICIAL CrackBerry Storm2 Review *

* Update: MORE PHOTOS ADDED! Sooo much Storm 2 goodness it's ridiculous. *

BOOM. Here it is CrackBerry Nation, your FIRST look at the BlackBerry Storm TWO. I'm not even sure what to say here... other than a super trusty source sent us in these pictures of RIM's next generation of BlackBerry touchscreen. Looking at the photos, you can see it shares its physical appearance with both the original BlackBerry Storm and the yet unreleased BlackBerry Onyx/Driftwood. More photos below. And more info is sure to come. Let the comments begin!

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Exclusive: First Look at the BlackBerry Storm 2!!



They need to offer those of us who put up with this laggy sub-optimal device so that their 4th QTR 08 and 1st QTR 09 numbers could get a boost a DEEP trade in discount.

My guess is, that as soon as we mention THAT kind of loyalty (ie that costs RIM $$$) we will finally get the REAL story that it was the Curve and not the Storm that boosted RIM's numbers in ALL quarters... and the Storm was but a blip on the financial radar with it's no net gain trade/return/refund track record.

It looks very similar to the already awesome original Storm!

I don't know about the touch sensitive buttons - the rest of the phone is all touch-screen, so sometimes it's nice to have a few physical buttons too!

The Storm 2 looks so sexy.

How gnarly was it when Ben stabbed Jacob then Locke kicked homeboy into the fire.
Now thats good TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking about LOST on crackberry??
Is it true? Can two of my favorite things be found on one website??? haha.
Talk about a cliffhanger....

Yeah, now we gotta wait till 2010 to see wtf happened! I hate that show sometimes!!! LOL! I can't wait for next season!

And how awesome is it that Jacob lives under a statue of Sobek the Crocodile God!?!? Seriously cool! Meanwhile, did anybody get a translation of the Latin that "Ricardus" used to answer the "Shadow of the Statue" people?

I agree! This thing is bound to be an extension of the pile of grabage that I use every day! Ditch the clickable screen...its crap.

I agree to an extent. I love my storm, but the click screen sucks, I bought a "touch" screen phone for a reason. I dont like buttens and nw I got a phone that is one big button...If I have one more screen click and get stuck in I think Ill be all done with the "touch" screen BB til it truely is one. I am on #3 now both others had the same screen problem!

I like the clickable screen on places like the browser where you have to select something on the screen like a link. Not so much for typing. Say, what you will, it may be slower and the browser may not be as pretty, but browsing is a heck of a lot easier on the Storm than the Iphone because of it.

What?!? When I'm on break at work, I actually use my friend's iPhone because it's 10 times faster than my Storm.

Actually it depends on how many gb the iphone has Linsey, your friend at work most likey has a iphone with alot more gb, which cost a whole lot more than the regular iphones.

I love the storm as much as the next person and as far as blacberries go i am never owning anything else.....but we really should force Verizon to work on the storm I first. what if we buy the storm II and they dont do sheet with it for ever and we get screwed again..(i say again cuz i truly feel like storm I users got the shaft right in the back of the throat)!!! Its is so messed up that verizon has 0% support for the storm...did they forget why they exist? because we pay them!!!

Really? THAT is it? Are you SURE??? looks more to me like that could be the GSM version w wifi for other carriers. i mean it looks the SAME. sure all the buttons on the bottom are gone and w/e but not impressed at ALL. 3.2mp camera again???? The guts in that thing better be insane

They should offer a free one to all the dopes that signed up for an extra 2 years and bought the first one and have had to deal with that headache. Again, garbage.

...and Nissan needs to give everyone a free 09 maxima that bought the 08 model oh and I shouldnt have to go out and buy the new macbook air since I bought the old macbook last year, it should just be delivered right at my doorstep free, and wouldnt it only be right since I dated this hot chick last year, i automatically get to bang her even hotter sister this year, I mean its only fair!.......dude Im curious, hows the weather over there in InyourDreamsville, USA !!

You're goddamn right I want what I payed for, and If I cant have it, I either want a refund, or a free replacement. As a matter of fact, this happens ALL the time, smarty. I recently purchased a 56" flat screen that quit working 34 days after I purchased it. After multiple attempts by the manufacturers service dept ( JVC ), and a threat to call the Attorney General, and I had a brand new, next model tv delivered to my house. So your smug little example is BS. Many of us storm owners can tell the difference between having smoke blown up our asses, and have a working piece of hardware. You obviously like the first.

Its simply amazes me how many people read posts and are quick to comment but completetly miss the point. That car scenario is just plain ignorant. ass***e, people are not complaining because they purchased the storm, and just because there a working on a new one that might be better they should be entitled to one, there complaining because they havent resolved the issues with the first and have said or done nothing about it as of yet.congrats your post was one of the most idiotic ones I have ever read

WTF!! Then why are they commentting on this post u dumbass, if your mad they havent updated the storm what the hell does that have to do with the storm 2. If u know how to read u would see the guy feels verizon need to give it out for free to current storm users. WHy? you should be asking for an update not a free phone if thats really what is bugging u. U whining bitches are stuck in a contract and are mad that a newer better phone is coming out and theres nothing u can do about it. Well it happens all the time so GET THE HEll OVER IT!!!!

You Should of gone with a diffrent carrier I got T-Mobile I can dump this garbage anytime and get a Storm 2 or Any other Blackberry of choice accept for the ones offered through Sprint/Nextel. Sounds like contract anger to me.

ask 1st generation iPhone owners how their upgrade went when the 3G came out. for real, i have a Storm and am not expecting a handout. But am getting really frustrated for feeling stranded on updates. It's funny they got the 1st official fix out in a couple of weeks and now they are saying,"It's not good enough," neither is .75 but we are managing.

also...i think the pics are fake, some have the silver banding where others do not and the send/end keys are a little to different from regular Blackberry's. I understand modernizing, but that's too far. Good mock (fake)- up.

But the storm1 has the silver banding around it to just a little different, and the butttons are different than most blackberrys, but dont you think its time?

It amazes me how some people who are given the truth to a post, and they are still try and argue that they are right. You sir are wrong, retarded, and a dumbass, yes you are a dumbass, what the OP is trying to state is not that he should get a free Storm 2 just because it's the upgraded version of the Storm 1, he is stating that the original storm owners who have yet to demand a refund, or swapped carriers because the original storm is a POS, and have stuck with the storm should deserve a free/discounted storm 2 because the storm 1 was in fact a POS. If something new came out not even a year after the original, and they just quit on the updates with the original just so that they could work on the new one, wouldn't you think that you should get something out of the deal because you are the owner of the original? I would, mainly becuase they basically fucked you hardcore in the ass because they were like, the storm is so badass you should buy one, yeah there are bugs but they will be fixed. Then they are like, oh btw the storm sucks we are making a new one, you guys are fucked and have to stay with the original, and they just stop making updates and the storm 1 remains a POS, wouldn't you think that this is unfair to the original storm owners? I mean c'mon, it would seem only fair that they give original storm owners a discount, or a free upgrade to the storm 2 just because they fucked us over so hardcore.

You said something about a new car and what-not, if the car is a POS and there are bugs, aka shit wrong with the car, the makers of the car will recall the car and give you either your money back, or something else. With the girlfriend, yeah you may not have the "right" per-say, but you could damn well fuck the hotter sister if it came down to it, and you had the chance, but I think that neither existed enjoy your hand. You amaze me to still think he is just saying give the original storm owners the storm 2 just because we have the storm 1. NO the storm 1 has so many problems its rediculous, and the people that still have the POS storm should get something when the storm 2 comes out, or I'm switching from verizon, because it's just BS that there has only been one official update with the storm and it's been out for almost 6 months, and that official update didn't do jack shit!

This screen does not click you tools. You at the buttons, it does not have the physics to click. RIM knows about their short comings, sorry all of you original storm users. This will actually be iphones "first true comparison", IF they deliver on their suspected specs. SO if this screen is multi-touch and the device has WIFI then it would be totally great. Now, lets see how long it takes Verizon to finally put it out and if they can get the software down before it is available. But, if it works as implied, this will be amazing. The timing is right for RIM to take over the smart phone market. I am a MAC user and I believe this......Let's see it happen RIM.

I just want to say that I work for verizon wireless in maryland. There is no such thing as the blackberry storm 2. It is just like the thunder. IT DOES NOT EXIST. If it were true then you would see it on blackberry.com Im sorry to be the one to ruin everyone's hopes but there is no new blackberry. The only new blackberry that is coming out is the 8230. The flip pearl for verizon. But I just wanna repeat one more time that THERE IS NO BLACKBERRY STORM 2 COMING OUT EVER AND NO BLACKBERRY THUNDER

the screen kinda looks like its a higher resolution...and those bottom buttons dont seem to be as easy to break off when putting them in the stock holster anymore..

I wouldn't be surprised if the LCD panel itself is the same as the Storm's.

As for the buttons, it looks like that may be the biggest noticible improvement, until we actually hear how the screen click is. To be honest, the only weakness I see in my Storm is the way the screen click is harder to execute at the edges of the screen, but that's because the physics of the whole mechanism is working against you at those points. But having the buttons be part of the screen real estate is a good idea, as they are less susceptable to damage that way.

Dave- I used to feel the same way about my screen until I tried someone else's Storm. Some of the newer devices click with the same ease everywhere- even in the corners and on the edges. I took mine back (luckily I was within the 30 day test period) and got another new one, and it's a million times better. Even if you are out of your 30 day trial period, you can have it replaced under the 1 year warranty.

You can fix the screen issues by loosening two screws below the battery. Just do a google search for Blackberry Storm Screen Fix. Pretty easy!!!

This is exactly what I did to my screen as well and it fixed the issue witht the screen not clicking in the corner completely.

And alot of comments about people hating the click screen. I like it especially for web browsing. I have an ipod touch for my mp3 player and typing with it's onscreen keyboard is much harder!

I want it now... O wait i just want my 1st gen to work!! PUT OUT A DAMN UPDATE ALREADY!!! LOVE THE NEW ONE, BUT FIX THE OLD ONE NOW!!!!!!

I agree: Fix the old one to work like it is *supposed* to work. Common but annoying practice in business to correct the bugs for V2 and charge V1 customers to upgrade.

ok.....again not gonna happen...u loser. You sound like my 7 year old brother when i told him santa aint real, Im sorry if i hurt ur feelings...

i TOTALLY agree. NO ONE deserves a free upgrade to the storm 2. you had your 30 day trial. if you didnt like the storm you should have returned it. if you kept it, you already made your choice. you knew what you were getting into with a brand new phone. sure i have my complaints w the storm but just because all of my expectations have not been met doesnt mean im going to act like i deserve something i dont

your REAL options are to

keep bitching about it and refuse to buy the storm 2 as an act of defiance. shoot, sell your storm and get something else...


to grow the hell up and realize no one owes you SHIT. no one forced you to buy the storm and keep it. you chose to. deal with it and if its that bad then dont buy future products from RIM

the end

btw.. its good to know there are still ppl around like you holladay42. so many ppl think they DESERVE things like "free medical assistance", handouts, bailouts etc. enough of those type destroy business, companies and life. welcome to americas predicament.

Those of us who considered trading it in before the 30 days were PROMISED and LIED TO! They told us that improvements were coming... 5 months later when I ask, I get a statement saying "if/when" and update is released. It is not like a car model, and if it was, we would be entitled to compensation because they sold us a lemon. Asking to be compensated for an unsupported phone where we have trouble using when we pay a monthly fee is not far fetched.

So you can accept the lies and continue to be nieve, or you can go suck a c*ck you pillow biting turd burgler.

how is the storm a lemon. Nothing is broken or doesnt work on the storm, its slow sometimes and clicks doesnt constitute a lemon, if u didnt realize that it was glitchy and clicked in ur "test drive" then that is ur fault. An who says it is unsupported, what are u talking about, it has been proven that they are working on an update, (that just failed there testin), If u have a problem with the phone u can get it replaced under warranty! In fact there is more support for this phne then any other phone i have used

You're a tool... I'm betting you work for VZW don't you?

So the glitchy device would make it a lemon... if it doesn't work than its a lemon. And the 30 day test drive was enough for me to trade it in, but they promised me that an update would be out "in a week or two" and that "my phone would work as advertised"... 5 months later still nothing. That is the definition of no support (or as you want to put it "failed" support). Either way support doesn't exist and still does not work "as advertised". As someone who pays for a service that does not meet the companies promises, the consumer is entitled to compensation.

You go ask ATT customers how they got their iPhone 3G for free after buying the first gen iPhone. OH WAIT.. THE DIDN'T. The Storm does work as advertised. You just don't know how to use it.

Get over yourself, and while you're at it, please cancel your contract and go be a burden to some other carrier.

"the storm does work as advertised..." bullshit it does. the 1st gen blackberry storm has some of the worst firmware malfunctions i have ever seen. Some of the most simple and minuscule functions -such as switching from landscape to portrait modes- are made almost impossible with the lag time involved. The storm was supposed to be revolutionary with its unique app capabilities and was supposed to be a competitor with the iphone. I'm sure many others will agree that trying to download apps and use the phone to its "CLAIMED" full potential creates impossible lag and makes the phone practically unusable. For us to not get some sort of discount(at the very least) in upgrading to the Storm 2 is wrong and absolute bullshit because the firmware problems are not our fault, its verizons.

Also....where the f*ck are our OTA updates...its about damn time for them.

I plan on dumping my Storm Phone/Over priced Verizon account and jumping over to At&t. I tell At&t Iphone users how much my monthly verizon bill is and they just start laughing. The Storm 2 will probably be made with the Storm's old parts.

wow....I bet that gets released before the next OS update....either way I'm done with the storm. That phone looks sweet

guess i gotta start saving now and trade my phone in for this! ... whats a good website to trade up and make cash! hahaha

it looks sick already. its slimmer thank god. Kevin, any sign of Wi-Fi??? :). doesnt look like its gotta slider keypad which is also good.

It's likely an early device, assuming it uses the same hardware platform as the Storm (which it very well could, the MSM7600 is a VERY capable chipset) there's no reason it couldn't be running some 4.7 build; it could even be running a Storm OS. It might even use the exact same OS as the Storm. It doesn't LOOK like they've changed too much, most of the changes appear to be mechanical improvements. Only time will tell however, it doesn't really matter at this point what OS it's running, i'd expect it to be running 5.0 at launch.

perosnally I like my Storm 1 better not only does it look better, but it also has a LOT less of a blank spot at the bottom of there screen between the screen and where the keys are, look how big that empty black space it, its not as bad on the Storm 1 but pretty bad on the Storm 2.

WTF RIM fix that now, im not liking the look of this all that much. anyone else feel the same?

I think the blank spot looks larger because the buttons are now part of screen. You don't have the distinct seperation between them anymore.

I don't believe the hardware buttons are touch sensitive, they're simply integrated into the screen panel now. There are likely microswitches under the hardware button area which register the buttons being pressed. The spacing is to ensure that clicking a hardware button doesn't cause the screen click mechanism to engage.

Of course i've only see the same info you all have, so i'm speculating.

i agree the storm 2 doesnt look soo great that i would trade my storm 1 in... of course unless its free lol i personally love my storm but its because of a leaked OS its ridiculous i have to rely on that to make the storm tolerable i cant believe they are already working on storm 2 with pictures up and all but no new OS release lol i really am lost for words on that well thats my little rant lol o btw i doo love my storm which seems to be rare to find people who do

first of all verizons image is plent good for them. they are definitly far and away the most popular in every aspect of mobile phones, software. and these pictures look like our fearless leader putting a fuckin sticker on the back of the phone. how is it that you get these updates, and hear all these rumors, yet, you have fuckin moderators stopping that. you suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk DICK. Just like verizon. its ashame im on the website rigt now putting money in your pocket.

DAMMIT!! I HAVE TO GET RID OF MY STORM AND GET THIS SUCKER!! hasn't even been a year yet and they have pix of the new storm -_-.. sad.. hopefully the new storm will have better typing capabilities! ill be checking this out as soon as it hit the shelves!

i am so happy that i joined crackberry. the forums are awesome. it also doesn't hurt that you guy get exclusive pics of upcoming devices. i love you guys.

Nice thin look... i see some of the differences and most of te similarities... I hope it runs smooth... Ill cop it.

It looks like the bottom keys are incorporated into the sure press screen. Like one big flat piece of glass. It looks cool but those keys might be a pain.

Hopefully the bottom buttons being incorporated will help the device feel more solid. Hardware wise, my main complaint with the Storm 1 is that it doesn't always feel solid. The screen shifts slightly sometimes when you wipe it and the buttons wiggle a bit with light shining through. If the Storm 2 feels better, I would upgrade this fall.

rumors said there was going to be a different approach to text entry.. but it seems like there is no slide out keyboard.. anyone knows if it comes with the same clickable screen, or whatever else?? btw, this phone is HOT

Might get me back to a touchscreen BlackBerry, honestly if they put something in sw that let's you just tap on screen instead of press I would switch back to a storm

I want it. How do I get it without paying full price? Can I return my Storm 1 through insurance and get Storm 2? Do we know when it will be available? Wifi? SPecs?


jeasus they wont fix the original fast enough to make the storm 2 look good.
still skeptical untill real world experiences.
still looks good though

Looks sleeker, but otherwise nothing great. I like the 4 bottom buttons as part of the screen....but no 5MP camera? And is it missing a speaker?

its not missing a speaker there is a black strip over the openers for the battery compartment so it cant be tampered with you can see the indent of the speaker righ tin the middle of the black strip

sadly, most people don't realize megapixels mean hardly anything. Cell phone cameras are limited by the lens on the camera and the size of the sensor, diffraction comes into play here. a 5 megapixel camera would likely be just making a half blurry picture a larger half blurry picture without adding any actual resolution.

ughhhhh i just bought mine last month.... i hope this isnt out for a while cause if it has Wi-Fi i'll have no choice but to upgrade... *sighs*

Meh. Don't get me wrong it is a nice looking unit and this guy is surely not going back to WinMo anytime soon. I can not believe I waited as long as I did to get one. Windows NEVER sends out OS upgrades and even if they did loading them would not be as easy as it is on the Blackberries.

If it wasn't for the Buy 1 Get 1 promo I would have been eligible for the Storm 2 the day it comes out BUT I am sort of happy. Now I can upgrade after this baby has been out for a while.

The other 2 users that got the storm the same time I did have no complaints about there current one either which is great for me since they would probably ask me to fix them.

Looking forward to more news on the this new Storm though.

ahhhhhhh what the fuck, RIM pulling some apple shit huh? I feel like a 1st gen iphone owner now. I know this is dreaming for wayyyyyyyyyy too much but Verizon better hook us up, especially after not even giving us a fucking update for the crippled 1st gen.

Although lyricidal hybrid makes the phone oh so much better.

damn that thing looks nice! but how can rim come out with the storm 2 when they can't get the first one right? Well, lets hope it has wifi and more onboard memory and I'll be their first customer!

Looks like Storm 1 with capacative buttons and a thinner profile. This thing probably is running on .141. Doesnt look like a radical departure from the one sitting in front of me.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit....I really do not know what to think.....niagra or storm 2? They better have a better name than storm 2.....cause that will make my storm 1 look even worse. Apple is probably loving all of this crap....I will still stay loyal. Looking forward to it

I was looking at crackberry and the sky was blue,
click on a link and saw a picture the storm 2,
then I jizzed on my pants...

Kevin does this thing still have surepress or whatever the hell they will call it next? The way the buttons are makes me think its just a regular touch screen (capacitive tho).

VZW better offer a good upgrade program for people that fell into the storm 1 trap such as i did or theres going to be alot of angry storm owners

So you buy a phone and they come out with a new version n so you should automatically be able to get the new one. So when Honda comes out with a new model the year after you bought ur accord, they give you discount to get the new one....Give me a fukin break.. Go ahead and be angry still stuck in ur two year contract and see if verizon or the world gives a shit!!!

Are you kidding me? Your rant is the same argument every time... if your Honda would only go 20 miles an hour and went through has at 1mpg and they came out with a new model that fixes those problems without fixing your Honda, don't you think you'd want an upgrade?

Think about it, why not compare apples to apples once... get off of your useless drivel.

that screen doesn't look like it doesn't have any spaces between the screen and sides like storm one does. I mean adding the for buttons on the bottom gets rid of that giant gap between the 4 keys and the screen on my storm 1, but it looks like to me this screen isn't going to shake around like this one...maybe a flexible material so it can click but no sides are exposed to dust and dirt?

im thinking of it like if you took a piece of cling wrap and stretch it over the storm 1 from end to end...something to that effect...

It's less noticable, because the factory plastic film is still in place, in the photo before the writeup, where you see it at an angle, it's clearly a surepress-style screen. I have a feeling it works on the same principle, but they've probably added multiple contact points (physical buttons) underneath instead of relying on one big button in the center. This would make the most sense, as the screen would remain clickable, but wouldn't be teetering on a center point. TBH, the hardware buttons probably AREN'T touch-based, there are probably microswitches underneath them.

It honestly just looks like a slightly improved Storm, I thought the Storm 2 was supposed to have a slide out QWERTY? Not that it matters, I personally LOVE my Storm, best phone i've ever owned. But it isn't a significant enough upgrade from the way it appears to warrant upgrading, unless mine breaks and for some reason Asurion can't find me a replacement Storm.

I'd like to know myself... maybe under the hood? This doesn't seem like a big enough upgrade to me, IF it comes to Verizon. Seems more likely to me that a GSM carrier would get this as their Storm variant.

THIS is what the storm 1 should have been. Doesn't look like it has the sure press screen either. Preying for a gsm version so I can t-mobile this baby.

I'm so excited! AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!!!! I just hope that the click screen is not as bad as the previous one.

Isn't it supposed to have a 5 megapixel camera?? oh well...maybe it'll be on there by the time it comes out

If there really is a Storm 2 then post the pictures! Wait, what? Oh, yeah, I see. I'll just shut up then. :-)

Someone is going to lose their job, but I am happy with the decision they made.

don't expect too much about storm 2, Why ? remember last winter lots of people in canada and usa thought storm was awfully good one but ended up in huge disappointment. wait till storm 2 got good reviews then anyone can go get it

Looks good. I can't wait to see all the specs for it. I was hoping for a better camera and it kinda looks like a storm & samsung eternity hybrid...the face anyway

its to bad i would never try another storm. I bet 500,000 people with me.It will be a flop because of the first one was such a disappointment

honestly, even w out an 'official' release i have very few real complaints w my storm. there IS some dust under the screen but I dont mind it / will just get it replaced if it gets unmanageable. very excited to see if they make this one better as far as processing power and its ability to do what the iphone does graphically. aka 3d type games.

Until they release the specs, its still not enough to get "WOW" over. They need to just do a stable OS and the Storm 1 would be great.

Unless it has double the memory or even 8gb of built in flash, I wouldn't be too worried about an upgrade.

there is nothing wrong with storm 1. maybe a fresh OS but what phone doesnt need a OS update. look at the bold it just had a OS which is way older then what folks are using. get over it.

I can purchase this for the 1 year upgrade price, but it really doesnt impress me. I mean the same friggin' 3.2 megapixel camera? Yeah, sure it may be a little bit slimmer and the buttons on the side are black, but from what I see so far, it's not worth it to me. Who knows though, the story may change when the specs are released.

I waited and it is going to be worth it. When the storm 2 comes out i will have 100 dollard off of it and will be so happy. But then the sata plan will be a oain in the ass.

Looks like it might still have some type of sure press/sure type screen. Look at the first photo under the send and end buttons. That's an awful large gap in the screen. Reminds me of the first shots of the storm 1 and people questioning why such a large gap all around the screen? Just sayin?

What the hell are you people gettin so giddy about!! This looks almost exactly like the storm 1 and has the basically the same specs...I sware, if I was to make the bottom buttons different and paint the back of my storm l, u guys would prolly go outta ur minds! Not excited at all

This aggravates me, they couldn't perfect the first one and they already have the 2nd one out? Why not fix whats broken before you make new things? I mean the first one hasn't even received its official update on Verizon yet, and here we are. Now I'm gonna have to figure out a way to get rid of this phone to get that one or the Niagra because my faith in the Storm has dwindled since its been so long without an official update, thou I am running the leaked .132 but it's still not perfect. Damn you RIM and damn you harder Verizon.

maybe theyve tried and realize they cant fix the storm (hence long waits and and failed software testing) because of its design and hardware, so they come out with one that fixes the issues of the storm1 that can not be fixed with a software update.

I am always curious why people post this based on some photos. I am sure it will be an improvement, but to say it is great or that you love it without knowing anything more about it.

Look my Storm my runs on a Beta in order to run correctly but the damned thing isn't even a year old! Everyone is right, Storm owners should get some kind of priority as far as the Storm 2 is concerned. Come on Verizon!


Have they really forgot about the first gen storm seems like there focus is more on the storm 2...now im stuck with this crappy ass first gen storm(9530) that they cant even put out a official update for man this sucks can i at least get a freaking discount on the storm 2 if i buy it or something

why is everyone so excited about it? Just because its new? I had the first one and it was the worst phone I have ever owned, lets hope RIM doesnt let this get released with some pos software. Good luck Storm 2.

With you on worst phone I have ever owned.
The only bad thing is, is that I was a dumbass and didn't return mine.

Best phone I have ever owned was my 8830.

Honestly, not too impressed that RIM is working on a blackberry storm 2 when they can't even get the Storm 1 up to date on verizon. The sure as crap better offer an early upgrade to ALL storm owners or i will be severly pissed with verizon as well as a lot of other people I'm sure.

well to say the least, if this phone is released before I and many others have had our Storm's for a year, there will be more unhappy people in this world than there are today...

i better get a free storm 2 for putting up with all this 1 bs.

This is just great. As much as I wanna be excited about this thing, RIM sells me a crippled device so I can be a damn beta tester for V2, which I'd have to buy out of a contract to even think of purchasing. Crap.

sure feels like we PAID verizon and rim to be beta testers. now that they have their data, at our expense, they can produce a new and improved touch phone. anyone else feel bamboozled?

Storm 2 looks damn sexy!! Damn u RIM..i have bought curve 8900 bcoz of it's sexiness....noew STORM 2 is sexier T_T

All these comments make me LOL.

Who says this will even come out for Verizon? We all know they are the ones who rushed RIM into putting out the 9530 in that sad state, and it's Verizon's fault that they don't have the .2XX builds that those in the know say are very stable. I wouldn't be surprised if (and I really hope) that RIM sells this to a carrier that isn't Verizon.

Also, until we can see it in action, we have no idea if this will have as many problems as the first Storm did.

Kind of lQQKS like the same old storm that we all have right now. Makes you wounder if it still the same old storm you either love or hate.

I'm sold! Sprint you better not miss this ship. My wife and I will definitely leave for the 2 generation Storm. We will give you only 5 months after its release or we are gone without looking back...NOT A THREAT!

Just realize this:

Do not expect iPhone-like graphics and transitions. Why? Because the OS is Java-based.

Java = SLOW.

Maybe since they recently hired the man resposible for the OSX UI and the Vista UI, something will change.

But also, does having a pretty UI mean business, since this IS STILL supposed to be a phone used for business?

Upgrade since this one doesn't work?? That'd be nice!

Phone looks sick though!! Love the bottom buttons being on the screen, nice touch. PLEASE HAVE A GREAT OS OUT OF THE BOX!!!!

Looks very nice. I like the new style side buttons, but I'm a little put off at the lack of upgrade to the camera.

HOLY SH**. With all of this new devices I am going to be one broke SOB. I hope my wife will understand when i start spending like a virgin in the red district for the first time. Maybe I should just get a second job now so I will have the extra coin for my addiction.

any news yet bout the difference between SurePress and TruePress? maybe the new bottom buttons makes it true??

You mean to tell me that instead of trying to fix problems with the storm 1 they r gonna make a new storm? Why not work on the original model and build on from there? I mean it hasn't been long since they made the storm 1...this is just too early. The new storm doesn't look like much of improvement and those menu buttons look like they may cause some problems.

i personally really dont like it i think its ugly looking.

i love my storm...it has problems but from what ive heard what smartphone doesnt...it probably wont even have that many "new" things to it...maybe wifi...that wouldnt be enough for me to go out and buy it though....maybe 5.0 too but i dont know why RIM wouldnt do it with the original storm....but hey im a noob...what do i know lol.

but i do think its ugly.

If they do what apple did and let us strom user get the new strom for the 2 year contract price i dont see a problem. But if they throw us under the bus its going to suck...right know the bus is looking like its gonna happen

Who saw LOST last night? I was so sick.

And for the Storm 2

i could give two turdsa bout a Storm 2...give me an official update for the storm i have and i'll be just as happy..i wont be getting this.

i went from an iphone to a storm and now i think if i get another touchscreen phone...its going to be an iphone again or a blackberry with buttons. im used to the surepress but id rather not have it.

ESPECIALLY after talks of apple having business ventures with verizon in the VERY NEAR future..i'll pass on the storm 2.

looks like another touch screen nightmare!!! rubbish if you ask me !! i prefer a classic style berry like my bold! touch screen phones have always been for teenagers in my opinion!!

YAWN not too impressed they just want $$$$ if they cared about there customers they would just fix the few problems they had with the first one

i refuse to spend money on this i feel like us storm1 owners are beta testers and we should get this for free

You said it right man....they dont deserve anymore of My money til they give a little back to say thanks for supporting storm I

No sign of a speaker on the back like the current Storm. There is a hole on the right side, which I assume is a speaker. There better be one on the left too.

How funny. I just ordered a refurb 16gig iPhone today. I'd rather pay the ETF + $150 for an iPhone over my Storm that had to be reset 3x today b/c of media player issues and reset itself once while sitting at my desk. The last 6 months with the Storm have been miserable. Done with BB, the Storm, and Verizon.

How can we trust storm 2 with storm 1 still running sh_t os?Looks good but, they can keep it.Its iphone or nothing for me.

Seems like RIM's on a new phone releasing and upgradation spree.. Nice... As long as the phone's have reliable software and don't crash on us.. And we get them free with our Wireless Plans though we should have something like a trade up direct from RIM.. :)

So I think there has to be some action taken by all the Storm users now that are having problems. We all complain about the OS and want a new one but if we all could do something as a group they would have to listen.

Start a website and get everyone together. Maybe we could all go to our local Verizon stores at the same time. If anything it would definitely make huge headlines all over the country and put pressure on Verizon and RIM. Imagine if every Verizon store had a hundred or so people there complain and demanding some information. I think this could make nation headlines.

Just a thought....I would but dont know how to make a website...lol

How stupid does RIM think we are? No matter how good the Storm 2 hardware may be, why would anyone trust their OS if they can't come up with a stable bug-free version of the Storm 1 OS?

Have you read all the exicted comments about this phones pending release. It boggles my mind how so many are chomping at the bit for it's release. When there are so many detail complaints about the 1st generation. I would be exicted for this release if my current one was prime and, the 2nd generation further expanded it's features and success. I know I wont be in any lines for this release date.

Definately thinner! I guess Storm 2 isn't gonna have the rumored slidout qwerty keyboard. Wifi would be nice!

if the buttons are bulit into the screen at the bottom how will the surpess work then with them attached will they be pushed in when u tap the screen too? i might be looking at it weird but i feel like something will change with the screen since those are attached

The hard buttons are done the way I said they should have been done on the current Storm. Nice and sleek and I dig the all black! If it's 4G capable and has WiFi I'll be on it right away!

It looks more like the iphone now... which I don't like. It still has the 3.2 mp camera and maybe is a little skinnier, but so far it doesn't have anything impressive that would make it better than the original one.
Please fix the Original Storm, then work in their little "brothers"

FUK! The storm 2 looks like the same garbage i have now. Make the damn storm 1 work before developing the storm 2 unless u plan on giving it to me for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKay so you have to give rim props for trying to make a touch screen phone. it may not be the best and there may never be a os update. RIM is smart they will take what they have learned and apply it to the storm2. in all honesties the phone sucked we exspeted to much from it. so dont just let the storm go yet cause there will be a update. have faith

Send the damn new OS out already!! Designing new phones while the supporters of the originals are fumbling with the ones we have. That’s not cool...

Please tell me this means that Sprint will be getting a version od the Sorm now! I cannot believe that Verizon will still exclusively carring both of these phones! Come on give me something!

This isn't a Storm 2. Why would they release a follow-up to a phone they haven't even really released yet(the Storm 2 is barely out of the gate and it's LIMPING)? Plus they have to be losing tons of money on manufacturing if they are developing new models already. It is much cheaper over time to keep producing the same model...not replacing it after 6 months. I think this is a mockup or an early Storm 1... I refuse to believe this.

Maybe I'm just bitter but still...I doubt RIM would try to show off new hardware when they can't even get the first model right. They would just be shooting themselves in the foot.

Waitin for this to be my first blackberry heard it's coming out in september so i'm waiting for that. Gonna be my graduation gift from my mom idk how i feel about the touch-sensitive buttons as yet

*Hopefully* they trashed the "Clickable" screen.

If not... oh well, I like my Storm well enough, but this phone better be HIGHLY improved from Storm V1.

Nice looking at least, and I like how they integrated the buttons into the screen... which points at keeps the "Clickable" screen... bummer.


There needs to be a prize for some of the comments! I'm weeping out loud! How would you like to be a Nextel 8350i owner? Most developers don't even know what OS it runs!

It looks like it has a optical input/output on the front right top corner of the phone. I imagine it will be used to connect to a printer with an optical input or even control other devices like maybe a TV (haha) that would be nice though or play music/video through a surround receiver via the optical input. Its probably just another led light which would be redundant. I kind of like having hard buttons especially when my phone freezes, I can just hold the power button down for a few seconds and reset the phone. I can't see the touch buttons having priority over the rest of the screen especially during a freeze. I do like the hidden single latch on the bottom of the battery cover, unlike the original storm which looks like you could hijack a plane with the cover release latches.I wish the whole phone was painted with a flat black powder coat with no chrome. it looks like it has just one speaker on the top of the phone with an adjacent speaker opening on the top rear of the phone. I noticed a place to attach what looks to be a laptop lock.

I'm gonna take a stab at this...

The Optical Input you are talking about is almost surely a 3.5mm headphone jack... the Speaker that is up top.. well that may be correct... but the other thing... that opening on the bottom right hand corner of the phone you are talking about that looks like a laptop lock port... is either a lanyard hole or the speakers for the phone... As far as the buttons being part of the screen... you bring up a great point...

There's a lot of comments y is rim forgetting the storm1 and not fixing it. Maybe they will and the storm2 is the gsm blackberry touchscreen! Kinda like how the tour is the cdma bold.

Seriously, the original storm came out just about six months ago! My contract won't go up on Verizon(if it comes to verizon), and the Storm Two look awesome! I love my storm, but there are plenty off neccesary improvements that I am will probably be in this one. I am so mad!

Yeah...I've never even recommended buying the Storm I since Verizon refuses to release an update. Maybe this will go to AT&T and get some love there.

Does this mean that the first gen users get the old boot to the curb? We can't even get an OS upgrade and here they (verizon) is allready talking about coming out with the storm 2!! I bet the storm 2 comes out before the upgraded OS..in which that case maybe verizon should give us a kickback if first gen users decide to upgrade to Storm 2? Just a thought!!! Can I get an AMEN!!!

Ps....Thanks verizon for forgetting about those of us that supported the first gen storm!!

Whaaa whaa whaa, GTFOI people it was your CHOICE to buy the storm 1. From the pictures it looks like they added a place for a lanyard and the integrated the 4 buttons to be touch sensitive. I think that was a wise move on their part as it means fewer components needed for the building of the phone. To all of those crying about fixing the current storm I would be willing to bet that they are using the same OS on the storm 2 that they use on the storm 1. Might be a couple more lines of code for the touch interface buttons but other than that it is probably the same. They probably ported the speaker out the side like they did on the 8900 series hence the lack of a speaker on the back. Over all it looks like a much smoother design. I really want to see the spec sheet on it as I am curious to know what kind of memory and processor that they are giving it.

Your right, we do whine alot about the storm 1 and we did buy it...But I do have to agree...the storm 2 does look hella better than the storm 1....Some of us just vent on here I think just to vent? WHo know!! hahaha

we are mad because we bought a phone that has a lot of bugs and instead of fixing them RIM and VZW are selling us a new phone. the storm2 doesnt need to exist all they should be doing right now is making better software for the current storm

we are pissed because we have been left high and dry by RIM

Look around at the other carriers. They are all pushing out updates for the phone. So how is it that RIM left us high and dry? I have 3 blackberry's(8330, 8830, 9530) and install leaked OS's on all 3 of them regularly. That tells me that RIM is still working on the OS's for their older phones so how is that forgetting about one of their newest models? If anyone is leaving us high and dry it is verizon for not approving a new OS that RIM seems to be stead feeding them.

So do i burn my storm 1 now or later? Guess no use for check for firmware updates anymore. Now to pick up that second job to pay for this thing. It ain't cheap being a geek! DAMNN MAN

"By: Lito305 | Date: Thu, 05/14/2009 - 20:15 | reply
looks like the same crappy device that the first storm was in my opinion.. i am neither impressed"

The Storm is an awesome phone and it really broke grounds with the surepress. Before its release last year so many ppl talked about it, me being one of them. The phone is real beautiful (the screen feels like it's glass!), but its flaws were of course internal. The hardware was/is nowhere near crapppy, though. Let's just hope for VZW users they either give you guys an update, or do some type of trade-in with you storm 1 towards a storm 2.. hell, give em both VZW!