Exclusive: First Image of BlackBerry Milan - next generation BlackBerry 10 slider!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Dec 2011 12:02 pm EST

BlackBerry Milan

Well that didn't take long. Last week we posted our BBX (now BlackBerry 10) Roadmap Preview for 2012, where we dropped a number of new codenames into the mix beyond the already photographed BlackBerry London. Lisbon, Nevada and Milan were among the codenames of upcoming QNX-based phones mentioned, but the details we're still pretty slim. 

With the first image of BlackBerry Milan above, things are getting more clear for the next generation of BlackBerry 10 phones. While we don't have any specs just yet for Milan, the photo above says a lot. It's a slider BlackBerry, featuring the physical full qwerty keyboard that BlackBerry addicts know and love. And I'm hearing all of these next generation BlackBerry devices sport amazing displays (higher pixel density than the iPhone 4's retina display), which will really add to the sex appeal here. It's interesting to note that the design on this one seems to merge together two looks: at the top are rounded corners, similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, while along the bottom we have the sharper edges simliar to the photo of BlackBerry London. There's still time for RIM to tweak things up before locking down final hardware design for manufacturing so I'll be curious to see if things change up from here at all by the time we get this phone in our hands.

This image also gives us a big hint as to how the traditional BlackBerry experience will evolve on BlackBerry 10. Gone is the optical trackpad, call, hang-up and menu and back buttons from the main navigation area of the phone (where the BlackBerry logo is in this image). This means we can assume a much more PlayBook like experience moving forward, even on BlackBerry 10 phones that have a full qwerty. Expect a lot of bezel gestures! Just looking at the phone you know some of that one-handed ease of use of the traditional BlackBerry experience will be sacrificed here, but I don't think many people will care about that given how much more modern and intuitive the touchscreen user interface will be.

Overall, pretty damn exciting. A full, BIG touchscreen along with a physical keyboard on the next-generation BlackBerry 10 OS could be the ultimate phone for a LOT of people out there in 2012. Keep it locked to CrackBerry for more info as we get it!

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Exclusive: First Image of BlackBerry Milan - next generation BlackBerry 10 slider!!



Well Maybe most people don't know it, but I use my trackpad so much. with a 9930.
Alt+TP is copy
Lshift+TP is paste.

I will miss my Trackpad.

The screen doesn't fill all of the needs of the trackpad. I like it that I am able to have a pointer while browsing because it's able to pinpoint what you want to select of there are loads of buttons on a website close together. It saves me from having to zoom in and press it. A downside to Google Maps on my 9900 Is that it has no central cursor so I can't pinpoint where I want to select for my location unless I zoom in about six times.

Ah well, hopefully there will be another BBX phone out by July 2012 :)

No kidding -- without a trackpad, this thing is going to be completely unusable.

Why would RIM abandon one of their biggest UI advantages?

Here's hoping it makes an appearance before launch, along with the classic hardware answer/hang-up/menu/back buttons.

The trackpad gives the ability to move around in text as well, vs a finger tapping the screen, The current button set on the Blackberry means I can access menus and actions quickly vs having to touch hold and wait for a contect menu to realize I want it to pop up. I love my playbook, but the fact that I can get real accurate until the little drag tabs come up in text sucks. I'd love a virtual trackpad and a better keyboard on my playbook.

Probably the same reason why the PlayBook doesn't have one. There's no need for a trackpad (or any other physical button/control) anymore.

yeah i agree, i need a track pad. once bb gets rid of the trackpad, i'll just get an iphone or shitty droid. trackpads make the blackberry a million times easier to navigate then any other touchscreen phone. you need a track pad. the left convenience key was extremely useful as well and they got rid of that already. not a fan of where it's heading. bb's are all about convenience. if u turn them into every other phone, then i'll get something with way better hardware and software. :(

Personally, my 9900 is the ideal device for me. Full keyboard, convience buttons, trackpad. If I want games or entertainment I'll use my Playbook.

Bold 9900 + Playbook (w/ 2.0) = Best of both worlds!

Same! I find that playbook copy/paste system isnt that good. i like the trackpad for it pinpoints to misspellings and certain things that are too small to click. Works very well for 9900 since the screen is too small.

You're pretty confident.

I am looking at it going yuck! looks pretty but the following bug me

NO optical track pad, the playbook lacks fine motor abilities, the phones make up for it, losing that on the phone reduces it's appeal, BUT I can hope they allow an app developer to make an on screen thumb pad, I'd pay for such an app.

Next the Keyboard, though the layout of the ALT characters are BlackBerry, the key position is strait across, not in the traditional arch of the BlackBerry, the keyboard will be the same discomfort at the Motorola Droid Pro+ and will tarnish the Blackberry Keyboard name.

I'd expect from the image it will be rocking a 4-4.3" screen, so the Keyboard will be similar in size to the Bold 9900, which will be very nice seeing as the weight and lay out of the device will make it hard to use 1 handed, making it a 2 handed device, in landscape the user can use on screen keyboard, portrait physical keys, I like the idea.

over all RIM I really hope this is far from the final engineering drawing and things like key positioning and height are really looked at, and PLEASE have more gestures than the Playbook has

Because my fingers are MUCH larger than many of the click-targets (on the web, for example). Because fingers suck for precision tasks like selecting text or re-positioning the text cursor.

How about, it makes it possible to comfortably use the phone one-handed?

I could go on and on and on ...

A trackpad is just handier than reaching all over a large touchscreen if you were trying to navigate while holding your phone in one hand.

The thing is, the absence of an optical trackpad will not bother 99.9% of potential buyers. The only real advantage of having an optical trackpad is for the quick selection of text, and I feel as though this is a rare enough occurrence for RIM to justify not including it in the design. Besides, the screen looks to be huge, so the accurancy of finger-pressed would be increased.

As for the keyboard, the 'straight-across' keyboard seems to be a result of the design of the bottom of the phone, which is not curved like other Blackberries before it. To be honest, I feel as though this is a more modern design change which will be a refreshing departure from the mundane design of most of the previous Blackberries. Not sure about the usability of an uncurved keyboard, but I doubt it will be as challenging to type on as you describe. But I'll leave the final judgement for when I give it a try.

thank you....a touch screen and trackpad are not needed.... its funny that ppl want rim to keep doing the same thing but in doing the same thing theyve been doing theyve become the newest nokia...they need change to gain back their market share...and this phone and the london are steps in the right direction. side note... the best selling phones have no keyboard and no trackpad....iphone and galaxy (android)...time rim starts gravitating towards producing similar products

Quick selection is faster without a track pad, you just select the area and the options come up. Have you ever used an iPhone or Android device. They don't have a trackpad because its useless

this is a bold face lie......u have to scroll to intended selection....how can scrolling be faster than simply touching where u want to copy??

Because you have to:
1. press the screen, wait for the options to come up,
2. pick select text,
3. move the first indicator to the beginning of text you want to copy,
4. move the second indicator to the last part you want to copy,
5. press the screen and wait for options,
6.choose copy text.
All that takes time.

1. Scroll to beginning of text.
2. Hold shift and highlight.
3. Press shift and click.
No waiting = faster.

Now STFU about stuff you don't know anything about.

You very clearly have never used an iPhone properly then. Simply touch the start of the text you want to copy with one thumb, and touch the end with the other thumb. If needed, drag the indicators to adjust. The options to cut/copy immediately and automatically pop up (at least in any app where you are composing/editing text) Copying from safari can be a different story.

Granted, the trackpad method is also very quick, and can indeed be faster for many users.

But your gross exaggeration of "waiting for options to pop up" and nonexistent extra steps on the iPhone is outlandish.

Next time consider your own ignorance before telling someone else to "STFU"

I have in front of me a Torch and a samsung infuse. While one handing them I can not reach the far edge of the screen on either phone. but with the torch I can use the track pad to make selections and still only use one hand. with my infuse I have to free my other hand to make the selection. There have been times when I would have like to keep my hand where it was and just had a damn trackpad.

The combination of both a trackpad and a touchscreen is faster though, you can still use a similar method that you describe, but when that doesn't work properly (happens plenty of times on android and ios) you can easily go in and use to trackpad to select it more precisely.

I wouldn't worry too much, it's a leaked photo with no signs of a final design. If they can get the gestures right, you will not need the trackpad.

My only concern is the size of the side bezels, how are you supposed to swipe those?

The bezel on the PlayBook is only sensitive about as far in as the bezel is on this phone. It senses a swipe from a couple pixels off screen to a couple pixels on screen in order to make the gesture work.

Theoretically, you don't need a bezel to have PlayBook like gestures. You could just program the OS to sense a swipe from the outer most pixel of the screen inwards.

Do you know that for sure?

After watching videos of the android player, it looks like people swipe the bezel right across the blackberry logo and it registers.

And regarding not having a bezel, that would be catastrophic to the useability of the phone. Think about trying to pan around in a website. If the phone worked as you described, you would be switching applications all the time when you get to close to the edge of the screen. The bezel is important in my opinion.

I'm not a big fan of the iPhone notification system, but if you have used it, then you will know that what I described is possible.

I have played with an iPhone for probably 2 minutes in my entire life... but if what you say is possible, then I will not dispute it.

Once again, a very well put comment by deRussett; and I agree on most of what you said. I believe that an optical trackpad would be a great addition to this device; it would allow for careful manipulation of text entries as well as easier copy and pasting (nothing easier than copy/paste on a BB with Shift+Trackpad)

Also, a slight curve on the keyboard layout would be nice. I hope this device doesn`t end up too thick and that case manufactures have an easier time creating sturdy cases for this model as opposed to my 9800 which went through 3 cases (sliders suck for cases).

Agree on the keyboard and the trackpad, those are BB trademarks, they can't afford to loose them, they are soooo convenient

I'm looking forward for the release of the new BBX (blackberry 10) phones. I am currently waiting to upgrade my phone until then. I am anticipating that these phones will be the best in the smartphone market and that RIM will once again rise to the top!

That upgrade could be a looooooooooooong time coming. I cannot believe all of the comments and arguements about what is clearly nothing more than an artist's rendition of someones idea at RIM. Do you SERIOUSLY think you will see this anytime in 2012? Trackpad.....if that was the only thing holding it back, it would be a miracle.....I am sure the software for BBX/10 phones has 3 lines of code in it, they can't even get native email on the PB yet. What a bunch of maroons.

Dear Wipe,

Maroon is not a nasty expression, and try to figur out how to spell 'moron'....I don't think there is a period after the 'm'...but if the shoe fits......

This is all like arguing about a concept BMW sketch for a car they are thinking about building 10 years from now...if ever. RIM is SO FAR behind the eight ball you have no idea. This isn't fan boy stuff, I've had BB's since there were BB's, and I'd love to see them succeed. Stopped at a Verizon store I was walking by, have you actually seen, held and used for instance the new Android Razr??? It's gorgeous....every feature you could want, incredible screen, lightning fast, front and rear cameras, ultra thin....yeah, I know it's got issues, they all do. But these Android phones are out how long now?? It's taken RIM 10 years, and that's a big head start, to be so far behind they can't even see the lead horse. M.oron.

Once they arrive in stores, I'll be more than pleased. But this is a beta prototype, not a final design. It looks promising. I couldn't care less if it didn't have a trackpad or a different keyboard. As long as it works and is easy to type on, I'll go for it.

For the ones saying rim is turning into nokia or palm (making crazy amounts of typos too), no, they aren't turning into them. Just relax. If you don't like it or have too many high expectations for any company, a feature phone would be better, or a simple phone, since it'll be simple, or featured, so you can't say it doesn't have this or that which is better or superior to this or that, or that and this. Lol

Do we know it's a prototype, or just an artist's rendering? I guarantee there isn't a single thing in it even if it is a protype. Ask to see a pic of the guts.

I'll sure get one the moment they're available at Telus. Judging from Playbook easiness of use and excellent capacity to run simultaneous applications with QNX, I have no doubt these new phones will be quite powerful and much more appealing than the sluggish I-phone 4.

My thought exactly! There is my next phone. Who do I give my credit card details? And show me the dotted line! yesterday!
BTW Pipe down people this is the test mule no way RIM would ship that clunky keyboard! what is wrong with you all?

Screen looks really big, good improvements. Sticking with a Bold form factor though, couldn't get use to the Torch.

You are not alone. The phone looks nice but the keyboard looks forced. I can imagine the phone being top heavy because of bulk of the phone being held in the air while you hold on to the keyboard, which is looking like the keyboard on the torch or style which both are to tight feeling for me. Long live the Bold and It's BB10 brother.

Thought that would be the case with the Torch but not so. Don't forget that the screen is only going up by the height of the keyboard and the back is as high as the screen. Balance should be fine.

+1. You need to start thinking of landscape (horizontal) keyboard, and not what you see now (portrait/vertical) keyboard.

I've already mentioned in other postings that anything larger than a Torch 9800/9810, there would be balancing issues, device feels top heavy and ready to flip out of your hands especially if using one-handed.

I'm wondering if they went for the same keyboard as the Bold 99xx? If its like the torch or Style, no thanks. Those keyboards are not wide enough for me. I will wait for the model that gives the Bold some continuous love which will probably be at the end of 2012. That will be fine since I still have the 9930 and I'm not due for an upgrade until then anyway.

Agree. Really like the torch slider concept but the keyboard just seems too crowded on the torch. Would enjoy the torch type model (hopefully..little lighter)with 9900 keyboard. Now that would be cool.

The screen looks to be over 4 inches, whereas the Torch is only 3.2 inches. So yeah, expect the keyboard to be wider as well.

It is probably safe to assume that it will be just as wide but it still looks crouded, even if the buttons are just as big. I just don't want them to downgrade the keyboard to follow the android phones which all the keyboards suck.

Looks great!! Im glad to see the physical buttons and trackpad removed. Im a 9900 owner and love it. The touch interface is spot on, I h\ardly ever use the track pad. Cant wait to see the BB10 "candybar" phone. No buttons or trackpad and lengthen the device like the Porche BB, will be able to get that screen easily to 3.2 to 3.4 inches. 9900 keyboard, higher resolution screen, dual core processor, under 10mm. like to see 9-9.5mm. You will have a monster!!!!

It looks weird, but let's hope it's made out of metal like high-end Android devices and that they got the weight distribution right.

This is a nice looking phone! I can't wait to see pics of other models coming out as well...

Not a particularly exciting image itself - but exciting that this image is out there.

I can't wait for these phones. I'm genuinely getting excited.

HOWEVER, I'll be hanging on for
1 - reviews
2 - how my PlayBook develops

before committing myself to one of these phones. RIM has a lot to prove with BBX yet.

If there going to make a slider then why not make it so it landscape & not portrait. This would give you a larger keyboard.

Bold keyboards are the best ones out there, so it makes sense to use them.

Other designs may come out with "larger" keyboards, we just never know. Rim likes diversity!

Am I going to regret signing a huge contract with Telus to get a discounted 9900? Damn this looks sexy!

dont get a telus or bell , they carry the 9930 ! not the 9900 , big difference .. the xx30 series can't support leaks like we've been getting , and rogers is a better company haha

Omg that look so good omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blackberry has moved from any more buttons on the middle of the phone ( answer button,blackberry menu button, trackpad, back,end call) or maybe they will light up and isn't proper buttons. Nice look though

Looks great.

After six months with a 9800, though, I'm not sure I'll do another slider. I find the keyboard so narrow that it's almost unusable (I do the virtual keyboard in landscape mode, usually).

If this keyboard is wide enough, I'll definitely consider it, though.

That's kind of how I feel about it too. The Torch is a great design...just wish it was a little thinner and a little wider.

Nice, but I think at in this day and age they should drop the tactile keyboard, there is too much compromise, It'll make the device heavier & thicker, possibly less solid as well..

Tactile keyboards are great, but again I'd rather have a more solid, thinner & lighter device, and having used a blackberry curve IMO touch keyboards are a lot faster..

Wow. O.K. I said I would never leave the Bold 9930 but if you give me all the goodies of BlackBerry 10 AND a real BlackBerry keyboard and I'm getting one on launch day. Just like the Bold and just like the Playbook. Love them both.

Until then, my Bold 9930 is the best phone out there for me.


Hey! What happened to the track-pad? I love the track-pad on my Bold. Hmmm... It is going to have to be the most awesome phone ever to get me to switch now. Anyway, maybe I'm not the main market for this phone.

That looks AWESOME!!!!!
I hope they use the 9900/9930 keyboard! By far the best keyboard on a smartphone!

I don't either, but since there's supposedly a big emphasis on video calling for the BBX(10) phones, I would just take this as the prototype rendering that it is. I also don't see a proximity sensor, light sensor, or LED.

It would be awesome to have the camera down where the trackpad would be as that's normally where I center myself on my current slider. I don't like that on current phones with a front facing camera, you have to tilt them towards you slightly in order to have yourself somewhat centered and still be able to use the phone.

I am certainly would love to see a cámara in the front of these phones and use the video chat with relatives that are out of town….

They keep trying to convince me to all change to Iphone but I am holding them that Blackberry will come with this and it is going to be a lot better…

I really don't like the idea of getting rid of the physical buttons. The trackpad going away is ok, but I'd still prefer to have the other 4 buttons. It makes it so much easier to use.

although the trackpas will be missed very much, if they give it the 9900 keyboard and bring this Verizon and not some exclusive AT&T crap like the current sliders, and I will get 3! Sadly, if you make it another exclusive, I WILL have to look the other way. No way I'm sticking with AT&T, I can't believe the crappy reception and dropped calls I get.

RIM- NO exclusive designs this time, please!!!

Looks sharp but I need a trackpad, don't matter if it's a touch screen or not.

I have the bold 9930 and STILL use the trackpad about 95% of the time. But at least it has a physical keyboard, I refuse to abandon that.

I'll take all the critique and nay saying about this phone, roll it up in a ball, stand back look again and it still looks a whole lot better than that Porsche design.

This is better, I like the look of this one.

Although I would replace that BlackBerry logo with a trackpad and the 4 typical buttons.
WHY? Because they provide useful operations that are needed on a phone no matter which app/screen youre on. Also, yeah I know it's a large diaplay but I would even use a trackpad on my Playbook for editing text, selecting text, and everything else and in between.

I completely agree with you on all points.

*Need trackpad.
*Need physical buttons.
*Better have a front facing Camera.

I am very disappointed by the lack of optical trackpad, that one was one of the best things I like about my Torch vs other phones. However, its something I can learn to live without, unlike other BB features (keyboard, BBM).

I personally tried the Storm form factor for a while, and didn't like it in the end, so I'm not a big fan of this new model... I sure hope they get their thinking caps on and try to find a way to "keep" the current Bold form in one way or the other... Probably won't be easy, but still... :)

Whats the two dots on the top right corner? Front facing camera by chance?? Nah...Can't be too small. Indictaor lights but why two?

If this keyboard has as dead a tactile feedback as the Torch, it's not the phone for me.
And no trackpad is disappointing. Apple and Android fans will wonder why, but honestly, it makes selecting text, clicking a link, getting that fine control you don't get with touch, so much easier.

Love the touch screen, hate the slide! Can you say top heavy while typing? Why does RIM refuse to go with a side slider with a massive keyboard and take advantage of a land scape view? Minus the key board, a few tweaks will make it sweet!

All I can say is that the BBTen phones had better have a trackpad!,...Or I may as well get the Droid Pro now!


I don't like the bottom corners. Round them the same as the top corners. The hex look is the same stupid look as that Porsche phone and looks like they shaped it with a metal file. Also round the back of the phone so that it's easier to hold. The 9850 is pleasing on the eyes and a pleasure to hold.

Ahhh, I see a couple posts have already mentioned that it looks like there's no front facing camera, bummer if there isn't one. Wonder if this is the next version of the Torch will it have NFC this time around? I could probably live without the trackpad, but as others have said, it'd be missed because the trackpad makes it easier to click on links and highlight text for copying and pasting. A slightly larger keypad is nice, like the 9900 keyboard, with the current Torch I always feel a bit cramped typing on the keyboard because of the slider overhang. Still wish the slider was horizontal instead of vertical, but can understand why it is vertical, to make it different from other sliders. The OS 7 screen is pretty sharp now, can imagine the newer screen will make it almost liquid like.

the chopped off corners and the huge 'BlackBerry' logo bothers me. i love my blackberry retro style 9900 ftw!

Having gone from a Storm to a Torch 9860, I have to say that the physical trackpad makes the experience of using a touchscreen so much better. Taking it out completely is a bad idea, IMO.

Also, this device is really fugly. Looks like an iPhone knockoff.

Not in love with it. The tops looks too iPhonish. The keyboard is too similar of the Motorola keyboard, flat on top. No bottoms? The trackpad and the menu bottom was what made the BB distinctive. Still nice that they went on a different direction. I give it a B+.

For me, a BlackBerry needs a physical keyboard, so this is definitely a step in the right direction, after the London leak. I find myself using the touchscreen more and more on my 9900 instead of the trackpad; I could probably live without the trackpad. Awful looking keyboard though.

Seeing this is making me feel better about sticking it out with my 9650 until BB 10 devices hit the streets and then decide if i will head toward Android or stick around on BB.

I think it looks much better than the Torch (I love that big screen), but it isn't anything special compared to the plethora of competitor's phones out there.

a trackpad is essential for text entry. i dont care if it "looks ugly" it makes the UX so much more enjoyable. i absolutely hate trying to select or edit text on my iphone, its such a pain in the ass, and almost always leads to errors, the inablility to tap on a word and place the cursor within it is absolutely infuriating. i hate that stupid magnifyling glass, why dont they just give you a dpad on the virtual keyboard? everything on the iphone relating to text entry takes twice as long, and 2 hands, whereas the blackberry is onehanded and efficient in every way necessary to make text communication easy.

i love typing on my 9930. i just hate the outdated nature of the OS (very few apps and absurdly long reboot times/reboots needed way to often. dropping the keyboard curvature and the standard blackberry keys tells me that this phone will not be true to the blackberry experience and will just be another failed iphone competitor by RIM.

IMO blackbery does not need to change everything about the way their OS functions, turning the unparalleld blacberry navigation into gimmicky gestures and bullshit to appeal to teens and those who think a touchscreen automatically makes a good phone, or somehow implies a better blackberry.

what RIM needs to do is stop trying to make an iphone, stop biting web os and lose the gestures, just refine the existing OS styling to allow for the easier applications of themes (a la custom launchers like android instead of having to write code in the never updated theme builder they seem to have forgotten about) as well as fix the way the OS handles applications and get rid of the stupid reboots after every damn update or delete or install.

im perfectly fine with the way the BB os looks and navigates, it just needs to be re written at the core level to bring and updated UX to the existing look and feel. if my 9930 could run something like launcherpro and allow me to change the UI to my liking and had RIM pumping resources into app development rather than trying to reinvent itself, i think they would suceed. but instead we have 2 ceos who seem to be completely lost and trying to play catch up but consistenly arrivng late and failing across theboard.

BB7 was a nice step, but all it did was put a smoother theme on top of OS6. rewrite the code to still have the same stock feel, but allow for better application handling and theming on the device and people would be pumped.

Placing an optical trackpad may just be an engineering nightmare given that they need the bottom bezel to be touch sensitive for basic QNX navigation. It is possible that since the bezel is touch sensitive, they just make that whole area a "trackpad" that is used for selection and screen scrolling.

For every one customer like you, there are hundreds that want them to make an iphone competitor that's touch focused with BBM. The 9930 is a good phone and option for your needs, but if you want consumer apps, they are built for touch and gestures (that's just the way the market has moved).

that is a good point and something i didnt consider, but i also suggested they lose the gestures as i dont feel them necessary and think they would just slow me down personally. i think a touch screen with a trackpad for precision would be just fine, i think gestures, while they have a wow factor, are just a gimmick tbh.

i realize that most people want "the iphone with bbm" essentially, and let me repeat this is just my personal preference and opinion, but i thnk that if RIM coud just keep the 9900 form factor and update the OS to be something that is competetive in 2011, i think that it would succeed. building an all touch based input system on blackberries seems counter inutitive to me..

if i wanted an all touch device but craved bbm, i would most certainly buy an iphone and use whatsapp or the myriad other choices of cross platform bbm competitors...

if wanted a device for texting, i would buy a blackberry or other keyboard having device, theres no real reason to own a blackberry thats all touch screen because the whole historical selling poiint of a blackberry (its ease of typing and email) are now moot.

i can get push email on my iphone (albeit not as quick sometimes) and have a better soft keyboard, bbm clones, and thousands of apps atop that, as compared to a touch screen bb with its awful soft keyboard and mediocre app selection, and in the case of BB10..no trackpad.

there are only a few android based blackberry knock offs, and i love the idea, but android is not something i want to use, and ive never seen one thats included the track pad. i had the droid pro and returned it because it was so hard to navigate, you simply cant have a physical BB style keyboard and no trackpad, they work together in sync and create the experienece u get hooked on, this new slider just looks frustrating to use.

I really hope they keep the keys on the screen. I use mine on my Torch ALL the time. I may not miss the track pad as much but I use the other 4 buttons constantly. I'd really hate to see them go...I am glad that they're keeping the slider though. I love my Torch, and I just don't think I'd like a full touch phone as much as this.

Talk about Research in "Slow" Motion. This should be coming out this holiday season but yet we have to wait probably next year 3rd Q at least! Smh.....

Looks like the Bold 9900 will be my last BlackBerry, and I will continue to use one until it's no longer practical. The main reason I stuck with BlackBerry is they were the only ones who kept the send/end keys, trackpad, menu, back buttons. Now that that's gone I'm most likely going to switch to Windows Phone or Android. I will love the OS 7 devices (especially the 9900) along with the old Bold 9000 until the day I die, but I hate the new buttonless trend and will fight it as long as I can.

I empathyse with you. I think the track pad and 4 buttons on the OS7 BB's made them look distinctive. I will hate to see them go.

That said, I don't think I will be abandoning BB just yet.

I really don't care for the trackpad because the screen is big enough, plus with the gestures ala PlayBook, it's gonna ROCK! What I'm concerned about is: Will it have: Hardware UMA (or UMA at all), WiFi hotspot, Tethering, front facing cam, HDMI, and DLNA? Next, I REALLY hope RIM is projecting bringing these phones with Quad cores and 1+gb RAM as Android's are getting ready to release them. Next, Internal memory: HOPEFULLY, they stop limiting the user to a measly amount of memory for Apps as well as adding more internal memory such as 16 or 32 gb.

I am not feeling the huge screens. Over four inches makes me jealous. Be that as it may, I am still down with the direction RIM is going. It is kind of similar to the Xperia, but I like my Xperia. So, I like that part. Overall, it will be pretty kewl to see what all these phones look like when they hit the street.

I love it!! I'll take it!! I am really curious about the keyboard. I can see the bottom of the phone with the angles will make it more comfortable in the hand with the keyboard extended. Looks good...let's hope it lives up to its looks...and if it works like my PlayBook, then this thing will ROCK!!

It doesn't have a trackpad because few people outside of blackberry users like/ want to use a trackpad. Blackberry users aren't the target audience with these new phones. They are trying to get BACK the users who have moved on to other platforms. I don't see android phones dropping with trackpad-like devices.

Looks great, but if there is no optical trackpad, bigger battery than the one on the 9930, nor autofocus camera, I'm not buying it.

I understand that RIM needs to move quickly but I hope they don't push out a rushed product. They need this to be really good.

I came back from Android to a Blackberry because of it's exclusive features. The reason I had left in the first place was mostly because of the browser. Now that the OS7 browser works so well, I will be sticking with Blackberry. I have to say though, after coming back, I realized how I really missed the trackpad and call buttons. Browsing is so much easier with the trackpad + touchscreen. Try dropping down a menu on a website with Android or iphone...and I can't tell you how many miss clicks I had made. Using the trackpad is presice and its something I took for granted.

Hey guys Wikitude is on OS6 phones now!!! I'm testing it out now and it works except for the AR viewing!!! Its in app world now!!

If they keyboard is anything like the Torch, then I won't buy it. The torch keyboard hurt to use.

What I want to see is a slide-out keyboard that's the same size as the BB 9900 or 9700.

As a Torch 9800 lover, I'm glad there will be another slide out model. I love having a full touch screen AND a keyboard.

But I am very disappointed in the lack of the "buttons" row. I'm not going to call that the sky is falling, as we have no proof this is final - but I want my track pad at minimum.

I've always been impressed with the interaction and usefulness of the Touchpad/Touchscreen/Keyboard, please don't take it away!

I love the look. Even though I just upgraded to the 9810...I wouldn't hesitate to give this one a spin.

I love my 9810 that I've had for only a few weeks and I'd be willing to pay full price for the BB10 slider when it comes out. Looks like the perfect phone for me. I don't need a front facing camera, but this needs one with 8mp to keep up with the competition. I don't understand why the keyboard is not curved because it will still stay intune with the cut edges. I'm glad this is just a pic of a prototype, because I'm sure there will be tons of tweeks before the final product.

As long as it is thinner and lighter than the 9810, then this could very well be my next phone, if not 9900 equivalent it is.

The keyboard looks terrible,nothing like the bold and worse then the torch 9810.I'm really hoping they implement a bold style keyboard into one of these new phones.

If this is a legit photo of the Milan...this is huge! To have to legit photos of upcoming BB10 phones before the end of the year, with OS 2 to be released in two months, says a whole lot about what's going on in Waterloo.

A lot of people are complaining about the look of this phone, but you have to understand that this is not the model that is coming to maket. This is the look of as of right now. I'm sure that the keyboard would be refined to look and feel something like the keyboards RIM is famous for.

Removing the trackpad, although some do not like the idea, is just the next step in the evolution of these smartphones. Android phones started with a trackball (G1) and then dropped them all together for the full touchscreen. And with the RIM stating that the next gen phones will be similar to the PlayBook, it only makes sense that they drop the trackpad. I love the way BB is evolving.

Now, let's just get some specs and reasonable release dates (reasonable being mid to late March) so they can hit while the iron is hot. You have started a great buzz....don't let it fizzle out!!!

Wow that looks like a piece of sh*t more disgusting then the London, why cant they just keep a similar design to the 9900 because that looks damn sexy! Whoever's designing these new phones needs to be fired ASAP!

Hey I agree the bold 9900 is super sexy. But this is what RIM is forced to do with all the android slabs out there RIM needs to compete with that. I love my bold9900 and my playbook. Make me a smaller playbook/phone combo ill buy that and swap my sim with my 9900 to get my fix now and then.But to say they should be fired is a bit harsh.

As long as its fast , has flash, and gives me dual camera's( do you know how hard it is taking self pics on BB's when you cant see them), and all the classic bb goodness then Im happy.

Crackberry! Yeah that is a nice looking phone. Blackberry London looks good too, from the way things are going looks like its gonna b a hard decision on which phone to choose. YAY :D Choices Choices..... WHEEEEE

dope phone, i lime the london more, but this is cool too



in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

with so many glowing rectangles to choose from, what's a person to do?


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

looks like my 9810 will get sold on Ebay in 2012......... or i just might give it to my wife ....

You can see the front camera and notification led(right hand side) if you zoom in to the image.

I think I will miss the trackpad and hard buttons of my 9800, but I'm still gonna get one:-)

Looks nice but its missing things that I use and need in my next phone.
1. optical trackpad has to be on there. I have a android phone and tablet and HATE the onscreen stuff for typing and working with emails and documents. I always revert back to my bb when I have to work with text.
2. That keyboard sucks. Put the 9000 keyboard on that thing and we have a winner.
3. front facing camera is a must. as much as I hate using them i need it for my job.
4. needs charging pod contacts like the 9000 has. USB connection for charging (9800) is week.
5. needs to be announced and shipping before March 2012 ( a guy can dream right?)

I honnestly like the toch look better, andthe kyeboard seems a bit straight to me...hopefully the design is not yet finished. What s up with the curve above and angle below look?

Will RIM ever figure out how to add a front facing camera to a phone? I would like to video chat on my phone.

if you look at the top right hand corner there are 2 circles

i bet you one is a front facing camera.

Was hoping for a front facing camera for video chat between phones and playbooks, come on if blackberry is really going to compete with apple

the keyboard looks like the one on the Moto XPRT from Sprint. It is NOT a Blackberry keyboard. RIM seems to scrap the design line that makes their devices recognizable and move into general shape form-factor. sad...

i really hate the gesture controls on my playbook and wish i had the option of a trackpad. if bb phones loose the track pad then i think that they've lost any staying power for my next phone.

Will you folks quit whining?!?!?!
This phone is sexy as hell!

And stop complaining about a freakin' track pad. I own a BlackBerry Torch. And yes, I do use the track pad often, but I'd ditch this Torch in a heartbeat for this phone!

Besides, like other dudes have mentioned, I think there are some technical limitations when it comes to implementing a track pad to work with the QNX operating system.

Personally, I'd tell RIM to ignore the haters. This phone is sexy. I want it.

I think with every BB that has a Keyboard they should include the optical trackpad, call, hang-up and menu and back buttons. After all, people who are buying phones with keyboards obviously want those....Personally I prefer them to Touch 80% of the time.....They are just quicker & easier to use.

Also, as for that keyboard. Yuck. It reminds me of Windows or Android keboards I have used in the past. The keys need spacing & a curve in order to provide the quality Querty useability we have all come to love & expect from RIM

I don't like this prototype. Don't like the physical keyboard, its just there to have one, but is it comfortable? I doubt it.

Why are all these new phones looking so bad, they're all so rigid and squared. I really don't like the looks at all..

I literally just got way too excited. Now if they can put some great specs behind this great form, no can say anything bad about RIM.

Phone is thoroughly pretty. Definitely something to be held. No tp need... This is sawesome as is.

I'm looking really forward to the new devices and especially the new BB OS 10.
I'm really liking what I've seen so far from the leaked images and specs.