Exclusive: First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone!!

Exclusive: First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2012 06:49 pm EST

BOOM! Last week's leaked 2012 BlackBerry Roadmap slide deck brought with it a ton of goodies for the new year, but one thing that was missing was a fresh look at a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Superphone. Consider it found though, with the slide above featuring an image and some details on the much-rumored about BlackBerry "London". 

The story here isn't cut and dry though. Back in November a first photo of a BlackBerry London dummy unit hit the internet, but that BBX phone -- it wasn't re-labeled BlackBerry 10 yet -- featured a hardware design that was quite different than the phone in the image above. The first photo of London featured angular edges and a design language more akin to the uber-expensive Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone by BlackBerry. 

By contrast, the BlackBerry London in the image above looks much more like a phonified BlackBerry PlayBook, featuring the rounded corners and all-black look of RIM's first tablet. And while we heard the first photo of London was a legit RIM hardware concept, we've been hearing for an even longer time now that the first QNX-based phone hardware was more like a downsized PlayBook. Who's knows. Maybe by the time it hits we'll see the design evolve yet again. The plot thickens.

All confusion aside though, our excitement is building for the next-generation of BlackBerry phones that are due out later this year. Word has it that London is actually slated for the UK (go figure), while two other models -- "Laguna" and "Lisbon" are in development for the US market targeting AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. We wouldn't be surprised at all to see Laguna and Lisbon actually launched prior to London. With BlackBerry still the #1 Smartphone in the UK, it's in America that RIM needs to first make a big splash with BlackBerry 10.

Talking hardware for a moment, we're hearing that both TI OMAP5 and Qualcomm chipsets are being tested (1.5GHz dual core processors). If we look ahead by looking at BlackBerry history, it could be that Qualcomm is for the CDMA carriers. All we know is that with the BlackBerry PlayBook rocking and rolling the PlayBook OS at 1Ghz, that with 1.5Ghz as a baseline BlackBerry 10 phones will not be lacking in the performance department.

Keep it locked to CrackBerry. You know we're gonna be Rocking & Rolling This!!

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Exclusive: First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone!!



I do not see a querty keyboard and unless it has one with a touch screen such as my bold 9900 or the torch 9810 has both.. That IS NOT the phone for me!

Don't like this model. Maybe if Rim improved touch typing from the 9810 i would go touch only phone. thats what i liked about Blackberry variety. If i wanted a touch only phone i would of got an android.

Rim , speakig as a teenager and being told contantly not to get a blackberry. I didnt listen. Anyway you must know than the body of the phone doesnt count for alot to the average teen the os neither,

What they really appeal to are brands. Iphone is the 'cool' thing right now and its a brand name people want also those cool specs like face time. INcoporate face time in BBM and make it so every BB device has its own pin so they dont need a BB to BBM.Apps make it easier to make apps then everyone else and once they start coming in people will buy your phones.

I like the first image of London better. The first one looked way more like it's designed by RIM.
And I really hope London will have the LED light on the top right side and the blackberry logo on the front and back. Without those, there's no difference between blackberry and other Android phones.

Oh, so this company also tries to run with the other smart phones. I find a good move considering that Blackberry already has a name to start with. But generally, this is a great help especially for us who have special professions.

Ralph V. Mulkey

dallas plastic surgery

Beginning of this year, was cool. Not with new schedule release for bb10. This phone is now dead and outdated..

Apple will probably sue BlackBerry now patent infringememt on the curved corners and rectangular shape .

.....has had a phone-gasm.....oh feck......I really wanna see one of them in the flesh and if it's as awesome as I hope it's as awesome as it's hyped to be!

...fear me, I've killed hundreds of time lords!

Fear me, I've killed all of them!

Looks Zune HD-ish... LOVE IT..

What I think Msft should have done with the phones when they transformed the Zune concept into mobile (Lumia reference design was close and did well, but not like this).

So many opportunities to customize looks as well base on this and previous reference designs..

again LOVE IT!

and this is how blackberry loose their genuinity for the sake of copying touchscreen iphones and androids... i have an android now (xperia Z) and i was thinking of buying the new blackberry just because they have their identity.. their way of designig with amazing materials.. dude they used leather in bold!!! and now their back to plastic androidy and alluminum iphony materials.. this is bad!! i think they can do much better!! and RIM should KEEP THE FREAKING KEYBOARD.. they are now a blackberry brand.. its ok to have a full HD screen, but keyboards should stay.. even if its price is making less ppi or screen size.. this is me though i dunno about the others!