Exclusive: First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone!!

Exclusive: First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2012 06:49 pm EST

BOOM! Last week's leaked 2012 BlackBerry Roadmap slide deck brought with it a ton of goodies for the new year, but one thing that was missing was a fresh look at a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Superphone. Consider it found though, with the slide above featuring an image and some details on the much-rumored about BlackBerry "London". 

The story here isn't cut and dry though. Back in November a first photo of a BlackBerry London dummy unit hit the internet, but that BBX phone -- it wasn't re-labeled BlackBerry 10 yet -- featured a hardware design that was quite different than the phone in the image above. The first photo of London featured angular edges and a design language more akin to the uber-expensive Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone by BlackBerry. 

By contrast, the BlackBerry London in the image above looks much more like a phonified BlackBerry PlayBook, featuring the rounded corners and all-black look of RIM's first tablet. And while we heard the first photo of London was a legit RIM hardware concept, we've been hearing for an even longer time now that the first QNX-based phone hardware was more like a downsized PlayBook. Who's knows. Maybe by the time it hits we'll see the design evolve yet again. The plot thickens.

All confusion aside though, our excitement is building for the next-generation of BlackBerry phones that are due out later this year. Word has it that London is actually slated for the UK (go figure), while two other models -- "Laguna" and "Lisbon" are in development for the US market targeting AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. We wouldn't be surprised at all to see Laguna and Lisbon actually launched prior to London. With BlackBerry still the #1 Smartphone in the UK, it's in America that RIM needs to first make a big splash with BlackBerry 10.

Talking hardware for a moment, we're hearing that both TI OMAP5 and Qualcomm chipsets are being tested (1.5GHz dual core processors). If we look ahead by looking at BlackBerry history, it could be that Qualcomm is for the CDMA carriers. All we know is that with the BlackBerry PlayBook rocking and rolling the PlayBook OS at 1Ghz, that with 1.5Ghz as a baseline BlackBerry 10 phones will not be lacking in the performance department.

Keep it locked to CrackBerry. You know we're gonna be Rocking & Rolling This!!

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Exclusive: First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone!!



Correct me if I'm wrong but Apple doesn't have leading edge hardware in their phones but are just as fast as droid devices. Worry more about how the phone functions compared to the rest of the market. And hope that the devs get us the apps we all want/need to enhance the BB experience. This is a good move all touch which it seems the majority of the market wants now follow that up with a BB10 Bold style unit and a slider and call it a day!

Dude, relax! Even with a gazillion cores, Android still lags. It's resource hungry to the extreme!! QNX is orders of magnitude better, hence doesn't need a gazzillion cores to compete with Android. BB10 will be smoother and more responsive using a dual-core 1.5GHz than the Galaxy S3 with it's quad-core.

I really like the design of the phone. However, I need to see the Nevada. I think the majority of BlackBerry users are BlackBerry users for two reasons. The status light and the keyboard. I hope that RIM doesn't get too consumer like and alienate what keeps the core of the base loyal.
Another post I saw referred to the design not being iconic. I agree. Most touch screen devices look the same. What about the London will stand out from the crowd without looking at it? Maybe the status light? Maybe the Nevada will allow the iconic craftsmanship be shown.

Again, I think this is a great design. It is truly a new era. I am excited. Just give me my keyboard on the Nevada!

Okay clowns. It doesn't look like a DROID or an apple. It looks like a playbook. Now settle down with the idiocy, thanks.

This phone is amazing looking. Looks just like a mini me playbook and that is super nice! All I can say is AWESOME!!!

Haters, please take your unrealized potential and try to drag down some happy people at a fisher Price website or something.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Considering the amount of ebooks instead of actual apps, it could easily tell you a never-ending story

No. I think this slide was to be shown to carriers. So they're pitching this phone to the carriers and telling them that part of the story of this phone is dealing with apps and content. The carriers are turning around and telling the "story" to the consumers.

No thanks, looks boring and too much like an android phone. I'm sure the software kicks butt but if i wanted a full touch screen device, i'd look at an android or iphone. I'm never getting rid of my 9900!

I hope it's not too narrow. I won't get a boner till I see the keyboard version. 16 months till I'm eligible for upgrade. T-Mobile has been pretty good about gobbling up the newest berries. I still think my 9900 beats the crap out of my gfs 4S, I don't care about angry birds. But I gotta say, even though I'm still saucing over my 9900, I am kinda itchy to get my paws on that juicy bb10 hotness.


The aspect ratio is off on the pic. it is squished. push it to a 16x9 image for the true size.

its very black... and looks like some wasted space. but still a leap frog...

how 'bout a mirror'd section on the font? or glass? something that shines, and I can spot it from a mile away... thats what I loved about the keyboard blackberries...

I don't think it is trolling at all to say you don't like a certain style cause I kind of agree, I amnot complaining but at the same time I find it a little plain. They are giving us what we want though with no keyboard, a nice screen. Either way when this thing comes out my iPhone goes! :)

Well i have seen Kevin use Superphone instead of Smartphone a few times and i personally believe he is talking about the evolution of the new OS. QNX as Thorsten has made clear is the first mobile computing platform of its kind and there for I would call it a Superphone. It defiantly moves away from the current smartphone description in my opinion. Of course i don't want to speak for Kevin, just throwing my 2 cents out there.

going in the right direction with the competition with this one.
however gotta see how it perform against the other two for it to succeed. just hope it aint like playbook one or they will be screwed.
I hope they can put out one with a physical keyboard about same time as this ..

Anyone else think the new phone is a lil...tall? And yeah, gotta have a keyboard. Looking at the marketing for the new keyboarded RAZR slider..business ready w/a keyboard! Wild! Show me the BB10 phone with the slide of a Torch slider and thinness of the 99xx and I'm sold!

I could care less for what the phone looks like; it's the specs and capabilities of the phone that matters:

(i) What is the total amount of space users can access available for app storage?

(ii) Can apps be stored AND USED from a memory card? Related to that, will the phone accept memory cards and, if so, which format will it accept, i.e., will it accept the newer, faster, memory cards that are on the horizon?

(iii) Is there a written guarantee from RIM that they have finally solved the problem of an hour glass appearing when one wants to do seemingly anything on their phone? Ok, that's a slight exaggeration but seriously, the hour glass appears FAR to often on BB phones - it had better be gone.

(iv) Can multiple media events occur at the same time, i.e., can I be listening to a song and take a picture at the same time or will, as with existing phones, the music stop, camera takes picture, music starts again?

(v) Is there a guarantee that the phone will not need to be rebooted for 25 minutes which is only a slight exaggeration for some BB phones each and every time an app is installed or deleted?

(vi) Does this phone support the creation of Wifi Hotspot AT LAUNCH - not some "its coming soon mantra" that plagued the 9900 and other phones most recently.

(vii) Will it support WiFi file sharing as the Playbook does so that users no longer need to physically attach their phone to their computer to transfer files?

(viii) Can a backup be initiated/completed through WiFi file sharing?

Granted, some of this is already known if we assume the phone is capable of doing what the Playbook does. But at this point in my history with RIM products, I need to see substantially more before going all "goo goo gah gah" over what amounts to nothing than a pretty picture.

Actually, everything you mention here, except for the memory card and wifi sharing is already in TabletOS. We are definitely going to see the hour glass disappear, supported high capacity app storage, and out of the box wireless sync. Remember, BB10 is based on QNX, and it will rock your socks.

See, therein is the exact problem I was trying to illustrate. There was a lot of stuff that we were "definately" going to see with QNX - and we are still waiting for it. Granted, OS 2.0 is coming and from all accounts, it should live up to what was much-hyped about in terms of being revolutionary.... 8 months late but that's another story.

I played that game with RIM products already when I waited in line to purchase the Playbook on day 1 believing all of the hype that was said. Once bitten, twice shy.

At this point in time, I need to see what the device can actually do; not what it's supposed to do nor what it may do sometime in the future. For me, RIM has alot to prove in their hardware and software before I jump on the bandwagon and cheer this product on let alone buy it.

This is not to sound negative about RIM as I honestly do like the design and like what I've read about it so far. But given what happened with the Playbook, I am much more hesitant with my excitation of a RIM product.

Absolutely gorgeous! My mouth dropped when I saw it. This is really making me excited for the future of BlackBerry!

Thanks Kevin!

I just hope we will not get "Vintage RIM"... keep people hyped for extended period of time only to deliver overpriced piece of hardware with bunch of updates and excuses why its not performing the way it should.
This time its do or die for them, so we might not get screwed! :)

The Blackberry London should be called the the Blackberry City as that looks like its target market which is not a bad thing at all.

I will buy one ASAP.

But this time get it right RIM!

Seamless connectivity with the new Playbook is a must the 2 items together should equal 3

At the top end of the market a phone is not the whole story any more it is only the beginning and the end the Playbook is the meaty middle.

The Playbook and a Blackberry phone with the right functionality and features is the way forward for London as we commute often via the Tube etc.(which is currently testing its new Undergroud WiFi system)the Ipad is too big to commute with.

QNX is a very good OS please make great!

Power-Size-productivity is what is required.

Accessories that integrate are a must It is no good creating a "Rapid Charging Pod" costing $60 that hides the HDMI & USB ports or a phone Docking Cradle that is to shallow and cannot be used with an OEM skin!

RIM as you know profitable revenue streams help a business stay afloat in my opinion you are losing a potential fortune by not creating superior must have accessories including cases of all types( my god you only have to look at this site to see what you are missing out on)

Get the White right aesthetic White phones and PB with white accessories who wants to spend $1000 on hardware only to find that the accessories don't match.

I am looking forward to seeing something very special!

Blackberry is the Number 1 in the UK lets keep it that way!!

Bah! Of course they named it after London Ontario! We're just an hour up the road from Waterloo. Next year, they'll make one called "Paris" (also Ontario). I thought the idea of the rounded corners on my PlayBook was so that I don't hurt myself. ;) As far as aesthetics go, I think having a matching PlayBook and phone would look mighty sharp when presenting to a customer, other than that, I don't care what the damn thing looks like as much as that it does what it's supposed to do, is reliable, and delights me with its ease of use.

yeaaay... HIT IT RIM!!! for the 1st time in my BB history, this device is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! can't wait to see the real device with its performance! Go LTE chipset, go multi core processor, go BB 10, go new UI and.. go RIM!!

Just add a track pad like was done on my Torch 9850 and I'm good to go as long as the insides works as great as the device looks on the outside. Don't mess this up RIM\BlackBerry. Also you should have a site where we can log in an send you our ideas and suggestions.

Go for it Thorsten, think out the box, break the mold.

London\Laguna\Lisborn name it..........it's Looking Good!!!!!!!

Yay, they are now just like every other touchscreen phone out there. Hooray for being trendy... I'll stick with my Bold 9900 and it's superior physical keyboard... I'd rather be super fast with what I can do than to be "cool" like everyone else with a "pretty" phone with a big screen. Ooohhh, ahhhhhh, blaaaahhhh...

Now you're talking mate.....thats what i call NEWS!
Super Happy.
Cant wait till nov/dec i shall be ready for an update......yuhooooo!

Oh by the way 10g camera I will pay extra plus camera accessory kit that includes lens I will pay extra for that too!

GO RIM GO give me a SUPERPHONE!!!!

i came back to visit...

if it looks like a what the heck ever i dont care because the brand is Blackberry! I'm vested in QNX and this phone looks like it will be amazeballs..

Beautiful phone....but they forgot to install the keyboard. LOL. I have a 9700 Bold and I waiting to upgrade to a BBX phone....but I do require a physical keyboard. I refuse to touch my wifes iphone because the touchscreen keyboard drives me nuts on such a small screen. Put BBX in the BOLD 9900 and i'll be the first in line to buy it.

this does look like the bbx london leaked previously. look carefully, here is still he sharp edge on one side and if u pay attention there seems to be a two tone colour design. it is just the lighting that makes it seem like its all black.

holy shit this is awesome...hopefully my stock starts poppin again lol i hope all this negative garbage floating around dies down already this should shut everyone up for a little bit..its the smallest amount of complaining ive heard from bgr lol so it must be worth something, i guess we'll see once the markets open tmr.
cmon rim, keep it goin for CANADA. deliver this one earlier than promised and win this shit back.

Awesome...can't wait to see the real thing. However, can we drop the whole "Rocking & Rolling This" slogan? It is really terrible. Kind of sounds like my Dad trying to sound cool

What about T-Mobile? All I need is an HSPA+ version, probably like what is being released for the UK, don't need or want LTE but I live in the US.

I'm not into all touch screen phones or devices. I love my PlayBook but typing on it drives me nuts just because of my own personal preference. I like how thin this device is, the thinness is attractive. I look forward to seeing if and when they come out with a QWERTY and a slider.

I only wish that the writing experience is not like my wife's iphone which is really bad. Looking forward to this or other BB10 phone but like yesterday. I havent upgraded by 8530 waiting for the superphones. As to specs I dont mind if it is not quad core. I will not be making physics formulas in it. The PB is not quad core and does more than other tablets with more capable chips.

Ok folks you can flame me if you want but if RIM builds a phone that pleases all of us crackberry heads they will fail. How will an upgraded Bold turn things around? If someone goes into a store and the sales person puts an Andriod,I phone and a Bold 10. They are not even going to look at the berry, it looks the same as the Curve they had 6 years ago. But if its classy with a big touch screen, good browser and nice apps, they may pick it up and actually compare it to the other options. It will have to impress to sell and it can't be half baked and it just might work. I like it. BB can make a phone later for us with a 9900 like key board


As a very lOyal iPhone user I have to say cudos. The phone I'd true is gorgeous and I cannot stop looking at and wanting it!

The only way this phone will ever get a significant market share is if the appworld gets a healthy dosage of more apps!....On the otherhand this superphone and BB10 will be just plain awesome!

I want this with a slide out keyboard. Think same strategy as the Droid 4 - except it has got to be a vertical keyboard. I like the look. There are so many phones which are all in essense the "same' it will be the OS and the keyboard which will make the difference.

And, I don't need it to be thin. That does nothing for me. Expand it to .5in thick and give me a keyboard!

Not a fan of full touch screens, this does look pretty good. Very thin...Nice! It makes me excited about what the Qwerty versiond phone could be.......I could stand wider ut it just looks good.

i cant see this phone being released with any less than 100000 apps available on the realease date, all of bb10s will have same aspect ratio screens so all of them will have same apps available. this means that developers can spend more time on quality as well as quantity of the apps rather than spending time on tweaking them for different phone models

What portion of it looks like a G1? The fact that it is candy bar styled? The iPhone must look like the Sensation then. The G1 is a slider as well. This appears promising my only gripe is they're probably going to have to use an always focused camera unless they can fit an auto focus on there, which seems unlikely now but possibly likely when the phone is released.

Don't know if it has been said yet. But by the time this comes out, every other company's going to have quad cores. So this "superphone" will most likely be outdated in the hardware department as soon as it comes out...

What are the advantages of Quad Core compared to a 1.5GHZ Dual Core? Hmmmm??? The Playbook works Beautifully on a 1.0Gig Dual Core sooooooo Why? It uses less energy and besides do you even know the benefits of Quad Core or do you just want it because Samsung and Htc etc.... Are making the case that it makes some sort of HUGE difference. If you haven't learned this from Android they are very much hardware based phones to keep there crap software from lagging and killing Android, Why do you think Google makes it mandatory to have Holo run on All new 4.0 devices? Fragmentation is a huge problem for them but not for Blackberry. So before you think oh no were behind again why don't you do a tad bit of research. I will also go out on a limb and say the next iPhone does not go Quad Core with the iPhone 5 because it simply isn't needed at this point in time.

agreed..android sucks on most hardware that i have tried.
what exactly do you mean by fragmented? i've heard this before and cant figure out if your referring to it being on so much different hardware, or that they have a problem with fragmentation of data.

Well what i meant was that Android running on a google phone rather then a samsung android phone will be smoother because it doesn't have an extra layer of software in top of it. Samsung has touchwiz which is horrible software just like the other Android phone makers, it takes away from Android and that is why they need faster chipsets to compensate for their crap software. There are other issues such as update times and which phones get updates but when it comes down to it, it is mainly because of the phone makers own software. Apps have to be compatible with alot of phone screen sizes and lay outs and it actually creates alot of work. That is why some apps don't work on some Android devices.

You're missing the point (even though it's pretty obviously that all things considered, 4 cores are better then 2). For the last couple of years the competition has had a hardware edge. It's always stated that we are a generation or two behind. That has to stop for us to be seen the in the same light and be able to compete. The competition is moving to quad core cpus. The BB flagship can NOT come out with a generation old CPU. It will be DOA. FYI, BB has HUGE fragmentation issues. The are phones with OS 5, 6 and now 7 out (with some OS 6 phones release a couple months ago), not to mention you have two touchscreen phones with different sizes/resolution, a combo touch/keyboard with a smaller screen then the full touch, and the keyboard phones with the smaller sizes then all of them. Obviously RIM will release a full screen touch and a touch/keyboard combo phone. They need to be the same screen size. That will likely mean no screen size over 4 inches (that may be too big even). And FYI, the iPhone 5 will likely have the A6 which is rumored to be Quad Core.

I know on the Marketing side Quad-Core sounds better, however so far the only OS that is able to properly make use of 4 cores is QNX. There are no Apps that take advantage of them on any mobile platform.

If you look at performance, the current high end dual-core chips are way out performing the quad-core chips.....This will change once the tech matures….They also need to work on the battery use of the chips. I’m ok with OMAP5. It is capable of pushing 1080p material at 64 frames per second (130 frames per second without screen refresh limitations). For more info check it out here. http://bit.ly/zWC688

Here’s a slightly futuristic trailer by TI for the OMAP 5 Chip

I still stand by Dual Core, Quad Core simply is not worth it right now. I do agree that i may have been a little fast in saying Blackberry has no issue with fragmentation but it certainly is nowhere near as bad at Android. With QNX i do not see an issue with fragmentation because the software is so good. I din't agree that Blackberry needs to make all the phones the same but i do think that they all need to be compatible with future updates.

I take your A6 rumor with a grain of salt as I still see no point in Apple using Quad Core right now. It simply does not make sense to jump from Dual Core so quickly.

What's the difference in performance between an iPhone 4 and 4s? Not a great deal, but Apple made the move anyway. They will make the move to quad core this year. People think Apple does not keep up with the technical advances but they do. They simply take a little longer as they don't release as many products as others so their cycle may be behind. BB10 devices can not be behind the other. If the iPhone 5 has quad core and BB10 has dual, it will get ripped to shreds in the media.

Alright suppose they do put a Quad Core chip in the new iPhone, how good is the battery life going to be? Yes it is getting better in phones with huge screens and huge processors but what does every Blackberry owner absolutely love? LONG BATTERY LIFE!!! A Blackberry 10 product on a Dual Core chip is going to be just as Amazing as any other phone on a Quad Core because of QNX. However I do see your point that the media will devour BB10 and its phones as quickly as it can but I believe if RIM can get its affairs in order and market it properly and clearly show that the battery lasts a super long time then I beleive they got a winner. The media doesn't even know the benefits of Quad Core vs Dual Core, they just like to hate on everything that isn't as "advanced" as Android.
RIM doesn't need Quad Core to get back in the game, they need a wicked awesome camera, snappy OS, amazingly powerful battery that lasts the entire year ;-) and great marketing........oh and some apps, people seem to love those.
It's not that I disagree that it will look like they are behind but I don't believe they are because No one can leverage the power of Quad Core on current OS' and soon that will become apparent.

I can't help but feel this leak may have been intentional, maybe a good way to gain some needed interest and if what Kevin says is true and usually is then this being more of a UK phone doesn't hurt the anticipation for BB10 as there are still 2 devices being rumored. However this could also be nothing more then a pitch at design and the slide leaked, only a few people know for sure.

"Blackberry10: Dramatic Shift In UI Experience" - I really love that because it gives me hope that the BB10 phones won't just be a reworking of the Playbook UI. Not that I don't love my Playbook, I just want my phone to be unique on its own; cannot stand that about the iPhone and iPad, like why??? It's the same thing only bigger!!!!!!, Same with Android. I want my Playbook to be separate from my new BB10 phone.

Wow... even though this device looks good, i can't help but think Android and iPhone! This is really not a BlackBerry phone in all essence. I Wasn't expecting this! Now BlackBerry can join all the other tabs out there to try to compete for the top spot. I guess its not about the looks anymore, maybe some minor differences between the manufacturers are present. Logos, different battery covers and mostly the same screens. Its all going to come down to software, apps, UI, and the most amazing specs possible to win the smartphone race now. Forget the looks now, everything gonna look similar. Well i wish BlackBerry the best and i hope they can pull it off, but for now my choice to buy a Moto Droid Rzr Maxx is definitely looking like best decision i could have possibly made!

So I know thin is in for smartphones, but they need to take a note from the Razer MAXX and stick a 3000 mah battery in it. I'm just sayin...

Looks slick, and NO it doesnt look like a droid X that looks like an iPhone or all the other touchscreen phones...they are all going to look similar due to shapes of a touchscreen phone, get over it. I will be getting this one, time to get my Storm 2 ready for retirement...

1. A phone called London.
2. Launching in UK first in the 2nd half of the year
3. 100 Million Marketing Budget
4. Olympics 2012 will be hosted in London, 2nd half of the year.

Kevin can you connect them together?

another thing - from a design standpoint, i really think they should take away the blackberry logo in the front...it's a distraction.

a logo in the back should be enough...

For everyone saying "looks like a droid" stfu. How does this look like a droid when in reality its just a mini PlayBook?? And even if it did so what? Oranges look simialr to tangerines. They both taste good (IMO) bu both offer different tastes. What's the point and logic behind such comments?

I'd personallylike to see some silver and black, not just plain black. Another thing i'd like to see is an HDMI out. In general, I just HOPE RIM doesn't hold out on features and hardware. I'm talking going all out with HDMI, WiDi, Quad-core cpu, 1gb+ RAM, 16/32 gb internal memory, 720p screen resolution, 1080p recording with auto focus, microSD card, HD front Facing cam etc...

I think it's a very nice looking device.

But I do however wish they would stick to their own design with the silver steel around the outside. I think it's the classiest look of any phone out there. This new one is much the direction of android.

The game changer to me will be what the BB10 device with a keyboard looks like.

I won't be switching teams no matter what - so I'll be owning whatever the 9900 BB10 device looks like - cant wait.

Okay, I love it. I agree the bezel is a little large, but it doesn't turn me away. I LOVE a keyboard. I love my 9930. I keep saying I'll get the first BB10 phone that comes out, keyboard or not. And I'm still considering it. About the "droid" comments. It's a black phone, so it looks like a droid? This is still reminiscent of the original London we saw months ago. I would like to see it hit in white immediately as well. Also, keeping the silver at the top and bottom could make it the new "iconic blackberry design" and differentiate it from the droid group. It would also make it more high end looking and would go with any color. Black, white, pink, and vibrant blue should all be colors this phone comes in. Businesses would love black. Consumers would love white. Pink for the ladies and blue for the guys. I would get this in white with the silver "porsche design" top and bottom! I am creaming just thinking of it!!!!

Coming in after 307 posts: I DID NOT READ

However, I do have a question: sooooooo no to the LTE?

Edit: I just read the top posts on android central and TiPB. Haaaaaaaa

Wow, 300 comments in the span of 6 hours! Design's not as BOLD as the previous leak, but looks good nonetheless. It's all in the software anyways. RIM just needs to make a phone with high end + solid hardware and some awesome BB10 UI!

While this sounds good and all, I'm a little skeptical about the hardware. Don't get me wrong though, I think this is amazing and good for the next line-up.

However, as nice as these specs may seem right now I have a feeling by the time it's released there will already be competitors rocking even crazier hardware (potentially quad-cores).

I truly hope this will not become another case of people looking down on BB's because it isn't the 'latest & greatest' despite all it has to offer. Who know's though, this is just speculation based off of rumours.

RIM, I like the design, hopefully there will be 2 versions of it. One like this and another one with a slider keyboard.

Efficient, elegant, black ... Blackberry : love this.

Just a word on Kevin's statement : "With BlackBerry still the #1 Smartphone in the UK, it's in America that RIM needs to first make a big splash with BlackBerry 10. "

I must say, for once, I disagree with this. RIM has to reward loyalty, rebuild the brand confidence and golden its relations with its actual clients (incl. companies). Building of customer loyalty cost is 10% the (re-)conquest one. And I believe that if RIM's products hit the top (hard/soft - and I clearly don't doubt they will), it won't be long until former customers do their come-back by themselves. Then, a trend may appear ... kinda "wow, they're back ... back to what they were ... and we like it back" or even (who knows ?) "Dropple is antique ... RIM's the future" :-)

if someone says they dont like the phone why TF do some of u get so sensitive. relax, RIM isnt cuttin any of u a check.

Welll...I am not sure I like it. Of course I already knew I would be waiting for the BB10 version of the Bold 9900.

It looks thin. But it looks like a lot of wasted space at the top and bottom.

I'm just ready for rim to take a step forward and keep up with the pack but bring something to the device that no one else has..that's all they need...the design should be iconic to their brand and not another look like device that's already out there...

Ugly as hell. If i wanted a touch phone i would go for an Android ages ago. The reason i have stood by Blackberry for so long was the fact it had QWERTY keyboard. You know how many discussions i won just by that argument? Now you cant even compare the BB to anything else. What? you are gonna be starting to mention the OS and how powerful it is? Everyone has a powerful processor and various features that overcome each others powers.

From the time you enter the market where everyone else has already established their firm dominance in the field (Apple + Google), do you really think that can overtake either of them? No. So what RIM has to really understand is this. Blackberry was not meant for everyone. Blackberry was made for people that wanted business and pleasure at the their thumbs, fast responses, portability etc.

How the hell are you gonna go and destroy everything i just dont get. Do you really think that this will sell? Trust me it wont. Maybe the BlackBerry fanatics and wealthy ones will but still it will not even be able to compete with the lowest end Android.

I really think RIM is gonna start losing more and more serious customers and gain a bit more kids. I am just really pissed that i have been a Blackberry users for over 5 years and have stood by RIM, even turning my whole family to blackberry for the main reason of using a QWERTY. I am currently using my Blackberry Bold 9780 which for me is the best Bold ever in terms of features and form factor and my Playbook which i can relax with at home.

I guess i will be sticking with them for a long time since Blackberry thinks about releasing some professional business phones and not game-oriented gadget phones.

Don't blame rim , blame the market , it's a inevitable touchscreen consumer world , and rim just wants to survive , if rim listens only to people like you they will be dead by next year I guarantee, besides don't worry rim will release a physical qwerty bb 10, keep your pants on .

rim gets it now.they need cutting edge products to catch the competition.rim is now playing hard ball.they are headed in right direction with new ceo.with the way london looks,one could only drool on what the bbx bold will look like.there's a reason why it is releasing so late.it must special.

what i like most about my blackberry (bold 9700) is that it fits comfortably in my pocket. this thing looks like it wouldn't come close to fitting in my pocket...so unless they shrink this down, i'll be passing on this one.

I can see everyone talking or dreaming about quad-core. Whilst this is a good marketing argument, quad core is totally crap when compare to a dual core Cortex A15, especially when compare to OMAP5 which is by far the most efficient and powerfull chip available.

So granted it looks exactly like your average android slab, but is that a bad thing? Hell no! Just look at what the market clearly wants these days, big black slab with giant touch screen AND a modern OS.
I think there is still a place for QWERTYs but this here is what may be capable of bringing RIM back into the game. Now let's just hope they deliver a polished and finished product, on time and with good hardware specs to boot.

If you look closely the "new" London photo is close to the old leaked London photo, screen size & swipe bezel seems the same size, theres a clear horizontal break between screen & top & bottom parts, which on old leak were silver & angular, these are now just black & rounded. I do think there needs to be some chrome or silver added back in as it doesnt stand out as much as the previous prototype.

Would really need to see a real one before passing full judgment, not sure on back cover & camera position, im sure Kevin will get his hands on one within next view weeks & post some videos.

With people mentioning about how thin device is & how its like a mini me PlayBook, does that mean the battery is not removable ? Do we need it to be ? shouldnt need to do any battery pulls

It depends since I still do not have some of the apps for the PB. Now I mostly use box.net; however, I also use dropbox, sugarsync, google docs and Microsoft skydrive.

In all honesty you cant really tell much from a picture, i thought a 9900 was a huge ginormous phone until i went to the store and found it wasn't, i hope this comes in silver, white and red like other berries because the full touch phones today are kind of boring design wise to look at.

I think that somehow the chrome accents reminiscent of the 9790 should be incorporated to make it look more stylish and luxorious, we dont need it looking like a blackberry galaxy, samsung makes great reliable products but they cant design a sexy phone if their lives depended on it.

This phone will have to compete with SGS3 and iphone 5 so it must be running a quadcore processor to compete with the juggernauts yet to be revealed.

That is a blackberry I could love! The problem is it will take to long to get to market. It will be old news by the time it hits the streets.

That's it..hanging on to my 9700 for another year & will look forward to this & in particular a hope to see a take on the original BB concept akin to the 9900

Kevin, yes RIM have to make a big splash over in the States but hope they don't keep us in the UK waiting too long!

What do you actually expect a touch screen mobile to look like?

They can only get thinner, which it is, better resolution which it has, better technology and OS, amazingly it will have all this as well.

Well done RIM, keep getting the good news stories out there.

I love it!

Just make sure they will have the following apps on launch date:
2. Instagram
3. Path
4. Scrambles With Friends
5. Flipboard
6. Camera+
7. Spotify
8. Netflix
9. Frametastic
10. Hipstamatic
11. Hailo

and of course... BBM !!!!

Then I will switch back to BB!

These designs seem to be giving us larger phones/devices. How long before we go full circle and come back to the Motorola Brick?

From the summary, "Last week's leaked 2012 BlackBerry Roadmap slide deck brought with it a ton of goodies for the new year..."

The number of "leaked" documents coming from Research In Motion makes it very clear that someone with the wink0and-nod of executive management is seeding the "leaked" documents channel. Otherwise, heads would be rolling and CrackBerry among other websites and blogs would be under severe scrutiny and legal sanctions by the company.

Kevin, I expect less juvenile language from a person in your position. Goodies? Seriously? Come on Kevin are you in kindergarten? Besides your inside information about "goodies" has proven less and less reliable with a strong stench that you are sipping the corporate Kool-Aid.

What legal sanctions can a company bring to the press regarding leaked product information? Are you just making stuff up?

Regarding your last paragraph - calm down.

I know on the Marketing side Quad-Core sounds better, however so far the only OS that is able to properly make use of 4 cores is QNX. There are no Apps that take advantage of them on any mobile platform.

If you look at performance, the current high end dual-core chips are way out performing the quad-core chips.....This will change once the tech matures….They also need to work on the battery use of the chips. I’m ok with OMAP5. It is capable of pushing 1080p material at 64 frames per second (130 frames per second without screen refresh limitations). OMAP 5 also features integrated 3Gbps SATA and USB 3. For more info check it out here. http://bit.ly/zWC688

Here’s a slightly futuristic trailer by TI for the OMAP 5 Chip

What I don’t understand is that everything I have heard about this chip says that it is to be released early 2013….That’s too late for RIM. They need a chip that’s shipped TODAY….Plus most rumours I’ve heard is that they were going with Qualcomm …I don’t think I would mind the Qualcomm Krait chipset…plus that is the only chip (to my knowledge) that’s 28mm with an integrated LTE chip.

The MSM8960 is going to be first out of the gate. A high end SoC, the 8960 features two Krait cores running at up to 1.7GHz (initial debut will be at 1.5GHz). In order to improve time to market, Qualcomm paired the 8960 with its Adreno 225 GPU. The SoC has two LPDDR2 channels running at up to 500MHz (1GHz datarate). Finally the 8960 includes Qualcomm's 3G/4G/LTE baseband on-die. The entire SoC is built on a 28nm process, which should finally deliver decent battery life when deployed in an LTE phone.

Personally I want the Qualcomm….it’s got FM ;) ………plus it will be ready sooner

Is this two different phones? The one in landscape is wider than the one in portrait...

Or does the phone change shape automatically depending on how you hold it? :-o

That has to be the most generic wording, and obvious signs of an undeveloped phone I've ever seen.

I've become offended by RIMs assumption that I'm a stupid fanboy. Obv, they have like 50 or 60K fanboys left, and most have already commented.

TI OMAP5 silicons running at 1 GHz have already been delivered to few costumers (hopefully including RIM) for developpement purpose. And OMAP5 commercial chip will be available mid-2012 for volume shipment in 3Q/4Q 2012 to choosen costumers ;-)
Add that going to OMAP5 will be the perfect roadmap from current OMAP4, with dual-core on smartphone and dual to for cores on future playbook. That would be the best investment for RIM...

in a way I would say yes (look at how well it runs the Playbook) but it doesn't have the intergrated LTE that RIM has said they are waiting for......

also if you look at the TI chip vs the Qualcomm chip, the Q chip has a potentially higher speed B4 that design reaches it's max

The original design for the London leaked in November was a far more interesting design and would have stood out more in a very crowed market where it is becoming difficult if not impossible to distinguish the difference between phones, especially in the high end sector.
Hopefully this is just a stand in for the marketing department to work with and RIM will have something more exciting to show us in a few weeks time.

its what's under the hood that is most important, yes looks and design are important but a full functioning device without compromise is what RiM needs to produce

The original London was interesting (hideous) but that doesn't mean tens of millions of people would buy it. I could design a phone that looked like a shoe and it would stand out in the market, but that's not the point. RIM want US unit sales and that means giving the consumer what they want. When RIM are in a stronger position financially then they can design something they think we want. But right now for RIM its simply about getting back in the game, and that's what this new design does.

BB , DO NOT not listen to all the haters, you are on the right track (at last) with this device.

The phone looks amazing, precisely the right step forward for a full touchscreen BB device. Contemporary but still classic BB themes. This will have all the deserters swarming back to BB.

I'm a bold fan, and would only consider this as a touchscreen purchase, that said can't wait for the keyboard version.

RIM if your listening, if this is your next device, it will cause me to leave android and come back to BB.

I really like my 9930, but if no BES, then our company won't "force" BBs on us. So if BB can't get BES (and BBM) working on v10, they are doomed. I'm sure my company will resort to BYOD policy, and 80% will go to iPhone "because everyone else has one so it must be cool". Me? I'm hoping beyond hope.........

This one and one Bold-like BBX! That's all the users need from Blackberry. No need of sliders, flip phones... nothing.

I hope that by making this phone so thin, they don't sacrifice too much battery life. I wouldn't mind a couple mm thicker if it meant another 12 hours of life.

WOW, It's Amazing.
Hopefully also come with a stable OS.
But i still not get it, why RIM eliminate the surepress keyboard ??
Coz i think it's actually kinda cool while i'm typing.
Hope RIM can bring the surepress keyboard again with the blackberry storm 4.

Sorry if I seem a bit stupid, but that. Litle "hole" in the front is supposed to be a front camera or just the sensor to lock the screen when you are talking

I only read the first page of comments, so apologies if this sentiment has already been expressed, but atleast nobody in the first page of comments mentioned that the sometimes unintelligible English language copy on this graphic indicate that it is a fake.

From your comment, I would hazard a guess that English is not your primary language. There is nothing "unintelligible" on the slide.

It contains exactly what the majority of presentation slides are; concise topic points.

It's not a fake... but nothing's written in stone; the phone that is released may look little, or nothing like, the rendered image.

the keyboard is invisible! all you have to do is say, "KEYBOARD" and one pops out and you can start typing.

it's quite revolutionary.

It looks way too big for me. My ex has one of the bilboard sized window's phones... almost the size of my Playbook! I am a communication guy though, not Game/Video Guy. I think that is the issue. I ditched the Torch for a Curve 9360 due to the smaller form factor and weight difference

It's a beautiful concept. Sure there are areas that can be tweaked, and I'm sure RIM will fine tune it and tweak it before release.

Was going to jump from my 9700 to a 9900, but this inspires me to wait till fall 2012.

Lets go, RIM. You need to execute this one perfectly and hit the ball out of the park.

Hopefully somebody at RIM might be reading all of these comments to guage a market response.

My comments:
1. Make it thicker for a larger battery.
(Point being the more battery life the better. If I run no apps, I get good battery life on my BB 9670 Style. If I run UberSocial all day, I have to switch out a new battery on my way home. It's irritating.)

2. Where's the keyboard?
(This version is cool, but consider one with a slide out horizontal keyboard. Or stick to improving the Torch 9810. Whatever, keep a clear strategy on device design evolution in your overall product strategy. I mean look at my Blackberry Style. I pretty much know there will be no replacement for it. When I go to look for another phone and I'm satisfied with my Blackberry Style, but this form factor is no longer in your product line maybe I am more likely to look outside the Blackberry product line for a flip phone. (Not really, but maybe someone else.) I'm not saying create another Style, but consider product evolution as it relates to the consumer. I'm not really sure if most cellphone consumers like to stick to one brand, but I know two people that figured out how to use one phone and then don't want to leave that platform.)

3. Apps, apps, apps.
(You already have a challenge getting (games, social media, productivity...) applications developed on the current platforms. Please get a jump start on that prior to releasing the new phone. Go to developers that make the applications that are downloaded by the largest number of consumers and get the development kits into their hands first. Do what you did for the Playbook, but do it better. Get the best social media applications on your devices. Facebook and Twitter are not enough, and those two could be better. Same goes for games and productivity applications.)

1. I like the design mostly because it looks like the Playbook-> RIM should make a phone/tablet line that has similar design lines to differentiate from competitors.
2. even though I said I like the London's design, I would not get it; I want a physical qwerty like the Bold (yes, I am aware of the Bold-esque BB10 in the works)

I don't know what to think really... The phone definitely looks nice as did the original concept model.. While I did recently switch over to droid because my 9700 was giving me trouble and the nwe BBs weren't out yet... I'm still a huge BB fan and if I'm given the chance might hop back over if the product is right... I have tI say I was a little discouraged about Hein's comments about droids all looking the same and then releasing a phone looking like one of them too... Don't get me wrong I don't think anyone owns the right to a rectangular phone but it was mainly the comment in context

So I wake up this morning and turn on the local news here in Houston, Texas (ABC13) and there's Crackberry right there on the TV and the reporters are talking about the new Blackberry Phone. Lot's of big things happening this year for the Crackberry team.

boring and that ui interface is bland.

I wish they'd hire some nokia designers and actually get something unique happening.

I know thin is the name of the game these days, but my first thought is if it's that thin, did they go with another EDOF camera? If the camera doesn't at least match the quality of the iPhone 4s, IMO, RIM will have missed the mark. (well actually I'd prefer they surpass Apple, but at the very least match them...)

RIM said that the delay in releasing the BB10 devices was due to trying to include LTE. If RIM has decided that its users desperately need LTE (so much so that they would break a release date promise), but that the users would be happy with a sub par EDOF camera system, maybe BB just isn't for me. But we'll see how the camera performs.

I really hope bb10 is a hit because if its a miss, I don't think I want to hang around anymore. having EDOF is annoying and this fascination with thin-ness puzzles me because some of those "thin" phones out now are so uncomfortable to hold.

Also I think it wasn't just LTE but the battery usage wasn't up to par so they're waiting on a better battery saving chip. so they say.

Yea I agree...I don't like the super thin phones becuase they are not comfortable to hold.....I like a lil thicker with rounded edges (not like the square edges a-la iPhone)

Does have similar lines as the Droid X.. But I love it! best design ive seen in quite a while coming from those guys. Hopefully a good sign of things to come

Looks kinda tall and a bit of a fake mock up to be honest.

However it is svelte and elegant. A Playbook UI, large screened smart phone would seriously have me thinking of dropping my iPhone. Actually being able to make use of my Playbook's bridge feature would be sweet!

I honestly bought my Bold 9930 because it looks so sexy compared to the ugly flat black plastic droid phones. To me the Droid phones just look so cheap, like HTC and Motorola spent too much money on the internals so they cheaped out on the plastic on the exterior.
Now... It appears RIM is making the same mistake! Where is the elegance? Where is the sexiness? BB London just looks cheap and boring to me... Just like a Droid phone...
I was really hoping to see an upscale looking device... :(

Lets give RIM THE ROOM TO WORK! I want to see if all the "i wish this and that and other" are listened to by the RIM design team and developers! We have been speaking and sharing our desires for the perfect BB10 phone! So lets stand back and see what they have done with all the input over the past year. We know they want to rise above and beyond the competition, or at least be in the game better! Heres where we need to relax and then be AMAZED! GO RIM AND YOUR TEAM! "LETS ROCK AND ROLL THIS"

If you are a crybaby, ignore this block of comments

We already have so much hate on us from other phone people, can we keep that silly name calling and trash talk somewhere else, U mad?

This phone is nice BBX is suppose to be the a phone version of the playbook and that is what it looks like.

Now, all we need them to release are a few things: 1. a stable quickly government certified OS; no more hidden updates to fix things like battery life or other small simple problems that should be ironed out prior to shipping

2. Android app market availability, the apps here are low, lets get some basic ones here already

3. Ram, we need more than enough ram to keep things smooth, so that the preloaded software and OS doesn't take up too much.

4. Market the phone when its ready (unlike playbook) and before it comes out (unlike the bold)

5. Make a phone with keyboard(Bold) that releases WITH your all touch phone.

You can tell the image is stretched. How? Simple. The vertical image is tall and thin while the horizontal image, being vertically stretched also, appears short and wide. The two images are incongruent and only possible if the image has been stretched vertically.

That is great. At first glance it reminded me of my colleagues' Samsung Galaxy S2. that is a phenomenally successfull phone, so this bodes well for RIM - they are looking at the competition and hopefully improving on it.

I am now really looking forward to what they do to the physical keyboard BB10 phone.

I'm impressed, phone looks great and happy to see it styled after Playbook!
Now all I have left to anguish over is if and when T. Mobile will carry it!!!


When the first photo of the London came out I was like "wow, when is this coming out?". With this, all I said was "Hm, looks like a Samsung/Nexus. Let's see what other people say".
I'm sure the OS and UI will be great and (if RIM has learnt from the past and looked at the competition) so will be the specs.
And I will buy this phone (or its final version), just because I'm a BB fan and I love my Torch 9860 and I could do without a physical keyboard.
But I keep thinking: will I ever say "oh, my BB looks much better than these HTCs, Motorolas, etc", like I do now? I'm not sure. With this design, BB will just look like other phones. Will this sell more? Just because of the UI and OS? Shouldn't there be something in the design to differentiate BB from other phones?
Hopefully, someone at RIM is reading all these comments, and then they have a meeting and go through them and come out with an exceptional design.

Am I the only one thinking that there might be two distinct phones in this picture? Full screen w/o keyboard and the one behind smaller screen with qwerty.....the phone behind is clearly shorter than the one in front.

This phone looks awesome! But i hope they make it a bit shorter, looks really long. :S A bit shorter and wider, and it's spot on! :) Can't wait for the BB10 release!

The only reason I use a blackberry is the physical keyboard. So if they get rid of that, I get rid of them. I'll basically be forced to switch to touchscreen because I don't care for any other keyboard devices especially the slider type, but if I must switch then Apple here I come.

This phone looks HOT!If RIM can keep with this type of design for the finished product,Blackberry will be on top again in no time.

Oooh! Shiny!
Let's hope it's released on time. With all the bits working. Just in time..........for the iPhone 5 to come out!

If the name "London" is more then a working title,
They should actually launch it in the weeks of the Olympic Games!
The momentum of a worldwide audience watching the Games
in one of the countries with the most BB users could be a perfect marketing opportunity!
Just saying.

This is the most comments I have seen on a blog posting in a while...Kevin is the man with the connections now....

The picture looks cool. Hopefully RIM can have some good product come out as earlier as possible. Wait till end of 2012 is bad, by then there will be iPhone 5, and Samsung S III. How will BB to complete?

If I were the CEO of RIM, I would cut off many of product lines as possible, why wasting so many resources to create some many confusions. 9350/9370/9370/9380/9700/9780/9790/9800/9810/9850/9900/9930.

Make ONE and ONLY ONE decent phone out the door should be their priority!

What I like is bringing a full touch screen to make those apple and droid guys wanting to give this a shot... however I don't see the true berry fans out there liking this device because lack of a keyboard.. but I hope we see a full QWERTY not far behind...don't 4get about us qwerty fans RIM because they are 70 million of them lol

Initial impression is good - but I have to admit I like the sliding keyboard (Torch 9800 family). That said, I'll reserve judgment as the virtual keyboard, if designed properly, can also work well (for example the Playbook). It also depends on the physical size of the phone if one only has a virtual keyboard.

I have to say this news of the Blackberry Superphone came in the nick of time for me because come upgrade time for me in May of 2012 I was going to switch to iPhone or possibly Android! I've been a BB lover and user since 2005 and enjoyed it up til now. My issue, is that BB/RIM seem to have fallen behind in their technology, trailing the amazing features and apps that the " iPhones and superphones" are now providing! PLEASE RIM, get this phone out in North America so I can stick with good ol' Blackberry!


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why are RIM just abandoning great things about the Blackberry phones, having recently switched to BB from androind i love the call make and end buttons, and the ability to use the phone with the trackpad, it's far quicker and more convenient than using the touch screen for lots of things, and i can't see a camera shutter button.. Just because you want to move forwards doesn't mean you should abandon things that work well. a lot of the bb bashing afterall comes from people who don't even have them, I hope RIM listen to their users, and not just apple/droid obsessed blogs, if all the phones end up mostly being the same, what would differentiate BB at all?


My opinion : this one does look like any other Android phone, and doesn't give the taste of quality we are used to with BB phones. I definately prefer the previous pictures of BB London we saw.
Anyway, BB10 is by far the best OS available on the market. BB ecosystem is great. So appart from the design, this phone will be great, and I can understand that RIM has to put on the market a good full touch screen device first to fight against other phones. I'm a slider fan (slider gives the best of 2 worlds : big screen for comfortable surfing and keyboard for comfortable typing), so will wait for the next one.

The more I look at it, the more I think about it, the more I like it. The phone looks uber thin, has a big screen, and if it works like a Playbook, it will be worthy of the title "superphone" - and I do like the idea of marketing it as the first superphone.

I think all of RIMs plans are going to coalesce around this great product, and then marketing is the key. Humility would be a great step in that regard... Don't insult consumers intelligence by acting like they are not looking foe a major comeback.

Everyone loves an underdog, everyone loves a comeback. Hollywood knows this, so RIM should understand it too... They need to convince people that everything else that came before this is tired and boring. They need to overwhelm us with superlatives.... fastest processor, best OS, best screen, best camera, best social integration and hopefully with the android player, top notch app support. Most secure, easiest to use, best speaker, most durable, longest lasting battery. Best flash and html5 implementation. Ship it out the box with great super apps. Fastest web browser, best NFC implementation. Make people understand that in the future, your phone will be your wallet and that with any other product, someone could easily steal your information, but that Blackberry has the highest security eating in the world. Explain how if you can't easily multitask 5 apps at once seamlessly and switch between them with a flick of the screen bezel, you are losing productivity and fun. Show people how games on other platforms look like atari compared to the blackberry. Make people understand, especially that iOS and android, or windows is NOT good enough to power satelites, military drones, power grids and automobiles. Make them understand that "the only way you can get it to crash is to shoot a bullet through it"

If the marketing campaign overwhelms people with superlatives, the average consumer will get excited. I not talking about this be bold campaign, which shows people doing things on their blackberries that any phone can also do. I am talking about a campaign that shows that if you get any other phone, including the iPhone 5, you are not using the latest technology.

If they do this, they might have a chance... They certain
The iphone is a great product, as well as android, but no one is going to be impressed with yoir new device, because they probably already have one. Here is something new, fresh and powerful.

I always root for the underdog, and am rooting for RIM to make a big comeback. You hit the nail right on the head, pointing out everything that Blackberry should be boasting about doing better than any other smartphone. At the same time, though, people shouldn't be offput in thinking that a Blackberry is only for rocket-scientists and gov't officialls, labeling them as a dork. I can see an ad pushing all those great features, and in the end, just a couple young kids launching a spaceship from their backyard with mom in the background "Kids, dinner's ready!" or "Are you playing with your Blackberry again?" haha I'm thinking a new generation of "smart"kids using smart/super-phones, also implying that they're so simple to use, even a kid can figure it out :)

I'm sure it's been mentioned already but surely when Thorsten says "android is all the same" (or words to that effect) then the upcoming platform gamble looks like every other black slab running android :-( let's just hope there is an amazing BlackBerry Cloud Service that could be bundled along with the BIS that can hopefully help this succeed!!

wow that looks amazing!!! i cant wait until they come out. i hope its out on windmobile from the go really need to get away from rogers!!! Anyone think they will allow flash to be played on these phones :P

playbook app reviews at bb10apps.com

I like the looks of this new "superphone". I do think that RIM will still come out with a "hard key" type superphone soon afterwards. That's the one I am waiting for. Go RIM.

looks like an iphone

the thing is HOW different can you get with all touch screen they will all look like some sort of droid iphone blackberry ALL touch screen phone....I love my torch 9850 design so we will see how things go...

Ivan S. Harris

Hmm...if I wanted an android lookalike/workalike then I would have bought an android! I actually switched from Android (HTC Desire HD) to a 9900 because I needed a keyboard, and top notch email/calendar/tasks/etc in a small package.

Is RIM redefining its target market as individual Android/iphone users? That could be a losing strategy! A 'me too' strategy won't cause Android/iphone users to switch, but it will cause dedicated Blackberry users to give up on their preferred platform.

I'm hoping that you have a bunch of UNIQUE and INNOVATE designs in the product pipeline!

They shouldn't be pulling out the "superphone" what happens if it comes out and is below or at the level of competition? Is it still a superphone or just a smartphone lol???

Definitely think this is what they need, especially the hints at the UI. All smartphones are moving to become non-descript slabs with large screens. The User Interface is what can really set this apart.

I'm still very happy with my 9650, though I suppose at some point a touchscreen is inevitable. Probably too early to speculate on accessories, but if there was a similar sized Bluetooth keyboard, I'd probably upgrade to this at the end of 2012.

What I think would be really cool would be a BlackBerry project concept called the Maya. Since it is 2012, and BB10 phones will be out at the end of the year, it would be fun to play with such a concept idea.

love the design. rim has always made great looking phones and im sure this one is no exception. i have been waiting to upgrade to bb10 for months now. i have had 3 iphones in 3 years and i can tell you they have all had issues that ive learned to live with but enough is enough. i am looking at getting into something new. android is foreign to me and is to similar to apple. plus im sick of american media jumping up and down over apple and google and laying into rim like their the scum of the industry (F'en american loud mouth piece of sh*t). having bought 4 playbooks for myself and the kids at xmas the wait is even harder to take. i want to see rim come back strong and surprise everyone to the upside. a successful early release would be a dream for rim and its customers..... c'mon lets get this thing going and put things back in perspective.

I like the design, but it need something special to set it apart from the competition. Something that people want like super long battery life

So everyone is talking about the other "guys". Good note. Developers can use PhoneGap to allow their apps to run on multiple platforms. People really like iPhome because it looks simple yet pricey. They like iPhone because the CEO (the late) always brought out life out of the 4 digit protected device. Had Mike done the same with BlackBerry, it would have still kept its market. Mind you sales of BlackBerry are higher than any other smartphone in Sub-Sahara Africa, and India. Android is too open! I've tested android and no offence I've never coded using it but the sdk is just as cheap as what its suppossed to be. Malndroid! As for Windows they have a great interphase though at the end of the day I don't want to walk around with a clone of my work station also subtle to the same attacks. If only BlackBerry had a marketing guru, it has all ammunition to fire with its current robust designs. Now with the "Let's Rock and Roll" CEO not sure if he's the savior he has a lot to change. BLACKBERRY is freaking awesome! I endure the iPhone snobs but if my phone was stolen with its Aplha-numeric password and BlackBerry Protect I'd be happy to offer it to the thieves at no cost because at that point maybe my contacts would be much more expensive than the gadget in a humans hand!

How many of all the people use 100% of their phone functions? If BlackBerry is behind tech wise why does it have BBM? The strongest encryption? IPhone really for me will never be. What would I need 16gigs for in my pocket? The AppStore if you recall was down for two whole days last year but because it has the worst people around it never was a problem. Move to iPhone and consider yourself non-human, non-ethical. This bread of people really are inhuman. At least I believe BB users are geeks, spies, and seemingly because of iPhone, outcasts! Maybe there's a possibility Apple pays its reviewers to include the word BlackBerry in their reviews... Why can't we do a similar more open war? Who knows, the fight could be so open yet so closed:?

ben1107 well put i hate iphones and everything bout them i have an iphone 3gs its a piece of crap half my apps dont work cuz i need an os update and id be happy to take what thw 12hrs of my time to update it IF IT WORKED!!! i love my BB and only way im cheatin on it is with the new and improved BB hell yea

dear new bb model please be available at rogers and have more than a 5.0mp camera thanks loovvee niki i dont care what all you fools say bb is gonna dominate once again!!

opinions opinions.......... it looks fantastic and a 1000x better than anything else bb currently has out there, just looks stoneage when compared to this. Would buy this 4 sure if any good

my dear american people....apple is american but blackberry makes you also proud to be american and canadians....i love my bold 9900 and 9810 and 8900and playbook...never give up ... apple is cool too but there is a apple user, htc, samsung,blackberry,nokie etc...USER...or tell me..do you eat every day the same food???????or drink the same...????? bye i go with BB

switzerland user a.c.

Why do you {ishit} ups i mean iphone owners, always have to compare every phone out there with that POSIphone get a life , Blackberry is a phone that can't be compare . Ishit sucks to simple to use and now you people don't even want to grab the ishit becuase you have SIRI lazy bastards .