Exclusive: First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone!!

Exclusive: First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2012 06:49 pm EST

BOOM! Last week's leaked 2012 BlackBerry Roadmap slide deck brought with it a ton of goodies for the new year, but one thing that was missing was a fresh look at a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Superphone. Consider it found though, with the slide above featuring an image and some details on the much-rumored about BlackBerry "London". 

The story here isn't cut and dry though. Back in November a first photo of a BlackBerry London dummy unit hit the internet, but that BBX phone -- it wasn't re-labeled BlackBerry 10 yet -- featured a hardware design that was quite different than the phone in the image above. The first photo of London featured angular edges and a design language more akin to the uber-expensive Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone by BlackBerry. 

By contrast, the BlackBerry London in the image above looks much more like a phonified BlackBerry PlayBook, featuring the rounded corners and all-black look of RIM's first tablet. And while we heard the first photo of London was a legit RIM hardware concept, we've been hearing for an even longer time now that the first QNX-based phone hardware was more like a downsized PlayBook. Who's knows. Maybe by the time it hits we'll see the design evolve yet again. The plot thickens.

All confusion aside though, our excitement is building for the next-generation of BlackBerry phones that are due out later this year. Word has it that London is actually slated for the UK (go figure), while two other models -- "Laguna" and "Lisbon" are in development for the US market targeting AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. We wouldn't be surprised at all to see Laguna and Lisbon actually launched prior to London. With BlackBerry still the #1 Smartphone in the UK, it's in America that RIM needs to first make a big splash with BlackBerry 10.

Talking hardware for a moment, we're hearing that both TI OMAP5 and Qualcomm chipsets are being tested (1.5GHz dual core processors). If we look ahead by looking at BlackBerry history, it could be that Qualcomm is for the CDMA carriers. All we know is that with the BlackBerry PlayBook rocking and rolling the PlayBook OS at 1Ghz, that with 1.5Ghz as a baseline BlackBerry 10 phones will not be lacking in the performance department.

Keep it locked to CrackBerry. You know we're gonna be Rocking & Rolling This!!

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Exclusive: First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone!!



That's more like it... glad to see that crap silver shite with angled corners gone... that was horra-awful.

For a full touch device, I don't have an issue with that.

We'll see what the keyboard version brings us...

Haters always gonna hate..

I personally like this concept, i can only imagine how cool it will be running this baby on QNX!! BRING IT RIM!!
Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

+10000000000...I like what I see. I like my physical keyboard but this device is relevant for RIM and the huge market it's intended for. I hope this design is incomplete cause I'd love to see the metal band or something physically outstanding on/around this to help differentiate it from all those monotonous Droids out there!! That said I'm yearning for gr8 specs in this one.. The speed and processing sounds good and it's gr8 to see the FFC, hope autofocus is there too! We need flash support already! We NEED gr8 battery PLZZZ, I'm tired of watching my battery meter on the 9900!!! And since video call and chat are possible now why can't that be built into BlackBerry Messenger?????? Or is that ridiculous!? APPS APPS APPS SUPPORT!!! O and keep the BB10 UI nice, slick and intuitive, which I really expect. Just something small here but can we get some check boxes on the messages so we can select multiple ungrouped messages just like in webmails?? O and remember the next iPhone and the myriad Droids later this year so make those specs relevant and contemporary!!

I think they are probably going to launch both, with the ugly one as the limited edition again.

I do agree about the battery life though, with the half year delay, people will be expecting battery life that at least exceeds Droid RAZR MAXX, which is a pretty difficult feat.

My main concern is that RIM is not spending nearly enough effort on the communication aspect of the device, there's almost no innovations despite the fact that there are much to be feasibly desired like non-BBM/cross platform IM, better/more comprehensive map service outside of the States, threaded email, etc. The webmail interface suggested above is spot on, as a lot of people favour webmail over software email client; there's probably something to learn from webmails

Since video chat is probably launching in these nextgen devices, RIM also need to figure out how to make it work, since data speed for a lot of things is almost always slower on a BlackBerry device due to going through additional layers of server/rerouting. How to integrate the all these functions together to make an innovative and more useful communication device would be the challenge, not designing iPhone mockups.

RIM need to wake up and see that the phone market is not just 1 single market and they already lost the one dominated by iPhone/android ages ago, there really is no point in building an inferior iPhone/Android device; the only successful strategy is to bring something new to the table like BlackBerry originally did, and the iPhones and devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note are proofs to that.

I think the whole "lost the market to Apple" stuff is really over done. People are going to tire of having a damn iPhone (not all of course but a sizeable percentage) and having the same damn phone as everyone else. RIM needs to hang in there and have a competitive phone, with TAT eye candy, and good advertising and they'll do fine.

Developers will soon say f-it and develop tools such that their programs will work on all platforms.

In other words mobile phones will be like cars. Do you see everyone driving the same car?????

Agree with your thoughts that RIM just needs to have a competitive phone, and this one looks like it just might fill that order.
However, it is wishful thinking to suggest that people will stop using iPhones en masse because they are "tired of them". And equally wishful to think that developers will develop for another platform that has no market share.

Blackberry has a great OS, they just need to stick it into an equally great phone. Use high end materials and pay attention to fit and finish. In short, they need to "make" people switch because the people "must have" that cool new BB device. If they do that, they will move some units. Take Apples customers, don't just hope they give BB a try because they are bored.

My two cents....

Do you really in your wildest dreams think people are tired of having an iPhone? Where did you come up with that idea? And what might they be trading them in for.....Blackberry's???

Developers aren't even close to thinking about doing anything for RIM of consequence, and once again, the London, or whatever they end up calling it, is just another artist rendering, nothing more. New CEO is frustrated that we haven't moved up to OS7.x. Let me get this straight....I traded up to a Torch 9800, then the 9810 came out a month or so later, so to get the few improvements in 7 vs. 6 I should shell out another couple of hundred dollars? Let RIM take all that cash and get the providers, AT&T in my case, to do a low cost upgrade that doesn't extend the contract out yet another two years.

Want to know why people aren't dumping iPhone's even though 'everyone' has one......because they do most everything great, people love using them, and new applications are coming out for it daily. Yeah, a lot of them are useless, but tens of thousands are ones we could only dream of having on our BB's. Same for Google/Android.....lords knows how many improvements there will be before end of 2012 and supposed release of new BB. And are you going to be at the front of the line for the science experiment? I think not.

You make a very valid point here....no offense to BB.Im a bb user since 2005 but still! RIM should pay attention to the fact why iPhone is such a figure in the market details like you said and come out with a smashing device. Make one but make it the best.
If BBM goes to other platform the market of RIM will drop significantly no doubts about that.
RIM pls don't let your fans down this time.

The thing is RIM has clearly lost its direction in its attempt to pick up market shares. A device with something new is a new market. There's no way a 2nd iPhone will for whatever odd reason gain more market share than another identical iPhone. RIM's strategy is completely wrong in making iPhones; other than the fact that RIM may not even be capable of producing iPhone, they need to put more onto the table to have a chance. RIM has showed us very little useful innovations, if at all, in the past few years, this is clearly a sign that RIM is not doing anything useful.

So now all full touch screen phones that have a rectangular shape are copying Apple? So, all Android and Windows phones are also NOT doing anything USEFUL?

If anything WINDOWS is who started all of this smartphone crap with the old HP iPaq.

I have faith in RIM, Trolls should just shut up and try the phone 1st when it comes out and THEN give an opinion.

If you care to read other public statements made by RIM and pasts posts on this website, RIM has already admitted implicitly that they are heading the iPhone path by saying that they believe consumers are willing to give up convenience for aesthetic from their observations in the market.

Noone here is trolling and I genuinely question any non-BB user+fan would even bother to go on crackberry.com. The point I'm trying to get across is all these stuffs that RIM has been showing us in the last 3 years have been meaningless stuff that are cheap imitates of iPhone/android, and they really haven't bring in anything new and useful for a VERY long time. Instead of showing these useless render images they should be spending time developing functions that show us they know what they are doing.

I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I think people are missing what you're saying though. Mr. Heins should give RIM one month to get the Look of the Phone on the Table! Just one! Because honestly, WHO CARES WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!? It's about what will it be able to do? After that month, ALL Resources should switch to what can it do? Marketing ESPECIALLY! Find 1 or 2 Innovations and Promote the hell out of em'! RIM has to Collapse the Blackberry Line into ONE PHONE! THIS is a Blackberry, PERIOD! If you want THIS, buy a Blackberry. If you want THAT, buy an iPhone.

Don't kid yourself... iPhone is a 'smashing device' ONLY due to marketing. The phone itself, if held up to a phone by phone comparison to all the others... is nothing special.

I agree that RIM / Blackberry need to improve and come up with a 'I can't think of any other phone I'd rather have than a Blackberry' phone... but it also needs to pick up the marketing aspect a thousand fold.

The current crop of North American ads are what's left over in the loo / toilet after a bad night on the town. There is nothing redeeming about these ads and if you're trying to convince people to switch, or first time buyers to pick your product, then they MUST do better.

Sadly, I use an iPhone during my weekends now because BB is really far behind in a lot of aspects and the IM isn't feasible anymore because so little people outside of my workplace would actually use BBM.

iPhone does have superior integration to computer/media/etc, cloud integration, contact, and quite a few catchy apps and functions that BB does not have, and this is exactly why BB need to tough up and get some development done so they actually have a decent phone to market that can compete.

Just because BB is extremely bad in marketing, that doesn't mean it's not bad at other aspects. BB has not introduced any new functions that can make any users of other platforms wish they had for years now. The only thing the users here keep saying BB and Playbook has bridge, well what the * do you need the bloody bridge for when cloud integration and tethering/data connection is already built in and would automatically do everything without all the manual processes. RIM need to think of functions that would make things convenience for the user not introducing a dozen phone every year that's just faster versions of the dozen last year.

Agreed!!!! I do, however believe RIM can make this model a little better. I like the 9900 model. Just placing the elegantly brushed stainless steel frame on that phone will improve it to me.

Exactly! Its a thin, black, quadrangular touchscreen-device like all the other thin square iphonic droid-stuff. But ONLY the physical keyboard (we all wish for) and the grandiose announced inner values will make the difference between a BlackBerry and all the other fashion bric-a-brac we are called upon to buy!!!

I didn't know Motorola held a patent on rectangles. Nice try though big guy.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I had a Droid X before my 9930 and as soon as I saw the london, I was thinking of the same thing...

was wondering if it has got a front camera as it seems in the pic...what do u say..i cant actually figure it out???

I'm honestly a bit disappointed by this. It reminds me of the T-Mobile G1 like another user mentioned and looks like every other Android device. The earlier photo of the London was something that I was REALLY excited about. That looked like an iconic phone, not this.

Are you kidding me? LOOK HOW THIN IT IS. Trolling, trolling trolling, keep that bulls.. rolling...get the hell going..before i give you a RAWHIDe....

Take a look at at G1 compared to this and you will see where I got my comment from. Once I saw the photo, that is the phone my mind immediately went to.

I'm not trolling either. I own a 9930 and a PlayBook but I'm patiently waiting for a full QWERTY BBX/BB10 phone.

What do you mean your not trolling, you just posted with two different accounts. It takes real dedication to create two (maybe more) accounts and post negative comments for the same article


He Must of meant to back up his original troll statement and appear to be a different person but ****** it up :D


This kind of person actually exists.

Control yourself. Look me up in the forums and then you'll see that I'm not trolling. Stop jumping to absurd assumptions. I said before that I prefer the original London's look to this. How is that trolling?

why would I waste my precious time to troll a product I support so strongly? I don't understand how one negative comment constitutes me as being a troll.

For the record, I only have one account.


You really need to delete (or block) any comments that contain the word "troll". The above thread gives CrackBerry Nation a bad name. Makes it look like a bunch of immature assholes.

Do you guys actually pay attention to comments once the next story is posted?

Not only that, but people now a days just call everyone a troll they don't agree with, the troll term has gotten watered down and lost all it's meaning, trolling used to be an art form, now everyone is a troll if they don't agree with other peoples opinion loool...

you know what thin means?

"we made the thinest BB ever, the bold 9900"

and ohh sry we missed out on the battery - 6-8 hours of hard using - ok buy a second one.

and being honest you dont believe that this phone is powered by a nuclear power station.


I kind of agree that being "thin" isn't really such a cool feature for me. It's a phone, I'm not trying to slide it under doors. As long as it's not bulky, I'm fine with it. I am not so impressed that the Bold 9900 is thinner than the 9000. If they would have been able to put an autofocus lens on the camera but the result is the 9900 being as thick as the 9000, I would love that 100000x more than it being as thin as it is. I like how it looks, but it wasn't at all part of my decision to buy it.

HOWEVER, about your concerns of battery life, yes, they had to put a smaller battery in it for it to fit. But I have the 9900, and let me tell you, RIM must know magic, because even though this battery technically has lower capacity, I'm noticing the battery life in this phone is pretty awesome... Even compared to my old Bold 9000. But you're right, if they had made it a little thicker, and fit a slightly larger battery, the battery life would be even more awesome, lol. So we did kind of miss out on that, but there's really nothing to complain about, other than that crappy "all focus" (aka nothing really focused) camera lens...

The slide even mentions it has great battery power why would they point to it if it weren't true? remember they never said anything about the battery life of ther playbook.

I don't know if you meant to reply to me or the poster I was replying to, because I am not saying anything against the device's battery life... I'm actually saying that the bettery life of the Bold 9900 is great despite being physically smaller...

u need to remove that stick out ur u know what all you ppl complaining like little kids need to back the hell off and let blackberry do their thing!! if ur sittin here bashing blackberry then stop ur crying and get an iphone cuz ur not smart or old enuff to be usin a blackberry or stop bein a cheap skate and get an ACTUAL GOOD blackberry n not the free ones!!! blackberry will come up with amazing phones thatll take the market by storm if any of u were true blackberry users ud believe in the same

Um, what the hell? Can nobody read on here? Where did I say anything bad? I've repeated at least twice already that I think the battery life in the Bold 9900 is very good... Why do people keep replying to my post as if I'm bad mouthing it?? I don't get it, did you people graduate highschool? Because this is like middle-school level reading here...

you got it!

RIM wanted to make a phone that will turn things around or better say they have to. with something like this they do not turn anything. based on what we have seen over the last years the inside will be at least a year behind what new phones offer.
so the only way is to make something outstanding in terms of design.

the should use metal, wood and glass to create something that is mind blowing.

and if we are all honest : who does not want to have the P9981???
If I tell you it is on you to decide 9900 or 9981

I truly believe that everyone would go for the 9981 at least after you had it in your hands. everyone who had it knows what I am saying.

My tip for RIM:

Partner up with some of the greatest designers and make them think about what they could create.
and start working on at least a bit cheaper version of Porsche Design phones.
(in Germany it is 1475 Euro in Australia it is $3000 (thats 2500 Euro - 1000 more - thats just crazy!!! Why not buying a Vertu instead? who is paying 2500 Euros is mostly willing to pay more then that because they do not care about it, it is just a number.

what are the materials used in luxury cars? metal, leather and wood . . . the more expensive the car the more wood they put in. . .
ever thought about that???
plastic always was a sign of cheap stuff

what are the materials used in luxury cars? metal, leather and wood . . . the more expensive the car the more wood they put in. . .
ever thought about that???
plastic always was a sign of cheap stuff


^^This man must own a Jag or a Bentley.

What makes a Bentley Cont. GT better than say a Corvette ZR1?

Leather, wood and metal. Things that are nice to touch and look at.

The vette 0-60, 3.3ish
The GT 0-60, 4.3ish

Its not always about who's fastest.


I am not making any statement about how your comparison relates to the product being discussed, but about your car comparison, you're on drugs. I'll take a Corvette ZR1 over a Bentley or any other overpriced car any day of the week. Unlike you, I'm not overly concerned about impressing people around me, I'll take the car that is a better bang for my buck in terms of performance.

Actually, I take that back, I'll take the Bentley, sell it, and buy a Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca and a Corvette ZR1 and bank the remaining money...

You can waste your money on a car that's inferior just so you think you can show off to people around you that you don't even know, while I leave you in my dust with my Corvette ZR1... But I'm sure the superficial girls will be very impressed by your Bentley. :-)

Dude...I agree 100%. I was excited when I saw the first image of the BB10 with the silver metal angular edges.

The design MUST stand out if this phone is supposed to be the first step in a RIM come back. I don't think this new image is bad...but it absolutely looks like every other Android phone on the market. The first thing that came to mind is that their plan is to bring a "me-too" phone to market instead of an innovative, cutting edge phone. I think if RIM goes with this design in the end...they will be missing a big opportunity to make a splash on the market. Yeah, the OS will rock, but they won't be turning any heads with this design. Anyone who says they don't judge a book by its cover is a BlackBerry Bold face LIAR!!! (like what I did there with the play on words?)

BY THE WAY PEOPLE...just because a person has a difference of opinion, doesn't automatically make them a troll.

right now that 400 Euro more then what I have to pay in Germany - I gonna get mine from Germany ^^
But the point was that it is much more expensive everywhere else. . .

I thought I saw something called a "Milan" recently, and it had a slide keyboard, something I hope RIM keeps in the BB10. That's one reason I stuck with the BB these years, and did not go Android or iPhone. RIm , please keep the keyboard.

There is comfort in consistency.

I am waiting for the Bold 9900ish (BB10 device)...

This one looks good though, I am just a fan of physical keyboards on phones.

I agree... The only and one and ONLY reason why I am still with RIM is the physical keyboard. I would get an iPhone or an Android before I even consider buying a all touch Blackberry for sure.

I don't get why you and everyone else is so impressed by this. What is different between this and every Android and iOS device out there? I mean seriously. The reason the Bold 9900 is so awesome is because it packs the firepower of the other devices, the touchscreen of other devices, but has something that nothing else can really compete with, the classic Blackberry design with the best physical keyboard out there. So now you have the CPU speed of your competitors, but have the convenience of a physical keyboard that's always there so you don't need to click 5 things on your touchscreen before you can start dialing or whatever you need to do. Almost every time my friends with their pretty Androids and iPhones want to look something up, text someone, or call someone, I can even give them a headstart before I calmly pull my Bold 9900 out of my holster, and perform what they're trying to do WAY before they accomplish it. They don't appreciate it when I'm standing there going "so, I found it already, what's taking you guys so long?" while they're still plugging away at their phones getting to the correct screen to do what they need to do...

And now BB is following the standard trend of cool touchscreen phones and everyone is all "ooohhh, ahhhh, so pretty!" Give me a break, I'll take a device with all of the good qualities of the Bold 9900 with an even faster processor, front-facing camera, NFC, and other features that everyone has AND DOESN'T HAVE, which is the most important part...

apparently most of the world doesnt agree with you based on all the shit ive been hearing about rim for the past months. this is a consumer device, the majority of consumers are just looking for something with a touchscreen not the original industrial design of a qwerty berry. however it is hard not to love the feeling of the keyboard in your hand, hopefully the next bb10 device will cover that area of the market.

Well, DUH, most of the world doesn't agree with me. Thus why what I'm describing as overrated is "trendy" meaning most people think it's the new "cool" thing. But unlike those people who care so much what others think, I think for myself and I care about what's USEFUL way before I even consider what is "cool," "hip," or "pretty." And for me, a full touchscreen phone's only benefit is a bigger screen to watch movies, but seriously, I spend a whole hell of a lot mroe time talking, texting, or typing on my phone than watching videos. So PRACTICAL features that make those functions more efficient is 100x more important to me. And right now, until someone figures something else out, the physical keyboard does exactly that. I'm also hopeful that RIM doesn't fall for the trap of just catering to what is "hip" at the time and will remember their original market of business oriented people or people like me who have a similar mindset (efficiency is #1 priority).

agreed they need to keep catering to the business market which they dominate. the blackberry cant really be matched when it comes to what it does best. i still think they need to have atleast one consumer device that seems to be "trendy" otherwise they obviously miss out on that section of the market which apple conveniently took out of rim's hands. dont get me wrong I love typing on my 9800 and i agree completely about it being 100 percent more productive, but to ignore what most people are bitching about would just kill them right now.


I agree with that, they need to stay in business first and foremost. I'm just worried they are going to go fully into this trend and forget about what makes their company different (and better) than the rest. I'm just commenting about how so many people here seem all googly-eyed over something that's pretty much the same crap you see from every other phone company now. Woopty-freakin-doo. But I guess this means RIM definitely has to make this phone, it might help their sales. Then hopefully they funnel some of those earnings from this trendy product into making their actual AWESOME products even more awesome like the next Bold...

Trendy, functional, efficient, solid are all epithets that can be placed in the same sentence! And why not? I sincerely believe it's achievable on such a device!

I share your passion for the physical keyboard but I'll share something else as well! 4 to 5 years ago when the iPhone came RIM never took a good look, and as such never put a proper all-touch alternative out there to compete! Now that very phone, the iPhone, is at the zenith of the smartphone pyramid, and BlackBerry: not even in it's shadow! Back then, maybe RIM used the very myopic logic you're using now but the reality is that there is a huge market out there for all-touch devices and it's pointless that RIM shouldn't concertedly service that market with the devices it demands! I think we'll all get our beloved 9900-esque BB10 device so why complain about this 1 really!! The market is more dynamic today than 6yrs ago! RIM must be equally dynamic to stay in the competition! It's adapt or remain in the competition's dust! Now RIM must pack this one with competitive specs and not another compromise of reduced battery and no autofocus for thinness!


Actually, you're wrong about who's ahead. Until recently, Blackberry was actually still ahead of iPhone. The only difference is that the "hip" crowd that you see on tv and in the social-sphere are the ones that were into the iPhone. And even now that Blackberry has fallen behind, it's not the iPhone that's in the lead, it's Android. The iPhone just has all of the hype and glamour in front of it so it is what you might notice more, but it's pretty much NEVER been the "zenith" of the smartphone pyramid... Nor does it deserve to be...

"Almost every time my friends with their pretty Androids and iPhones want to look something up, text someone, or call someone, I can even give them a headstart before I calmly pull my Bold 9900 out of my holster, and perform what they're trying to do WAY before they accomplish it. They don't appreciate it when I'm standing there going "so, I found it already, what's taking you guys so long?" while they're still plugging away at their phones getting to the correct screen to do what they need to do..."

haha good story, shame it's pure BS. I have a Galaxy S2 and a 9900 - the S2 s***s all over the 9900 in almost eveything. Only typing on the S2 is a chore, everything else it comes up top. EASILY.


Um, yah, sorry, say what you want, this happens EVERY TIME. And 2 of my friends has the Galaxy S2. Yah the specs looks so awesome on paper, but here are the facts. You want to make a call, you have to take your phone out of your pocket or holster. You have to hit a key to wake the phone up, then you have to use the pattern lock to activate your touchscreen, then you have to hit the dialer to dial the number, or hit another key to find a contact, even in your favorites. Me, I take my phone out of my holster, and press and hold one key and it speed dials. Literally, 5 steps versus 2. So tell me how it's BS that I will get it done faster?

Same with looking a place up. I have my Google Maps and my Poynt apps in my favorites. To look a place up, my friends on their Androids and iPhone, same thing, take the phone out, hit a button to activate phone, pattern lock to unlock screen, scroll through pages of apps, hit app, once it opens, touch the category you want to search in, then they have to touch the search field to activate the keyboard, rotate the phone sideways for a better full keyboard, type, then hit submit. Me, I take my phone out of my holster, touch the app since it's in the top row of my favorites, no need to look for it, touch the category, and I simply start typing since the version on the Blackberry defaults to the search field when you start typing since it knows the touchscreen and keyboard are separate. Then I just hit enter. Already searched in my 4th step while my friends are still somewhere in that 9 step process that it takes on their phone. Hm, 4 vs 9? Yah, such BS that I would be faster...

And even browsing the internet. With the keyboard, I have keyboard shortcuts to almost all of the functions of the browser. To scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, I simply hit "b" or "t" for the top, no need to manually scroll through the entire page like you would on the touchscreens. Both of us can pinch-zoom. To do a google search or to enter a page address, again, with keyboard shortcuts, all I have to do is hit "g" and start typing. And since my fingers are already on the keyboard to hit g, those two are pretty much combined into one step. I don't need to touch the top of the screen, touch the search or the address bar field to change things, when I type, it automatically goes to the address bar field which doubles as the search field which I currently have set to google, although you can set it to other search providers. If I type a web address, it automatically knows it's a web address. No need to type the dots either, space is recognized as dots in web addresses, so that makes even the simple task of typing out a web address faster on my BB than on the other devices. If I type a search phrase (in the same field mind you, so no need to switch from one to the other) it'll automatically recognize that it's not a web address and will do a google search for what I just typed. Again, pretty much in one step I can get all of this accomplished. Should I go into how many steps it takes on your precious Galaxy S2? I've used it before, so I know... :-)

You even admit that typing on the S2 is a chore. Well, what the hell do you think takes up most of the time? My Bold 9900's 1.2GHz CPU doesn't take THAT much longer to process things than the Galaxy S2's 1.5GHz CPU. I know, I've done side-by-side tests with my friends' S2's. Sure they are fast, but so is my 9900, and with the added speed of how few steps it takes to do anything and how fast I can type on my 9900, I get almost everything done in half the time it takes them.

Oh, but yes, when you play movies, it looks so much nicer on the bigger screen. Yay, there's one win for you, yay! :-)

Guys, I know we are talking about the new phone but I have a question about the PB OS 2.0. As far as Adroid apps...what's the deal? Just how much of the Adroid market will PB users have access to. The demo's from CES didn't show much of that at all if any. And what about movies...

Patent the word "superphone", great marketing to differentiate us from all the other smartphones. Keep ramming this message home "the worlds first superphone".

One note of caution - just make sure the damn phone is super with no green krypton like effects!

Got to say though, the design looks to be a good step forward bubt lets not forget what RIM will be competing with come 'late Q3/Q4 2012'. There will be numerous quad-core android devices and phones out there, along with apple's latest phone and tablet offerings.

As excited as I am and many are, about RIM's transition to BB10 (STILL prefer the BBX name btw...), we need to ensure that the pressure stays on RIM to fully compete on harware specs, as well as industrial design, software features, etc.

By the date of release toward the end of this year, we NEED to have quad-core Blackberry phones with AT LEAST 2GB of RAM. This will be standard-fare for a top-end smartphone by then (even sooner with the phones due to be announced in a few months).

I will be extremely jealous when this comes out and might even make my gf buy it. But I will never give up my bb keyboard!

I cannot wait to see it in the field. I've been slowly getting iPhone envy due to my friends, but still something about BlackBerry I cannot leave. Please make this a killer!

Too large if you ask me.

Why do they insist on putting extra bezel for logos on the front? Aren't logos on the back enough?


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

the bezels are there for touch gestures. Most likely to bring down the menu of the app from the top and I am going to go out on a limb here and say the bottom up swipe will bring up the dedicated BB buttons that we all will be lacking in the physical ones. Phone, BB menu, back, and end call.

Wow. This would almost make me steer away from a QWERTY keyboard!! I'll have to wait and see what the BB10 QWERTY phones are like.

And damn! I have been in love with my 9900 till I saw this.

Good to see a whole new radical Blackberry redesign. RIM should have taken this direction a few years ago. RIP physical keyboard and good riddance.

I agree with half of your statement lol. Yes RIM should have stepped it up in '07 or at least in '08 but I can't say they should do away with their keyboards all together. The original Bold is still one of the best keyboards I've ever used.

I have loved my Android phones since I got my OG Droid after my Storm but I have always and will always love Blackberry and I REALLY hope they (and I'm sure they will) pull themselves outta this funk, and that phone right there has some freaking great potential. We'll just have to see the completed product.


Coulda shoulda woulda


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Front facing camera on a BlackBerry Phone finally... Video Chat!!! Now come on Skype.. We NEEEED SKYPE on this baby when it hits the market.

Hardware wise you've been living in the past hopefully RIM will over compensate for that that go round and make you crackberrys happy.

good eye! The BB logo of the phone that is laying down looks stretched. It has different shape than the 9900 logo that I am looking at right now.

Based on the 16:9 HD aspect ratio, there was always a pretty good possibility that it would look to be a bit tall.

If you shrink the image vertically to about 80% height, the BB logo, album cover art, and slide text all look more normal. More importantly, the phone doesn't seem so ridiculously tall.

it looks exactly like the PB aspect ratio but with extra bezels on the top and bottom making it look longer. I don't think the image is distorted in any way.

..Uh-Huh! Yeah! Just absolutely beautiful! But please don't forget to mention - NO Themes! UGH!

It looks a lot like the Droid Incredible to me though...but then if you can fold it into the shape of a triangle and stick it in your pocket - what other shape could it possibly be in...?

I like it! Will have to wait for themes though...LOL!


It will probably be an awesome phone but the design is pretty blah. Looks like every other Android phone out there now. Definitely not iconic in any way.

I agree, I'm a bit disappointed in the design. However, this is a rendering, so the final product may look good. It will depend on the build and material quality. The hand feel will tip the scale either way.

And @deejayburnout I don't see a resemblence at all. All candy bar phones look like that? There isn't a main button, and no chrome bezel on the side.

well the main shape of it. no other candy bar phone has this shape (rectangular prism with rounded edges). if you were to look at androids, they are all differently shaped; has a distinct and unique shape.

This looks incredible. A couple of things though...that "BlackBerry" on the bottom needs to go. You have your logo on the back, there's no need for the clutter on the front. Next, I think the rear cam would be better suited in the middle of the back instead of off to the side. Other than that though...absolutely stunning piece of eye candy! SO excited to wait in line to buy one of these!

Agreed the camera has to move to middle. When in Landscape mode taking videos and pictures it needs to be in the middle.

+1 I agree about the logo thing a lot. The products are over-branded, like "Logos Galore"- (obscure SCTV reference-obscure 80s tv reference)

RIM Playbook instead of the BB Playbook. Who's with me? anyone?

Looking good. I'm glad it went away from the fist London we saw.
I like this form factor better. Now let's release it already!

im not even an all touch device type person but this thing goes IN! I'm curious as to what the keyboard+touch device will look like.

I'd buy that and drop Android if it runs anything like my PlayBook. And I hope they keep some sort of name like they did with the PlayBook instead of using numbers.

Very nice but it looks like and Iphone, looks like Blackberry is back! even though it never really left! LoL!

Much better than the original mock up... but where did the physical keyboard go?? Did I miss it?
I DO love this though, and am starting up my 'save my change' campaign!

WAIT A MINUTE.... Does the thing have TWO cameras... Look at the upper part of the phone... thats a camera sitting there.... And the back camera

I don't mind the iPhone'ish look. Let's face it, the iPhone is on top for a reason, don't try to reinvent the form factor... There is only so much that can be done there. Just make it a kick ass device with all the features we would expect for a 2012 phone and I think we finally have a winner here!
Way to go RIM... Gives me another reason to be a proud Canadian!

The OS looks allot like Windows - or is this suppossed to be an application of some sort? Can't believe how many people are just loving this design while having spent the last few years bashing this same design in Android and IOS. Hypocricy at CB.com? Shocked. Shocked I say to find gambling is happening in this establishment.

Holy Hell!!

That looks amazing. If the first batch of BB10 phones look like this I won`t regret skipping OS7 at all.

I can`t wait for this to hit the shelves. I`m going to do my best to get one the day it drops.

This looks beau-TI-ful! Anybody notice the front-facing camera? With a 1.5GHz processor! This is going to be the next iPhone competitor!

Wow Kevin, you must have really impressed the new CEO for him to immediately release pics of one of his newest device. I cant wait to see what the new 'BOLD' form factor with look like...:):)

the phone looks amazing...i hope that BB 10 software that comes with it is as nice...otherwise we'll have another unfinished playbook....

Not for nothing - but that is one large bezel. Screen could have been 4", but it looks like bezel is going to take up quite a bit of spce for gestures..

Do we have dimensions on this? From that picture it looks like 6-7" tall which would be ridiculous. I don't care how good it is... that long alone would keep me from buying it. If you look at the backside picture lying horizontal the dimensions appear totally different like it is a different phone.

I agree "BlackBerry" on the front needs to go. There is no need for it. Keep the BlackBerry logo on the back.


Looks too tall and skinny. Don't want a mini PlayBook, I already have a PlayBook for that. Need a physical keyboard. Looks promising though and I know everyone else will like it.

Its an all touch screen phone. Without the BB badges it could be anything. Glad to see it though.

Who said good riddance to the qwerty keyboard.....are you mad ? :)

Laguna and Lisbon? I didn't hear anything about these. Either one of these the little brother to the Bold and if so what happened there the name Bold?

Yes too much bezel. Take it down a knotch or two. Must have minimum 4" screen to a maximum of 4.3". Anything more gets too big for a phone. 4.3" is good.
Take a page from the Apple camp and don't let carriers put their logos and splash screens on it either.

Yes too much bezel. Take it down a knotch or two. Must have minimum 4" screen to a maximum of 4.3". Anything more gets too big for a phone. 4.3" is good.
Take a page from the Apple camp and don't let carriers put their logos and splash screens on it either.

What's with the massive bezel up the top? And why oh why must you plaster the "BlackBerry" name on the front to take up space? Ugh. I hope that outside border (which kinda looks like a little PB in a case) get's the boot and we just get the bit on the inside. Not horrible but I'm not amazingly excited :(

Why no TMO for US market? Quad band is so 2011. Pentaband will support all GSM network including the AWS.

I would like an amazing keyboard. If they can't deliver that I will then purchase a 9900 regardless of OS. Look at it this way I am only one customer.

at least this will make us forget about the bold team.... idk though somethings you cant un see! haha pretty slick looking phone..... i am a key board guy so i cant wait to see what they have in store for us!

those of you saying that its like every droid out there... has it occurred to you that the nature of a mobile phone can only look like so many things before all the variations of flat black handheld device is exhausted? so what if it looks a bit similar...what matters is how it functions and the internal specs. your complaining is like saying you're sick of cars because its has 4 wheels, headlights, and doors. and that its black. also i believe the claim of iconic probably refers to just the blackberry family of devices thus far.

"your complaining is like saying you're sick of cars because its has 4 wheels, headlights, and doors." Lol really? If we said that we are tired of phones because they have speakers and make calls then you could have used that stupid comparison... Most people are just saying they look like Android devices... If you say your friend looks like another person are you complaining? Let me answer that for you ssabmud, NO!

As cool as it looks, it looks too generic for it to be a production unit. I think the end product will vastly differ.

Wow...I would buy that in a heart beat...that is a beauty

But beauty needs to more than skin deep.

Will this phone have some 'popular science' features?
Ex. like a virtual keyboard or virtual screen

What about the speakers for sound. The playbook has two.
Could there be a speaker at the bottom as well?

I'm liking that row at the bottom of the screen! IS it possible to swipe those left/right to get phone, internet, maps, calendar, email...they really need to work on making it simple (but not too simple)....I find even the latest competitor phones (Ex. Google Nexus) are a bit tedious to use

Holy Sh*t, Holy Sh*t, (John Belusi voice) OMG, I WANT IT NOW!!

Definitely looks slimer than that Crapple device!!

Let's Go RIM!!!

I've never used a totally touch phone but I'm sure a lot of people will be happy. It's one thing to not have a physical keyboard on a PlayBook, but on a smaller platform might take some getting use to. I'm still going to have year on my contract when it comes out so I'll have time to get my hands on it. From the picture it looks great!

I hope it turns out to be a great device. I really want to ditch my Galaxy S2 and come back to Blackberry...

I honestly need a Blackberry qwerty. That's my bottom line. What would be the point of buying a playbook (current or future iterations) if you have a mini-pb in your palm?

anyone care to explain content story? i know PB OS 2.0 is coming with a video store which RIM hasn't leaked a single detail on..

RIM knows it has to deliver an all touch phone. Thats where the market is going and has gone. I'm sure they will produce a keyboard phone at some time. But physical keyboards had their time. You have to Rock & Roll with the times or you will be left behind. RIM knows that now.

There was a lot about the original leaked pic of the London that made it look original and unique. While it wasn't perfect, and still is a prototype device until something official comes out, it was definitely better than this iPhone/Android impersonator.

Well, it looks nice. But right now I cannot claim that it's love at first sight. The device looks very tall and between top/bottom edge and display there is a lot (non-functional) space. Just my first impression. I wanna see more soon: Photos,... Hands on video :-)

And my petition for BlackBerry 10 devices: neither hardware brandings (provider logos etc.) nor software brandings (provider boot logos,...).

I feel confident: RIMpire strikes back!

Looks great, BlackBerry definitely needs a phone like this out. Can't wait to see what BB10 is all about and what it has to offer.

Still sticking to the Bold 9900 form factor though, need the qwerty keyboard!

WOW!!!! that phone is thin as hell...but im in love lol...wouldnt be surprised if this device wouod vet a little change in design b4 release...cant wait 2 see the other design as well as the BOLD BB10 i i want this phome now!!!!!!

Zodiac BBX (BB10)

Looks like every other smartphone on the market. It's whats under the hood that matters. Its a shame we wont see it till the end of the year

There is way to much unused space. What is up with the extra forehead and chin? It just lengthens the device for no real reason.

Kind of disappointed.

Hmm 1.5Ghz dual core? Let's hope the rest of the hardware is better as Android phones will have quad-core processors and Apple will have the A6. Hoping for better resolution screen than the current crappy BB screens.

Hopefully RIM pulls ahead with hardware and now just tries to match other phones, this phone will be competing against the next iPhone and Nexus phone in the fall.

I have to agree here. One of the knocks against BB has been that the products have been generations behind the competition (in terms of hardware) and it can't continue with the next gen of BB phones.