Exclusive: CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011 - Montana, Monaco, Sedona, Malibu, BlackBerry 6.1 Evolution and more!

CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jan 2011 06:40 pm EST

Keep in mind - this is CDMA (hence why you're not seeing Torch2 or apollo listed). Also means
we could see GSM releases sooner than the CDMA timeline above... plus things often change from plan.

In the last couple of weeks we've learned a lot about RIM's 2011 BlackBerry pipeline thanks to a handful of device leaks. After months (and in some cases over a year) of speculation, we saw specs and renderings show up for the dakota (touchscreen GSM Bold), monaco (aka Storm 3, though possibly will not fall under Storm branding at launch), Torch 2 and apollo (new curve). All that was followed by rumors of another Curve, sedona. Despite the windfall, what we've been looking at only told about 65% of the story. Today, thanks to a whack load of CDMA carrier roadmap slides, we can further fill in the gaps and clarify the codenames and even product names of what's coming up in 2011, including an entirely new device that really hasn't been touched on yet (Curve Touch!).

Further BlackBerry Smartphone Roadmap Highlights and Clarifications

  • new BlackBerry Bold Touch: dakota is the GSM version, while montana is the CDMA version
  • next gen Curve: apollo is the GSM version, while sedona is the CDMA version
  • new Curve Touch: not previously mentioned, malibu is a new CDMA touchscreen Curve (likely to be a GSM one in the works too of course)

On the BlackBerry 6.1 front, beyond what we learned at DevCon Asia, we can see some of the other goodies coming our way. Included in the update is a faster user experience via "liquid graphics", a faster web browser experience (thanks to hardware acceleration and more mhz in the new devices), more homescreen customization options and even voice-activated universal search. 

All in all, things are really starting to make sense and look good! There's plenty to look at below, so keep reading and be sure to sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

2011 CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap and BlackBerry 6.1 Evolution

CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011
CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011

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Exclusive: CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011 - Montana, Monaco, Sedona, Malibu, BlackBerry 6.1 Evolution and more!


A new Bold 9000, thank you God. Finally, a Blackberry set to lead the charge once again. I can finally buy a Blackberry after all these years, seems like forever. It will be worth the wait.

I've been saying it for so long that this device was coming out... 9000 form factor, touch screen, dual camera's etc.

This would be king of the smartphones if it came out earlier, but sadly, despite my numerous responses to their market research surveys, the onyl way for BB to remain king is not to play catch up, but take the lead.

This will release in nearly 8 months, by thenm you are talking about dual-core android 3.0 phones with 4g LTE support.

This is still a day one purchase for me since I'm still rocking a mint condition bold 9000 that I bought back in november 2008 and have been dying for a similar form factor but with the increased specs.

Even using RIM's quarters - Monaco not out until June earliest. Monaco looks to be an awesome device able to compete with today's best. But in 6 months, there will be a whole new generation of devices that are 4G, dual core, native flash devices.

If I'm still on BES this summer, I'm getting Monaco (maybe Montana -looks to be a monster, love all the extra memory).

If I'm not locked to BES, I will be moving on.

.... and then you'll be back. I left now back, it's really hard to beat a blackberry if you really use your phone. If you don't then ya, buy a game machine. Meanwhile RIM is getting closer to the ideal.

Seriously all this extra stuff is going to be worthless at some point. it's like moving from a 12 MP camera to a 20MP hello??? you can't tell the difference unless your pictures are poster size. I know I know there is still some stuff you'll be able to do better on other phones but for real users that stuff isn't going to make up for the stuff BB does well.

Yea I have the flippin same friggin' question man!!
Even though upgrades on new devices is great n all, but, I'm hoping that 6.1 wud be for 9800 & 9780 as well.. There are loadsa ppl n masses otherwise gonna face the brunt of it n feel neglected or let down call it whtever!! Lolll!!

I hate to be "that guy", because I REALLY hated "that guy" when he was telling me 6.0 would never work on my 9700, because it didn't have enough memory. Gladly, "that guy" was proven wrong in my case...

However, based solely on these slides, my guess is that, sadly, NO current RIM device will support BlackBerry v6.1. Here's why:. If you look at the slide for the Sedona, you'll see that it has 512MB memory (max available on any device today), 480x360 display (max available on any device today) and an 800 MHz processor (almost 30% faster than the fastest available today). All that being said, it still only supports "BlackBerry v6.1 Lite". The full 6.1 devices have double the processor speeds and 50% more memory than the highest end of what's available now. Looks like 6.0 is the highest OS current devices (even Q4 2010 devices) will ever see.

At least there's no GHT in BlackBerry Lite!

(Hoping I'm wrong and the 9700 pulls off another coup!)

I agree!!! Tired of waiting for the turtle (RIM) to speed up and get some new products. Moving to Apple world.

Thank you for posting that article!

thats what I have been waiting for since early 2009
(As I heard the first rumors bout the Dakota/Montana)

The slide time frames are all wrong, the 9330 came out in Q4 2010,
so if that is the case, then everything needs to be shifted back one quarter which is keeping the Playbook in Q1, and puts the fun phones in Q2 (April, May June)!

whoa whoa whoa Q2 for the playbook what happened to a promised Q1 from RIM please tell me im seeing that wrong

This is what's going to keep me with BB. I don't exactly want to wait until the summer, but I don't want to jump ship either. Holding steady with my upgrade.

Strictly Confidential, lol. There's a Lite version of 6.1, I think that is the version that Torch Users will get because of the memory and CPU, just like the Sedona and it has 800GHz... Torch has 624GHz. No Flash support for 6.1?

I don't know about you, but I'm excited for the future of BlackBerry this year (and the years to come) and I'm REALLY happy that my next upgrade is around the end of August! Right when RIM is releasing their latest and greatest, I'll be due for a line upgrade! :)

Definitely something to look forward too!

hmm well disappointed with the Q2 playbook pushback.
Hey did anyone notice that on the blackberry sedona (curve) slide, it said running software "6.1 Lite"? as opposed to a straight up 6.1.
So maybe theyre steppingit down on the curve on the software side as well.
Who knows, looks great, really cant decide b/t a bold and a monoco touch. They both look awesome. Also the software updates with 6.1 look really great. itll be nice to have some 3d games on my bb. kinda pissed they didnt already have it on my torch...
A faithful blackberry user i am, and will be for the eternity of RIM. I will request to be buried with my blackberry (and hopefully my playbook as well).

I really wish that people would do their research before spreading crap about "Playbook pushed back to Q2...". First off, this is a CDMA timeline. Think Sprint 4G Playbook. Second off this is in RIM's fiscal year quarters... not actual year quarters. Their Q1 began Dec 1, 2010. So the Q1 release of the Playbook (wifi version) means it is NEXT MONTH.

Not trying to piss anyone off, just trying to keep the facts straight. Remember, one stray comment without actual facts backing it up can lead to alot of crap similar to "the playbook has horrible battery life".

I am so excited. I can't wait. When will the GSM phones be roadmap? I want to upgrade from my 9700. Come on RIM, 2011 is our year!

While I wish these new models were rolling out sooner, my 9550 contract expires in Q3... Looking good for a third Blackberry now. Bring on the Monaco.

CDMA roadmap? Where's the LTE roadmap??? My Tour contract expires this year and don't want to get stuck on another CDMA only phone for two years and watch the LTE phones introduced within that time.

Thanks but that's not a good solution for me. I'm not a buy a new hot phone every year type of guy. Usually I upgrade for my wife and myself simultaneously and we're talking approx $500 with accessories to do that. I have no plans on doing that every year.

Why are people asking about the torch when front page very clearly explains that this is cdma roadmap.this is exactly what most of us have been waiting for yet I see posts of people already giving negative feedback when they haven't even tried any of these out yet.I don't get it.I'm thinking these devices are going to be quite satisfying.I'm certainly looking forward to the releases.

LOL. All good points. People don't take the time to read and understand before they jump on their keyboard and rant away.

Very true... Just like they don't realize this is CDMA only roadmap and they see Q2 for Playbook and go all "OMG I have to wait till at least April to get my Playbook... ohnoes!!!". The Q2 release is most likely the Sprint 4G version. And always remember, when RIM talks quarters, it is their fiscal quarters starting Dec 1 not Jan 1.

so why does the montana only have a right side convenience key? not having a left side key is very annoying on my torch. The only reason I see not to have it on the torch is that it goes into the sync pod sideways. The Bold line doesnt. This is frustrating.

stainless steel frame sounds sexy though, I had always wished the bezel on my 9000 was real metal, not plastic painted to look like metal

After reading the Montana specs I noticed it doesn't say CDMA only quad band GSM? Please tell me Vzw and Sprint aren't going to get hosed again.

Perhaps the mention of GSM was refering to the Dakota, Kevin did say that the Montana is the CDMA version of the Bold-Touch.

im not american, but, i can think of only 1thing, this socalled leak is out now cause of i4 on cdma... as for me, i'll wait that dakota-montana thing to hit z streets ...

So, the 'Monaco' doesn't come out until July-August (assuming that it's not delayed more), and Sure-Press, best touch screen feature on any touch screen phone, is now gone. It was one of the biggest advantages to my beloved Storm. My New In Two is up last week, my Storm 1 is so very old and out of date, the Droids are available now, the iPhone is almost here, the Droid Thunderbolt 4G is almost here, and BB wants me to wait another 6-8 months to get a phone with the features I can get, or exceed already, elsewhere? What am I missing here? Even BBM is available as an app for the Droids, a friend with one showed me it in the App list on his phone.......this news is so depressing.

Are you sure that was BBM on the android and not KIK? I am pretty sure that BBM is not on any other platform. And KIK got "kicked" off of blackberry a few months ago.

Monaco looks good. The 4 gig storage is disappointing. I thought it was 8 meg? I wonder if you can store apps on the sd card.

The lack of LTE phones is a little surprising. I will most likely get the Monaco though. I was hoping that 6.1 might have some UI stuff from TAT. Guess not.

They don't seem to get it. Or maybe they do. The problem with the Blackberry form factor (Bold, Curve, etc.) is that they don't have the screen real estate to make browsing and other tasks enjoyable, or even practical.

If the new Bold Touch has the same dimensions as my current 9650, then where the heck is the improvement? How will the tiny matchbox screen improve my browsing experience just by the mere addition of a touchscreen? My issue right now is that my screen is not wide enough or long enough to manage most online content without zooming and all the problems that brings.

If this is the case, they're missing the point. Sliders and flips, etc. are doing well because people want the bigger screens, but with the flexibility of having a physical keyboard as well. Unfortunately, At&t got the only slider. The Sprint flip remains a budget phone. The Storm 2 is a virtual keyboard only, as is the Monaco Touch. Who in the world does research for these guys?

I am a wee bit disappointed. Every phone seems to have draw backs. I couldn't live with the short life of the HTC Evo's battery, and that ridiculously large screen. The EVO Shift seems attractive, but have to see what the battery life shapes up to be. Neither is a World Phone with a SIM card. I'd love to stick with Blackberry if I can. We will see what the future brings in the CDMA world.

The only problem is that the 'premier' features usually come with Bold. E.g., neither the Monaco nor the Malibu come with a SIM card which allows the flexibility of world wide use on compatible GSM networks. This is an essential feature for me. Besides, I don't believe that I can handle a touchscreen only phone. Blackberry could do very well if they flooded the market with premium phones like the Torch which have both. They main reason people are jumping ship to iPhones and the Droids is because of their larger screens. Everyone laughs when I pull out my Blackberry with that ridiculously tiny screen. Darn it, Jim.

What are you talking about? The Monaco specs sheet CLEARLY state GSM/UMTS support.

The Malibu (which I assume is the Curve touch) doesn't because well, it's not part of the "premium" product line...it's an entry-level device, thus meant to be a bit inferior feature and spec-wise to its more expensive siblings.

And what are you talking about? I recommend that you take another look. Monaco's features include "Edge" but not "GSM". Then check out the new Bold Touch features. You will find "GSM". That's the key feature.

EDGE is GSM you dolt! EDGE is the evolution of GSM. GSM>GPRS>EDGE>UMTS and so on. Please understand wireless technology before trying to make a point.

This ignoramus calling me a dolt really takes the cake. EDGE is the evolution of GSM; that's very accurate. World travelers still prefer GSM because not all carriers have upgraded their networks to work with EDGE.

For those who do a lot of travelling - which you obviously don't - GSM is preferable because it is the only thing available in third world countries.

FYI - EDGE was introduced by Cingular in 2003. Its successor: AT&T, as well as Tmobile and Rogers Wireless all use EDGE. It has yet to filter down to other less developed countries. I even pointed out to you that the Bold Touch has a GSM radio, just so that you would realize that there is a difference. I recommend that you reeducate yourself.

You do know there's gonna be a torch 2, right? it's hard to satisfy everyone, *sigh* some like full touchscreen some like keypads, some like flips, some hates them, but at. least rim tries to accomodate and give choices no. t like the others..

Not really a choice when AT&T - currently rated the worst carrier in the US - is the exclusive carrier for the Torch. No CDMA version exists. I wouldn't call that a choice. *Sigh*

Well then that's where you guys (yanks) lost lol,sorry. Cause in my country ALL of the blackberry handsets type aren't tied to any specific operator /cellular provider carrier or whatever you call it. But correct me if I'm wrong aren't you able to unlock it? Then don't blame rim for it blame the carriers. My point was at least rim gives more alternatives compared to the almost all touchscreen provided by android and apple, but like I said you can't satisfy everysingle person in this planet, if you wanna be completely satisfied y don't YOU BUILD YOUR OWN mobile phone company and carrier so you can build a phone that can shoot lasers and scratch your balls at the same time. Life is about compromise. Stop whining. But they are improving , although some might say (subjectively) very slowly but improving. And with the coming of qnx ,multicore phones which can use android apps I see a promising future.

Dear Sir,

In the US, there is a gulf between CDMA phones and GSM phones. Sprint and Verizon are CDMA. The rest are GSM. The Touch is on the AT&T network; it can never be unlocked for use with a CDMA carrier.

If an exclusivity agreement has been reached with a carrier on any phone, then what you have is the illusion of choice. Sure, the Touch exists, but I wouldn't switch to AT&T for all the gold in Fort Knox. Most share that opinion.

Life is about compromise, sure, which is why I currently have the Bold 9650. It is not ideal, but it is a compromise. Your comment about whining is offensive. In your world, it would make more sense for me to quaff some Caprisun, hop up and down in glee and sing Kumbaya while praising RIM to the high heavens for their latest line-up.

Sorry to disappoint, dude. This Yank believes in calling a spade a spade. I like RIM, and a Blackberry was my first smart phone. My loyalty to RIM is probably as much as yours to the Queen. However, I can express disappointment that their latest lineup contains no juicy apples for me and many others to pluck. I named the main complaint that most have, when they decide that Blackberries are lackluster. You even acknowledged that they are improving 'very slowly.' It is also a fact that RIM pays attention to comments on Crackberry. One can hope that they will react to constructive criticism.

So, quit whining about me whining, grab a beer, sit in the back of the stadium, and wait for the yanks to come up with the next batch of innovative phones. And yes, although RIM is Canadian based, the yanks drive innovation . . .

Have you used an EVO? I have better battery life on it than I had on my Tour, 9650, storm 1, storm 2 and syle. I get thru an entire day before I need to charge. I am constantly on my phone too doing all sorts of things.

I am speechless. I wanted to love the EVO 4G. I had the Tour 9630. It was time for me to upgrade, and the only thing Blackberry had on the Sprint network that could compete was the Bold 9650. I hated the Tour; that was a colossal mistake by RIM, and I didn't want the Bold, which is what the Tour really should have been. So I started looking at options.

I got the EVO 4G. It was a clumsy phone, which forever puts to rest any illusions that bigger is always better. It had no convenience keys. I had to use Bluetooth for my calls because I really couldn't comfortably hold it for long periods. Also, touchscreen only input was a challenge, and the speech to text feature was a sad joke. In my profession, I can't afford to have people think that I can't speak English. But watching Youtube was beautiful, and that big screen was really great for all media viewing. There were definitely things that I liked about the phone, and I considered keeping it.

The real deal breaker was the battery. Five hours was the maximum I could get from the doggoned phone If I actually talked on the phone, I could expect even less. I couldn't live with that. A mobile phone is not a mobile phone if it can't actually be mobile. With that phone, it was a mad rush to the nearest power source. Three weeks later, I returned it and bought the Bold 9650, which has about three times the battery life. Even the Tour did better than the EVO as far as battery life.

If you are getting good battery life, consider yourself lucky. All the reviews I have seen about the EVO talk about the horrid battery life on that device, and I can personally attest to that fact.

It's not that I am lucky. It is that I took about 20 minutes and read how to use it how I wanted and needed to for personal and business use and get the best battery life possible. It took me learning the android system. Which is what is needed when switching OS platforms. I was and am still a huge blackberry fan and can't wait to see what these new phones are all about. I am sure I will end up buying the monaco and the montana. But androids are just great phones also. I have had so many of all different platforms and the one that works best for both personal and business is android at the moment. It has everything.

When it comes to smartphones, I am not an average user; I am more of an advanced user. I know just what to do to derive maximum battery life on any phone.

When I first started using the EVO, I thought that I had to be doing something wrong for the battery life to be so dreadful. I used all the tricks that I knew about: installing an app-killer, dimming the screen and programming it to automatically dim every few seconds, turning off the location, turning off the 'click' sound, etc. None of that made a difference, so I went online and researched the issue a bit more. All to no avail.

I started to think that there had to be something wrong with my unit, so I started comparing notes with others who had the EVO. On the Sprint website, battery was the foremost complaint. On CNET, same thing. On Best Buy, same thing. My friends who bought the phone also complain of the same thing. I have to reiterate: if you are getting good battery life from that phone, you are fortunate indeed.

It's not luck at all. I have 5 friends with the EVO. They all got only a few hours out of their phones until I set them up for them and now they all get 15+ hours out of them. Task killers don't help at all. You shouldn't have one on an EVO. Especially with 2.2. Turning off the click sound won't do much of anything either.

Hmmmmmm. Okay. You've piqued my curiosity, then. I didn't give up right away; I tried everything within the three weeks that I had the phone to improve the battery life. What is this secret to great battery life on the EVO that no one else seems to know about?

Yea, we were having the same talk! I'm guessing she's talking about the big secret of rooting it, and disabling all the features like 4g, wifi, bluetooth, google talk, 4g/wifi notifications, always on mobile network, etc....changing wifi sleep policy, notification lights and vibration and all the other tips we have found! Which I tried and all my friends with evo's have tried and still only get 4-5hrs of battery life with the amount we use(d) the phone, even when I had my evo and was researching it...the best I ever saw someone get with average use was 8hrs and the people that were getting 12-14hrs openly said they weren't using their phones very much for most of the day

Right. Hopefully, that's not what she is alluding to, because I tried all those things, and none of them helped with battery life at all; I used to watch that battery icon in amazement at how quickly it got depleted. It was like urinating in a river; utterly ineffectual . . .

I wish I could post a pic in here to show my battery life. Along with screen shots of others battery life with their evo's. I use wifi, gps, 4g, bluetooth and all that. Not all day and it is off when I am not using it. If the evo didn't work for you then okay. But for a lot of others it works and it works well. And they get very good battery life out of it.

Just when you thought bb was down and out...pow! Right back into the game. New bold looks like my preferred choice - forged ss frame... Sweet.

Awesome!!! Incoming blackberry makes my Torch look like a piece of crap :s...

Hope I can get one of this new bb... And yes, hope I can get OS 6.1 on my Torch :D

WOW... this all looks really really amazing!

I hope that the Monaco is released earlier than August though.... I was hoping a mid Springish release (looks like thats not gonna happen, but there is still hope!)

I wonder why RIM is ditching the left side convenience keys? Such a stupid move...convenience keys are one of the main selling points to many of us, and IMO, the left is the most important.

I noticed that as well. I'm hoping that Six Tools will support those platforms so that I can use the volume keys as convenience keys like I do know.
I'm glad to see that BB is putting some improved hardware in their phones. I'm curious to see how the battery life will be.

Boy, I can't wait to see those curves running with that 800 Ghz (gigahertz) processor...must be powered by cold fusion or something. I knew RIM had a trick up their sleeves! :rolleyes:

thanks for the clarification on the GHz (correction for ya) acronym.

Of course, you realize, the reference is for a CURVE, right? LOL


as happy as i am to finally get some light on where RIM is going, but these phones are barely matching todays releases in specs, i think they need to boost everything by at least 25%..

easier said then done, i know... but RIM needs to make a stance at the head of the pack again, they need relationships in these things to be profitable, but at this point RIM might as well be buying their competitors extra parts.....

RIM doesn't play the spec game. For spec pissing contest, go see Android. RIM is about balance between acceptable (if not good and improving) performance and autonomy.

With 1Ghz+ for high-end and 800Mhz mid-range, plus software optimization and maturity, this makes sense for RIM.

Very few people, unlike you, actually care about what's under the hood as long as the user experience is satisfactory and that's exactly what RIM is focusing on -- not trying to be the champion on spec sheets.

i wonder why RIM would make the curve touch which in my opinion looks cool as hell and with a larger screen than the bold be less in specs to the bold, i understand its a "curve" line but maybe give it a different name and give it the 1.2ghz processor, and the more ram.

All these phones look impressive, I really think some of the android fanboys need to stop trolling a blackberry website, your phone based insecurities aren't required! If I recall the 624mhz torch wasn't much slower than the androids running their almighty 1ghz processors...its not always about specs written on paper, its the real world performance that matters, who cares if its 1mhz or 500ghz as long as it works well as a total package! Haters and negative comments are based on jealousy and feeling threatened...its pointless, you can use your enormous android phones and we'll continue to enjoy our blackberry's with or without your inadequacy issues posted for all to see on a public website

Which, of course, means its ok to troll almost every blog on a blackberry fan website and leave negative hateful comments constantly, its redundant and pointless...not to mention immature and disrespectful! It is possible to be a member, with an android and not constantly post "blackberry sucks, evo rules" and "people still buy blackberrys", when there's just as many drawbacks to android phones! I have 4 friends with evo's they are constantly lagging and locking up, one has gotten 3 replacements because of it since june, and they all carry 2 or 3 spare batteries with them to make it through the day! Still, I think certain aspects of android has some potential, and you don't see me trash talking them constantly on android central!

Every single platform has its ups and downs. And if someone is using a blackberry and an android and they like their android better why can't they bash their blackberry? Are they only allowed if they don't use android and only use blackberry. It goes the other way around also. At least a lot bashing blackberry have used both phones as their own. Unlike you who is bashing android and you don't even have one. You just have friends with them. Well I have 2 blackberries and 2 androids and this very moment and android is better. For many many a reasons. Maybe your friends should learn more about their phones and they would get better battery life and not have laggy phones. I get 20+ hours from my EVO and from my Epic. I only get about 7 from my Bold and my Style. That's without buying extended batteries for any of them. My blackberries get the stupid clock on them for pretty decent amounts of time very very often. Way more than either of my androids lag. Even with all the problems of blackberries I still love them and will buy the Monaco and the Montana when they come out. I can assure that I will be back to android very soon after buying them though. I can do everything on my android and can't do as much on my blackberry. I use my phones for business and for personal use. I need/want it to do a whole heck of a lot and android just can. It's not about bashing one or the other. It is about what it can do and what you need it to do. If blackberry works for you then great. But a blackberry is not the end all save all of cell phones. Granted neither is android. There never will be one. If you don't want to read bashing then don't open those threads.

You make no sense, stop being defensive....I did no bashing, I simple said the problems my friends tolerated with their androids...and pointed out how I still think it has potential and I'm NOT bashing them! Wow...sensitive are we? And your putting words in my mouth, I never said blackberrys were the best, or anything was the best or worst! Bash your blackberry all you want, the fact is the majority of the android users posting hatred don't own blackberrys and they have openly stated they never will, they are just bored and posting random trolling comments! Its just redundant and pointless when they do it in every single blog on a blackberry fan website, like they are just trying to start arguments and drama, like you're doing now assuming and putting words in my mouth! So, your saying I shouldn't open a thread, about blackberry's future phone schedule that pertains to me and my possible future upgrades, because there are android users posting lame comments in this thread too, and every other thread about future phone, apps, accesories, you name it they've posted hatred in it for no reason! I have a bold, use it heavily non stop through out the day, even the gps constantly and easily get 12-14hrs out of it with no lag or hour glass! You however are the first android user, especially on the evo, that seems to make it that long on a charge! By your assumption, based on battery life and needing to learn more about their phones, I assume then you realize you're saying you should learn more about your blackberry since you experience lag/hourglass and your battery life isn't what it should be! You can assume what you will, I have used android quite a bit, even had an evo for a while and always came back to my bold...where do you see that I've never owned one? Did you assume again? Stop it...really, all this assuming and guessing you're doing is ridiculous, move on....

The point is that people who have both and have a valid complaint should be able to post it. Be it android or blackberry. And trust me I have done everything possible to get better life on my blackberries. I now just carry 2 batteries for it (them). I am not the only one who gets good battery life out of my EVO either. Either way it is an open forum and people can post what they like as long as it follows the rules. If you don't like it you don't like it. They can still post. I am by no means one sided with android or blackberry. I think it is ridiculous to be. People should use what works for them. So again, if blackberry works for you great. Both work for me. One just a little better than the other. I will be buying the Monaco and the Montana. I am also sure I will be buy some new android phones this year. It is what it is.

And that was my point all along, use what works for you, stats don't mean anything if the package doesn't work well together, and pointless immature "blackberry sucks, android rules" comments are unnecessary....I never said anyone with a valid complaint couldn't post it, you're totally missing the point and interpreting what I said however you see fit, that's your fault again for assuming! Explain to me how "blackberry sucks, android rules" and "people still buy blackberrys" are valid complaints about blackberry....in the blogs about new blackberry related stuff! I believe you're right about the forums though, isn't there a section specifically for complaints problems and issues, in the actual forums and not in the news/blogs! You're right though, even the blog section is open to any comment, but it just shows how disrespectful people have become and how immature they are over needing to feel as if their phone is superior in every way...or maybe they are just bored and immature, who knows!

I'm glad you get good battery life from your evo, as you are one of the select few that does, I tried all the tips and still only got 4 or 5 hrs out of my evo, same with my friends, same with all the professional reviewers I've seen online! That's the biggest universal complaint I've seen every where about the evo and experienced myself, horrible battery life....like I've said, I use my 9650 non stop all day, talking, texting, bbm, nav, gps and get 12-14hrs at least! Same with the other 3 9650's in my household, and the 5 9330's in my immediate family! The style, I'll agree with that one, is horrible on battery though, bigger screen less powerful battery isn't a good combo, but still get 8-10hrs out of it! I'm not onesided either, I said multiple times I think android has potential, it just needs some fine tuning and a lot more battery life for me to consider it again! I've never said blackberry was the best, it works for me, and works well for my constant phone needs

All these phones are awesome!
If RIM releases them this year that means U.S. Cellular will have them on the shelves sometime in 2013!

Jefferies analyst Jeff Misek commented on Crackberry.com leaked CDMA roadmap slides today:

"RIMM CDMA roadmap: Following the leak last week of many of RIMM's upcoming GSM phones, last night RIMM's roadmap for its CDMA-based phones found its way onto the Internet.

• Takeaway: of note, the Storm 3 (AKA Monaco) has a solid spec sheet, and we think in Q2 it will potentially be the first QNX based phone (BB OS 6.1 running on top of QNX)."

So, to repeat BB OS 6.1 RUNS ON TOP OF QNX as a virtual machine or a JVM envrionment !!! Can you believe it ??? is this TURE, KEVIN ?? can you find out ???

By any of the devices, especially the Bold Touch. I wish RIM would bury that form factor once and for all.

The OS 6.1 however gets by blood racing. Pull that off and RIM will have a winning and highly competitive platform again. Can't wait!

And I just upgraded on my NE2. Oh well. Montana probably won't hit Verizon until Q4 or even Q1 of 2012. The QNX version probably won't hit until Q4 of 2012. I'll have to be happy with a playbook instead :)

This is great news! The Torch 2 looks most appealing to me and it looks like there is a new 9000 Bold sized hybrid device in the line up as well. This line up should do good in bringing in more blackberry users. Better late than never.

Now that i think about it, it is really smart to focus on the Playbook first. The tablet market has just begun and if RIM plays it smart, they can be very very competitive instead of playing catch up. I am hoping this will trickle down to smart phones and that QNX blackberrys are not that far from today.

That's the combo I'm wating for too, but my contract is up and I am still on this ghetto Storm 1... I don't know how much longer I can wait but Monaco + Playboook is definitely my dream team.

tell me about it I have to deal with this storm 2. I still think RIM needs to improve these new devices a little more.

These look great, but I'm not buying anything new that doesn't have LTE. I'm due for a new phone from Verizon in May, and if nothing is on the horizon from RIM by then, I may go over to the dark side. I get that LTE coverage won't be universal for probably a long time yet, but I live in a big city and 99% of my phone use is in big cities, and there are lots of customers like me. What is RIM waiting for?

Absolutely getting the Bold Touch, glad I've held out with my 8900, thinner too. Only tough part will be tethering the PB to EDGE for a few months.

All of you are saying that , "by then, droids etc will all have 4G". But, do you realize that 4G is not really 4G ? It doesn't exist everywhere, scarsely at all. So even if the phones have 4G, they have NO advantage in network speed/finctioning until 4G is everywhere. Realize that, please. Before you go on about how phones will have 4G and BB's will not.

can't wait for new gsms though my curve 8520 is just 6months old lol ill prolly keep my curve for 6more months or more before handing it down to trade for these new berries. i hope there'll be flash support so i won't lust for the palm pre 2 anymore. and worldwide availability please :)

If the Moncaco had a front facing camera (for chatting) and 1GB ram it would be the perfect touchscreen phone.

Maybe make the back Camer an 8MP but I know MP don't matter as much as you would think.

Still I'm stoked and will either be getting the Monaco or the Bold Touch. That said if a Torch 2 was avaliable on VZW/Sprint it would've been the perfect compromise... RIM doing these carrier exclusive agreements is really not good for them at this point.

Great line-up! For external notification LED, it looks like RIM is moving away from the oval and going to the little circle on all new devices. I thought they were doing this for the entry level only but I can see the tiny round LED on the Monaco and Montana. Not sure how I feel about this. I'm also worried about VZW changes to the early upgrade program preventing me from getting new devices frequently.

I'm loving the 800 Gigahertz speed.... too bad it will be 800 mhz....

though that s3 or monaco touch looks damn sexy, I'll be waiting until the dual core BB and QNX OS on the phone before I give up my D2G though, I just wish the Email and overall messaging was as good.