Another BlackBerry 9900 Pluto Image!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Mar 2009 01:25 pm EDT

BlackBerry 9900 Pluto

* A Final Update for Now: Sometimes it takes a post-gone-kinda-wrong like this to get to the real nitty gritty of it all. One of our trustiest inside sources finally got a look at this, and while not commenting on the photos themselves, let us know that the 9900/"Pluto" as its been referred to thus far on the blogosphere is now pretty old stuff internally, and while it did exist in this type of form factor the project has now been scrapped in favor of a new one which will feature much more improvementsand technologies that will ultimately become a Bold replacement. Details are limited at this time, but things like a "new optical trackball" should be on the table. So when it comes to images like this coming from a carrier/partner source, while new to us things like this can happen when they're old to RIM. Again...we'll leave it here for now, take it for what its worth, and we'll see what happens in the months ahead. *

* Update: So our friends at BGR vote shannigans on this one, pointing out that the first image of the 9900 we posted looks like an 8800's mic hole is showing below the keyboard, while in the second photo (above), that's not the case. Touché. At the same time, we're still hearing that "that is the 9900" so there's only one thing left to do now... get some real photos of a real device, and not this photo of an image stuff on a piece of paper stuff. Stay Tuned... we'll be back... *

A few of you are questioning the authenticity of our previous post of a Rogers document featuring the "BlackBerry 99xx", so here's another photo for y'all to scrutinize from the same source. Suffice to say, I do believe the original source of these images is credible even though the photos are a bit blurry - it looks like a typical device simulator capture that we have seen on other pre-release devices (and yes, I added the blacked out section at the bottom of this particular photo for protection of original source). If you care to disagree and assume photoshop, that's cool too, no worries here. I can see where that notion would come from - you could photoshop this if you wanted. It's a free world and all will be known with time. We pass on the goods as we have them and wouldn't post something just for the sake of posting if we didn't have pretty good faith in the source. Of course, that said, every blog has made some mistakes before. So I guess we'll see!

As for the SurePress vs. no SurePress debate, more "votes" have been arriving in favor of the 9900 featuring SurePress, so you can take that for what it's worth too (again, all will be known in time). Geeez... ya know, after the release of the Bold, Pearl Flip, Storm and Curve 8900 I thought we'd all be getting a little rest on the new device front, but it seems the crazyiness is back full swing!  

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Another BlackBerry 9900 Pluto Image!


I think that the SurePress will be more useful in this form factor since one would not have to worry about typing too fast and making a bunch of mistakes. But it will still hinder the speed of using the device because now you would not be able to press the menu button and quickly scroll through the menu with the trackball... Only a minor speed different though...

i think i will stick to a track ball model...better one handed navigation.

not a big fan of touch screens.

i do think it would be better if it was not sure press because u have a hard kb.

Dude. You're thinking of the Niagara. This is the 9900 they're talking about - it's a totally different device.

Everywhere I look on different sites everyone says the photos are doctored or photoshopped, is there anyway to prove these are legit?

defiantly fake photo. i an photoshop one of these right now for everyone. look at the picture...the phone gets skinner as you go down.

Its a BB Bold v2.0! Now when I get angry at my *New* Bold and slap it around it will actually respond to my physical attacks.


I could see this going either way on photoshopped or not. It would not be hard to photoshop, but at the same time, this would be a good idea I could see RIM wanting to put into action. I guess the only way to tell is to wait a little bit and see what happens with this phone.

I prefer this not be a sure press. But truthfully looks photoshopped look at where the trackball should be??

I was in Verizon about 2 weeks ago and asked what their next blackberry would be like. The rep told me it would be touch screen and have a keyboard too, so maybe this is it.

That's probably what it will look like. Still that photo is photoshopped and digitally edited, and poorly at that

The photo looks fake to me. There is like a odd circular shape where the track ball usually is. Looks like they took the healing brush in photoshop and manipulated it to me.

There's a big gaping hole where the trackball should be. I think the 99xx will be a Storm-esque phone with a slide out keyboard, with the 3.5in touchscreen. I don't know whether they will include a trackball or not. I also think that it will have GPS, Wi-Fi, and probably a 5-megapixel camera.

I guess if it was touchscreen. I didn't think before I posted. Looks like a photoshopped one to me. Like they took half a storm and half a 8900 or a 9000 and just pasted them together.

That's too bad to hear that they scrapped, but kudos on the quick updates. On the upside, however, hearing that there is a better phone in the works is promising. It just makes me wonder if then the release date will be further delayed. Maybe more definitive news will be available from WES '09.

Wow Thats Fake As Hell looks Like Every other Blackberry...No Trackball???? Touch Screen????? PHOTOSHOPPED

This is exactly what I was hoping RIM would do next! There seems to be a wide variety of opinions on this - some not understanding having a full keyboard with touch.... You realize the main reason most people don't buy a full touch is that they hate the popup keyboard (including me)? Go buy an iPhone (ick!!) or the highly flawed Storm in that case. Yet I've found scrolling around with the trackball to at times be a chore - and have wanted to just be able to reach out and touch...

Voila! Just better get this released to T-Mobile as well so I don't have to start hunting down unlock codes.

I went by the T-Mobile store on Wednesday. Apparently I just missed the rep from RIM who had the 9900. No trackball; touch screen but I'm not sure what kind of touch screen.

i wanted to get the torch but friends find the phone ugly so i wanted to wait for the bb bold 9780 but now i here that the bb pluto 9900 is comming in nov/dec
can tell me when the pluto is coming i realy want to know it
saw it at the site but it is written in the netherlands(dutch) so...

I have enjoyed having a cdma and gsm number both on one blackberry. I am able to switch networks when needed. Will this one also handle both systems on one phone?