Exciting News For Social Scope Users

By Bla1ze on 14 Jul 2009 06:53 am EDT
Exciting News For All You Social Scope Users!

Some great news coming out of Social Scope these days. It has been a while since Social Scope has launched its beta and since then they have been gradually adding more and more users to services. This time around we get a technical preview of what is to come from Social Scope over the next week or so. A quick breakdown below:

  • Major Upgrade To The UI- Social Scope has always had a "clean" feeling UI and they have taken that one step furtherwith the latest offerings.
  • Location Based Search - Need to find people around you Tweeting? Maybe you need to just try and find out where the next bar is that has happy hour--now you can do it.
  • Trends Support- Twitter is a social network site. With that a lot of topics are shared, now from within Social Scope you can find out what all the latest hot topics are.
  • Biggest News Of All - Social Scope will be adding A LOT more users to the services. Testing has been completed, services can now handle more users, so they will indeed be added.

There you have it folks. I'm positive a lot of you were hoping to hear that the services were going to be fully opened up today, but keep in mind it's not that far off. I promise. There should be a full blown announcement sometime this week and we will have much more information later. Until that time, check out the rest of the screenshots.

Location Based Search
Trending Topics In Social Scope!

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Exciting News For Social Scope Users


Cool stuff :) looks like Socialscope just keeps getting better & better, definately the nicest twitter app i've used...(plus the Facebook app within it too)

I switched just yesterday to Ubertwitter because of battery issues that I could only narrow down to SocialScope. SocialScope is awesome--I love having Facebook and Twitter updates in one application--but even when I changed the update frequency to an hour (one hour for new Twitter/FB updates?!?) it still kicked the crap out of my Storm's EXTENDED battery. When I reported it to SocialScope, they told me to turn the update frequency to longer.

Hopefully this was truly a bug (previous versions prior to SocialScope Light did not have the problem) and it's been fixed. Otherwise, SocialScope rocks!

I had the same problem with my battery but found if I put my updates to manual and check the box for socialscope to check for updates every time I go into it. Wow what difference it made.

I've not found an auto-updating twitter app that's easy on the battery... Personally, I've found that SocialScope has been better than Ubertwitter on the battery front.

Well at least you all were smart enough to use [at] instead of @. ;) We can't send you invites, members don't have the ability to do that. We all have to go thru their invite process. Even another CB mod, CX is still waiting for an invite, believe me if we could get them to expedite the process he would get one, BUT he's still waiting. :( Sorry gang! On the plus side it appears to be REAL close to release I hardly even find bugs anymore. :)

When they had the chat over at BlackBerryBoards, they gave an invite to all the people in the chat and I already had a copy, so I gave him the copy. He has a copy!

I'm convinced this program doesn't really exist. I filled out the invite request on their website 6 months ago (yes, it was in January,) and STILL haven't gotten an e-mail from them.

It's a conspiracy :D

I have been been using it from the begginning, and I have deleted Facebook and all other twitter's app from my BB.

I was having the same issue w/ the latest update of Socialscope Lite. I downgraded back to the previous version .40. Then upgraded back to .44 haven't had the battery drain problem since. This is the BEST twitter app out there!!!!!

I've been using Social Scope since it was launched, and I must say, our community that is testing it, most of us from here on Crackberry can't wait for this release, there is a tester who is using this version and they just keep saying "Just wait" lol

Eh, I've been using SS for a few months, but recently switched to UberTwitter. I think UT has a lot more features and I like how you can customize the display of UT. The tabs were nice in SS, but I can live without.

For some reason, even though I got an invite, I keep getting sent back to the Lite download page. Am I missing something?

Nah you're not missing anything... the currrent version is SS lite... still works the same... I use it daily...

I've been using SocialScope for quite some time now, and it is amazing. It almost makes Facebook app obsolete. I look forward to the day that I don't even need Facebook app. Was there any word on some sort of notifications for when someone comments on your facebook status?

This has to be the most full featured BB app I have used to date. It can do all that Twitter has to offer and much more.

DMs are like threaded SMS, Facebook updates and comments work well and when people post pictures, it's fun to scroll through them so smoothly. They support a lot of url shorteners so you can see the link before clicking. Twitpic support is pretty good, they need to expand to yfrog and when someone posts a link to a Youtube video, you see the picture associated with that video (possible Youtube support soon?). It looks like theres a Flickr logo up there, that will be amazing. Can't wait for the update and glad that many more will be able to enjoy this awesome app.

Looks nice BUT I am not impressed with their Customer Service if they can not send out the invites to the people who have asked...

Not starting off on a good foot with the masses who are waiting...

There is a very good reason that Social Scope has not sent out more invites. They have a very extensive back end Server configuration to make everything they have planned possible. They never intended to have a large initial beta, and were shocked at the massive amount of invite requests they received. The goal of the current beta is to fully insure that the back end systems are ready to handle the load. You would complain more if you got an invite, but were unable to use it because the servers crashed under the load. They are protecting their brand, and ensuring the best SocialScope experience possible. Trust me, It is worth the wait! You can read an interview with one of the Social Scope developers here. http://bit.ly/uRlNT

hello! can someone please invite me! been trying to get social scope for the longest! thx in advance invite me deeemaa209atyahoo.com

No one can invite anybody! Only Social Scope can send you and invite, and they will do it when they are ready. There is no "Trick" or "Secret" to getting an invite. If there was my wife and friend would have it. Just be patient.

Best app on my BB HANDS DOWN!! I use this more than I use email now it seems like. If RIM wants to add social media functionality you are looking at it. I can not stress how sweet this app is and it keeps getting better!

This program is sweet, even in Beta. I hardly ever have any problems and the ones I do have are minor. It offers tons of features (and the feature set is obviously about to be expanded). The UI is clean and uncluttered. Since getting SS, I've tried a number of Twitter clients on BB (TG, UT) and the iPhone (TweetDeck, iTwitter) and come back to SS every time. I wish RIM would make apps that are this clean and smooth!

hopefully I can finally get the invite I have been waiting at least four months for. Did anyone else notice the Flickr logo at the top? Maybe there will be flickr integration too? That would be awesome. Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr!

screw social scope, they treated the community like shit. they wont have anymore of my time to waste.

treated the community like shit. you are the definition of abuser. they offer a free product. just because you feel like you are "entitled" to a free product and didn't get it, they treated you like shit.

i got the invite and use it everyday, they didn't treat me or the other happy users like shit.

good thing they won't have anymore of your time to waste. you probably expect to have the world served to you on a platter for free also.

because when it's released to the masses, you'll try it, and use it. Ubertwitter pales in comparison.

It is a damn great app, but for older berries like mine, it sucks over half a mb on install space alone, and it is a bit of an overkil, with all the functions if you use FB app like me as well. That's my only issue :)

Edit, also ease of use, of course we have a blackberry for one thing, ability to just snap a picture and MMS, upload to facebook whatever, without hoop hopping to navigate to the media area then upload, hence why I am sticking to the native FB app, and uber twitter. looks damn nice and it is nice, but not for me.

This looks very nice. I only hope that I don't miss getting the update. Will it pop up like other updates have been popping up? Or, will I have to be on twitter/crackberry at the right moment to have a chance at this?

Either way, I'm hoping to get a chance to use this soon. It looks very nice!! Although, I have no complaints with the version now!

How do I get an updated version of socialscope? I've been invited long ago but never can seem to get a newer version then or something?

@brianjking me on twitter plz. Thanks!

Greatest Twitter App hands down. It's ease of use is genius. I waited about 3months for an invite and then finally received it early this week :)

Are people still keeping track of this? It'd sure be nice if SS had some sort of blog they could periodically update to keep us in the loop.