Excellent Tumblr Blogging Application for BlackBerry Devices

Tumblr Application Available For BlackBerry!
By Bla1ze on 6 Jul 2009 09:06 am EDT

This is great news. Although it may not be new to some of you out there as the application is a little on the older side. I have personally never seen this application before and I have to say, I really wish I had of known about it before.

A lot of you may have personal blogs that you maintain. A lot of you may run those blogs on Tumblr and while Tumblr does make it rather easy to post items from mobile devices with their blog integration anything that makes that type of stuff easier is always awesome. Hippocamp has made a Tumblr application available for BlackBerry devices where in which you can create, edit and post direct to your Tumblr blog all from your BlackBerry Smartphone.

Now over that past day I have tested the application and I have to say it's genius how well it works. It's free, it's been regularly updated and the developer has much more in store for the application such as video and audio upload capability in forthcoming versions. If you have a Tumblr account check it out. Now, Wordpress - can we get that application you have been promising us? Because in the meantime I have been using ScreamingToasters-Wicked Wordpress App For BlackBerry ;)

[ Thanks, @jbyrdman ]

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Excellent Tumblr Blogging Application for BlackBerry Devices


The links are posted in the comments...it's to force you too read the article, like a test...how bad do you want it? ;)

I use it for my iPhone and it's an excellent app. Glad it's on the BlackBerry devices now. I hope it's as function or even better.

I actually posted about this awhile ago. This is a GREAT app for what's available.


I'd suggest other bloggers check out Ping.FM as well, they have an app for BB called BlackPing. What that does is combine say Wordpress, Tumblr annnd Facebook for example so its a simple all in one app right at your fingertips. Although I have not tested, It eliminate the need for a FB app for OS 5 for those who need it.

Looks like a hot and simple app. Nice work. Although I wonder how many Tumblr users rock BlackBerrys? Based on my non-scientific survey looks like most are on iPhones. :)

Hey Bla1ze, do you have an in with the ScreamingToasters people?

Can you get something together for a bunch of beta invites?

...I filled out the web-form hours ago :(

Works well but is missing the ability to send to Tumblr right from a photo you just took like you can with the Flikr and Facebook BB apps.

I usually just blog photos so at the moment I email to my Tumblr account from the pic I just took.

Using the app is a bit of a p.i.t.a. if you just blog pics and want to upload them right away.
Right now you take the pic, View Photos, go into the pic you want to upload then send to Tumblr. Or you can open this app and attach a pic that way and send, but there is no easy way to send just the pic from the "I just took this" state.

Works well and is a good beta, I think I'm a different type of user so I'm just throwing it out there and hope the Send To Tumblr option gets added to the Send to list.


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I have a friend that uses tumblr several times a day. He uploads videos from his BB and Pictures. he has been doing this for months. More important, it updates to facebook every time with a link to view the picture or video hyperlinked right under whatever he posts......????? am I missing something?

Useless to me because App World is not available all over the world and especially not in Oz
At least they could have a website download link.

Does anyone know of a Tumblr app that works over wifi? I'm so tired of all these apps that aren't available to non-data plan users...

I used that link and the app works well for me so far, but the only downside is that I can't view what other people posted. It is convenient for me to just post from my phone though, so that would probably be my main use for it.