Excellent BlackBerry 8100 (Pearl) Review

BlackBerry 8100 (Pearl) Review
By James Falconer on 7 Apr 2007 10:30 am EDT

An EXCELLENT out-of-the-box review by our friend Julie at The Gadgeteer.

Check out the review here. Lots of great pics and detail put into this review. Thanks Julie!

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Excellent BlackBerry 8100 (Pearl) Review


I used to be a dedicated Palm Treo fan, but found the email not terribly reliable.

After problems with email and the 700p, I recently bought a Pearl and just haven't looked back.

Basically, great phone -- lighter, smaller than the Palm with better sound -- and super-reliable email. I think for most business users, reliable email is the No. 1 reason to get a smartphone.

If true, the Pearl is a clear winner...
Farrell Kramer,
farrell kramer communications (www.farrellkramer.com), blackberry pearl