Ex-Poynt developers introduce Spotcast, a socialized local search app for BlackBerry 10

By Simon Sage on 31 Jan 2013 10:06 pm EST

Remember Poynt? Once upon a time, it was everybody's favorite local search app on BlackBerry. Though the company sadly didn't make it in the long haul, a few of the old developers are keeping the spirit alive in a new app called Spotcast. It has a lot of the same stuff you'd come to expect from Poynt - GPS-based search within certain categories of business, plus a smattering of useful related tools, including weather and a tip calculator. The real twist is the social element.

Spotcast users can broadcast tips about businesses (be it a sale, a criticism, or anything in between), and other users can upvote those comments as they please. Think of it kind of like Foursquare tips crossed with Yelp reviews.  

Though there isn't a whole lot to see from the app right now, it's impressive that they've been able to build out the app in a mere 45 days and that they're on BlackBerry 10 first. From my conversation with these guys, it's clear they're very aware of the opportunities to plug into other networks, and based on the way everything is formatted right now, it's easy to imagine Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter being leveraged in short order.

Spotcast went live in BlackBerry World just yesterday, so if you've got a BlackBerry 10 device, check it out. 

More information/download Spotcast for BlackBerry 10 

Reader comments

Ex-Poynt developers introduce Spotcast, a socialized local search app for BlackBerry 10


Wow did Poynt ever suck. You'd search "Pizza Hut" and every place with the word "Pizza" in the name or "Hut" would come up and you'd find "Pizza Hut" down at #42 on the list. I don't miss that junk.

Poynt wasn't perfect, but it had a lot of useful features, and it's too bad that the developer didn't make it. I thought they were just dealing with financial issues but it wasn't going to be worked out. As far as this app, it sounds like a good idea, and with the social aspect of it, can make it more useful and more used.

I have it on my playbook and my 9900 but have u noticed how its gotton slow on the bb phones? Seems like it takes a long time to find stuff recently. But i love the app on the playbook and will continue to use it so long as it works

Don't we have anough of such apps by now? I am feeling pretty well with qype already, due to the high quality of the users comments.
I wish them luck anyways.
Btw.: A tip calculator is useless in europe.

I still have Poynt installed, as well. Even when they were up and running I found too often that the listings were out of date (my primary and about the only complaint I had with the app). Even with that significant issue, it remains a useful app. Having one that is up to date is good news.

Why can't bbry hire them and incorporate these features into Maps? A lot of the reviews complained about Maps being barebones

That's a wonderful idea. Not sure why RIM didn't offer them jobs. These guys have done a great job in the past and continue to push the envelope.

Poynt did declare bankruptcy but are still operating. It's still one of my most well used apps. Last weekend I booked two taxis, movie tickets and booked a dinner for dinner, all in about 5 minutes and without leaving the app once. It found restaurants within walking distance of the theatre and made the whole process painless. I have no idea why people think it sucks. Oh, and my favourite feature of the whole thing is reverse look up. It's so simple and quick.

I probably use Poynt more than any other app on my BB. I am constantly checking movie times, where restaurants are in a new area, etc. etc. It's invaluable to me and I wish BB would hire them also. This new app looks nice, but frankly I liked the old Poynt.

Same here! I love whipping out my 9900 and finding movie times and am already watching the trailor for the movie while my friends with iphones and droid razrs are still looking for the closest theaters. It is the most efficent app ive ever had. Other app makers should strive to think so hard.

I will miss Poynt! It was my favorite BlackBerry app! I hope this will fill the void and extend the features and services.

Welcome back, Poynt developers! Glad you're back in the game.

I freakin love Poynt. I use it a lot. It is sometimes whacked...but I usually get the info I need in very little time.

I'm really happy that Blackberry came out with a new phone but I have one thing to say.
Please don't forget about us that may have just bought a BB9900 4 months ago and are still looking for apps and games. All I'm seeing are apps ansd games or the new phone.
I still have Poynt and you're right it stinks. How long will I have to wait to get this great sounding new app that takes the place of Poynt?
Please don't forget about us!