Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a host of new features

Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 14 Aug 2013 09:15 am EDT

Fingers crossed you saw our hands-on video with Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10. The application that removes adverts from websites you visit was already jam packed with great features, including all the ones you get in the native browser, but a new update has delivered a ton of new good stuff. In addition, Evolution Browser has now been awarded 'Built for BlackBerry' status - which we all like to see.

I've already got a couple of new favorite features that have now been added. First up is that the Active Frame will display the website name you have open in the browser (as you can see from photo above). And the 'Night Mode' is a beauty - not only as it looks good, but it will also save you some battery juice.

The developer has also hinted that there will be some great new features coming when 10.2 lands. Sounds pretty sweet doesn't it? If you don't already have Evolution Browser hit up the link below and enjoy.

New in this update:

  • Text zoom fix for most desktop sites
  • SPEED Improvements, even faster than before!
  • New tabs design (Quick tip: hold the 3 dots in bottom right corner for quick access to tabs)
  • Privacy Mode  (disables cookies and history)
  • Change default search engine
  • Disable Javascript option
  • New UI Settings menu
  • Change default font size
  • Address bar themes
  • Show website name in active frame (option)
  • Fix for delay when clicking a link
  • Night mode (darkens pages)
  • Search bookmarks
  • Misc Bug fixes

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Reader comments

Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a host of new features


Is there a way to import bookmarks. I've downloaded the browser but it sits unused for this main reason.

Posted via CB10

Lots of great improvements. Any chance we could get text reflow for desktop sites?

Posted via CB10

I can't click on a link to download a file. Does this version fix it? I can't seem to download anything.

Posted via CB10

That's a comprehensive feature list. Perhaps a single column view could be added in a future update. That would be quite beneficial on the Q10 inparticular.

My biggest request. Can't figure out why no one other that Opera has this feature.

Posted via CB10

How can we get evolution to be the default browser? The one issue I have is that when clicking a link anywhere in the phone (like an email) it opens the native browser not evolution. I know you can the click on "open in evolution browser" but that is an additional step along with again having to close the native browser

Posted via CB10

I don't know what is so good about this compares to BlackBerry native browser..installed and immediately deleted - can't even get zoom to work on my Q10..browsed Cnn website enlarge the page all I saw is blurry text...there is also no text reflow...am I missing something?

Posted via CB10

Same for me...tried it, didn't see any benefit, and things were blurry when zoomed. Also did not see any speed increase over native browser, in fact it seemed slower to me.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I would like to see a spinny thing that shows that something is happening after clicking a web address. Sometimes it seems that I haven't clicked the address page title properly until I wait and it shows.

Posted via my CB Q10

My favorite feature is by far the ability to change the UA. I don't know why Google has to be a dick and restrict their (awesome) mobile version of Google Play Music to Android devices, but being able to use this browser to stream my music is sooo clutch. Thanks Shao!


It seems like a glaring omission to me. I don't even use evolution for this reason. I'm keeping it on my phone and will use it when this feature comes, but if I want to browse the web, it's the default browser I tap on.

I had annoying issue , when I wanted to download a document the evolution browser would open up and would not allow me to share or download, not fast , and choppy, I disabled the browser and everything worked. Will try again

Question for dev:

1) Why would Evolution browser be any faster? As far as I can see it uses the WebView component of Cascades and should perform 100% as the built in browser.

2) Would it be possible to support pop-up's, but opening them in a new tabs? I know this is weird, but I have a special use case for that.

3) Would you concider adding IE6 as useragentstring? Again - special legacy use case for this one.

Other than that: Cool product - keep on coding!

No update showing for me, and that update list looks like the list from the last update... Either way, still no fix on the way it handles url's in the address bar, so sticking to the stock browser until that is fixed...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Can it open a link in a new tab yet? This is a key feature that is absolutely required to make the browser usable.. Otherwise, the tabs are just new browser instances and not part of the "flow" of web browsing..

The other UI feature that needs to be fixed is when you touch the address bar, the whole address needs to be highlighted... It's a consistency thing: the native browser and the rest of the UI operate this way, and also a usability thing.. Yes, you can click the "x" icon to clear the field, but that's an extra click that the native browser does not require and it quickly becomes annoying.. If the developer doesn't want to make it permanent, at least make it a user-choice feature in the UI menu..

All the other bugs I can live with, but these two things are key..

Great app, now my kids can watch treehousetv.com since they seem to be blocking access from BlackBerry device and there PlayBook app doesn't work anymore. Can't fool Netflix though lol

Posted via CB10

does it have flash? I really need to watch on my phone for a bit when I am out sometimes. the native browser shows ads that can sometimes ruin the best moment in a live stream tournament.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 in Germany

Like this browser, but I hate that it opens some links and images and pdf's into the main z10 browser, what good is that if I don't want to use the default browser at all?

Please fix this and allow pdf's to open in evolution and all links and images.

Also another issue I talked about before has not been addressed is when you open images in evolution browser, when you try and zoom in, you can not move the image around as it just moves back to original zoomed in spot and that suks as it's useless then for images that are small and your wanting to zoom in bigger.

The browser is fast, but I would say just as fast as the default.

It's a OK alternative to the default, but not 100% useful right now.

Fix the issues and I will give it a 5 star rating, but for now it's a 3 star review.

Posted via CB10

Some features/bugs to consider:

- open link in new tab feature is important
- text reflow would be cool to have

- address bar, it will always delete the first word you type and replace it with the word ".com".
- if you open in a link (from another app) in evolution browser, it forces you to first choose which tab to open the link in instead of just opening the page
- zooming sometimes still makes pages blurry
- url not automatically highlighted when address bar selected
- when typing in a Web search in the

Posted via CB10

Sorry, that third point should read "When typing a Web search in the address bar it always replaces the first word typed with ".com".

Posted via CB10

There are some really good features in this application, specially the browser agent which is a feature that I missed in the old BlackBerry browser.

The bad:
1. Tab doesn't work if you want to open a link in a new tab you will fire the normal blackberry browser!! You will have two browsers opened.

2. Just like the BlackBerry browser, you can't save MP3 links or wave files.. they just play in the browser and u can't download it.

3. It is fast.. but sure can get slow sometimes due to page transition.

I m not really impressed. Not worth the money.

Posted via CB10

Not true. Just long press the MP3 link in the native browser and select Save Link.

It has been able to do this since BB10.0

Posted via CB10

No one has seemed to mention that there isn't the option to always have websites as the full version ( as opposed to mobile). That and a couple other things that others have mentioned are a shame since there is a lot of positives too. The bar disappearing while scrolling down is SO nice, I have no idea why the native browser doesn't have that option.

Posted via CB10

Oh and when watching a video you have to minimize it to active frames to change volume of the video. If these couple things get fixed it will be far better than the native browser.

Posted via CB10

Why can I not be able to Open a New Tab within an opening windows.
That made me still stick with default browser!

hey downloaded this a while ago and love it... is there going to be a feature to recognize phone numbers in text so u can call them from the browser?

Everybody seems to be Verry satisfied about Evolution browser.. but i dont think is good.. it has his feature but dosnt work on certain websites Where i like to go and surf... and it is not faster..

Posted via CB10

What I am missing with blackberry 10 browsers is "mobile" formatting as opera mini does. Having that would be very handy. Other features are just minor not very necessary bells and whistles.

Posted via CB10

It's faster than the regular browser you can go from the main browser in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen then at the very bottom it will say open in and thats how you can open Up bookmarks

Posted via CB10

Love the browser. Only thing that bothers me us when clicking the address bar, it doesn't highlight the entire url, would love to see that fixed.

Posted via CB10

Agree with many of the feature requests already mentioned. Where oh where is Opera for BB 10??

'Reader' seems to redirect to a site called readability.com. But when I did this for the Register, it doesn't seem to actually show me any links to articles on the Register's page. Anyone have any ideas about that?

I like the Evolution browser a lot. Just two things I would like answering please: Firstly, everytime I open the browser, it tells me 'BBM Setup Required'. I do not use BBM and do not want to see this command everytime I open the browser. How can I disable this command? Secondly, how do I delete cookies? Thanks in advance for your help.

...Just thought of a third question! Native browser allows web page shortcuts to the homepage. Can this be done in Evolution?

Keep your fingers off this browser! It's slow, sluggish, doesn't support flash and has all other kinds of bugs and annoyances!
If you report this or make other constructive comments in BBW, your comments will be deleted by the dev! I wasted my money on this browser because there were almost only 5* ratings (few 4*). The I figured that everything else is deleted by the dev. himself! ShaoSoft is screwing the whole community and nobody does anything to prevent this fraud! I hope we can get this guy out of business somehow!

I don't know if this crook (ShaoSoft) is somehow associated with CB? It almost looks like! Guys like him are destroying this whole community! What good is an app-store where reviews can be deleted by a dev.?? b.t.w. he has even blocked me even from writing reviews! he probably does this for everyone writing critical comments...
We need to create some shitstorm here to destroy this guy!