Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10 gets updated and goes on sale

Evolution Browser
By James Richardson on 26 Jun 2014 03:29 pm EDT

An update and a price drop all in the same week - nice. That's what's happened to Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10, so if you were tempted when we covered the alternative browser for your BlackBerry, but couldn't justify the price, now may be the perfect time to give it a go.

There are a bunch of reasons to use Evolution Browser over the native one but I suspect the most prominent feature is its ability to block adverts. Gone are the days of having your web page clogged up with unwanted adverts as Evo browser strips them out - clever stuff.

Although the changes in this latest version are not huge, they certainly improve the whole browsing experience. And with the app having 33% of its price in BlackBerry World until Sunday, June 29th can we tempt you?

New in the latest version:

  • Speed improvements

  • Updated ad blocking

  • Bug fixes

See us go hands on with Evolution browser here.

Are you an Evolution Browser user and prefer it over the native experience? Let us know in the comments.

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Reader comments

Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10 gets updated and goes on sale


I kind of have to agree. I respect Shao a lot, but realistically the only reason for me to run this browser is to block ads, which I don't see much of anyway

There are much better third party browsers than Evolution. Check out Alpha browser. Evolution is no faster than the stock browser (as far as I've ever been able to tell) and it is missing too many features the stock browser (and Alpha browser) have.

There is still no flash, and still no way to open a link in a new tab.

Alpha browser has both these features, plus the ability to make you appear like Chrome/Chrome Mobile/Safari/IE etc... and it also has ad blocking.

Why the dev hasn't added "open link in new tab" after all this time is a bit of a mystery to me.

Does alpha auto highlight the web address when you click into it so you don't have to manually delete everything like you do with evolution? And does the space bar auto enter the dots like the stock browser? Another feature evolution lacks?

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

"Does alpha auto highlight the web address when you click into it so you don't have to manually delete everything"

Yes it does. It also has a dedicated search page.

"does the space bar auto enter the dots like the stock browser"

No. But I just tried that on the BB10 stock browser, and it didn't auto-add any dots (in-place of spaces) for me. (I typed www<space>google<space>com and it didn't add any dots, and it did not take me to www.google.com when I hit enter).

This would be hard to do anyhow, since modern browsers use the url bar as the search bar as well.

The way you opne new pages in a new tab is kinda different (e.g.: you don't long press a link to get an "open in new link" option). There is a dedicated button on the left of the address/url bar. To open a link in a new tab, you first click that button, then click the link you want open in a new tab. Also, to get between tab, you swipe left or right under the address bar to scroll through your open pages, or you double tap that bar to get a horizontal list of the tabs you have open. Takes a bit of getting used to.

The stock browser does add the dots with space, but you have to tap the address that it suggests, unlike pre-BB 10 browser where you could press enter.

Posted via CB10 on the amazing Q10

Yep, I kind of liked it better the way it was before, but the new way is still better than other browsers that actually requires you to type in the dots yourself...

Can't find this dedicated tab button. I remember there was something, but after the update it disappeared. Looks like a bug. I am usually not UI challenged.

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I'm looking at the screenshots of Alpha Browser and in the settings it says "Add Blocker" LMAO! But I want it to block subtracts, and maybe divides instead! :-D

Did they ever fix it to say "Ad Blocker" like it should? That's a pretty silly oversight by the developers...

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I agree. Worthless without Flash support. I contacted the dev about it. Fortunately, I wasn't holding my breath waiting for their response.

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this makes me ask - what's new in the 10.3 browser?
Any chance we get to switch open tabs by swiping sideways???...

Oh yeah. Oh yeah oh yeah. Swipe would major nice. The current switching system is barf.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

Nice to see developers updating APPS, but BlackBerry browser is so dam good!!!

Posted from my flagship Z30

I used Evolution browser but some websites are blocked and the UI is not really intuitive.
I definitely use the original browser. Sorry for the developer. I would prefer a drastic different browser rather than a not so good enough similar.

One thing I like about this browser over the native one is that my bookmarks are listed alphabetically which for me, greatly reduced search time in looking for a bookmark.

Another thing I like is "night mode. ". I really use both, this and the native browser, some things "look " better one versus the other depending on the page.

Posted via CB10

This browser is still nearly unusable due to one missing functionality: Open Link in New Tab

One glaring ommission.

Copy and paste into new tab is awkward.... (even though ClipMan greatly helps)

Pasted via CB chen

There are times when embedded videos won't play on the native browser (at least on my z10) and I can get them on this one. It's always good to have redundancy in my books!

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As long as the big elephant feature open link in a new tab is missing, all other improvements matter very little. Pass.

The side swipe to forward or back page in EVO browser is just excellent !!

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

What was the previous or regular price? It is listed for $1.99 for me and doesn't mention a sale. From searching Crackberry it looks like it was $1.99 when it was reviewed back in 2013. Is it really on sale?

The native browser has a lot of quirks that get in the way (try browsing to a site that has a Vine video embedded- it will auto play endlessly and you can't stop it), and the fact that you can't change the user agent string is a deal breaker on some web sites.. Lack of ad blocking is also an annoyance especially if you aren't one of the lucky people with unlimited data plans and can afford to waste half your browsing bandwidth on ad content..

That said, Evolution is cr*p.. Ad blocking is its one and only useful feature, and back when this browser was first released and Shao was a prolific app developer, I was prepared to forgive the bugs because the ad blocking saved me so much data, but then bugs never got fixed, and promised features never materialized and then Shao had his temper tantrum with BlackBerry and dropped off the face of the earth, seemingly abandoning this app.. OK, so he's provided and update, but it still has major bugs that still have not been addressed in this release, and such simple features as opening a link in a new tab are still not available despite being promised many times.. In fact being unable to open a link in a new tab is the reason I deleted this app in the first place and why I am deleting it yet again..

I want to support app builders, but they in turn have to support their users.. If you want a browser that does everything Evolution does and more, try Alpha Browser.. It still has bugs and quirks of its own, but it is infinitely more usable IMO and it has both ad blocking as well as a functional, if quirky, implementation of opening a link in a new tab..

If you don't mind a slight bit of a laggy response, the Android version of Opera Mini works quite well in its data-use minimizing "off road" mode (it doesn't work in regular browser mode though)..

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Sick; it even has the coveted 'Built For BlackBerry' emblazoned in the store! I may purchase this tomorrow.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

What's the best browser for the z10 currently? $2 seems kind of more than I want to pay for a browser.

Posted via CB10

Refuse the app for the features if you will bit for God's sake don't blame it on price. 2$ on a BlackBerry phone....puh-lease. my Starbucks expenses pay for this 8 times everyday.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

Purchased this when it was last one sale. It is a okay browser. Basic but functional. Yet the stock browser is far better. It works like any other browser on any other device. And has open in new tab. Evolution doesn't have this. Instead it opens to the stock browser. Which makes me wonder what the point is in a 3rd party browser if the stock browser beats it in features and it relies on the stock browser for functionality.

Posted via CB10

Anyone realized the "User Agent Changer" in the settings menu?

You can be Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Chrome Desktop, well, even Internet Explorer...

Great feature for those website that give you the... "this browser is not supported. Please download ..... " kinda nonsense

Pasted via CB chen

Someone on twitter like John Legere is what BlackBerry needs. Well maybe it's not but it's what would make me happy.

Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

Evo browser was the first bb10 app I bought. But as many have mentioned the shortcomings do not outweigh the ad block. Shame. Oh whales.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I bought this browser when it first came out...I use both it and the regular browser but no ads is awesome (wish it had flash tho) :-)

Posted on my Q10!!! BB10 FTW!!!

This browser socks in many ways but you write to the dev. you'll never get an answer. And if you write a review in BlackBerry World, everything below 4-5* (even if it's constructive) gets deleted by the dev!

Yes, obviously he can... I'm not the only one who has found out about this but unfortunately all these comments are gone in the review! Try it yourself, you will see ;)

Go now, check on his browser reviews in the BlackBerry store, there are a few bad ones, but hurry, they'll be deleted soon again ;)

I use both stock and Evo browsers. Stock 90% of the time. There are two websites that I use frequently that don't work well with the stock browser, so Evo does the trick.

It's good to have a choice, and I certainly don't begrudge Shao the $3 I originally spent on Evo.

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The native browser has problems with encodings when I read webpages with Chinese unicodes. My workaround is having to switch the entire OS language to Chinese. But you can see its a real pain just to read a webpage. This been happening on the OS10 browser, but it worked previously in the 7OS :(

Is there a trial version of this app?

Posted via CB10

Just installed on my Z30 2 days ago, and loving it.... what's with the negative comments??

Posted via CB10 Z30STA100-5/

I've been using the Evolution browser as my default since last December. I love it, especially the ad-blocking and the Reader mode. It has great privacy settings too, as well as a User Agent Switcher. It's rare that I ever need Flash, but if I do I can always open the BlackBerry browser. Meanwhile the Evolution browser is my #1 choice.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio