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Web browsing just got better with Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 24 Jul 2013 08:11 am EDT

There's a new browser for BlackBerry 10 in town. Evolution Browser offers some unique features not seen before and on top of those it runs like a dream, is fast and still has the feel of the native browser but with added extras.

One of the main benefits to using the Evolution Browser is that adverts are blocked. In fact, they aren't just blocked - they are not even loaded in the first place which will save you a wee bit of data. Once you launch the application for the first time the homepage will be set to Google. Pulling down from the top bezel will offer you up some settings and you can change the homepage if so desire. You'll also see here a selection of options you can toggle on and off - such as enable ad blocker, enable gestures, lightning browsing, just to name a few. And wait until you try the gestures - they are so awesome!

You may well think that the native BlackBerry 10 browser does a great job anyway, and it does, but give this one a try and you'll see that the experience is just as good - if not better. You still get Reader Mode, Sharing and all the bookmark options so you won't be missing anything from the native one as far as I can see. 

There is also a night mode which sure looks cool - although this was implemented just after I shot the above video. Not only will it be kind on your eyes at night but it's a sure way to save battery life if used all the time.  Evolution Browser will cost you $1.99/£1.50 and since I've been using it I can say it's money well worth spending. And because the app was created by ShaoSoft you can be sure to see further updates coming in the future.

Day Mode

Night Mode

Night vs. Day Modes

I could talk all day about the good stuff that the browser offers but you'll get bored so just check out the huge list of features below:

  • Ad blocking (option)
  • Lightning mode (speeds up loading times) (option)
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Hide address bar when scrolling (option)
  • Gestures (option)
  • Scroll with volume keys, short press for 1 page, long press for top/bottom (option)
  • History
  • Bookmarks
  • Reader mode which makes pages easier to read
  • Page transitions (option)
  • Change user agent
  • Disable Javascript
  • Backup/Restore settings
  • Multiple tabs
  • Restore tabs on start up from previous session
  • Share (share page via BBM, Twitter, Facebook etc)
  • System integrated, when long pressing on a url in email, BBM etc Evo Browser will show as an option to open in
  • Find on page (search for text on page)
  • Address bar doubles as search bar (various search engines included)
  • Address bar themes
  • Night mode option which darkens websites
  • Privacy mode
  • Auto-fill forms (OS 10.1)
  • Video support (OS 10.1)

Looks pretty good doesn't it? If you give it a shot feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. The developer will happily take your ideas onboard.

More information/Download Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10



Looks promising. I hope it's good. Will wait a few I want to see what others think

Posted via CB with STL100-2


This feature should all be available in the native browser.. it is a fast browser but the user experience can be improve drastically, imo..

Posted via CB10


When i got the initial version i had some issues with the menu setup - i wonder if it improved... (I have not checked since it got s few updates)

Maybe i should check again....

Posted via CB10

James Richardson

It was updated last night.

Posted via CB10


Hmmm could have sworn Adam Z did something on Evolution like a week ago :D.

Posted via CB10


I noticed. The navigation is still clumsy...

The forward backward swipes are nice but overall navigation and control is better in the stock browser.

Posted via CB10


Things like the address in the address bar not highlighting when you click in it is kind of annoying. You have to delete what's there first before you can type in the new address while in the stock browser you click that field and it highlights everything so you simply start typing the new address. And speaking of typing a new address, you HAVE to manually type in every dot, which is also annoying... While the stock browser you can put spaces in place of the dots and it'll give you the option to go to that website. For example, type "www bing com" and it'll have an option "-->" and all you have to do is click that and it'll go. The 9900 did it even better where if you end it with com or net or any of these it will automatically default to a web address so you just have to press enter and it'll know you meant an address instead of a search term. A few times it'll mistaken a search term for an address, but not too often... This browser does neither. For Z10 owners it might not be as bad since they have a dedicated period button, but Q10 doesn't. Quite annoying to have to typ alt-m for every dot every time I want to enter a web address... I've checked with every upgrade, still not fixed, so I'm sticking with the standard browser...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


Uhm James. What's that speed test icon for? :).

Posted via CB10


If it's just as good as bb10 (if not better) why pay for it? I know it's only $2 but it should be drastically better to warrant paying.

Flicked via Z10


Any app that ShaoSoft creates is worth buying in my opinion.

Swiping my Z10 like a Genie will pop out.


Common sense will always prevail over opinion. But, to each his/her own.

Posted via CB10


He has 3 flashlight apps for sale. Not sure I'd agree per say.

Posted via CB from my LE


Perfect example of why such comments and similar ones are such nonsense.


How can you expect the developer to put lots of time in improvements if you can't even give him $2 for his efforts?


Not all of us can spend money every time we want to "support" someone... If we all had more money then a few dollars here and there will be no big deal, but not all of us are in that situation.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


Then don't expect developers to subsidize you with free apps either.


Then don't expect BB10 to succeed.


It probably won't if its user base are complete cheapskates with entitlement issues.


It doesn't seem to be stopping IOS or Android from being successful, I think it's about 80%-90% free apps on IOS.


The developer has to make money somehow. I'd rather it be by charging $2 (less than a coffee at most places) rather than by plastering ads in their apps or selling my personal information. Those are kind of your main options.

Posted via CB10


can you use it for the native bb10 search or would you still have to use native browser


I bought this a week ago. Since then I have noticed my phone runs hot when using it and when you press something like a link in Google search or any link for that matter it doesn't highlight to show that you actually hut it. There has been times in a low service area that the page may take a couple seconds to load, I find myself hitting the link again to make sure it registered. Pls highlight the press so we no it registered
Thx that's all.

Posted via CB10


Can't really see a difference in speed, but it packs way more features. Would like to see some type of symbol that shows its "thinking" when clicking on a website.

Posted via Zeppelin!


Works really well. Does anybody know how to set it as the default browser? Is that possible?

Posted via CB10

Winston Loh

Looks very promising

James Richardson

Shao is already working on the next version so more goodness to come :)

Posted via CB10


Hopefully improvements in the way it handles web url entry will be in this next update finally...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


I wished you guys would mention where you're talking about updates... This is the 2nd article on Evolution in a week...


The stock browser works fine for me.

Posted via CB10


So far I am pleased with the browser. Would be nice if I could set it as my default. I also don't see the option to save web pages to your home screen.

Hammered away on my BlackBerry Q10


I have downloaded this new browser and one thing that I can say is that it's lightening fast, a lot faster that the native browsers on my Z10, so if anybody isn't to sure whether to buy this app or not, I will say that it's worth every penny, so get downloading you will love the speed if it.

Posted via CB10


Does it do auto text flow on zoom? Reader mode in the native browser is terrible, and never works right, and misses text all the time.

Posted via CB10


I find the best feature of the Evolution browser is the ability to identify itself as an iOS or Android device when visiting websites that may not support BlackBerry devices.

Posted via CB10

RP Singh

Can it identify as other browsers that are actually good though like Firefox or Opera?

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF


That was the sole reason why I got it. Banking website is now usable!

Posted via CB10


Not getting any font size difference??

Posted via CB10


Still had done work needed but I've purchased to help it get to where it needs to go.

After yesterday's update still can't view craigslist. And still no importing bookemarks


Bb10 browser is fine with me. Just add a feature to save web pages to pdf.

Posted via CB10


Just bought this last night. Its awesome

Posted via CB10


The broswer is fast, but I have a few "issues" with it:
1. A max of 4 tabs can be open at one time.
2. Links cannot be open in new tabs, whether in the background or foreground.
3. Open Tabs are not always visible (I guess this depends on preference).
4. Bookmarks can only be sorted alphabetically, in a list. It would be nice to be able to organize bookmarks based on user preference (not just alphabetically). For example, being able to click-and-hold, and then being able to move the bookmark into a different part of the list, or grid.

I've emailed the developer but haven't heard back. Hopefully these are addressed in future versions.


If I could choose just one improvement, this would be it:

2. Links cannot be open in new tabs, whether in the background or foreground.

In my mind it's simple. Long press on a link "Open in new tab" option. This limitation is such a speedbump in my browsing flow...


How to keep tabs visible?

Posted via CB10


I currently use the Naija Broswer, and all open tabs are at the top of the page, always visable (like on a desktop browser). If I have a bunch open (say more than 5), then I can scroll from side-to-side, across the open tabs. With the Evolution broswer, I'd have to long-press the menu button, and it seems 4 tabs is the max I can have open at one time.


Looks good on paper. After using it, it lacks the polish of the native browser. Blackberry should buy them out and integrate the features.

Posted via CB10


How does it fare on HTML 5 tests? Same as native browser? Web Splitter didn't appear to render heavy pages as well thus my question.

Posted via CB10


Buy this now. My native browser doesn't work properly. Most pages do not load which is a known issue. Rather than wiping my device to solve the problem I bought this browser. No problems and it is lightning fast.


Purchased the app to try with my bank which refuses to display the mobile version of the site with the native browser. Changed the User Agent on this one to Android, and can now view the mobile site. I wish the native browser allowed changing the User Agent on a site by site bases (or even at all).


I like the speed but when I tried going to the Workopolis site it sent me to The mobile English or French area which is fine. The problem is that I cannot get beyond this...
Also if in Google I click on a site I have no indication that I've clicked and I end up tapping again and again; frustrating.

I think it's heating up my phone. I do like the speed. Small bugs but I try and support the devs. If everyone throws a few dimes then these devs will listen to us and modify as needed.

Posted securely by BlackBerry Z10

Julio Pasha

I wait for opera or dolphin

Posted via CB10


Mark-all-read on FeedBin's mobile site works (Q10)! Sold!


Pity there is no option for single column view which I stioll think would be advantageous on the Q10/Q5. Other than that it looks pretty capable with the kind of functionality and user option that should be considered the benchmark for Blackberry and future updates to their own BB10 browser.


Had this for a week or so now. Amazing. Stock browser is nothing compared to this. Worth the small investment of 1.99. Has been updated 4 times since I bought it and Shao listens to your comments in the Evolution forum and put those suggestions into the updates.

Posted via CB10


Word wrapping? Does anyone know?


This app is kinda useless for power users. It takes 2 touches to get to the tabs menu, and there is no way to open link in new tab. And how about downloads?

Posted via CB10


How has it gotten better? It doesn't do flash. Well that was a waste of money.

Posted via CB10


I find the reader is not as good as the native BlackBerry reader.

Posted via CB10

Louis Belshaw1

Looking forward to trying this browser, the z10 browser crashes all the time it's annoying as fk

Posted via CB10

Louis Belshaw1

If it had some in built vpn, like Hot spot Shield.. free, then I'd buy it immediately. I'm in the middle east, so yeah.

Posted via CB10


I want to chime in that custom scrollers are still not usable due to the way Evolution handles its scrolling and doesn't heed touch events prevention from javascript.


I will buy it as my first paid app to validate the product as a celebration of the improved BBWorld.

Posted via CB10


Hopefully we get the option to change default applications for certain functions

Posted via CB10


I added it but looks blurry sometimes when I zoom in and reader doesn't work in all sites :(

Posted via CB10


Does not open PDF files, but will allow to open then through the native browser when you choose to open in browser option.

I find the speed slower then the native browser, but it is fast and very good alternate for when the native browser freezes.

Posted via CB10


Don't like it. It has a few neat features, but it is not as smooth as the native browser, and it does not render many sites correctly. I also find I have to whack some links several times before they open -- which painfully reminds me if the PlayBook. I'll keep an eye out for updates, but I'm sticking with native for now.


If anyone knows how to make it the default browser please, do tell


One question, and forgive me it's a stupid one, but how do I set it to be the default browser? Everytime I click on a link in text/email/bbm....the BB10 Brower opens!

Anyone have any suggestions?

autocorrect's for the birds -- SQN100-2. V10.1.0.4651


I'm gonna wait a bit till this improves-- the adblocking and the nightmode are huge plus points for me, but reading the functionality issues that the native browser has by default is quite bothersome. and that heating up issues-- that doesn't sound good, I don't want to keep removing my phone cover just to help cool it down

Posted via CB10 on my BBQ10 ;p


Started to purchase but pulled out after seeing the mental RIME agreement and the total b*ll*cks about permanently storing my card details on their servers. These people are mentally ill. I will never buy from anyone who wants to store my card information. This is a total FOAD for me.

Posted via CB10


I've been using this browser for several weeks now. It is fast, stable, and the author upgrades on a fairly regular basis. Knowing the reputation of ShaoSoft, I suspect it will just get better and better. One comment below, about heating up when using the browser initially concerned me, but I have not seen any evidence of this on my Z10 at all. Highly Recommended.

Sam Iam

I would like a "Reader" mode for flash video pages like Daily Show to facilitate watching flash video. In such a case the "Reader" would pull out the flash player and the show links and make them legible on a small screen. Right now I can watch The Daily Show but navigating the microscopic site is painful.


Keep your fingers off this browser! It's slow, sluggish, doesn't support flash and has all other kinds of bugs and annoyances!
If you report this or make other constructive comments in BBW, your comments will be deleted by the dev! I wasted my money on this browser because there were almost only 5* ratings (few 4*). The I figured that everything else is deleted by the dev. himself! ShaoSoft is screwing the whole community and nobody does anything to prevent this fraud! i hope we can get this guy out of business somehow!!!!!


I don't know if this crook (ShaoSoft) is somehow associated with CB? It almost looks like! Guys like him are destroying this whole community! What good is an app-store where reviews can be deleted by a dev.?? b.t.w. he has even blocked me even from writing reviews! he probably does this for everyone writing critical comments...
We need to create some shitstorm here to destroy this guy!