The Evolution of BlackBerry in Pictures

By AllBlackBerry on 1 Oct 2007 09:37 pm EDT

Lately, RIM has been releasing new devices every few months and they just keep getting better and better. Seeing all the new capabilities made me think back to not all that long ago when a BlackBerry was just a cool little 2-way pager with a keyboard. Oh how things have changed.

Take a walk back with me all the way to 1999. Gaze in wonder at the dawn of the BlackBerry revolution as I present to you, an illustrated history of the BlackBerry.

BlackBerry 850
BlackBerry 850 was the first BlackBerry device introduced in 1999. Supporting email and limited HTML browsing, the small device featured a monochrome screen.

BlackBerry 857
The BlackBerry 857 came with a larger monochrome screen

BlackBerry 5810
The BlackBerry 5810 was the first model with phone capabilities but a headset was required.

BlackBerry 6200
The BlackBerry 6200 featured a medium 160×100 pixel monochrome screen and phone.

BlackBerry 6510
BlackBerry 6510 came with an integrated phone and integrated two-way radio.

BlackBerry 6710
The BlackBerry 6710 had a large monochrome screen, 900/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS integrated phone.

BlackBerry 7210
The BlackBerry 7210 was the first one to come with a color screen.

BlackBerry 7100t2
The BlackBerry 7100t introduced a reduced-key keyboard and uses a technology called ‘SureType.’

BlackBerry 8700
The BlackBerry 8700 featuring a large 320×240 pixel screen and 65K colour depth.

BlackBerry 8100
The BlackBerry 8100 marked the introduction of a new trackball interface and a 1.3 MP camera.

BlackBerry 8800
The BlackBerry 8800 with GPS support.

BlackBerry 8300
And the latest BlackBerry 8320 featuring Wifi.

The future looks bright for BlackBerry, and I can’t wait to see where we’ll go.

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The Evolution of BlackBerry in Pictures


This article SERIOUSLY needs to be redone ... properly.

First BlackBerry: August 1998
BlackBerry' RIM-900 model was released on BellSouth Wireless Data the 950 model which used the Mobitex network having 4MB of Flash RAM, known as the Proton (2MB version was the 962).


The BB 850 was not even shown here, the date of the 950 (RIM-900 model) was not correctly documented).
Yes my comment is SUPER late but nobody has stated this yet.