Everything you need to know about the BlackBerry Torch 9810 in 10 minutes!

By Bla1ze on 12 Aug 2011 04:42 pm EDT

I'm still banging away a full BlackBerry Torch 9810 review for you all but when it comes down to it, the changes that have been implemented on the BlackBerry Torch 9810 can really be summed up in about 10 minutes (Though, I did go over a bit). As such, I went ahead and did up the above video for you all. It explains some of the most significant changes within the Torch 9810 so that if you're an already existing Torch 9800 owner, you can decide whether or not the Torch 9810 is a viable upgrade.

Personally, I think if you're a Torch 9800 owner and love everything about the form factor, there is no reason for you not to go ahead and grab the Torch 9810. It does bring some powerful changes to the device, and will certainly meet your needs. There are quite a few people out there that do love the touch screen and keyboard combo, many of which will be well served by the Torch 9810 -- even if this is the device the BlackBerry Torch 9800 should have been.

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Everything you need to know about the BlackBerry Torch 9810 in 10 minutes!


Is the Torch 9810 camera inferior to that of the Torch 9800??? I can't compromise on taking quality pictures. The camera on the Bold 9900 sucks when compared to that of the Bold 9780.

No, RIM didn't take away the autofocus like they did on the 9900. They did so on the 9900 to make it "competitively thin" which I guess wasn't a priority on the 9810. I personally think it's a joke that in a year worth of tech development the camera actually got worse on the 9900. Keeping it thin isn't an excuse since superphone's that are as thin as the 9900 (or thinner) from other companies upgraded their cameras. Most have 8mp camera's and autofocus.

Going for the 9930 on Sprint or Verizon, have the torch now but I've had enough of AT&T sticking it to RIM, November 20th release date for the 9900???? Go blow AT&T I'll be glad to get rid of your and your bridge-controlling mindset.

Same here. My 9800 keeps getting "communications errors". They took away my discount and I can't get it back. So off to vzw.

I know. Every carrier in the world has already released the 9900 and 9810 except AT&T. I'm selling my iPhone 4 to get the Torch 2.

Can't wait for the 9810 to get to Jamaica. On my second 9800 since they stole my first one and I can tell you that I was considering holding out for the 9810 but patience ran out. Definitely grabbing this one

can you do a tutorial like video showing the transferring of blackberry protect information from one blackberry to a new one

One thing is for shore you cant DELETE the BBP from the new OS it will ask you the password what you set up on to you BB ID. HUGE IMPROVEMENT.

The transferring is simple log in into you BBP from you New device and then Hit Restore it will ask you to set up you BBP and after that it will ask you witch device you want to restore from. Chose the device "exp:Torch 9800" then chose the Restore Date and BAM you are Good to go.

Hey Bla1ze, are you sure the keyboards haven't changed much besides being a bit wider? I tried both "dummy" units in the store before buying my 9900 and thought the 9810 had a much better feel...but it could be just because they were dummy units? What's the weight difference?

Weight is the same no much of a difference and yes the Keyboard is a bit not to much wider and a better feeling when typing (maybe cause is new).

My husband just got a new 9800 earlier this week (work phone, didn't have the option to get a 9810) and I got a 9810 today. The ridges on the keys on my 9810 feel almost imperceptibly more raised than the ones on the 9800, and like they might be just slightly "crisper" when pressed. Probably not something you'd ever notice if you didn't have both in front of you, and otherwise they seem identical.

So this is an AT&T only thing? Putting this out on Verizon would be a huge favor.... even if I have to wait 6 months.

I'm talking about the new torch.... wanting to see it appear on Verizon. The 9900 has just about blown it for me with the camera downgrade. I use close up shots (in place of a xerox or fax machine)... wonderful.... but a fixed focus camera can't do it. This new Torch has got it all.

One other thing you forget Bla1ze about the Camera is a MICROPHONE in the back of the device for the HD camera, just take a closer look you will see on the right side a small hole and when you took the battery out and look you actually can see there is something in a metal case.

This device Is worth Upgrading from 9800 no question ask.

VERY interesting last Few words ....... Even if its what the 9800 Should have been. I had the 9800 & even though i liked it i made a list of all the little faults i thought it had & i eventually went back to my Bold. At the time i also didnt feel it was that innovative a device compared to what was out there but RIM were trying to market it as some kind of game changer. So before i even watch this video im already thinking the phone is a year behind its competition.

I hate to say this but I would go as far as saying it is 2 years behind. The storm 2 is what the storm should have been. That's 1 year and now 2 years is torch 2 where 9800 should have been. I would also mayne say 9650 is what the tour should have been. But progress is always good. Let's hope rim learns from its (many) mistakes.

I bought both the 9900 and the new 9810 - about 2 days apart. The 9900 was for my sweetie to replace her prehistoric Curve. I played with the 9900 and my old Torch for about 24 hours before deciding to upgrade myself to a new Torch.

The MAIN reason to stay on the Torch is the increased screen real estate. If you read a lot of emails or look at a lot of web based information, it's a big difference - perhaps 40% more

The keyboard on the 9810 does feel better than the keyboard on my old 9800 as well.

Finally - the 9810 has the horsepower to run some of the more CPU intensive applications that always used to generate the waiting clock icon (Xobni and LinkedIn do a lot of things in the background).

The migration from Old to New was not completely seamless: The "Switch Device" mechanism using the Desktop Manager did not complete. I finished it by doing a backup on the old device, and an Restore on the 9810 and that finished the trick.

Not every application works perfectly on the 9810 at moment. Dilbert doesn't come up at all, although it did transfer. Some things which worked well on the 9800 are a little wonky, screen wise, on the 9810 - most probably because of all those shiny new pixels. Mobihand was pretty good about transferring most applications from old PIN to new PIN but not al developers were as responsive. Old applications that you love and depend on may not be available for the new phone. Check with your developers to see. My "Blurts" does not connect, for example.

Finally - I did not like the shiny battery door as much as my old Torch 9800 door so I swapped them. I really enjoyed that rubber-grippy feel of the old Torch better and it doesn't slide around as much in my car.

All in all - I am very happy with the new device. NEW BlackBerry users will like it and I'm pretty sure that upgrading users will feel good about it, too.


Thanks for sharing!
How does the keyboard on the 9810 compares with the one on a 9780?

I never was a fan of the screen res and the keyboard on the 9800, so the 9780 fit my needs better, but the lack of AF on the 9900 and the smaller screen make me seriously consider the 9810 now that it has a decent screen res... Unless I get a 9900 and an Android for web/media stuff.

I can appreciate your comment if you are referring to the fact that in portrait mode, reading emails or a web page may show more information at once, which would be valid.

If you are simply comparing screen sizes, it's not really a factor since the 9900 and 9810 have the same effective resolution and therefore, the same usable screen real estate.

Always bothered me when people use resolution and screen size incorrectly, ie that a larger screen with the same resolution as a smaller screen has more real estate, when in actuality they should be saying it's simply easier to read or more legible for them.

"Finally - I did not like the shiny battery door as much as my old Torch 9800 door so I swapped them. I really enjoyed that rubber-grippy feel of the old Torch better and it doesn't slide around as much in my car."

Yeah i did the same to mine as well and yeah this device Worth upgrading.

Got mine today LOVVVVVEE ITTTT . If your in the Victoria BC area they have them at Rogers Hillside Mall talk to PIP she was very great ..8) TORCH FOREVER

I just got off the phone with a VZW rep and she confirmed THIS and MY UPGRADE (good things come to those that wait OS6 WHAT?)...HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!!!

Sorry wrong blog. I'm SO happpy I can hardly count!!! LOL...carry on...BTW great vid Blaze!!!

Why not just go buy an phandroid or a steve jobs phone.bb is a phone first,not a movie camera.do you really need facetime on the small bb screen that bad?

will appeal because the bold doesn't have an autofocus camera.the torch does.so that opens the window for increase in torch sales.the 9810 is not bad device at all.if you are going with it,you'll be happy.

Don't care too much about the camera. But the lack of NFC has me gravitating towards the 9900. And I really like the Torch slider form factor.

Seems like the send/end keys on the BlackBerry Torch 9810 isn't colored... I was also thinking that the pictures would have the QNX transition effect.

Good Video! I like the better hardware and OS 7 looks sweet. Is there a front facing camera and Video Chat so people can conference with Playbook users?

How about battery life? Is the battery capacity the same on the 9810 as the 9800? With the improved hardware I would assume you're looking at a much higher drain on the battery...

Did they change the send/blackberry/back/end area to actual buttons instead of a sticker? I was very disappointed that RIM used a sticker on the original 9800. I actually had to bring the first 9800 I purchased back to AT&T and get another because the sticker started to peel away.

RIM is usually so much better about hardware and the button sticker was a bit of a letdown. Otherwise the device is amazing! I'm looking forward to Monday to get my 9810!